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Media plan for maximum coverage

Describe about the Report for A Media Portfolio of Womens Basketball World Cup.

Media plan

Considering the fact that the Women’s Basketball World Cup tournament will attract a lot of audiences then it will be best to use an effective plan that will ensure maximum media coverage of the event. The factors that will determine my plan are reach and frequency of the media outlet (Belch  & Belch,2011).Using the indices of the various media outlets then it will be easy to visualize on the plan. The media plan that I will use for this event is publicity because it will create a lot of exposure. Being in the light of the public will ensure that my organization receives constant media attention.

Though working with a company such as Havas sport and entertainment I will get a better platform for media exposure through its many divisions of publicity.  These companies want to show case events that will attract more audiences to their advertising venues meaning this will offer an opportunity for our team to get free publicity. Using companies such as these I will be able to seek publicity at very low cost because most of the advertisement will be provided by them. The benefits that my netball team will be getting include: a data management and aggregation system, exposure through mobile advertising, social advertising and geomarketing.


Based on the analysis of the event and amount of attention the event will draw me and my team will use the available platforms of exposure that will remain intact with our two main objectives. My first objects for this project will be to engage the audience in this event and making them a part of the event which will make them proud of our national team and in the end attract more media coverage for the team. The broadcast platform will attract the attention of many especially the funs of the net ball game. Though constant adverts the audience will be made aware of such an event and also bring about interest in the event even for those who are not into sports. With the current technology adverts can be set to target a specific audience which means more exposure to the greater audience population. Because broadcast platform such as television offer better sense of touch through their combination of sound, image, motion   and text they appeal to many.

Objectives of the media plan

My second objective will be to employ multi facet campaign through the various social avenues of promotions and advertisements. With the growth in the social connection network many people are spending more time in social media sites meaning that through reaching them first I can be able to make them interested in the team. With support from the audience in social media my team will be on the spot light and the media will be willing to cover the team more. The social media platform offers an opportunity to reach out to target audience specific on the geographical location such as country. Because it offers a wider scope or reach it has the potential of going viral and the cost of advertisement on these platforms is cheaper.  

Media Opportunities



Outlet 1

Outlet 2

Outlet 3

Outlet 4

Social media  : Many people are using social media to interact




You tube


Prints: People prefer to read when they are tired hence create a platform of more exposure to this population.

Online Periodicals

Interest online prints

Direct mails

Online journals


Broadcast: this is the most dominant means of reaching out to a large population in a short time.



Live broadcasts



Product placement adverts: this will help promote the sport organization and also get funding.


TV programs


Sports briefs



Media plans are needed to obtain media coverage because they help to achieve the specific objectives in an organization such as creating awareness to target group and also attract potential audiences. Media plans create effective media campaigns through matching the advertisement needs with available advertisement channels. This is supported by (Nicholson et al., 2015, pp. 251) where they show how an effective media plan should be able to address the specific set objectives. My Media plan is appropriate because it would provide a wider audience for the sporting event and also be cost effective to the sport organizers.

The sports industry is always aiming to get full media coverage with the aim of promoting an appreciation for talent and fun (Pelsmacker,  (2010). The avenues where they can get promotions are through the media platforms. The women’s basketball world cup championship is a major event that will attract many funs across the world. The executives of the sporting organizations are always aiming to expand their presence in the global map through impressive performances in order to get sponsorship that will help their teams a great deal.

Australian Netball Diamonds team has been performing very well over the past decades and it boosts of being the world champion in the 14th world women netball championship that took place in Sydney, Australia last year.  In a recent federation meeting on national women sporting in Australia the executives of the women national teams discussed on how they can increase their awareness in the society especially for the women teams in sporting. From the meeting, the executives decided to support the women teams through allocating funds for advertising budgets. This decision saw the advertising expenditure being increased from 4% in the past 8 months up to 19.5% which is very much commendable considering the fact that it has been underfunded in the past years. The Australian Netball Diamond team had posted impressive results in the past decade by assuming the 1st position in the consecutive periods in the world women netball cup and in the common wealth games. Because of their impressive performance they received more funding from the Australia’s sport board.

Media opportunities and outlets

The women netball team has posted impressive results for the 2 decades in the women’s basketball world championship beating the long time takers of cup the New Zealand team. With the Australian Sports Commission aim being to support and inform the world on the potential of Australian sport teams more support has been provided by the government. The commission works in close association with sporting organizations to ensure the prosperity of the team at all levels both locally and internationally. Now that Australian Netball Diamonds are carrying the national flag maximum support is given to the team through adequate funding of its projects.


