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Course Code:CPCCBC5018A
Published on: 30-08-2022

Difference between Dead Loads and Live Loads1) What is the difference between dead loads and live loads? Give at least five (5) examples of each. Dead Load: The dead load includes loads that are relatively constant over time, including the weight of the structure itself, and immovable fixtures such as walls, plasterboard or carpet. The roof is also a dead load. Dead loads are also known as permanent or static loads. E.g.: wall loads, Roof loa...

Course Code:CPCCBC5005A
Published on: 30-08-2022

Dead Loads vs Live Loads in Building Construction1) What is the difference between dead loads and live loads? Give at least five (5) examples of each. Dead Load: The dead load includes loads that are relatively constant over time, including the weight of the structure itself, and immovable fixtures such as walls, plasterboard or carpet. The roof is also a dead load. Dead loads are also known as permanent or static loads. E.g.: wall loads, Roo...

Course Code:55606366
Published on: 26-08-2022

Types of WallpapersWallpapers Wallpapers are materials used in interior design; they are used to beautify the interior walls of buildings. The wallpapers are usually sold in rolls later fixed by professionals to the walls using a unique adhesive. There are different varieties of wallpapers depending on the price and quality. Wallpapers include the following types; vinyl wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper, natural-fibre wallpapers, and mural paint...

Course Code:BNV7200
Published on: 25-08-2022

Rising Demand for Swift Information and ICTIn recent decades, there has been a shift in construction projects background, resulting in much more sophisticated economic environment. The communication technologies rapid advancement is indeed used in explaining the same. Sharing of electronic information is gaining popularity as with the rising demand for swift information alongside working approaches in international market. This enables trans...

Course Code:MBA653
Published on: 16-08-2022

Location and History of Jaisalmer FortDestination and visitor management is recognized as the important type of management which is done to ensure every destination elements are managed completely. These involve attractions, facilities, pricing, and marketing. All are managed to ensure visitors not face the any type of hassle. Management is correlated with visitor management and destination management. Visitors are individuals that are the ana...

Course Code:LAW6072
Published on: 10-08-2022

Copyrights, Patents, and TrademarksThe paper shall specifically and particularly deal with the practical application of Intellectual Property Law operating Within UK and resolution of the issues so structured in the underlined case studies and the facts sheets so attached. The major consideration and focus shall be upon three primary and major intellectual property, Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks. The paper shall also assess and evaluate...

Course Code:ACAD001
Published on: 06-08-2022

The Glory of Australian ArchitectureThe assignment is prepared on the topic, Barnet and Australian Identity: Universal or Local, Imported or Native? Illustrations are included for improving understanding on the key terms like Australian identity, universal, local, imported and native. The aim of the assignment is to conduct research on the issue of Australian identity, carved out of Barnet’s prolific architectural culture and write a com...

Course Code:HIST302
Published on: 02-08-2022

Early Life and ReignHatshepsut is considered to be one of the most famous female king of Egypt who was bestowed with unprecedented power as a woman and was also successful in offering power to women of her time. She is the 5th ruler of the 18th dynasty. Hatshepsut was the daughter of Thutmose I and Queen Ahmose and as it was quite common in the royal houses of Egypt, she married her half-brother Thutmose II. They had a daughter Neferu from th...

Course Code:MIS203
Published on: 30-07-2022

Journey from Monolith to MicroservicesMicroservice architecture proposed with the perspective to overcome the existing challenges and failures while dealing with a large application. Microservice architecture is responsible for providing opportunity so that it can add the resiliency towards the system. These offers an opportunity to manage the company efficiently. It has been observed that microservice architecture aims to read their ability t...

Course Code:BCPM0077
Published on: 28-07-2022

How has Adjudication Developed in the Last 25 Years?Adjudication is the process of resolving disputes usually termed as a ‘quick fix’ or ‘rough justice. The adjudication clauses have been in existence in standard form English construction subcontractors for some forty years. This has allowed subcontractors to challenge, within strict timeline, the amounts that the major contractors had deducted or set-off from the interim pay...

Course Code:ENN532
Published on: 27-07-2022

Key components of safety and environmental legislation, regulation, and industry code for the following stepsFor any organization the establishment of a proper risk assessment system over any specific plant or location is integral. Not only is the factor integral for the safety and welfare of the people who are going to indulge in the process of creating a new structure at a specific location but will also keep the people who will come to the ...

Course Code:CSM80017
Published on: 25-07-2022

DiscussionQuality management refers to as the act to oversee every activity and task that is required for maintaining a specific level of excellence. The quality management system in the construction industry or project is required for ensuring that the work would be completed within the constraints of the best quality, a minimum possible cost and the mentioned period (Oakland and Marosszeky 2017). The following report provides a brief discuss...

