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Course Code:7BSP1271
Published on: 29-08-2022

Overview of Axis Electronics LtdThere are many challenges facing businesses in a culturally diverse market. Customers act differently when they have different cultures. As competition in the local market increases, it allows organisations to enter new markets, and the market has many new traits from that market where organisations are served. At that point, organisations develop new ways to serve diverse markets with new cultural goals and v...

Course Code:RSMT3501
Published on: 18-08-2022

Brand Personality and Its ImportanceBrand personality is a framework that determines how a company is able to outline the way people sense about the products or facilities. The brand personality ethics is an emotional response conducted for a specific segment of customers with an intention of developing positive actions for the firm’s benefit. The brand personality elicits customers’ responses to a product or service to enhance equ...

Course Code:LLW3010
Published on: 03-08-2022

Advertising Requirements for Visa ApplicationQ1: Can you explain to me again about this advertising I need to do? What does it need to say, and how long do I need to advertise for? I have an ad for Sheet Metal Workers on my business website. Is this useful, or do I need to pay for an ad? Do I need to send you a copy? Harry The first step you will take is to post the employment vacancy on a Government website that is active. For this, I recomm...

Course Code:SOC101
Published on: 20-07-2022

The Significance of Advertising in the Modern Age of ConsumerismThe globalization has led to the rise of multinational organizations with gradual change in the taste and the preference patterns of the people all around the world. Consumerism has evolved gradually and the demands of the people have changed from necessities to luxury. Luxury items like the valuables and the assets are being considered as the necessity in the days of modernization....

Course Code:BUS5SMM
Published on: 19-07-2022

Overview of CSLPromoting and advertising the products and the services of a business corporation has been considered as an integral part in the path of growth and success for a business organization. Creating awareness and establishing the market for the brand is an empirical task which has to be done essentially done with efficiency by the business organization. It is of very much essential for a business corporation to develop management of th...

Course Code:PUB30001
Published on: 18-07-2022

Differences between Local and Overseas Marketing StrategiesThe term marketing is defined as the number of activities to be performed by the companies or organizations to build the brand image as the this will help to provide the satisfaction to the individuals. The marketing is the best way to build  good relations with the people.  Marketing of business events aims to attract the maximum people the success of the event. The audience...

Course Code:LEGL1001
Published on: 18-07-2022

Violations by Amy and DominicIn the present case, Amy was running a tattoo parlour and appointed Dominic who has no professional licence regarding the same. The Tattoo Parlour Act 2017 is required to fulfil certain criteria to run a tattoo business. It can be argued that section 5 of the Act states the business owner must obtained an operator’s licence regarding the same and it is stated under section 6 of the Act that a tattoo artist mu...

Course Code:BMA349
Published on: 15-07-2022

Understanding Advertising ObjectivesMarketing of the firm's product is important in order to increase the sales of the company. Currently, small or big organizations are experiencing the difficulties in the choosing appropriate method of advertising. A marketer should balance between the target audience and the cost of advertising media. Understanding market segmentation regarding the demographic is vital. Demographic ensures the marketer come...

Course Code:MKTG2033
Published on: 15-07-2022

The importance of raising awareness about hemorrhoids medicationThe objective behind initiating this advertising campaign is to create awareness about the company’s product used to cure and relive the pain occur in the condition of hemorrhoids. The problem of piles is very common in the people who are above 50 Years, pregnant women and people who are suffering from obesity. Piles can be very painful but can be cured using proper medica...

Course Code:CPY3330
Published on: 13-07-2022

Authority The above advertisement is drawn from Apple it is used in this paper to showcase how Apple uses influence and persuasion strategies in its advertisement. The advertisement has been chosen since it contains adequate details to enable me write about and strategies used can be described and explained precisely. This add is about a product (apple computer). Apple has continued to utilize a 100-year old persuasion strategy in a brilliant...

Course Code:BX2051
Published on: 04-07-2022

Key Features of a Good Quality Job DescriptionJob description refers to the process which outlines the role and responsibilities of a particular job. With the help of a correct job description the human resource manager can easily pool down the qualified applicants who are fit for the job. After recruiting the human resource, this information further helps the manager to ensure that thee employee in the organization is working according to the...

Course Code:BUS101
Published on: 04-07-2022

Analysis of Pros of Online Reviews-Social ProofsThe explosion of social networks in the 21st century continue to influence advertising as consumers’ dependence on word-of-mouth from both online consumers and people they know continue to increase as well. According to a recent Global Trust in Advertising report that surveyed over 28,000 Internet users in more than 56 countries, approximately 92 % of people in all countries trust reco...

Course Code:MKT310
Published on: 23-06-2022

Features and Long-term PlansThe following project concentrates the marketing and promotional activities of Google Ara, the revolutionary Smartphone that is yet to be launched in the market of UAE. The Smartphone is a class apart from the other phones of the era. It has all the Smartphone features in it but the distinguishable feature of the phone is the presence of hardware modules that can be upgraded and modified at any point of time. There ...

