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Course Code:HI6027
Published on: 13-07-2022

ASIC v CassimatisThe directors are appointed in this position to govern, preside over and run the business of the company, for the company’s shareholders. According to section 198(1) of the Corporations Act, 2001 (Cth) puts forward that the business of a company in the nation has to be run by or under the directions of the its directors (Australasian Legal Information Institute, 2017). This section highlights that the directors have a sign...

Course Code:HI6027
Published on: 01-07-2022

ASIC v Mariner Corporation LimitedThe directors are the people who are responsible for running the affairs of the company. In doing so, they take number of decisions which can be perceived as risky ones, but just because these are risky ventures, does not mean that these have to be avoided. Also, while taking such decisions, there is a need fulfil the statutory duties, which have been provided through the Corporations Act, 2001 (Latimer, 2012). ...

Course Code:COMMLAW7012
Published on: 30-06-2022

Issue21st of December 2010, ASIC as an applicant filed a legal suit in the Federal Court of Australia (Brisbane) against the executive directors of Storm Financial Limited. As per the said case, it is understood that two of its executive directors. Emmanuel and Julie Cassimatis were found in breach of their duties as directors under the Australian Corporate laws. The said case is defined as a unique one in the history of Australian Corporation...

Course Code:CLAW314
Published on: 31-08-2021

ASIC v AdlerRecent corporate collapse of Ansett One Tel attracts the media and in Adler’s case, court commenced the action after the collapse of HIH. However, this event gives an appropriate stimulus for the purpose of reflecting the potential damages arise because of the breach of provisions of Corporation Act 2001. While considering this case, number of requirements related to transactions arises in respect of providing financial benef...

Course Code:BN103
Published on: 03-08-2021

History and Classification of ComputersA Computer is electronic machine that receives inputs stores it and processes them to get the required information or task. Basically, (Doi 2014) Sire Charles Babbage designed and invented Computer in early 19th century. The invention of computer has played a vital and important role to make the world globalized and faster communication system. Generally, the computers are classified in to three mai...

Course Code:CP5603
Published on: 13-07-2021

E-MailIn this new digital world where internet has become an integral part of the individuals, e-mail is playing vital in providing a very easy platform for the communication purpose. It can be referred as exchange of information digitally. Most of the companies are paying for the extra advance information security however; they are also neglecting the basic security related to the communication. This negligence could lead to several securit...

Course Code:MATHS1011
Published on: 18-06-2021

Background on Children's Conceptual Understanding of Place Value and Basic OperationsChildren encounter the four basic operations naturally when they work with real life problems (Reys, Lindquist, Lambdin and Smith, 2007). Through the manipulation of objects and use of drawings of models and pictures, young children are able to identify the type of operation required to solve a word problem. However, Haylock and Cockburn (2013) acknowledge tha...

Course Code:BMAT230
Published on: 07-06-2021

The loan amount provided by the angel investor could be calculated as the present value of the amount paid after two years of time. The interest rate applicable for the transaction was around 6% payable semi-annually over the two-year time. The savings of $80,654 will be pulled back two years back at the semiannual rate of 6% payable semiannually (Eisenberg & Mishura, 2018). Future Value = 80,654 Interest Rate = 6% payable semiannually. T...

Course Code:CNIT51100
Published on: 20-05-2021

ClassificationMetadata is a type of data that stores information about other data whether that data is web pages, video, photography, spreadsheets or content. Metadata give a précis of basic information about data such as data created, author, file size and data modified of any document. It can be easier for someone to locate specific files by having the ability to filter through metadata. Metadata can be created by automated informa...

Course Code:GEN305
Published on: 18-02-2021

Confidence Interval for p Basic Computation: Confidence Interval for pConsider n = 100 binomial trials with r = 30 successes. Check RequirementsIs it appropriate to use a normal distribution to approximate the p? distribution? For case given, it would not be appropriate to use the normal distribution since the result or outcome of the experiment is specified to be either success or failure. Find a 90% confidence interval...

Course Code:BACT105
Published on: 18-02-2021

Adjustment Journal EntriesThe following assignment will help us understand the basic concepts of accounting. We have been provided with the trial balance and few adjustments that are require to be entered in the books. We have passed these journals, made the revised trial balance in order to update the information. using the updated trial balance we have made the income statement and balance sheet with the said information. Adjustment journ...

Course Code:HI6027
Published on: 20-11-2020

Rights and Duties of Directors under Australian Corporations ActIntroduction The case of ASIC v Parker r [2003] 21 ACLC 888; [2003] FCA 262 deals with dittoes of the directors and what penalties are attached in cases when the director fails to perform in accordance with the terms of the duties. The directors in a company are in a fiduciary relation with the company and also the employees and are in a bona fide relation. The work of the d...

