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You are to choose any five problems.

Each problem should have the following headings (same as the Incident Logging form):-

  • Problem Description
  • A series of questions that need to be asked
  • Possible Solutions
  • References
  • An appendix containing any research, downloads from the internet, help files, etc.
  • Study Groups (highly recommended).  Your team can share the research.
  • Discussion (can have class discussions if requested)
  • Sharing Reading Material

Do you want to do the best that you can do on this assignment and improve your grades.

You could:

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Problem 1: Password Recovery

PROBLEM STATEMENT:-In IT help desk, various calls or text came from customers that they have forgotten their password or they have not access to their account. This can happen when someone use various password for various accounts, its not a big deal with calling to help desk or with some technological support customers can retrieve their account and set the new password for their account. This type of problem arises when the account is pirated but customer can retrieve their account by upper said methods.












1) Use the forgot password option it will give you the security question that you entered in the time of creating your account answering it you will generate a new password and get  access to your account.

2) If  you  have the access to your  mail  it will give you an  OTP with the help of that you will get access to your account.

3) If you registered your mobile no. the help desk will send you a OTP in your registered mobile no. with that you will get access to your account.

4) You can use troubleshooting option it will ask you questions to reset your password.

PROBLEM  STATEMENT:-The log in problem arises many times to the users due to unclear cache and cookies on their browser or it can held due  to bad network connection  or it can also occur if user forgot their user id or password.


  • Do you remember your password?
  • Is there an active action?
  • Are you typing your password correctly?
  • Have you cleared your cache and cookies in your browser?
  • Have you tried log in from incognito mode?
  • Is your PC is in safe mode?
  • Have you received your OTP?
  • Did you share your password to anyone?
  • Have you checked if your CAPS lock is on?Customers can be instructed to go to the log in page, then forgot password option. Where they can request for an OTP to his/her registered mail id or to the mobile number. Customers can be also instructed to re-log in into their account. Customers can also try log in by using security questions.

PROBLEM STATEMENT:-A problem may occur when a user become unable to surf the internet he/she might face the problem suddenly or the problem may be a permanent one. Their can be also a situation when internet connection is active for few seconds then it’s going down. In this situation a user may call help desk for technological support regarding this issue. The help desk have to address the problem and have to find a suitable solution for the customers


  • When you have last accessed internet?
  • Have you put your IP in your LAN correctly?
  • Are you using a router or it’s a direct connection?
  • Have you tried restarting your machine?
  • Is your LAN card is ok?
  • Is there any incident of lightening in your area?
  • Have you checked your wires correctly?
  • Is the log in page for your ISP is opening?
  • Is the problem is happening only to you or to your locality?
  • What message is showing in your browser when you are trying to open a website?
  • Which website you are using for testing?

Customers may be instructed to run ncpa.cpl from their run window and then from the LAN software they have to put their IP and then have to configure those IP. They can also be told to restart their router and restart the machine. If this all are not working then they must check if there is any wire problem. Afterall the customer can log a ticket and mechanic can be send to their address to check the problem physically.

 PROBLEM STATEMENT:-Sometimes the customers who are using iphones’  call with the problem that they are not getting their mails from their outlook account  The mail app is fetching the most "recent" portion of emails. Except, it has its own definition of "recent" that doesn't always necessarily include your newest mail first. Sometimes the view shown is not ordered by date. Instead, this app lists items by the order that they are last copied (or moved back) into the Inbox. Mail can then appear out of sequence. Most all other clients on the face of the planet (including Apple OSX Mail) fetch from your mail server by latest arrivals first instead of most recently copied or moved.


  • What is the last time you accessed to your mail?
  • What is the problem showing in the screen when you are trying to access your mail?
  • Have tried to access your mail from other devices?
  • Have you checked their enough internal space available in your device?
  • Are you using a browser or an outlook app?
  • Have to tried clearing caches and cookies from your browser?
  • Have you checked your internet connection?
  • Are you getting email notifications?
  • Have you rooted your phone?
  • Is there any security app installed in your phone?
  • Solutions: Start with updating to the newest 10.x version of IOS 

        If that doesn't work, try these four additional options: 

  1. Keep scrolling (pulling) down to the bottom of your Inbox listing to make the app load more mail. (Older versions of iOS Mail showed a "Load More Messages" button at the bottom of the list. iOS 8.x and above just takes the hint when you reach the bottom of the list and goes on to show more.) Repeatedly scrolling down will make the app fetch each next batch of messages so it'll be able to start filling in any gaps or ranges of dates it hadn't displayed as of yet.
  2. It may help to check iOS Settings->Mail,->Accounts - to look into the email account settings and set "Mail Days to Sync" to unlimited, for iCloud, Exchange hosted, or other addresses that show that option. (In older versions of iOS there used to be a setting right under Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars->Mail - to Show a choice of from 50 to 1,000 recent messages. This is no longer required in iOS 8.x +.)
  3. You can go with the option to move any old emails showing out of sequence in your Inbox into another folder like the macOS Archive folder that may show for you or to a new mail folder that you make. Note that the app does eventually display the emails in correct date order once they are allloaded, so you should be able to see any emails you want. We and others have begged Apple to fix this problematic bug type behavior to no avail.
  4. Or, sign up for SaneBox again, let us label your Inbox and process the mail to Sane folders. Then when you cancel, choose to keep your Sane folders instead of having that mail returned to your Inbox. After the SaneBox account is canceled nothing will be processed to those Sane folders any longer and you can even rename them as desired.

As a student, I want to be able to download free software available for the course from the site

PROBLEM STATEMENT: A student might face a situation when he/she wants to download free software related to the course but he/she is unable to do that due to some technical issue.  He/she might call helpdesk to find a solution. This problem may be due to expired license, or maybe due to bad internet connections etc.


  • Do you require a license to download free software/s?
  • Have you checked your internet connection?
  • Are selecting the correct course id?
  • Are you sure you are eligible for this?
  • What message is showing when you are going to download free software from internet?
  • What is the last time you downloaded free software from that site?

If customer’s license key expires then they might be instructed to buy a new license key. Or if it a free software then the profile of the customer has to be checked carefully. It might be due to a profile issue or it might be an expiration issue.


Cisco IT Case Studies about Routing and Switching

"Stability Features" are ways of avoiding the "count to infinity" problem 

 Ratul Mahajan, David Wetherall, and Thomas Anderson. Mutually Controlled Routing with Independent ISPs. Proc. NSDI 2007

Matthew Caesar and Jennifer Rexford. BGP routing policies in ISP networks. IEEE Network Magazine, special issue on Interdomain Routing, Nov/Dec 2005

 Jonne Zutt, Arjan J.C. van Gemund, Mathijs M. de Weerdt, and Cees Witteveen (2010). Dealing with Uncertainty in Operational Transport Planning. In R.R. Negenborn and Z. Lukszo and H. Hellendoorn (Eds.) Intelligent Infrastructures, Ch. 14, pp. 355–382. Springer.

Ash, Gerald (1997). Dynamic Routing in Telecommunication Networks. McGraw–Hill. ISBN 0-07-006414-8

  • Huitema, Christian (2000). Routing in the Internet, Second Ed. Prentice–Hall. ISBN0-321-22735-2.
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