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Stages of System Development Lifecycle


a) Critically discuss stages of system development lifecycle  

b) Discuss the most appropriate uses of different development lifecycle models

c) Create feasibility report for Dawn Blockbuster and justify the investment will improve the functionality of organisation  

d) Evaluate the Impact of different feasibility criteria in systems investigation

Task 2

a) Undertake a system investigation based on the above scenario and produce a questionnaire to support your system development.

b) Using appropriate systems analysis tools

I. Draw a level one data flow diagram for the above management system.

II. Draw an entity relationship diagram for the above management system.

c) Briefly write the documentation for   your investigation of Dawn Blockbuster.

d) Briefly discuss and evaluate user and systems requirements of Dawn Blockbuster.


Dawn Blockbuster is one of the best movie rental providers. Netfix and Redbox are one of its strong competitors. It acquires a huge part of customers and therefore had to suffer with heavy traffic. The new customers who want to be its part have to wait for a long time for the registration process as day by day its customers are increasing unanimously. So it has to face a lot problem and difficulties because handling of so many databases is not easy work. But by using a perfect System Development Lifecycle model these issues could be resolved. Further considering the assignment the Waterfall model of system development lifecycle is proposed.

The system development lifecycle is a series of different stages with different strategies to analyze, design, construct, implementing innovations to handle heavy traffic and maintaining co-ordination (R.2014). Movie rental stores might have to face problems regarding resource and traffic. However, the SDLC part includes following stages –

                                                                                  Figure 1: System Development Lifecycle

Planning: During this phase the main objective of the project is determined and after that product requirements are considered. A cost estimation chart is prepared which includes personnel and costs along with estimation for new products as per demand. The manpower is estimated as per customer’s requirement.

Analysis:  The analysis phase provides an approx estimation of requirements considering the end - users. Also, future strategy and operations regarding increment or decrement are analyzed. The project team prepares and handover a blueprint considering all the requirements of the client and management and take a step forward with the system. Now the design part is also important because

Design:  This is the architectural part of the system designing (Ahmed et al.2015). The flow design of a movie rental store should be such that it includes available sections of its DVDs collection, Different Category wise divisions (like Animation based, Action, and Comedy, etc.) so that the customer easily could find out as per their requirements. There should be a customer category division as their registration time that enables one to find customer details and make the process easy in updating transaction details of a particular customer. This design strategy is very helpful for the systems facing problem due to heavy traffic.

Appropriate model for system

 Construction: After finishing design estimation the execution part of the SDLC starts. Here the developers execute the plans prescribed in the design part. The database design is created considering the future traffic so that it remains easy when new client or customer requests their desire to join the project. During construction test, a sample is created and revised as many times as required to refine the procedure.

Test: During test stage all plans and strategies and tested that they are working properly or not to maintain the daily transactions, new entries, and heavy traffic. Testing examine the system for integration of older version with that of the new versions keeping upcoming in mind. However, the vital task of a testing stage is to verify that the system contains all the requirements of the end users, testing of integration of older and newer versions.

Rollout: Rollout occurs when the customer has requested for any transaction or order, but before completion he got information about something new, upgraded or latest version and wanted to cancel the previous order. So rollout enables customers to receive the latest version of system product as an update and full-scale conversation (Liu, 2013). After rollback, the administration of the system receive feedback from the customers and try to improvise the issues as per required.

Now the system development lifecycle includes different methods regarding different organizational projects and works. Some of these are as follow-

Waterfall model

Spiral model

Iterative model

Agile Model

V- Model

Rad model

From the above question, analyst decides that the waterfall model is mostly appropriate for developing the system. The Dawn Blockbuster which is a biggest movie rental in London has not any proper system to process the overall job without mistake and problem (Allelein et al. 2012).  For this system needs to be totally full planned, maintained and throughout designed. In the above questioned analyst description and design should totally follow the waterfall model to avoid heavy traffic and collision keeping co-ordination. 

The first process which is introduced to design the life cycle of any system software is water fall model as proposed. It is simple to understand and use. It has no overlapping process in its total life cycle from beginning to end. For approaches the process of software development, it is launched very earlier (Carone et al.,2015).  Waterfall model is the first widely use SDLC model in the software engineering which got a lot of success on project.

Analysis of the requirement

Following the waterfall model’s diagram is drawn.

Fig: Water fall model

In this phase all the requirements which are possible in the system are analyzed. These requirements are needed to develop the life cycle system design. 