Fact sheets are needed to obtain media coverage because they summarize an organization in a briefly but detailed way in a more factual manner that will attract confidence and interest of the media. Backed with statistics a fact sheet makes it easy to present an organization in an understandable way especially the incorporation of achievements. Figures and statistics help to explain why an organization requires media coverage to promote its operations. This is supported by (Nicholson et al., 2015, pp. 253) where they define the sport marketing frame work as one that incorporates facts into the media proposal to seek maximum support. My fact sheet is appropriate because it shows why my organization requires the media coverage now more than ever in its history. The current position of the Australian  Netball Diamond in the world women net ball championship shows the potential that the team holds and the fame its likely to attract in 2018 World women netball championship in Spain, hence it needs the full support from the media.

Media guide

I will use target media guide because it will highlight the areas that are most relevant to the media platforms that I will be using to promote the team. With this guide the profiling will be based on the achievements of the team and how it has risen over the years to become the world leaders in women netball. Through the statistics and important milestones to the team I will be able to convince the media to help retain the glory of the team and be associated with it in the coming 2018 world championship.

The Australian netball Diamonds team was founded on August 27, 1927 immediately after the Australian Women’s Netball Association was formed. The foundation members include: Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and South Australia. The women netball team operates as a public limited company after its incorporation on 18th September 1986 and it is guided by a memorandum and articles of association that was agreed by the council. The team is run by a board of directors that consists of: the president, finance director, 6 ordinary directors and the chief executive officer who is non-elected. The team is composed of 12 team players that are 4 players on the attack, four players on defense and the other four players on center.

Justification for the media plan

The team has received sponsorship from several leading companies and organizations. The sponsors of the team include: SUNCORP, AIS, Samsung, Australia POST, BLK, Swisse, STQ,ZXU, Elastoplast and GILBERT. The team gets its supplies from leading companies such as: Good life, rebel, Virgin Australia and  Leading Teams. The team receives government support through partnerships such as South Australia, Government of South Australia and Events Tasmania.

The Australian Diamond netball team is grateful for the support from our sponsors, without such support we would never have created historical records in the Women’s Basketball world cup over the past years we owe you our success. The Australian Diamond netball team recognizes your contribution through supplying us with financial aid, supplying us with the necessary training equipment.  We are dedicated to produce consistent and impressive results in all our games.

Some of the important milestones in the team include:1927- 1st interstate match, Sydney, 1927-the formation of the Women’s Basket Ball Association, 1928-1st carnival to be held in Australia, Victoria, 1931-1st AA Umpires Award, 1938-1st International match with New Zealand team in Melbourne, 1956-Australian team defeated England in London, 1963-1st World tournament and Australia became the first world champions, 1970-the sports name changed from Basket Ball to Netball, 1971-the team wins world tournament, 1975-Australia wins world championship, 1988- first world Youth Cup, 1991- Australia holds the world championship and they emerge victorious, 2003-world runners up to New Zealand at the world champions, 2004- world crowd  record is set(14,339), 2009-Australia wins the world netball championship, 2010-Australia wins Silver at the common wealth games,2011-Australia wins world netball championship in Singapore, 2014-Australia wins the 12th common wealth games, 2015-Australia hosts the world netball cup and wins the cup with a crowd of 16,849(Australian netball, 2016).

The Women’s Basketball World Cup Championship is a tournament for the women netball teams which is held after every 4 years. The event was started in 1953 and it continues to run to date attracting teams from all over the world. The tournament was initially called FIBA World Championships for Women but it later changed to FIBA netball world cup in 1986. The 18th Women’s netball cup will be help in Spain on September. Sixteen teams from all over the world will be battling out to take the cup. Spain had hosted the men World Championship Cup in netball in the year 2014 thus this is not a major challenge to the Spain Sport Federation.

Spain will host the 2018 tournament after it won the bid through a competitive bidding process with other countries such as Israel. The tournament will take place at the arena: Palacio de Los Deportes de la Comunidad where all the preparations will take and the games.  The Spain netball  federation is preparing the arena through improving the sport infrastructure to the international set standards. The event will be overseen by the government under the Spain Sports Commission who will finance the necessary improvements in the arena.

In the coming tournament several competition rules have been changed.  There will be six windows in every qualification period in each netball world cup. The qualification rules for this coming tournament are: Asia and  Oceania team will play together to ensure competitive games and that all the cups will follow the four year cycle. Teams that do not qualify for the group D division will not be allowed to offer their application even after attaining the required points.


