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Analysis And Design Of An E-Commerce Site

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Question: Describe about the Analysis and Design of an E-Commerce Site.   Answer: The issues that can be addressed from the above addressed research questions are Issue 1 - Consumer behaviour is a tangible thing that defines the success of the business and it cannot be defined with a single factors. There is no one factor and one method to design e-commerce website design. Issue 2 - There is no formula or an automated process to meas...

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E-Business Systems

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Question: Write a report on E-Business Systems.    Answer: Introduction Business over electronics platform and business via electronics platform are not the same things. One is to utilize electronics platform as a carrier for their business achievements, and other is use electronics platform for their business orientation. The primary objective of this project is to implement an ecommerce website over a cloud space. To achieve th...

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Accounting: Introduction To E-commerce

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Questions: 1. Determine whether it is in the exposure stage, interaction stage, e-commerce stage or ebusiness stage. Provide reasons for your answer.   2. Provide an estimation of the hardware and software requirements of the current website.    3. Analyse the current website and formulate an E-Commerce implementation strategy to present to the owner of the website. E-Commerce implementation strategy should take into account a...

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Report: Human Computer Interaction

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Question: Write a report on human computer interaction.    Answer: Introduction The report gives the data of recently created site of Global Toys, Games and Cards (GTGC) and the motivation behind making this site is to make the better promotion which is low fidelity model that give general in an arrangement of the shop. Purpose The Key purpose behind this undertaking is to build up the site to format the data for the clients an...

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E-Business Systems Report

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Question: As a group you need to choose and propose e-business of your choice, approved by your local lecturer (or course coordinator for distance students). So please discuss your proposal with you teacher in advance. This group assignment relates to your understanding of the technological infrastructure and functional requirements of a small to mid-size e-business and to allow you to demonstrate your ability to research, analyse, synthesi...

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Website Development

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Question: Discuss about the Website Development.      Answer: Introduction Overview Design a website is a joined perspective of numerous innovations, similar to HTML, CSS, JavaScript and much more. Each website has two sides, one is customer site, and another is the server side. For this situation, one and only side is utilized that is customer side. To build up this site, the designer used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. ...

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Briefing Report: Business Model

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Question: Discuss about the Briefing Report for Business Model.   Answer: Business Model The website is built on WordPress platform and its URL is website is an online book platform where buyers can search, view, and purchase books. It primarily focuses on digital books hence does not require shipping fees and is not restricted by location. The books are acquired and uploaded by the website adm...

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Autonomic And Secure Computing: Application Development

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Question: Discuss about the Autonomic and Secure Computing for Application Development.   Answer: Introduction The application discussion about the development and the testing through the proper capturing of the save log entry button about the chicken entry with proper date and the log data. This app has been mainly for the handling of the records for the data values for the different species. Review list A proper review from t...

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Evaluate Success Of Your Website

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Question: Discuss about the Evaluate Success of Your Website.     Answer: Introduction: To identify and engage talented volleyball players and open up professional opportunities for them in the topflight professional leagues To profile players and their achievements in order to motivate them to explore their talents optimally and perform better To help the client generate traffic and use the site for sports related adverts T...

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Design And Development Of Web Designer Developer Website

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Question: Discuss about the Design and Development of Web Designer Developer Website.   Answer: This report is about a portfolio website by the title of "Web Designer-Developer". The report will talk about the motivations, success criteria, technologies used, the rationale for the technologies selected in building the website, design process, and development process. Motivations for the Website A portfolio is essential for a se...

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