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An events design is crucial to the success of an event. You are required to explore this statement further and analyse the Event Design of a previous target audience event. 

Introduction to Event Design and Production

Events design is one of the main operational activities in developing, planning and managing of events.  According to the body, Events Management Body of Knowledge (EMBOK), events management is a core domain within which events management performs their aesthetic and the functional functions in the process of event management (Silvers, Bowdin, O'Toole & Nelson, 2005). Event design and production thus must include the visual aesthetics and the creativity to the particular event to perform. This covers the stages which include; decorations, props, costumes, equipment hire, staging color scheme and lights. The event design links the event with the objectives that are very important in the conceptualizing of a successful, holistic and an integrated event.

The design and production of an event also provide a wow factor; this may be in the form of lighting, theming or staging that will amaze the guests. The theme to be chosen should be incredible incredibly unique, creative, appropriate and also imaginative in both design and production so that it can bring about a wow effect to the visitors to the event. Using a theme which is overarching creates the event which is holistic and integrated into its experience and can significantly impact in making the event to be memorable (Bowdin, Allen, Harris, McDonnell & O'Toole, 2012).

Designing an event is also important since it helps in finding out of a relevant theme to that can be used in an event such as a launch, festivals or trade shows. The theme chosen reflects the key purpose of the events and help plan for the event (Damster & Tassiopoulos, 2005).  The theme of the event helps in the preparation of the event and allows the participants  to identify the means of communication to be used in the event. This would in turn help in the delivery of quality information to the people attending the event. With the theme which is simple and understood, the event planner can convey a message which will reach their audience and get understood. 

My chosen event is the Met Gala. It is an event that is carried out every year, and the main aim is to showcase fashion from different people especially celebrities. Every year the event celebrates the theme of the Costume Institute exhibition and sets the tone for a formal dress for the event since the guests have to choose their fashions to match the theme of the exhibition. Every year, the celebrities are selected to serve as the honorary chairs of the event.    

Importance of Event Design and Production

Catering Design

To make the event to be successful in the catering design, foods and drinks should be offered early before the visitors arrive at the event.  Different catering services should be hired including the restaurants and shops should be looked at to ensure the food got can accommodate all the guests in that event. Menus of different dishes having the vegetarian options should be made available to all the guests. The menu is supposed to be diverse to help different guests pick their favorite choices. In the process of designing of the event, the smell, taste or flavor of cuisine is essential in the enhancement of the thematic design of any event (Getz & Page, 2016).  Catering design involves the event being served with food and drinks and should be available for everyone in the event. The provision of food and beverages should be directed by the theme of the event which interrelates with the other aspects of the event such as environment, program, and production.

In the Met Gala event, as the guests arrive at the event, they will be served with white wine, champagne, and sparkling water having lime. The first course of dishes will include the vegetarian dishes which will consist of the salad of lemon-melon foam and the baby spring. Additionally, the guests will be served with roasted sea bass and the yuzu citrus mocha. The main course will comprise of either striped bass or lamb chops that will be served in the family style. The Gold-tipped flatware and wine glasses are to be provided when the guests take their seats. The wine pairings offered will include the Pierre André Chablis and Louis Chevallier Pinot Noir and also the traditional Kikusui Junmai Ginjo from Japan. The dessert course will consist of the matcha, Yuzu citrus mochi, coconut mango and the green tea which will give the guests the extra kick for them to dance on the floor.  

Content Design

The event will involve the foreshowing of different fashions. For women, they are to wear the cocktail dress, and it is recommendable to be black. Men are to wear suits, but they are recommended to wear on tuxedos.  On a budget, they should consider renting a tux or a gown instead of purchasing one. Women are to choose a shoe heel height they can comfortably walk with. The content of the exhibition will base on the theme of the event which will be relating the culture and fashion. 

Choosing a Theme for the Met Gala Event

Entertainment Design

In any event, whether it is themed or not should be having some form of entertainment for it to be more interesting to the attendees. The entertainment is supposed to revolve around singing, dance, and athletic pursuits.  There will also be a string of the orchestra band which will be then followed by dancing. DJs will also be in the event to make it more interesting as the celebrities showcase their fashion on the podium.

Environment Design

Environmental design involves the decorations that will be made in the venue to make it match with the theme of the event. Décors are used to reflect the theming since it involves the transformation of the mundane spaces into innovative, unusual settings (Silvers, 2012).  Décor may be inspired by different preferences of the themes such as the classic, chic, modern or traditional styles, choices of the floral arrangements and the flowers. The guests entering the Met Gala event will walk from the Fifth Avenue towards the red double helix red carpet, towards the great hall of the museum. In the room, the carpet will occupy a space of 70-foot from the interior of the hall space which is made up a laser-cut lace, 50,000 red roses, and 120,000 red silk roses.