Design is the architectural phase for a system design. The processing data flow is developed by based on the first phase of waterfall model’s life cycle. In this phase system is designed by the charts, dataflow structure, logical term and condition etc. which are the mostly base requirements for designing the system. For specifying hardware, requirements of the system and also for defining the overall architecture of the system, system design is very much helpful.

In this phase developer develops the code to design the system. During this phase, the plans are executed by the developer after which it is laid out. Firstly, in the implementation phase developer develops the code in small unit or programs. Next database, over all code for the process and the actual whole system is designed by the developer. In the phase of construction or the implementation, prepared the test data and the required code is process completely for ready to test.

All the programs those are developed in the construction phase are tested. Firstly unit testing is done that means the codes are tested each unit. After unit testing or the unit testing the whole system is needed to test for detect any error or failure. After system testing, the tester overcomes the failure of the system.

After overcoming the failure of the system maintenance is the most important part. Sometime there faced some issues. Those issues are mainly coming up from the client’s side. To enhance the future scope the system need to maintain properly. The maintenance is needed to do the customer side as well as the organisation side. The situations where waterfall model can be used efficiently are-

The requirements are well structured, fixed and cleared.

The definition is stabled.

Its technology is easy to understand and it is static.

There have no any requirements which are ambiguous.

The requirement resources are available to support and develop the project.

The project became short if it follows the waterfall model.

In this part, analyst discuss about the different possibilities and the importance of the water fall model. Mainly, discursion is all about the advantages and the importance of that model. In that case, Dawn Blockbuster has some problem which is faced mainly by store staff and the members of the rental. Previously, analyst discussed about the entire things of waterfall model.

Design of the system

Importance of waterfall model: The waterfall model is one of the mature and most primitive development methods. For the appropriate certification, analyzed data are required which would help for further development. In case of design, each store staff works separately and allocates members for development. Another importance of this model is performance. Basically, operational part is transformed in device language and store in computer which is easy for staff as well as members for further development (Zhang et al., 2013). Error free method is one of the main elements of the model. Different tools, various strategies are used in this model for helping the staff and the members. In the model, effective staff is much needed and increased the membership fees which will help the financially for future prospect of the company.

Advantage of the waterfall model:

This is very simple model which understands for all classes’ staff and it’s helped the members. Minimum income is required for this model.

Substantial progress is believed by the staff and the members of the rental. It has extremely visible. In work place, mental factors are also play a critical role for development. In case of waterfall model, it is very simple for staff to work under this process.

After each section, output is visible and easy to handle those things by staff and members. For each section, deadline will be fixed for members to submit their books and cards in the time. Time to time, appraise can be done by staffs. The entire things are maintained by this model and set a goal for the deadline of cards.

To develop the system of Dawn Blockbuster, this model is important to develop rather than disorganized methods. This model is very much preferable as well as important for staff and members.

Dawn Blockbuster is the main movies letting in London. There are some problems occur in this situation. In this section, analyst makes analysis about the main problems. If a member scrounges three DVD’s against three cards from the store, that person will not get extra DVD’s from stores. If a member fails to return those DVD’s on the specific deadline, then those members are chargeable for that. There are many problems occurs about the cards (Du et al., 2012). When a member or store staffs loses the cards, it will be difficult to check those problems because there is no database system for saving those data in regular basis. In that case, database must be needed for the members as well as staffs. Sometimes, DVD status must be needed for the store staff for issuing the cards. In the corporal system, searching about status is very hard work for every staff. Then, management require the entire reports of DVD’s in terms of status, numbers, accounts etc. This is awaked job for staff.

Implementation of the system

Analyst works on this topic and improving the whole problem in step by steps. Firstly, database will be made for staff and the members of the store for contain all the details of the DVD’s such as numbers, status, dates etc. Many areas have been improved such as cards issue, deadline issues and others. In the case of cards issue, if a card is lost then no money will be paid for that from the staff or the members of the stores. Database will be assigned for helping the management system of Dawn Blockbuster.

When the new SDLC system introduced into the Dawn Blockbuster, Usually, it is intended to brace the job execute by the rental. The new system is fully dependent on the executed system.  The system is handled with the information and also maintain the functions (Sun, 2014). The aim of the system is remained unchanged. The new system design provided by the analysis of the existing system. 

The other reasons of the system investigation are,

From the system investigation, an investigator can determine the future scope of the system. The investigator can evaluate the complexity of the system.  Then the developer can overcome the complexity to growth the system quality. In the system, the information is necessary to plan the project and allocated the required resources.

System investigation is very important to increase the member’s confidence.

Some aspects of the system investigation are

The data and operation of the system are easy to understand among all the members.