Course Code:DAT601
Published on: 26-10-2020

Mapping conceptual model to a logical modelThe aim of this milestone is to translate the conceptual model achieved from milestone to a logical model and then review the logical model to make sure it supports the specified transactions for BTFrone. The conceptual model achieved at milestone 1 can be mapped into a logical model by ensuring the following rules and steps are followed; Removing of many to many relationships and getting all ...

Course Code:NUR3003
Published on: 13-07-2020

Objectives of the lesson plan Rapid responses to emergency situations are mandatory reactions to save lives. Therefore, to make life support more beneficial, human beings are required to go through a systematic and theoretical as well as practical-based training which is essential for saving lives (Hunt et al., 2015). First-aid assistance is reported to increase survival rates of those in danger and training learners on the necessary skills and ...

Published on: 29-08-2019

Facts of the Case The ASIC v Australian Property Custodian Holdings Limited (No 3) [2013] FCA 1342 (hereinafter referred as the case) is a recent case in which the importance of director duties was highlighted by the court. The judgement of this case is a good lesson for directors of responsible entities (REs) operating in Australia. The directors of a responsible entity have to ensure that they use their powers for adequate purposes and av...

Published on: 23-08-2019

Circumstances under which duty of directors can be breachedASIC v Vizard [2005] provides a good example of the case it was illustrated by the court that what are the circumstances where it can be stated that there has been a breach of the duty of the directors according to which we should not improperly use information received by them in their capacity as the director of the corporation. The decision in Vizard’s case acts as a reminder ...

Published on: 09-08-2019

Case introductionDiscuss about the ASIC vs Mariner corporation limited [2015]. The decision given in Australian Securities and Investments Commission v Mariner Corporation Limited [2015] FCA 589 was based on the applicability of different sections covered under the Corporations Act, 2001 (Cth). The first matter which was dealt with in this case was the prohibition put through the act through section 621(2) on the bluffing bids (Jad...

Published on: 14-07-2019

Ethical issues1. Discuss about the AMP could face criminal charges for misleading ASIC, banking royal commission told. 2. Discuss about the Fair Work Ombudsman report on Caltex is a shocker. In the article, AMP could face criminal charges for misleading ASIC, banking royal commission told, the business ethics issues faced by the company in terms of breach of corporate regulations is brought to light. The AMP is one of the largest fin...

Published on: 02-07-2019

Issue 1.Richard has an extensive olive grove in the Hunter Valley region of NSW. He has around 12,000 trees established and has recently purchased his neighbour’s adjoining property with a view to expansion. His business is flourishing and his two sons, David and Liam, have recently moved from Sydney to help him expand the business. They see opportunities opening up in new markets and would like to become further involved in the business....

Published on: 12-03-2019

Training/Learning PlanDiscuss about the A study of training content and activities. Training or learning plan is an organized set of descriptions of all resources and activities that is used to assist and guide a group toward learning or mastering certain specific objectives (Wandersman, Chien and Katz 2012). Training Goal: To train the clients with the basic aspects of Digital Literacy. Learning Objectives: The prime objective of thi...

Course Code:MSWPG7102
Published on: 17-12-2018

Greeting and establishing focused attention and contactDiscuss about the American Society for Training and Development. Role play involves communication between two individuals one being a client and the other a counsellor and mainly involves seeking advice, assistance or psychological counselling. This requires for the counsellor to approach a client and be capable of Rapport building where they build a connection with the affected ind...

Course Code:COMMLAW 7012
Published on: 13-12-2018

Discussion of the Case Research on ASIC v Lindberg (2012 )Australian Case Involving breach of Company director's/officer's duties under the Corporations Act 2001. A landmark penalty judgment was handed by the Supreme Court Judge of Victoria, Robson J, on 09th Aug, 2012 when the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, herein referred to as ASIC, initiated legal proceedings against Andrew Lindberg, herein referred to as Lindberg. The ma...

Course Code:ACC8000
Published on: 30-11-2018

ObjectivesDiscuss About The Australian Journal Of Basic And Applied Sciences? Employment of mobile advisors by service offering firm is becoming a new trend in the business world. This is because of the flexibility that it brings. Due to increasing popularity of the mobile advisory, a lot of research is being conducted in the field. The research has been driven towards identifying factors that influence success of the mobile advisory ...

Course Code:BULAW5915
Published on: 15-10-2018

Legal vs illegal phoenix activityDiscuss about the Illegal Phoenix Company Activity. Phoenix activity is considered as the concept which is generated from the idea of the second company, often new company is incorporated. Incorporation of the new company is done from the ashes of the old company. It must be noted in this new company both controllers and business are same as of the old company. Phoenix activity is defined as the incor...

Published on: 24-08-2018

Main concepts of theory Discuss about the Fay Glenn Abdellah a Nursing Theorist and her Nursing Contributions? Faye Glenn Abdellah was the first woman nurse who became Deputy Surgeon General. She formulated ‘21 Nursing Problems Theory’. Her theories helped nursing profession to change form disease centered to patient centered. As a result, there is incorporation of care of families as well elderly patients in the nursing service. Th...

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