After the guests go through the exhibition, they will make their way through to the Petrie Court which is lined with the daybeds in pink and purple for cocktails. The guests will pass through the domed doorway in the wall of roses  grmade of red and whit colors. The dinner tables are to be covered in a pale blue color and lavender linens with customized design-charger plates featuring the modern take on rose design. In the table center, a grouping of tall pillar candles is situated close to red, maroon, and the violet roses in the silver vessels.

The venue which is to be chosen should play a critical role in the design of the event. The venue should be researched thoroughly which will accommodate most of the attendees of the event. The venue should also be able to accommodate the entertainment equipment and the meal providers. The environment of the venue is supposed to be stylish and should allow them to socialize with each other freely.  It is important to note the venue to carry out the decorations in time. The decorations chosen for the event should match the clothes the guests are wearing and also the theme of the event. For the venue of the event, Met Gala, the Boom Boom hall found in Chelsea will be the preferred place to host the gala fashion event.   

Catering Design and Food Options

Production Design

These include all the permanent and the temporary structures that have been put up for the Met Gala event. These include the platforms, the flooring and the tenting. For the event to be complete, decorations should be made in the final preparations of the Met-Gala event. Choosing boldly complementary colors and decorating to match the selected theme is essential.  The colors to be chosen are to be unique and should include different forms of artwork and create an excellent environment that is captivating to the visitors present in the event and the stakeholders present by providing a celebratory ambiance.

 To create a unique atmosphere, it would be necessary to find help in the time of decorating the venue from different specialists; there are many companies which are specialists in decorating of venues by using color schemes and relate to the theme of the event. The podium for the Gala event will be made up from the traditional materials like wood and tiles since they are an ideal choice. The floor will be painted with black and white color. The dark and white polished wooden floor will make the hall appear to be attractive to the guests. Deep scarlet terracotta tiles may also be used in some parts of the hall to be more attractive. The wooden floor which is covered with a different range of tiles will be easier to clean and be best suited for the next day of the event.

Programme Design

This involves the communication of the schedule, the agenda and the timing of the event. Met gala event will be marketed in social media by the use of the hashtag, creation of an official page on the social media platform, use of the multiple social media platforms which will include Twitter, Facebook , and Instagram. The marketing in the social media platform will also include the assistance of the affiliates, sponsors, industry influencers and advocates.  For the offline purposes, the strategy will involve sending of the traditional flyers as an invitation. This will be informed of an envelope and will contain all the information which will be crucial and including the reserve tickets for the event. The information passed will have the agenda of the fashion and the celebrities who are expected guests of the meeting. There will also be information regarding who will chair the Met Gala event. The Met Gala event will then be hosted by most influential women in the music industry.

Entertainment for the Met Gala Event

Theme Design

For any event to be a success, it is supposed to have a creative theme which provides a relaxed and unique atmosphere for their guests. The theme of the event helps in the preparation of menu to be used in the catering design, decorations, dress codes and also other planned activities for the event (O'Toole, 2010). When carrying out a theme for the event, it is essential that the decorations, entertainment, and the centerpieces fit well. It will be necessary to contact an organization that is familiar with theming of events to make sure there will be right representations in the event.

The theme of the Met Gala event will be 'The art of culture' at the Boom Boom hall which is found in Chelsea.  The theme of the event will be accompanied by the formal dinner and a cocktail moment. During the cocktail hour, the guests who will be arriving will walk on the red carpet, tour the themed exhibition and get seated for the dinner party to commence which will include entertainment from different DJs and musicians chosen for that day. The theme will set the tone of the exhibition, and the guests will dress in accordance to the theme to uphold it. The event will be focusing on the relationship between culture and fashion. Different designers will try and foreshow their masterworks in the coming up with new designs of clothes.   


Proper design of any event is fundamental for it to be a success. The process of designing my event, Met Gala, will be a success if all the guests and the stakeholders will adhere to the theme of the event.  Events design will be necessary since it will help in creating an attractive platform for the guests who will be received in the event and also other people who will be attending the event (Berridge, 2007). To make the event to be successful, there are several design factors which are to be considered; this includes taking time in preparing the décor and following the steps of the event design. For the better results in the production design, entertainment design, and catering design for the event, investing in a quality professional team is necessary. When the day of the event arrives, the event planner will have all the aspects of the event completed. The event designer is also supposed to analyze the costs of the venue before the planning process commences. The organization that undertakes the event is supposed to find out the amount of money that is available.  

The event timeline of planning should include the costs of the drinks, food, advertising, among other expenses. To create an accurate budget, it is essential to know the overall amount to be spent. Once there everything is in place, there should be individuals who will help and help during the event (Bladen, Kennell, Abson & Wilde, 2012). The use of network and available resources within the organization and finding volunteers to assist in serving the guests food will help to ensure everything goes smoothly during the event. By ensuring everything in the design process is right before the arrival of the guests, this will make the organization to be seen as professional and organized. The effective management of the design process ensures that the event remains to memorable to everyone. 


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