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Course Code:MAGT603
Published on: 17-08-2022

Utilizing Innovation to Increase Market PenetrationThe study discusses how organizations source, foster, and also support innovation in distinct organizational ambiances and cultures. In every business, product development and innovation are the most important component of the organization since it is directly related to the organization's growth. In previous research, it has been shown that the beginning of product development and innovation me...

Course Code:B122
Published on: 23-07-2022

Calculate the total cost per unit of purchasing from Original WireA Detroit-based company producer of subassemblies for the automotive market, Autolink has asked Sheila Austin, a buyer, to quote a quotation of different companies for a product, wiring harness. Two of the four suppliers who made quotes are willing to negotiate with the company. The companies willing to negotiate are Original Wire, a local-based from Auburn Hills, Michigan, 20 m...

Course Code:49306
Published on: 20-07-2022

Stakeholders and their NeedsQuality Policy of Desert Cave Hotel The major component of the quality policy is taking adequate care of the respected customers of the hotel. Respected customers are the customers who are linked with the hotel since a long time and they have always shown their integrity level towards the hotel’s policies. The basic motive of setting up the quality policy is to provide standardised services to its consumers...

Course Code:PM206
Published on: 07-07-2022

Company OverviewApple is information technology American company that deals with the hardware and software application of many electronics gadgets. As America is the host country it enjoys the benefits and the advantages that apple provides. Employees in this company are very satisfied with the company as they are always given preference and are valued for their work. Apple stores are located almost everywhere in this world. Beside this it als...

Course Code:MGT2012
Published on: 04-07-2022

Operation Management in BusinessOperation management is a process whereby the ideas are brought into actions in an organization or a business. This process has become very important in this competitive and constantly changing market environment where every business person wishes to have the best in terms of delivery to his or her clients. It is through a business operation that we can achieve what we desire as far as business is concerned (Chr...

Course Code:BUMGT6935
Published on: 04-07-2022

Background InformationIn Australia business competition and rivalry is very high in different industries (De, & Adams, 2010, pp. 219-235). Technological advancement has brought knowledge among the businesses on how to work and gain a competitive edge in the market. Technology is an external environmental factor that affects business activities. It creates awareness of the firm on how to maximize their production activities with the aim of ...

Course Code:BSBMGT517
Published on: 01-09-2021

Models and Methods for Operational Plans Privacy Legislation- Privacy legislation deals with the security of credentials of an individual, which is done after it is being collected at the government or any private site. In case of BBQfun Company, it is necessary that they strongly adhere to the privacy legislation. This is necessary because at their proposed e-commerce site they would be collecting the data of various participants. Participants ...

Course Code:GSBS6008
Published on: 25-08-2021

Background of the OrganizationCommon PVC which is polyvinyl chloride is strong but lightweight plastic that is used for construction work. Normally this type of material is used for manufacturing window frames, pipe work and other structures. This material is made softer and flexible by adding plasticizers. If no plasticizer is added then it is known as UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride). UPVC windows are popular these days because of its...

Course Code:COMMGMT2511
Published on: 27-07-2021

Part AHolden is an Australian automobile manufacturer based in Port Melbourne. Organization was established in 1856 in South Australia as saddler manufacturer. Over the years, organization evolved from repairing car upholstery to the full-scale manufacture of shells of vehicle body. The production of car of Holden was diverted to aircraft, weapons and vehicle body construction. Australian car market was dominated by steady production of seda...

Course Code:PM206
Published on: 02-07-2021

Learning outcomes assessedTelstra is Australia’s largest telecommunications provider providing wide range of services. The organization also gives basic admittance services to households and business and many more. Wholesale services are also delivered to ISPs and RSPs while marketing and subscription of television services are provided through subsidiary companies. Telstra takes a look at the characteristics of the association in t...

Course Code:MGT310
Published on: 02-07-2021

Fundamental Operations Management ConceptsWIG (Wagga Independent Groceries) is in process of developing better network between the departments and plants within the operating boundaries. For developing the network, project “Wide Area Network” is conceptualized. As a first step, business case is developed (PM-Foundations, 2011). While preparing business case, the high level stakeholder register is prepared with their requirements,...

Course Code:710OMGT
Published on: 01-07-2021

FindingsQantas Airways is considered for its pioneering services in Australia. It is considered as one of the largest for international destinations based on size of the fleet and flight destination. Some of the most noted features of the airline company have been recognised with Qantas being the third oldest airline carrier preceding Avianca and KLM. The airline company’s operations started from 1920 and first passenger flight was seen ...

