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About Radisson Group of Hotels

The company was formed in the year 1909 and started its first hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US .With time it has expanded its business and is spreading its brands throughout the World. The hotels brands have Radisson, Radisson blu, Radisson RED and Park Inn by Radisson in more than with 990 locations and in various countries. Radisson Blu is the brand name which is used for the Radisson hotels situated in the places like Europe, Africa or Asia. Radisson Blu has one of it’s headquarter in United Kingdom (Tracey et al. 2015).

This company is run by Carlson who is the head of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. The company has customer service and a well equipped training and promotion services. The company treats its customer like a family, they provide their customers with the luxury and comfort, and the brands treat their clients as God and ensure that their needs are satisfied (Chathoth 2016). The people who stay in their hotels have an everlasting and unforgettable experience forever. They try to build their properties and situate their hotels in a very exotic and beautiful location.

The hotels are situated almost in every Country and even holiday places near beaches and hill stations and even in some of the wildlife and pilgrimage places. Every hotel of Radisson is filled with the luxury and comfort (Cronin et al. 2016). People who visit this hotel feel the comfort and thus become the loyal customers and always want to visit and stay in their property.

In today’s generation, tourism is one of the growing sectors in the market and therefore the hospitality industry often claims to be World’s largest industries which are used to produce huge amount revenue as well as profit for the company. The hotel and tourism sector is a platform which supports the economy in a Country, by producing revenue and proving maximum employment (Ivanova and Ivanov 2015). The tourism has developed many avenues for the people in this industry so as to get maximum output.

The report is prepared so as to discuss the scope and scale of hospitality industry and the example of Radisson group of hotels is taken for discussing the situation. The report discusses about the success story of this chain of hotels taking into consideration the experience in Radisson Hotel industry with different aspects of it with regard to the tourism and hospitality industry (Fleseriu, Cosma and Bota 2014).

Scope in hospitality sector in future using your experience in Radisson Hotels.

Success Story of Radisson Hotels

The experience in the Radisson Hotels, which is a large group of hotels locating in most of the major destination places. The experience in Radisson hotel helps to understand the scope and scale of this hospitality industry which is related to the hotel that provides services and grand facilities to all the tourists who is travelling or visiting the particular places (Torres and Mejia 2017). This is one of the most emerging industries which is growing throughout the World and has the potentials which can go to a highest limit. This industry is the most growing industry and therefore it gives a huge scope in terms of employment and thus it can accommodate a lot of people. There are huge investors, owners as well as managers related to this industry and who invest in this industry (Zheng and Zhang 2014).

Scale of growth of the industry using the experience in Radisson

There is a prospect of good growth and sustainability in this industry in the future. The industry helps the people in order to understand the needs of the customers and their preferences. The hotel industry shall understand the changing trend of the people since the customers are the ones who are responsible for the success as well as failure of the industry. This industry is booming since everybody is interested in travelling and wants to indulge them in a luxury living so that they can enjoy during their leisure time (Sun, Feng and Gauri 2014.). Radisson hotel is one of the five star hotels where people prefer to stay because of its brand and the class and luxury it provides its customers.  Some people also stay in the hotels for work purpose. The market is very large and Radisson has many type of chain of the hotels which run on direct ownership or franchise or contract basis. The management structure of these industries is complex and therefore it is a growing industry (Law et al.2013).

Diversity in this industry using the experience in Radisson

This is a diversified industry, the hotel and hospitality industry is the one which gives exposure to variety of culture, many people from different part of the World come to stay in these branded hotels. Thus the hotels sector respect the cross cultural aspect and helps to bring unity in all the people. Today many people travel from one Country to the other and therefore the airline, hospitality sector has benefited a lot, thus the maximum profit is earned by these service providing hospitality industry (Oyner et al. 2016). In the times of financial crisis and issues faced in the World, this tourism industry is affected which results in the hospitality sector facing a downfall. The fiscal, political, economical disturbances had initially slowed down the progress rate but now it has grown a lot and it has impacted a lot of industries in the world (Kruesi, Kim and Hemmington 2017). 