Course Code:ITC540
Published on: 20-07-2022

Part AReal estate in Australia is increasing day by day. Now, with the advent of ICT the real estate can be largely benefitted. The will be focused in this report. SWOT analysis of the impact of ICT on the retail estate sector will be discussed in the report to find the opportunities and the benefits as well as the risks associated within. The cybersecurity, compliance and the business continuity has been discussed in the rep...

Course Code:ITEC852
Published on: 19-07-2022

Vulnerabilities of Remote WorkingOutline a security architecture for the distributed environment shown below, where users wish to access enterprise services from various remote locations such as home, airport and other branch offices. Analyze the security threats that can arise in such an environment. State any assumptions that you are making. Using distributed environment such as cloud computing is not an assurance that denial of servic...

Course Code:KGG507
Published on: 17-07-2022

BackgroundIn the given case study the present scenario presents a situation in which the company owns a large area that has mostly been used for official purpose. It consists of a ten storey office building and five small shops. The office building is very old and is there since 1969. Most of it remains vacant, however first three floors have been occupied at a lease of twenty five years. The shops have been leased for smaller duration.  ...

Course Code:MPMM7113
Published on: 14-07-2022

Company Background and ObjectivesAmFIRST Real Estate Investment Trust is a renowned real estate investment trust established within Malaysia and the second deed considered to be listed within the main market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. The mission of the company will be focussed on offering sustainable long-term distribution of income along with maintaining investment performance of the company has diversified portfolio regarding comm...

Course Code:ICT321
Published on: 13-07-2022

Review of Existing SystemsA retail organization structure is one that is used by retail-inclined affiliations like markets, hardware stores, shopping outlets, online business stores, book shops, tranquilize stores and an expansive gathering of others (Bajaj and Srivastava,2005) Features, for instance, Point of Sale (POS), stock organization, reports and data sources, specialist organization, customer organization, and generation arrange organi...

Course Code:ELEC4840
Published on: 13-07-2022

Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Storage SystemsNowadays, fossil fuels are one of the most widely used energy resource in this world. The global energy mix approach is becoming very complex nowadays, as both the suppliers and the consumers are considering different alternative environment friendly source of energy resource. The factors those are forcing the specified consideration includes:  (a) The constantly enhancing need for the e...

Course Code:BSB51915
Published on: 13-07-2022

Business DescriptionThe Coffee Mug Café will be a coffee café situated in Launceston Transit Centre bus station, Tasmania. Positioned in Launceston Market area, the café will be located in one of the new constructed Market Plaza. The café intends to offer epicurean coffees, Vienna, Hot chocolate, drip coffee, and smoothies. The all-time available offerings will include muffins, bread, cookies, doughnuts, and cake, b...

Course Code:MGT5412
Published on: 11-07-2022

Description of the Ryanair and its business modelThe company that has been selected for this assignment is Ryanair. The current branding strategy implemented by Ryanair will be showcased more in this study. Ryanair is a budget airline which took birth in Ireland having its headquarters in Dublin. It was founded in the year 1984 and actually started operating during 1985. Initially it operated from bases of Dublin and London stansed. It makes j...

Course Code:HI6028
Published on: 07-07-2022

Case Study 1: Residence and SourceThe main aim of the provided case study is to ascertain the residential status of Kit and payment of tax according to “IT ruling 2650 under ITAA 1997”. According to this law, the accumulated income of a citizen of Australia needs to be taxed (Wickramasuriya 2014). For this, the person needs to be present in the country for 183 days above. Having born in Chile, Kit has become a permanent citizen of ...

Course Code:COMP6201
Published on: 06-07-2022

Defining Virtual CommunitiesVirtual Community Internet is bringing tremendous changes in our lives-it is changing the way we live, the way we work, and the way we interact with one another. Internet has made virtual community a new way of interaction where the speech of transferring information is supersonic (Akram et. al. 2005). The virtual community enable information to be transferred quickly with the aid of internet. Apparently, most bu...

Course Code:8518
Published on: 04-07-2022

Manage the Determination Of Subcontractor RequirementsThe construction of building along with redevelopment and renovation is a part of multi-faceted business. The construction of a single block of building can provide the livelihood to different groups of people by allowing them to get involved in the business of contraction and sub-contraction. The real estate developer are the head of the business of building and construction and they contr...

Course Code:LAWS10067
Published on: 01-07-2022

BackgroundHassan: In the present case, Hassan saw a very rare record in the shop window of Mary. As Hassan was a rare vinyl collector, and knew that the record was worth much more, he walked into the shop and expressed his desire to buy the vinyl. At the same time, Mary also realize that the price had been mentioned wrongly on the record, she refused to sell the record at that price and asked its real price. While Hassan claims that Mary is bo...

Course Code:BUS5IAF
Published on: 28-06-2022

Industry Situation and Company PlansReal Estate Investar Group Limited is an Australian company based in Ashmore, Australia and was founded in 2006. The company provides services and direct investment property opportunities to property investors in New Zealand and Australia. The company is also a leading provider of integrated services to property investors so as to assist in the analysis, identification, acquisition, accounting and tracking o...

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