It is needed to determine” what is the problem” and then” how overcome the problem”.

The Dawn Blockbuster needs to determine the boundary of the system for developing the growth of the profit.

Analyst discuss about the full documentation of Dawn blockbuster under the waterfall model. Analyst investigates the entire problem and discusses about the solution. Analyst analyses on the issues and draw a proper model for that. The entire requirement which will be required for the development of the store management. Then, a design is needed for the store and implement those elements in a proper ways. Many things like customer’s id, numbers, publisher’s name, movie name, language, cast etc. DVD’s has also some elements which are store details, financial details, supplier’s details etc. Those elements are tested in proper way and implemented in particular place. Lastly, maintain all those elements and control whole system with the help of water fall model.

Testing of the system

Each store staff works separately and allocates members for development. Firstly, the store needs a database management system for the entire staff and the members who are registered. In this database, staffs needs to allocate total amount of data which is basically based on the DVD’s price, number, name, title etc. There is also publisher, members and Brower who has lots of documents which is also assigns in the database for the helps of the management of Dawn Blockbuster. If many number of members come together at a time for borrow the DVD’s then staff’s mind feel haphazard, members do not get the proper DVD’s. In that case, management should recruit more amounts of staff for avoiding the haphazard situation. Effective staff is much needed and increased the membership fees which will help the financially for future prospect of the company. The total amount of fees of per cards which is lost by members creates a big issue for management. In that case, if member do not pay the amount for the issue, it will be much more benefited for the management of that store. Staff fess should be increased and allocates more amounts of staff for handling the entire members. A proper deadline should be maintained for all members and staff who borrow the DVD’s.

From the above discussion, it is clear that after ER modelling activities such as entity and attribute relationship and verification of all the stages takes place in a sequential manner. The ER diagram should be fully clarified to give a perfect scenario of all the works that will be performed in the movie rental store (Liu et al.,2014). All customers and employees should be defined in a data dictionary, which is used in the normalization process to help in elimination of the anomalies and redundancy problems. Along with Waterfall model, the store should use a strong Database Management System (DBMS) that makes the system reliable for every changes and update and avoid collisions. During the modelling process, the system, as well as the system design, must contains-

The Proper definition of the entity (Customer, publisher), attributes (Name, Id, address) with appropriate primary key and foreign keys (Category).

A proper way to make decisions regarding new entries keeping in mind that end-users do not arise objection.

Make the decision regarding treatment of multivalued and composite attributes of    customers and adding them to satisfy requirements that are already processing.


Avoid ternary relationships that are not needed.

It should acquire all data elements in the database.

Now, the customers mostly attracted due to new and upgraded collections that are launching day by day. So the shop honour must have good contacts with more publishers of different type of categories. It enables to increase the attraction of the customers to the rental shop (Gillespie et al., 2012).. After getting the appropriate material as per demand, the system needs a simple structure (Waterfall model structure) and process so that the customer does not feel it complex when being one of its parts and borrowing DVDs. The model that is proposed makes the system reliable to apply these requirements. Considering the proposed ER model and DFD the system design should be such that there should be wise category divisions in the store considering different customers different interest of fields that would enable them to find their requirements (Khemprasit and Esichaikul, 2015). The system should collect certain caution money as required from the new registered customers at the time of registration and it should be returned when customer ends all the transaction and want to erase their registration from the database of the store.

The customer should also follow the system rules to work the system of the store properly and efficiently. Like the customer should return the DVDs borrowed in time otherwise they have to pay late fine automatically by deducting from the caution money. Using the proposed SDLC model and a strong database management system provides the store to be free from complexity, reliability, reduction of the collision, easy way to add new entries and strong systemization between customers and system. The good systematic work would help the system for increasing the registration charge as per services providing. Thus by this strategy the store would be benefitted as well as the customers too (Khemprasit  and Esichaikul, 2015).. Good service attracts 


The proposed architectural model (Waterfall Model) had already been used by most of the systems that are still working efficiently (Ma, 2014). In the given system, the waterfall model would enable the system to overcome the heavy load as well as problems of co-ordination between the customers and the system administration. The strong Database system reduces the problem of updating the details of the customers at every step. The database remains such that it is linked internally with attributes of the entity and therefore automatically the information gets updated entirely regarding the entity (customer) while making the change at one place. The waterfall model would make the Dawn Blockbuster system very efficient for processing of all the works and in applying innovations in different interest areas when needed expansion. In this way, the Store would be benefitted to expand its area and also in making a limited number of new registrations each month as they wanted (Yushui  and Jianjun, (2013).


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