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Course Code:BSOM046
Published on: 24-08-2022

Overview of ABC analysis of usage value in Waterside Medical (WM)1. Prepare a Spreadsheet-Based ABC Analysis of usage Value The table below shows the ABC analysis of usage value in Waterside Medical (WM). A represent items which accounts for 20% of the items that make up the usage value, B-represent items, which account for 30% of the usage value, and C represents items which account for 50% of the usage value, along with their respective per...

Course Code:IBUS201
Published on: 10-08-2022

Discussing the inventory stage of the logistics process.The concept of international business consists of all the commercial activities that help in the promotion of transferring of goods, services along with resources, people, ideas and technology across national boundaries. It helps a business to enhance its growth and expand its business operations in an optimal manner. The following report is based on the organization of CERAMICOSA which...

Course Code:INFS5870
Published on: 11-10-2021

Inventory Management in SupermarketsInventory management is proper supervision of different stock as well as assets items. Inventory is the idle stock of goods of a respective company that holds economic value that can be held in different forms in the packaging as well as processing or sale in the near future. The report is based on Woolworths Company based in Australia wherein proper inventory management has to be maintained by them in order...

Course Code:PAA207
Published on: 26-08-2021

Working Capital CycleWorking capital can be defined as the measurement aspect related to the efficiency and liquidity of any business. It can also be stated as the capital, used for operate the daily business activities. In general, the excess amount of current assets over the current liabilities of any business firm is regarded as the working capital. The managerial activities, which efficiently maintain the working capital for general busin...

Course Code:B2007
Published on: 17-08-2021

Organizational backgroundThe productivity of an organization is completely dependent on the proper functioning of the various departments or domains. The effective handing and functioning is relied on one of the key force of the organization. Managers are one of the crucial and pivotal employees of an organization who tend to efficiently join the organization with its publics and look after its operations. The managers have certain determined ...

Course Code:OPR300
Published on: 17-06-2021

Three major problems currently faced by Parts Emporium are as following: Inadequate customer services. Ineffective stock management of the company. Inability to meet the demand of the customers due to stock out situation. Conducting a detailed investigation on the company and its environment along with appraisal of its historic financial performance shall be a better way to get a total and clear picture about the company and its operatio...

Course Code:ITC508
Published on: 20-04-2021

Overview of Vallée de Goût's Business and Service ChallengesVallée de Goût is a French Cuisine that has been growing with steady rate due to the contemporary fine dining and luxurious comfort at their restaurant. The quality standard can be rated high however, the handling of overcrowded customers during weekends are not being managed by the restaurant due to several human errors. Introduction of a sophisticated Infor...

Course Code:BFA504
Published on: 31-03-2021

Perpetual and Periodic Inventory SystemsIn the present days, there has many accounting softwares arrived in the market; however, the utility of Excel still persists. The Excel spreadsheet provides variety of functions and modality which is the most crucial advantage of using Excel in business management. The other accounting softwares are made customized to cater specific business needs. So, the utility of excel increases due to its flexibilit...

Course Code:FINM202
Published on: 08-03-2021

Inventory Management and Optimal OperationsInventory management is major part for logistic operations as the decisions made with regard to storage area, stock levels and order quantity that has considerable impact on cost of inventory and risk of being out of the stock. Further, it is associated with timely replenishment of operations, availability of shelf and relationship with the customers. Optimal method of inventory management controls ...

Course Code:OMGT1074
Published on: 10-12-2020

The Challenge of obtaining accurate inventory forecasting of retail distribution channelsKeeping the accurate information is very vital for the development of retail distribution channels. However, this has become obvious seeing a number of retail distribution channels are struggling to grow since much of their time is spent in handling the stock (Ruankaew and Williams, 2013). Another challenge faced by these channels is the problem of informi...

Course Code:7308ENG
Published on: 01-12-2020

Scour Protection for Marine Infrastructure There are many problems in putting the sea overpass bridge piers in extra or less superficial marine and coastal seawaters since as good as taking to endure the tidal and wave flows the piers of the bridge have to be steady on the seabed that might be changing constantly. One of the main problem experienced by the constructors is how to prevent, foresee scours of the seabed sediments nearby the sea cros...

Course Code:IDS 570
Published on: 25-09-2020

Variability in business planningOur company is planning to enhance the decision-making and the information management through statistical processes acting as a research analyst. We are needed to demonstrate our understanding by applying statistical techniques in business planning with proper charts and tables. We are applying analytical statistical method for business planning. Then, we are communicating its findings. Generally, we would ...

Published on: 05-07-2019

Academic Background to the research questionDiscuss about the Research Proposal for Inventory Management. Inventory management is referred as the process for ordering, storing and using of the raw materials and various types of the finished products. The inventory of the company is identified as one of the most valued asset. In terms of the retail, manufacturing and food industry and other intensive sectors the core of the business prod...

Published on: 09-04-2019

Introduction to GS1 StandardsDiscuss About The Conceptual Modelling For Supply Inventory. GS1 is a global system of standards meant to ensure uniformity of products, services, and information in the international marketplace. It facilitates the efficient operations within and between different parties in a supply chain namely; manufacturers, distributors, retailers, transporters and customs organisations. Standards are also used by loca...

Published on: 25-04-2018

Supplier Selection CriteriaDiscuss about the Purchasing Management Practices for Sheng Siong. Currently, most businesses are imperatively committed to spending on various expenses that keep consuming their profits. The fixed and variable costs keep rising because of uncertainties like inflation and changes in labor laws (Weele, 2010).This report is intended to explore three most important aspects regarding purchasing management of...

Published on: 08-02-2018

DiscussionDescribe about the Developing an Inventory Management System for Operations Management. Designing and developing an inventory management system is a part of the operations management. The system works to give businesses a better competitive edge by solving issues with current inventory management (Need, 2006). In this report, literatures have been reviewed to provide a detailed overview of inventory management. Discussed are the...

Published on: 21-12-2017

The Current Purchasing and Inventory Management and its AttributesDiscuss about the Brisbane Outdoor Power Center. Well known for its garden equipment Brisbane Outdoor Power Center has grown over the years as a reliable supplier. Established at Mt Gravatt in 1985, the company has expanded to include two branches at Strathpine and Ipswich. Though the company was under the name of Donald Saxon, the branches operated as a separate entit...

Published on: 07-03-2016

Order processing at NTUC FairPrice Singapore Question: Select a manufacturer or retailer that locates in Singapore analyse it's current order processing, inventory control and the use of ICT technologies in logistical operation. Recommend improvements by apply theories and concepts found in logistics management? Logistics management is highly crucial in respect to businesses in ensuring that they meet out the needs and requirements of their cu...

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