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Obtaining human capital


Discuss about the Recruitment Challenges For Samsung HR.

The Samsung Group is a South Korean based combination organization that incorporates various backups. It's one of the leading corporations in Korea, creating almost one fifth of the nation's aggregate prices with an essential concentration in the gadgets, overwhelming industry, development, and protection enterprises. The following report is analyzing about the challenges the HR manager of Samsung is facing during hiring of its employees. The challenges which it faces slow down the recruitment procedure of Samsung.

The challenges mainly faced by Samsung are obtaining human capital, growing levels of employee turnover, increase in demand of aptitude for certain job, struggle in finding capable applicants with the skills to prosper, maintaining optimum productivity, and many more. The solutions to these problems are strategies which Samsung can adopt to overcome these challenges.

Following are the challenges faced by Samsung to hire employees:

Obtaining human capital: One of the biggest challenges is to obtain correct human capital.  The main challenges for Samsung are to obtain human capital which is complementing the present workforce or substitute the misplaced staff, employment of extraordinary-talent required by Samsung is a challenge faced by the HR, discovering staff with the apt skills and self-driven character and much more. Recruitment is continuously being done by the internal HR division or with help of other-party direction, but the operational central management of the same also is a challenge.

Growing Levels of Employee Turnover:

According to Shaffer, et al., (2012) the other challenge which is to be managed is growing levels of turnover amongst employees. As personnel is the lifeline for Samsung and they invest substantial time and money to guarantee maximum efficiency and attention of their workers.  Another vital concern of HR is to guard their pre-existing respected employees. Firms like Samsung should focus on worker retention but some amount of employee turnover is unavoidable as the country’s condition improves.

Increase in demand for Talent:

Samsung’s HR manager another challenge is to search for talent when lucrative salaries are not being provided. For instance capable workers, chauffeurs, instructors, sales representatives, managerial authorities and executives, technicians, accounting and business staff, and engineers. The number of people crossing retirement age is increasing causing more retirement and this has also increased the demand for more healthcare services proving the difficulty for Samsung.

Difficulty in searching the competent applicants:

Growing Levels of Employee Turnover

Samsung is also facing applicants lacking the necessary job skills, Knowledge, technical competencies, don’t have the applicable knowledge, or are the absence of the soft skills that are necessary to hold the place which is required necessarily by the firms to succeed. The excellence of candidate applying is seen by Samsung HR professionals to be the most appreciated metric for assessing a worker’s on-the-job performance. HR manager is frequently observing themselves stuck when they aren't getting resumes from competitors with solid foundations or aptitude required for the position. While enrollment specialists may need to fill a specific position, they ought to likewise be open to preparing and teaching talented employees so they can get required abilities (Onyemah, Rouziés & Panagopoulos, 2010).

Demographic issues: Predicting labor supply and demand is also challenge for HR manager of Samsung because of changes in superannuation forms, interprovincial relocation, and a number of transnational migrants upcoming to the region (Gupta, et al., 2012). Over the past few years, the average superannuation ages crawl higher, a decrease took after by a later bounce in net inflows of interprovincial transients, and an emotional upgrade of the government's transitory foreign specialist (TFW) program that has prompted a sharp falloff in new TFWs entering the area.

Labor supply and demand:  The determination of labor and demand is significant, as organizations don't need an excess of representatives who are not being completely and successfully employed, nor do Samsung HR need holes in their worker pool which brings lessened efficiency, execution and productivity (Bader, Schuster & Dickmann, 2015). And if those aptitudes are not accessible inside, maybe at that point they ought to be looking for skills and talent outside the organization. When looking factors, for example, accessibility of aptitudes inside the job market, availability of capable workforce, the willingness of the candidate to join the company and much more are proving a challenge in hiring.

Organizational change:

Many organizations like Samsung are developing so quickly and need to fill numerous positions while selection representatives never again have a great deal of time to enlist specialists. HR experts of Samsung are additionally confronting challenges in looking at their enrollment instruments, particularly their product and worker administration techniques.

