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Course Code:LAW205
Published on: 28-07-2021

Drug Testing1. a. In order to identify of a controlled substance, two tests must be performed. One test is a screening or presumptive test and the other test is an instrumental or confirmatory test. The tests are conducted to confirm the presence of drug in the sample by comparing it with a known standard of that drug. Exhibit (1) matches A as it contains pharmaceutical preparations, hence, the administrative sample selection shall be us...

Course Code:BBUS 3331
Published on: 27-08-2020

Introduction: Inventory and Operations managementOperation management refers to designing and using of available resources in the company so that highest utilisation of resources would be attain (Wild, 2017). Main purpose of OM is to reduce inventory cost and avoid wastage with the aim of reducing overall price of the product (Khmelnitsky and Singer, 2015). For this report, First for Forensic (FIF) company’s case study is taken for consi...

Course Code:223BMS
Published on: 26-06-2020

Collection procedures for buccal cellsBuccal cells (squamous epithelial cells from the oral cavity) are used extensively as a source of DNA for the forensic identification of individuals using the DNA profiling technique known as ‘DNA17’. The interest of getting clearer concept of genetics and various diseases and various body processes have increased, requiring the isolation of DNA. Over the years blood samples have been an excellen...

Published on: 28-08-2019

Forensic Techniques used in Hien Puoc Tang CaseThe case of Hien Puoc involved an armed robbery incidence dated on 14th March 2003. The robbery took place in a convenience store, and the incidence that took place was captured by an installed surveillance device that videotaped all that occurred. Tang was convicted of the crime since there was lack of enough evidence to confirm that he did commit the said crime. Though there was the tape re...

Published on: 27-08-2019

County Court of Victoria VisitOn 15th may 2018 I visited the county Court of Victoria. The court is located at to 50 William Street Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia. The court opens at 9 A.M and anyone who wants to witness that case in this phone has to be present their sharp by 9:30 A.M. I got this information about the court from the official website of the county Court of Victoria. There were various security checks entrance of the court w...

Published on: 12-07-2019

DiscussionDiscuss about the Computer Forensics.  Computer forensics is one of the branches of digital forensic science that relate to the several evidences that are found within computers and the digital based stored media. It could also be defined as the several practices of the collection, analysing and the reporting of the digital data within a legally admissible process (Maras, 2015). The practice of computer forensics could ...

Published on: 05-12-2016

The Use of PCR in DNA ProfilingWrite an essay on Application of Real Time PCR in Forensic Science? Forensic science is the study of evidences through different scientific methodology in order to identify the criminal or the process of the crime and food analysis (Reischcl, Witter, Coceril, 2012). Polymerase Chain Reaction is used for amplification of a single DNA fragment into multiple DNA copies (Dietmaier, Witter and Sivasubramanian, 20...

Published on: 08-11-2016

1. Requirements of competence to provide expert evidence in a criminal trial1. Discuss the requirements of competence to give expert evidence and consider whether Dr Jacob’s is competent to give expert evidence in the relevant field?2. In order to be produced as evidence, what information ought Dr Jacob’s report contain? What are the consequences of not including all of this information in the report; can it still be relied upon in...

Published on: 05-11-2016

Management Response PlanDiscuss what management procedures and organisation would be required to respond to a terrorist attack (2 coordinated explosions in stands located in the centre of the stadium), at the Racecourse stadium. The attacks occurred on a busy Saturday afternoon during a match. Discuss the roles that forensic scientists have at the scene and in supporting the police.? I accept the assaults at the Racecourse stadium on Sa...

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