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Course Code:EDUC3143
Published on: 07-08-2021

PurposeIt is of paramount importance to understand the cultural heritage, life experiences and historical background of diverse groups which are present in Australia. The development of cultural sensitivity is crucial to ensure services delivered to diverse cultural group are culturally safe. It is important to understand the perspectives of diverse culture for proper diversity management. The diverse cultural groups face issues like stereotyp...

Course Code:WEL201A
Published on: 02-07-2021

Analysis of the Concepts                                                                     Cultural diversity can be explained as a concept which comprises of an extended variety of various human cultural and societies. When individuals of different cultures come together in...

Course Code:LNG11106
Published on: 28-06-2021

The Importance of Mindset and Skill SetAccording to Bennett and Bennett (2004), training and development may be a diverse field and the people employed come from different corners of the world which makes them a diverse group full of different ideas and insights. There have been many types of research which have shed light on the different perspectives of diversity. Organizational diversity has always been existent due to the presence of emp...

Course Code:HPS774
Published on: 23-06-2021

BackgroundDiversity in any population defines the overall choice, perception and acceptance of the group of people. This diversity includes their demographic differences, cultural background and social interpretation pattern. At the same time, the socio-cultural intervention of the social behaviour of any community is also influence from the economic background as well as national ancestry.  The population of Australian Aboriginal and Tor...

Course Code:GEOG1400
Published on: 22-06-2021

Overview of Human GeographyOverview to human being geography is a sequence that review way in which creatures makes their dwelling on globe, in what manner they interrelate with one another, by what means they traffic, generate capitals, progress economic, grow and preserve beliefs, and construct scenery. It encompasses subjects on populace and relocation designs, languages and religion. We debate the ideas of nationalism, race, and ethnicity, t...

Course Code:CRIJ110
Published on: 01-06-2021

Overview of the Criminal Justice System in the United StatesThe efficiency of criminal justice system relies on the fairness to have the fate of the people. However, in a culturally diverse nation like the United States, it is possible that the cultural adversity of the country can work against the idea of unbiased and fair justice system. There are a lot of people who hate jury duty, but it can be considered as the most common ways in which ...

Course Code:1803NRS
Published on: 30-03-2021

Visualisation of the Aboriginal man and personal biasKoen is a 30-year-old aboriginal male married to Riana who is 27 years old, and they both have three children, two boys and a girl. They live in the outback of the city, or what is popularly referred to us as the ghetto. Most times, Koen and his family prefer eating takeout food, mostly junk food, rather than making homemade food. Koen is dark-skinned, slightly tall and overweight, probably ...

Course Code:HSC230
Published on: 02-03-2021

Power and Influence of Media on Multicultural Health in AustraliaIt is quite important to note that media has become the most prominent part of our daily lives. More than 96% percent of every household in Australia possess television or any form of gadget that can be used to pass information to large masses of people. Media is something that has even become common among the adolescent who spend most of their time on media either socializing or...

Course Code:CUC107
Published on: 28-02-2021

Aim of the ReportCultural capability, Cultural self-awareness and cultural intelligence are the several aspects that determine whether a place is safe or unsafe. It is to be ensured that all these essential requirements are created in order to ensure a safe place. A safe place is created only when all the individuals present in the particular setting participates in a cordial and also positive manner. Cultural capability includes the skills, k...

Course Code:BSBLDR502
Published on: 21-02-2021

Policies and Processes in Promoting Cultural Diversity and Ethical ValuesSkills and knowledge are needed in the establishment of systems to develop trust and assurance as well as control the process of designing and maintenance of networks and relationships in JKL. As a communications consultant engaged by JKL, I am required to ensure that the right strategies are in place for the effective functioning of JKL. I am expected to re-examine and m...

Course Code:7928IBA
Published on: 21-01-2021

The Initial Experience and Cultural DivideMy cross-cultural experience began when I first moved to South Africa for a business trip. The business trip was to last for a period of a month. At first, I had jitters travelling to a new country since I had little information about it let alone know people that I can trust and confide with during my stay. My home office in Australia had played a significant role in linking me with a family that li...

Course Code:IBS220
Published on: 20-01-2021

Importance of Cross Cultural Management in Promoting Cultural DiversityInteraction between different cultures broadens the thought process of the individuals. Along with this, the aspect of cross cultural relates with promotion of different cultures, which prevails within the society (Thomas and Peterson 2017). This promotion enhances the cultural diversity. This assignment attempts to develop a comparative study between the cultures of Asia a...