Ethical forces: Establishments like Samsung are being tested to safeguard overall benefits of its employees and customers.  HR managers should focus on to providing resources and reporting unethical behaviors of employees to create a better working place. Samsung HR manager also needs to fulfill the ethical values because the negligence of this can lose talented employees. Governments and laws are also imposing significant penalties on companies for not following ethical standards (Patel, Pankaj, & Conklin, 2012).

Increase in demand for Talent

Employer branding:

The growth of the value-proposition embodied in the brand, and offered to the workforce, on the basis of evidence around the organization’s culture, administration style, abilities to existing employees, present worker image and much more can help Samsung to find and recruit right candidate for the company. External promotion of this plan to targeted employees and other representatives in the employment procedure can help Samsung to create the value for its brand. With help of this, it can design job opportunity to attract candidates and support, bring into line and also enhance the Samsung brand (Hurn, 2014).

Up-to-date with technology:

 As the technology upgrades, all recruiters also have to upgrade themselves with the right recruitment tools that fit the current scenario. Recruiters are also facing the challenge of adapting to recruitment methodology to latest models (Knight, 2011).

Creating a flexible and strong culture: 

Samsung attributing to its goodwill and standards for the advantages of the organization is concentrating on expanding the viability of the representatives by focusing on giving a positive work put guaranteeing that the workers are cheerful can develop a brand's inside culture and enhance the outcome result and additionally make up the organization's goodwill in public (Kompaso & Sridevi, 2010).

Motivating a respectful enabled and involved workforce:

Employees are valuable assets of an organization and the key to success. Samsung recruits adroit laborers from various firms and focuses on motivating the employees on regular aspects to increase their probability of making significant contributions to the organization (Farndale, Scullion & Sparrow, 2010). The contribution to the highest retention rate in 2015 was only because each employee is treated like an executive.

Enlarge education and development opportunities:

Samsung emphasizes on making the employees inventive, imaginative and innovative to enhance their customer’s base. Samsung mainly concerns on enhancing the capability a potential of it skillful workers rather than training them to do so (Elena, 2014). Samsung sets a unique benchmark for its organization by enhancing the artistry caliber of the employees as the organization believes that their laborers could develop their artistic pursuit for their company’s welfare on their own and do not require learning and training programs (Maguire, 2016).

Organized governance a business case improvement:

Business integrity is ensured by corporate governance frameworks and compliance mechanism (Wilden, Gudergan & Lings, 2010). Samsung establishes a business case by recruiting business pioneers in the arranging procedure and organization. Good corporate governance ensures adequate disclosure and efficient decision-making to achieve desired objectives as well as the commitment to the ethical conduct of business.

Difficulty in searching the competent applicants

Advertisement as strategy:

Social media: Using Social Media connections is a prevalent way nowadays of alluring fresh talent through present networks of workers, customers, and groups. Companies which track applicant obtaining with help of social media mainly focuses on the area from where the most candidates are coming in the company.

Mobile application: A mobile application also helps Samsung in finding the right candidate for its vacant position. Employers can tap into the mobile applicant market, and can look for making application procedures mobile approachable (Saritas & Kuzminov, 2017).


From the above report, it is being detailed out that Samsung is facing many recruitment challenges to hiring its professionals and employees (Hyun-Cheol, 2013). The challenges faced by it are due to many reasons like lack of skills amongst employees, willingness of workers, Workforce as much as a-third all over  companies is planning to change jobs as better job opportunities are available in sectors like professional business services, learning and fitness services, production, leisure and hospitality, conveyance and warehousing, and administration and many more. This all creates difficulties for HR manager to hire right employees for the position vacant. The strategies analyzed above can be useful for Samsung to hire employees. Recommendation

The recommendations which can be useful for Samsung are striking an abundant equilibrium between appointments for position requirement versus appointment somebody that's great regardless of position. In this way one conceivable solution could be HR experts should work with information examination specialists or HR arrangement sellers to comprehend what different information focuses mean and how the division can tackle them. Be that as it may, analytics remains a big test for some HR experts (Gebauer, et al., 2010). The other recommendations which can enhance the hiring of Samsung are workforce planning which is the most strategic people management activity to take place within an organization. Samsung can take into account the workforce planning to interpret all inclusive abilities, business data, and outside workforce fragment data into workable encounters to be shared by business pioneers for management.


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