Course Code:TOUR2009
Published on: 20-10-2021

Goals of the eventGroup of artists founded the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 1960.The festival was open to everyone and was the beginning of a platform for artists to try out new things and interact with fellow artists. The event had hosted 52 art exhibitions by 1964 and by 1975, the focus changed to the development of culture in South Australia. By the 80’s the event had widely grown and in 1988 international artists were allowed to join,...

Course Code:CMU304
Published on: 10-10-2021

Company is a company based in Perth(Australia ) and was founded in the year 2012 by Mr Robert Zackerman and his friends. The company works in the space of housing and provides  buying, selling & renting solution to the population. The company works in the space of e-commerece as it’s a real estate web based portal. The company was founded by a couple of Engineers  from Monash university who wanted to...

Course Code:BUS5SMM
Published on: 08-09-2021

Target Customers and SpecializationThe current report will discuss about the marketing strategies and marketing background of Intrepid Travel. This is one of the major organization in the travel and tourism industry of Australia, which is considered to be the largest company in organizing small group of adventure tourism. The marketing plan that are implemented will be on the basis of that will help to maintain sustainability within the market. ...

Course Code:CEM583
Published on: 06-09-2021

Overview of Nike's Product Mix, Pricing Strategy, Distribution Channels and Advertising MethodsNIKE is a company, which designs and sells higher quality of footwear accessory products and equipments. The company is the biggest seller of athletic footwear and they sell products through the different accounts of retail (, 2017; Morgan, 2012). The company owned retail which incorporates stores, independent distributors and license on a w...

Course Code:MKTG100
Published on: 03-09-2021

Marketing and its role in societySocial Evaluation of marketing is an approach that has a long-term impact on an individual.  Marketing plays an important role in a society by influencing life of people. Marketing is much more than advertising and selling.  It plays an important role in meeting the needs of the consumers. The concept of marketing touches life of every individual. It is a medium through which desire of people is satis...

Course Code:HI6026
Published on: 27-08-2021

Background InformationAccording to ISA 620, auditor’s expert is an individual having expertise in the field other than accounting and auditing, whose work is used by an auditor for acquiring audit evidence. The expert may be an auditor’s internal expert who is a partner or staff or an external expert like independent individual having expertise in valuation of intangibles (, 2011). The auditor may require service...

Course Code:COMMGMT7001
Published on: 18-08-2021

Main ContextCompany advertisement or the online marketing both is required for the brand awareness of the products in the recent times. The consumers who are from the seventies or eighties have a blind trust on the company advertisement and the nineties consumers with the new generation kids are dependable on the online marketing for the information of their products. Different consumers have different ideas about the marketing process but a...

Course Code:BSBADV507
Published on: 13-08-2021

Identifying Characteristics of Target AudienceIn order to determine the target market of an organisation, it is important for managers to formulate a plan that can extract the tastes and preferences of the individuals. The use of media planning is important in this regard. Target audiences can be determined based on the characteristic of the product as well as the people of the society. In this regard, an example can be obtained based on ident...

Course Code:MKTG422
Published on: 12-08-2021

Costco Co-branding with National BrandThe report here discusses about Co-branding of retailer store brand with national brands. Therefore, there is discussion about how Costco, the world third largest retailer brand is presently co-branding with various national brands on their packaging. The report mentions a case study about Costco and discusses the reason for it to take such step. There is also discussion about whether the step is permanent...

Course Code:LAW101
Published on: 27-07-2021

Case Study 1: Mojo Beverage AdvertisementCan Mojo Beverage is bound to pay  $100,000 to Ben? A contract is a legal document which is established amid two parties, offeror and offeree along with legal intention (Merritt v Merritt , 1970), consideration (Thomas v Thomas , 1842) and capacity. (Moles, 1998)  An offeror is the person who makes an offer to the offeree wherein he communicates his intention to an offeree with an exp...

Course Code:INFO6050
Published on: 16-07-2021

Current ProcessesCBB, a new television based in Newcastle have proposed an Ads on Time system that will allow its sales staff negotiate with customers and sell time of station. The TV station broadcasts around northern NSW as well as central coast, Hunter, Tamworth, Taree and north coast.  It runs similar schedules of programs in the area but the ads may be different. The proposed system, AOT will record the advertisement details which s...

Course Code:MKTG2101
Published on: 12-07-2021

Rational vs. Emotional Advertising Appeals and Their Impact1. The way in which any company presents some factual information about the products that they are planning to serve their customers is known as rational appeal to advertising (Panda & Mishra, 2013). Consumer who buys any products based on the level of utility that it might yield to them is influenced by this rational advertisement appeal. On other hand, making use of people’...

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