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Data integration demo.

You are to submit a python script named “”. Your script should firstly clean the data then merge it into one CSV file named

Data Cleansing

A in the email address field from“clinics.csv” such that:

•All spaces are removed,

•The domain “” is appended to thoseaddress without a domain,

Data Merge

Merge the data from the four data sources into “clinicservicelocations.csv”with the following fields(attributes):

•ClinicServicesIDa unique field identifying each record from clinicservices

•ServiceIDa foreign key linking to services from clinicservices

•Servicethe linked title of the service from services

•ClinicIDa foreign key linking to clinicsand locations

•Clinicthe name of the clinic from clinics

•Suburb from clinics•State from clinics

•Emailcleaned email address from clinics

•Latfrom cliniclocations

•Lonfrom cliniclocations

RESTful Web ServiceDemo

Your script should build a RESTful web servicethat supports a ‘getclinics’ query from the client browsersimilar to “/getclinics?serviceid=x”. The server Web Service will return a JSON table with the following fields (attributes):Clinic, Service, Suburb, State, Email, Lat, Lon. Data is to come from the “clinicservicelocations.csv”

Return clinics for aservice The server will returna table of records (tuples) of clinics offering the service ID passed to it.

Return all unique clinics In the advent of a call to “getclinics?serviceid=0”, the server will return a distinct list of clinicsoffering any service.That is a list of all clinics listed once.

List of Services To populate your drop-downlist.

Error Handling Your code should handle any errors including incorrect requests.

Mashup Demo

You are to create an input form that accepts user input for a medical service and a postcode. Theinput for the medical service should be a drop-downlist with the first item of being “Any Service” with a value = 0remaining items should be created dynamically from a call to getservices

Note: The input for the postcodeshould be a text box. These inputs should be accompanied with descriptors and a “Locate Clinics” button.

GoogleMap Clicking the “Locate Clinics” button thewill trigger a“getclinics” web service to retrieve a table of clinics matching the servicewith attributes described

From this data you are to display a Google map marking the position of the returned clinics. The map should be centred on the input postcode and zoomed to an appropriate level to show nearby clinics, alternatively you may choose to use marker clusteringwhich automatically centresand zooms map based on clustering.

Information Window DemographicsUpon clicking a marker bubble on the map,the user will be displayed an information window containing: Clinic Name, Suburb, State and a clickable email address.

Key system concept

Data and system integration was the set of processes carried out to enhance the business by integrating the technical stuff with the business. This integration process is used to collect different data from the different reliable data sources. This process delivered the output like data with confidentiality and the main use of this system is to combine the sources for the vision. Data and system integration is used to analyze the business work with technical by using the data warehouse. It is used to the operation in the kind of mapping and validation. From the mapping, we can analyze the system integration and usage of the data warehouse. In that the information clearly defined for the vision. The map operation and data integration are analyzed well. Each data in this warehouse should have the name for identification (Kaps et al., 2006). Normally the data integration analyzes the requirements and it could be functional or nonfunctional. The system integration mainly concerns about the business development.

Generally, the system is defined by the collection of elements. The relationship between two elements is derived by using the key system concept. It mainly focused on interactions and holism. In this analysis there are some complex issues involved. In this process, the open system is described based on the relationship between two system elements. Each system elements has the system boundary. The interaction process is done by the system elements (SAEKI and SUGITANI, 2011).

The concept of this process has two major issues. One is data cleaning and another one is data merging. Sometimes the user wants to collect the data from multiple files. This operation is carried out by R function. Generally, the command is used for executing these kind of operations like VLOOKUP in excel.


Take an example we have two data sets, in that the first data set is sales and the second data set is customer’s details. The files contain the variables in the way of date, id, product id, and sales. All these things are load into R, under the name of ‘my data’. And the second one is customer’s details, these files contain some variables like id, age, and country. These also load into R, in the same name and location.

REST stands for Representational State Transfer. REST is defined by an architectural style, and it is not a protocol. RESTful web services have many advantages and they are described below.

  • FAST- basically all the RESTful web services has high accessing speed. Because in this architecture style, there was no strict specification for SOAP. The most important thing in this protocol was its less bandwidth, also it contains the minimum number of resources.
  • Language and platform independence- it supports all kind of programming language as well as support all kind of platform. Because RESTful was known as platform independent web service.
  • Use SOAP- normally the RESTful web services are using SOAP web services for the implementation purpose.
  • Use different data formats- it allows different data formats like plain text, HTML, XML, and JSON (Vinoski, 2008).

Mashup is known as the technology and it used to develop the application created by the user. And mashup used in the data and system integration to collect the information about the business and customers. And using the programming language knowledge used to make the good business configuration and also used as application programming interface for the business development. And also it is used to recognize about the mashup configuration. It has a logic and it is used to analyze the mash-up operators and Components construction. It had many tools to describe the operations. Here the data & logics are used to specify the components. The work progress of the system integration was analyzed by the use of mashup. Script language was used for the process mapping.  And the script language is used for the dynamic execution (Wang, Shen, and Sun, 2013). And the mashup technology represented as the kind of gadgets, widgets and the supporting language such as HTML and CSS.

Combining two files:

Explanation about code:

The python program named as “” is used to merge the given content and the files were imported by using the keyword “import” and every attributes in the codes are used to form the tree and In the web services the python program named as “” and it is used to search and locate the address in the nearest tab.

Figure 1 Combine two files


Restful web services has contains the execution of python files and save the files in the location such as csv. And the operation “import CSV” is used to show the results. The function “Clinic open()” was used to open the information. To read the file we need to use “ClinicFileReader()” function. For length checking purpose, we need to use the “If (Len! =row)”. To increase the no of rows we need to use “ClinicList[]=ClinicList[]+row”. For exiting from the file we need to use “ClinicFile.close”.

Figure 2 Find out the restful web services

Figure 3  To search the location

Figure 4 Display the location using Map

The clinics_html file is used to view the exact geolocation and direction of the position of the clinic who wants to know. Here we can able to see the MAP which contains the direction for the clinic. And it very useful show the location easily of the clinic's services.


The Integration System has contains the various data and these datum are finally recovered by using the Python code. The Virtualizing techniques are known as Scalability system. Finally, the position of the clinic data viewed in Google Map was identified successfully. The Structure of IT mainly used for the data Access and Functionality based dependent on the Infrastructure. If the process growth is dynamic it increases slowly. Finally, the integration system was performed successfully.


Kaps, A., Dyshlevoi, K., Heumann, K., Jost, R., Kontodinas, I., Wolff, M. and Hani, J. (2006). The BioRSTM Integration and Retrieval System: An open system for distributed data integration. Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics, 3(2).

SAEKI, M. and SUGITANI, Y. (2011). Partial Tuning of Dynamical Controllers by Data-Driven Loop-Shaping. SICE Journal of Control, Measurement, and System Integration, 4(1), pp.71-76.

Vinoski, S. (2008). RESTful Web Services Development Checklist. IEEE Internet Computing, 12(6), pp.96-95.

Wang, X., Shen, J. and Sun, C. (2013). Data Warehouse Oriented Data Integration System Design and Implementation. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 321-324, pp.2532-2538.

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