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Course Code:INFO5301
Published on: 16-08-2021

Research Reports on Security Threats in Smart DevicesSmart devices are the electronic gadgets, usually linked with different gadgets and networks through various remote conventions, for instance, Bluetooth, WI-FI, 3G, as well as NFC, and now smart devices can work to some level intuitively and independently. A few remarkable sorts of smart gadgets are cell phones, tablets, phablets, smart bands, and smart watches. These associat...

Course Code:INFS5885
Published on: 07-08-2021

Heuristic EvaluationTo provide a relevant documentation approach for undertaking the evaluation approach. A Smartphone device is taken into consideration for the evaluation. Heuristic evaluation technique has been has been chosen and it is going to be discussed thoroughly. Usability is a practice of interface quality. It is defined as the measure of effectiveness and satisfaction that the users can perform tasks with tools such as Sma...

Course Code:MAN6303
Published on: 20-05-2021

AssumptionsWebsite development and user friendliness is one of the most important aspects of any websites and it should be ensured that they are presentable as well as user friendly for the uses and all the important data and the information are properly visible in a systematic manner for a better browsing experience. All the important information on the website should be properly categorized to ensure that the website is user friendly. The fol...

Course Code:SIT725
Published on: 04-03-2021

Product Backlog DecompositionTrivago is an international based company dealing with marketing and travel services whose vision is to offer the best hotel, lodging and travel services by giving the priorities to the target customers and offering best offer to the customers in order to become a leading international company (Karumanchi, 2012). In order to present the product backlog there are various activities that will be involved where vario...

Course Code:BET408
Published on: 01-03-2021

What is a Smart Train Station Hub?A smart Transportation hub is an intelligent way of commuting from one place to another whose goals are to give a more current service comparing to different kinds of transport and how traffic is handled and managed. It helps people to be more informed and an intelligent use of transportation network. Smart Train Station hub is a system that Technology is used in transport means. For instance in Train transpo...

Course Code:IMAT5209
Published on: 25-01-2021

Use Cases of E-Commerce WebsitesIn the concept of the website it can be stated that there are different types of prospective which can be applied to the e-commerce website. On the other hand it can be stated in the recent technological advancement sector it can be stated that the e-commerce is playing a very vital role in the sector of advancement of the life of the common people. In the aspect of the e-commerce it can be stated that there are m...

Course Code:MN506
Published on: 31-03-2020

Configuration of the Local Area Network Solution for People SoftwareFor the development of the report the first scenario of development of a local area network (LAN) to support Windows Server and Client Environment is selected. Here the organization has a requirement to develop a centralized authentication system and print server configuration such that the users connected in the local area network can use the network printer for the managemen...

Published on: 12-02-2019

Purpose of the studyQuestion:Discuss about the Process To Improve And Test The Usability Of Goodreads, Linkedin And Bandcamp.The purpose of the study is to gather user information and experience regarding three websites, Goodreads, Linkedin and Bandcamp and in the process to improve and test the usability of these three websites. After a brief interview process, answers will be thoroughly assessed as to infer how the overall performance of the w...

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