Media guides are needed to obtain media coverage because they give information about a team its history, team players and statistical records. The information helps to relate a team to the current big event that will take place. This fact is supported by (Nicholson et al., 2015 pp.266) where they highlight that profiling a company through a media guide is a great opportunity to reach the greater audience. My media guide is appropriate because it gives information on the history of the team and milestones it has achieved through time and how the team is financed. The media guide will also assist in broadcasting of the team before the start of the world women netball championship in 2018.

Media release

Friday 21st October 2016

The Minister for sport and Recreation in Australia will be joining the Australian netball Diamond women net ball team in Madrid during the launch of the 2018 Women’s Netball World Cup Championship. The tournament was last help in Sydney Australia in 2014 where the Australian Diamond Netball team took the cup. It will be an honor to escort our national team to victory once again. Netball has placed our women team  on the international championship arena for several decades and it has continued to bring impressive results each time. Our Government has worked hard to support our team at such events and sponsoring our team to the World Championship shows total commitment to promoting sports.  Those who will be joining the team include the permanent secretary to sports and recreation, the manager of the Australian Sport federation and the former coach to the Australian Diamond Netball team.

The year 2018 will be a big year for the country as it will show cases our talents to the world. We have never failed and we won’t start now when there is a standard that we have set in the gaming arena. As we are going to meet our longtime rival friend team the New Zealand’s Silver Fern National team  they better know we are preparing for them 2018. We have gotten the necessary financial and moral support from our partners and sponsors and we  hope that the netball team will surprise it’s fun, players, and sponsors and even leave a legacy that will be admired by the generations to come. All are welcome to join us in supporting our local team.


Media releases are needed to obtain media coverage because they promote an organization on a wider platform compared to using the conventional methods to reach the target audience. This is supported by( Nicholson, 2015, pp. 283) where they highlight how sport and media are related. In the book they show how media release can be an effective tool of seeking attention from the public. My media release is appropriate because it shows the position of the organization in the field of sports and how the team is more likely to perform in the coming 2018 championships. A media release will catch the audience attention and give them information on the team in a nut shell and create more interest in them. It will also be a cost effective way of communicating to the public.

The Australian netball Diamond team will be joining other teams from across the world to fight for the Women’s Basketball World Cup in Spain. The famous women’s Basketball world cup tournament will be held in Spain on from September 12-15,  2018. Considering the well organized and built sport infrastructure in Madrid, the FIBA board selected Spain to host the tournament on a competitive basis. The tournament will take place at the Arena: Palacio de los Deportes de la Comunidad.

Our team will be proud to be in the finals to fight for the most envied cup in the basketball game. We will be happy to be part of the final game which will attract over 30 million viewers from across the world not forgetting the 30, 000 audiences who will watch the game live. To be part of this event is an opportunity in a life time and it’s for this reason that the Australian Diamond Netball team is working hard to prepare for the event.

To be part of history the Australian netball Diamond team is asking everyone the young and the old  in Australia and all over the world to participate in the event. The tournament will create an opportunity for us as a representative of the Australia to show what we as a country have to show to the world. You can be part of this by being a fun at the Madrid stadium or even view us from the comfort of your setting room.

Our goal is to promote sports in a way that we have never done in the past years. Sports identify us to the world and with such a platform we can’t deny ourselves the chance. We will show that Australia is a united nation and sport is what defines us. Let us come together for this event and support each other. For more information on the event you can find as on our social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, In, Instagram and Whatsapp. To find more information you can also visit our official website on details and updates.

The Australian Diamond team has fought for the cup for the past 3 decades and managed to hold the 1st position for the past 5 tournaments in the world championship cup in a row. Supporting the team through participating in the event is the best way of showing loyalty. All are welcome.


Media advisories are needed to obtain media coverage because they help to brief the media and the public on upcoming events. This is supported by(Nicholson et al.,2015 pp,290) where they show the importance of briefing the public on major events so that the media can be able to get a clear picture of the event and what audience it is going to attract. A media advisory helps the media to plan well and have schedule for the upcoming event especially now that it has been presented to the public who will create the demand. My Media advisory is appropriate because its shows the upcoming tournament as a historic event that they can’t miss to cover. With the Australian Diamond netball team already having previous success stories then it will be good for the media to follow up on the team to the world championship in Spain.


Belch, M & Belch, G (2011). Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective. New York: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

Nicholson et al. (2015). Sport management: Principles and applications. Abingdon: Routledge.

Australian netball. (2016). About Netball Australia. Netball Australia. Retrieved 22 October 2016, from

Pelsmacker, P (2010). Marketing Communications: A European Perspective. Essex: Financial Times / Prentice Hall.

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