The Hospitality Industry: Scope and Scale

The role of professional bodies and hospitality related organizations such as the Institute of Hospitality

The hospitality sector is a well renowned business in today’s times, and it is becoming much popular. The industry has played a major role in providing commercial, industrial as well as public service. There are many functions that are played by the hospitality business which is as a host and the guest, their relationship with them might be commercial as well as private (Bowie et al. 2016). The staffs in the hotel are well knowledgeable and are trained from various Institutes so that they are able to handle the customers in order to provide the customer with maximum satisfaction. This industry is focused on giving services to the people. In this industry the hospitality and tourism goes hand in hand and in order to achieve success it is important to look at both the things. This sector provides the customers with a variety of food and staying facilities as well as transportation services provided to the customers (Sucher and Cheung 2015).

The professional bodies as well as the organization help the industry helps to serve and satisfy the customers. The hospitality sector helps the customers to have a good experience when they are travelling and so that they feel comfortable while they stay in the hotels.

The institute of hospitality helps the Radisson group of hotels

The institutes and the professional organization ensures that proper teaching and education is provided to the people so that the hotel like Marriot and Radisson, having a brand value can serve their customers with a high range of services  such as services in the room. The staffs should be friendly and helpful so that they are able to assist the customers and help them to meet the best experience (Nickson 2013).This group of hotels ensures that the services provided to the customers are best so that all the people feel comfortable and will plan to visit the hotel again.

 The role of the branded hotels including Radisson is that they need to increase in the repetition of guests in their hotels. This is achieved by them as they recruit people for their staffs having excellence in providing the customer satisfaction. They focus on the customers since the customers not only look for hotels with affordable prices, but also look for customer service center which shall provide them service and communicate with them  efficiently. Good customer service speaks for the industry (Brandon-Jones et al. 2016).

Demand and Supply Trends of Radisson in the Hospitality Industry

 Emerging trends in the demand and supply for hospitality sector using Radisson industry as an example.

The development control of the Country of United Kingdom has planned that that the Government can claim approx. £100,000 and also a rise in the jobs to around two hundred in this hospitality sector when comparing with the other sectors. The tourism industry is one of the most aggressive and employment intensive for this industry in the country. There are people getting employed in the Country and growing their career. The developing Countries are lacking in skills for development of their career. The industry contributes a lot of their revenue to the economy. The growth in the career is lucrative for the people. 

Topic: Demand and Supply trend of Radisson in the hospitality sector

Source: (Munjal and Bhushan 2017)

There are many colleges where the people can grow and learn their skills. In many Countries, the profession of hospitality is taken up so as to help the person to learn the skills required by the job. The industry requires a lot of workers, who can satisfy the customer need. The people in this industry are able to maintain the patience and have the ability to communicate with different people. This industry requires a large number of people who can work in this sector and helps in the growth (Kitsios et al.2015).

  1. Radisson is a company their brands and this have influences many of the hospitality industries such as Marriott, Oberoi, and McDonalds which have started to export their products from their home country (Pirani and Arafat 2014).
  2. The hospitality has much wider scope, since many people are travelling throughout the World and thereby it has helped the industry to take advantage of the growth of the business. 


Topic: Graph showing the growth of Radisson in the hotel industry

Source: (Pop 2014)

The roles and responsibilities and the qualification of the hospitality staff

The staffs that are recruited in the hospitality sector business have varied roles and responsibilities   and they are multi talented. In order to play the role and responsibility of the hospitality industry, they must possess the exact skills and qualification.


Topic: Grouping of staff and personnel in the Radisson hotel industry

Source: (Konovalova and Jatuliavi?ien? 2015) 

  1. In order to be the branch manager, the person shall possess at least a graduation or post-graduation degree. He shall have the right skills and should be experienced for around a period of at least seven to eight years (Legrand, Sloan and Chen 2016).
  2. The Operational manager and sales manager in this hospitality shall possess the graduation and the master degree and shall also have knowledge about the hotel market.
  3. In order to be the team leader one should be a  graduate and have the experience of three years in this particular industry

Recent developments which affects the hospitality industry for operations, management and the contracts and negligence or health and safety.