Course Code:LE5102
Published on: 19-06-2021

ThemeIn every event or function that people organize ranging from wedding to party, the event owners always want the best function. The need for a quality event is what brings in event designing (Beard and Russ 2017: p.370). Event designing is the practice in which people outline the goals of the event and organizing all the displays needed in the event. For instance, in a wedding, the décor, food and invitation cards must be beaut...

Course Code:MGT2012
Published on: 01-06-2021

Suitable operational objectives for the sales departmentThe object of the study is the company's sales department engaged in attracting, advising, the process of making sales, monitoring the transaction process and coordinating the work of the purchasing department and warehouse complexes. The proposed project activities will improve the efficiency of the organization - in the long term in terms of financial results (increase in company profit...

Course Code:MG4101
Published on: 20-05-2021

INTENDED Learning OutcomesBusiness operations can be defined as different ways through which the business is able to create optimal outputs from the various available inputs; this can be offering services or manufacturing physical products (Hill & Hill, 2012). An operation can also process a customer surrogate, for instance, dress to be dry cleaned, and this is similar to the processing of information. Management is defined in the English ...

Course Code:MG4101
Published on: 09-04-2021

Toyota's Business ActivitiesToyota Motor Corporation is a multinational automotive company based in Japan. Toyota is the second largest automobile manufacturer since it has incorporated nearly six hundred subsidiary companies mainly involved in the production of industrial and commercial vehicles, automobile parts and automobiles (Fujimoto, 2018, pg. 201). Toyota has remained successful over the years particularly due to its unique operations ...

Course Code:BX2062
Published on: 05-04-2021

Description of Organisation of Carman'sCarman’s company was established on 1992 by a young women name Carolyn Creswell. At that time Carolyn was only 18 years old working part time at the small muesli business? The business didn’t go very well so the owner decided that the business would eventually closed. Carolyn pooled off her savings for developing the business with the help of her friend named Manya van Aker. With the passion a...

Course Code:MGMT20130
Published on: 06-01-2021

Latest trends in operations managementOperation management is the key aspect for every organization as it helps to manage all the major operations of the organization through which desired goals will be accomplished. Primary objective of operations management is to enhance profitability of organization along with diminishing the waste as well as cost of production. With regards to this, operations management adopts numerous strategies through ...

Course Code:AVIA5007
Published on: 29-12-2020

DiscussionThe operations department in the aviation industry plays a pivotal role in the running of the day to day operations of an airport. Poorly effective systems lead to problems that are felt by all stakeholders in the aviation industry. These problems include rising costs of operations, diminishing profit margins, and negative customer feedback due to regular cases of delay in flights, long queues, loss of customer luggage and time wasta...

Course Code:MOM705
Published on: 15-12-2020

OM research and entrepreneurship theoryThe different aspects of the operations management are able to compliment the entrepreneurship theory by enhancing the linkages between the topics. To formulate the connection between the two fields of research it has been depicted that from the definition of the entrepreneur the OM research has caused curriculum designers and educators to question the usefulness in general business degrees. In the rece...

Course Code:IMAT5211
Published on: 28-09-2020

The given SWOT Analysis has been conducted based on the distance learning market place environment and the courses offered by DMU, along with the courses offered by its competitors.   Figure 1: SWOT Analysis (As created by the author) Analysis The SWOT Analysis is a strategic management tool which helps in the analysis of the strengths and analysis of a certain project to be implemented, a product or a particular service which has bee...

Course Code:QSO300
Published on: 27-07-2020

Overview of ToyotaInternational operations management is the process of manufacturing the goods and services in international markets and locations. It includes an effective management process that has to consider local production market i.e. capital and labor and global customer needs. It has more emphasis on the contemporary issues relevant to the operation function that are related in ability of firm to effectively cooperate with the supply...

Published on: 16-09-2019

Business Layout, Location and Flow of InformationManaging the operations in the business is one of the principles tasks of the management of the organization. Operations management is not just restricted to one department in an organization; rather it is an integral part of every department of the business company. When operations are correctly managed, it becomes easy for the company to reach the targets with ease. In addition to this, the ta...

Published on: 25-06-2019

The History of Toyota Motor CorporationDiscuss about the Operation Management of Toyota Motor Corporation. Operation management is a technique involving the good keeping of production of goods and services that a firm is creating for sale. A management team is a task with the responsibility of making profits and a successful production system and also using material resources profitably. This team is entitled to come up with the best op...

Published on: 17-05-2019

Tourist visitation analysisDiscuss about the Tourism and Hospitality Operations Management for Tinjure Milke Jaljale. This assignment includes the development of a case study for the Tinjure-Milke-Jaljale (TMJ) conservation area in Nepal. The information about this tourist destination is gathered through various secondary sources and the relevant academic literature for analysing the tourist visitation patterns and for understa...

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