Published on: 19-01-2021

Cultural Diversity and Team PerformanceThe success or failure of an organisation depends upon the culture, values, norms, and beliefs of the people within the organisation. The culture of a nation plays a key role in the whole organisation that determines the way of progress and growth of the whole organisation. I am fortunate to have three team members who belong to China, France, and Nigeria having the different culture and thinking style, b...

Course Code:9130IBA
Published on: 03-12-2020

Intercultural TraitsCultural competence is the ability to communicate and interact effectively with the people belong from different cultures and it helps to ensure to meet the needs of all organisational and community members. As stated by Jeffreys (2015), the concept ‘culture’ is not just the term meant for the ethnicity and race; however, it refers to the characteristics of gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, income lev...

Course Code:MGT3203
Published on: 29-05-2020

Overview of Cross-Cultural ManagementGlobalization has rendered immense challenging situations among the business organizations in running their entire process of business successfully in various multinational countries. While expanding the business in different geographical boundaries the business organizations cannot be restricted within specific cultural border. Business experts have to implement cross cultural management in order to g...

Course Code:PSY141
Published on: 06-12-2019

The Importance of Cross-Cultural CompetenceThe humanitarian and the community studies mainly provide the opportunity for the students in learning, critically analyzing and applying the concepts of the human service delivery in the field of humanitarian aid, social and community engagement (Green et al., 2017). The individuals get scopes of being employed for service delivery in the field of humanitarian aid, social as well as community engagem...

Course Code:UNCC300
Published on: 05-11-2019

Health and Education Issues Faced by Indigenous CommunitiesThe global issue selected in this assessment is the health and education issue that mainly occurs in the indigenous communities. Therefore due to this problem sometimes proper treatment is not provided to these indigenous people. Differences between the infant mortality of both non-indigenous and indigenous populations has been identified that simply reflects the structural inequalitie...

Published on: 18-09-2019

Importance of Cultural CompetenceCultural competence is recognized as the ability to communicate and interact efficiently with people belonging of diverse culture. Intercultural or cross-cultural competence is acknowledged as a series of cognitive and behavioral expertise that help in the process of effective interaction with people belonging to various culture and social background. An effective intercultural communication is dependent on t...

Published on: 05-09-2019

Components of Therapeutic RelationshipsA therapeutic relationship is an alliance between the caregiver and the patient. The client and the caregiver should engage one another in a manner that benefits the client (Haydon, van der Reit, & Browne, 2015). The case study talks about Michael, a registered nurse (RN) who fails to maintain a therapeutic interaction with the female Aboriginal patient. The RN goes ahead to conduct vaginal tests on t...

Published on: 03-09-2019

The Importance of Acknowledging Cultural DiversityCultural diversity is a prominent issue in New Zealand. The country considers cultural diversity as one of the most important principles of the New Zealand Curriculum. The framework that has been provided to the schools in order to help their decision-making, asks the schools and the educators to acknowledge the presence of the diverse cultures within the country. Moreover, all students are t...

Published on: 03-07-2019

Treaty of Waitangi and Bicultural Partnership Discuss About The Cultural Safety In Aotearoa Cambridge University. The report is prepared to discuss about the formation of bicultural partnership due to the Treaty of Waitangi and how it has created a positive impact on the various areas of management of business. The different strategies and assessment of competitive forces along with the external environment monitoring will allow for managi...

Published on: 10-06-2019

About HSBC as a global banking corporationDiscuss about the HSBC Bank for Wealth Management and Commercial Banking. HSBC is one of the biggest private banks in the world originating in Honk Kong, however the bank is actually a “British multinational company and financial service company”. The bank is ranked seventh in terms of the total assets it holds. The bank has its origin mainly in Hong Kong and some of the resource...

Published on: 05-04-2019

What is Culture and Cultural Competence in Nursing Care? Write an essay to critically reflect on why cultural self awareness is important to develop cultural intelligence. In the profession of nursing, it becomes important for the professionals to have knowledge of two important aspects which would help to develop safe care for the patients. These are the concepts of morality and culture. Morality is important for nurses as it helps in shaping ...

Published on: 19-03-2019

Types of diversity in the industryQuestion:Required to explore one particular form of diversity that interests you, describe it, discuss how it is relevant to tourism and hospitality and consider the benefits and gains to businesses in the industry accepting and embracing this form of diversity, and the costs and consequences to businesses of not accounting for this form of diversity.The tourism and hospitality industry is one of the most divers...

Published on: 21-02-2019

Diagnostic and Reflection Discuss About The Intercultural Common Competence Retrospect? Communication can be defined as the process of interacting with the other person. Interaction is not limited to speaking but listening is also a part of good communication (Arnold & Boggs, 2015). It is the very important part of life of an individual in professional and personal manner thus it is required to develop the communication skills so that effec...

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