There are few developments that affect the hospitality industry and therefore affecting the area such as operation, management and other function of health and safety in this sector. The Radisson Hotel has these developments:

  1. Sustainable development:Most of the companies are looking for sustainable development and are focusing on going green which is an important aspect. The hotel industry is pressurized to adopt the practices of sustainable developments. In tourism industry companies they have looked for developing a better option of the requirement of the world. The people are concentrated on the environmental friendly hotels (Universities 2014).The Radisson hotel in this hospitality business is developing better option of sustainable development. The basic things in this hospitality business cover the sustainable which are profit, people and planet.
  2. Labor cost issues: Earlier the expense of labor was very high which the largest expense of the hospitality sector is. The issue prevailing and affecting the labor cost is dealt by this company in a serious manner market .The Radisson group of hotel has able to understand that it is  significant to have efficient employees in the business (Eichhorst Marx and Tobsch 2015). The company directly deals with their clients and guests and thereby leaves a imprint in the mind of the people. This issue is dealt very sensitively.
  3. Multicultural issues:Multicultural is the recent trend in this industry as Radisson group of hotels is having a global place, it is crucial that all the industry understand the variety of culture and people in the Countries. The companies recruit various people from different countries who can bring the two cultures together (Lockyer 2013).
  4. Higher education: It is important today that there people are educating themselves in the sector of hospitality business and this amounts to pressure and challenge on the education system which need to include various curriculums related to this industry. This is one of the serious challenge that the emerging market faces in the world (Jauhari 2014).

Overall image of the hospitality industry is created and managed, using Radisson as an example assess the current situation

The image plays an important role in the success of this industry. The hospitality sector sustains only when the brand image of the business is very good and popular. The Radisson group of hotels was established in the year 1909 and it is the oldest of the chain of global hotels. This chain of hotels is the five star hotels and the best hotel in the global market. It is the best hotel providing luxury and class to their clients. It took a lot of time to have a branded place globally. Radisson was initially established in United States but then it grew its chain of hotels such as Radisson blu in Europe, Asia and then Radisson Park Inn. (Lee, Back and Chan 2015).

Roles and Responsibilities of Radisson Hotel Staff

This was the first hotel which provided online facility to the customers in early 90’s; the customers were able to book accommodation through net. For any branded and renowned hotel, image is very important in order to build the business and to grow. Radisson group of hotels is the best luxury global industry of hotels and it makes sure that they maintain their image and thus to provide the best services in their properties where people would love to go (King and So 2015).

Potential trends and developments in the hospitality sector usinby following the predictions.

The completion in this industry is very huge and this organization plays an important role and this catches attention.

There are many recent trends in this hospitality business which are as follows:

  1. Millennial being one of those people who have attained adulthood in the year 2000 and thus become the most loyal customers in this hospitality business. Thus many organizations such as the sectors in airlines, hotels and travel and tourism companies get the benefit from this (Cebekhulu 2016).
  2. The speed is the trend and all the business wants to achieve success in a small time in the industry. Hotel business sector is one of those businesses where there is a upbeat and the people communicated with the rest social Medias.
  3. Customer service of the hostel sector has to be very strong, and aggressive in today’s trend. There are various levels in the customer service in these huge hotels which range from basic, desired, and a new term .The services from these hospitality business has grown very fast and thus he people or the customer expects from the hotels to a great extent (Peter 2017).
  4. Leadership: - It is one of the aspects which the leaders of the organization shall possess in order to change with the trend and to sustain in the industry for a long term. It has become crucial for the industry to form good leadership which is required to form this type of connection.
  5. Expectations from the entire World including the international visitors have also increased. People all over the world travel in many countries for various reasons and the hospitality business have benefited a lot.
  6. Social media is spread all over the world fiercely. People are available in the social media and connects with the people on the basis of social media is essential (Elbanna, Eid and Kamel, 2015).

Impact analysis for the predicted trends using your Radisson hotels.

Radisson group of hotels is in the hospitality business for many years and have adopted to all the changes along the way till it reached the top. This hotel is one of the most prestigious five star hotel situated in almost everywhere in the World. The customer service and the staffs who look after the need of the clients and the customers in this hotel is amazing and the customers always come back to visit the hotel. The company has already established and expanded a unique place in the World and it is known to have a rigorous and well defined system where they train their personnel, thus this multinational corporation is   known for their best training to the customers they provide in these years (Melissen, Van Ginneken and Wood 2016). 

They are the group of hotels where the key element of growth will come from both the domestic and International travelers from all over the World are spreading like anything all over the world. This is a major international hotel company (Martínez, Pérez and Del Bosque 2014). 


The report is made to describe the details of hospitality industry by focusing on the current and future prospective at the same time .This report has discuss in detail the scope, scale and diversity of the hospitality business, taking a example of Radisson group of hotels and how this chain of hotels have been able to grow in the industry and nexpanded all over the world.


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Recent Developments in the Hospitality Industry

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