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Recruitment and Selection Process

Discuss about the Manage People Performance Responsibility.

The management of the human resource is an important component in an organization that helps to improve the overall performance. In this assignment, the human resource strategies that are adopted in the New Zealand organization named Assurity is discussed along with the selection procedure that is being used within the organization. The types of the selection process are being analyzed by mentioning the strength and weakness of internal and external selection process. The important aspects related to the delegation and empowerment within the organization is also mentioned. The importance of motivation theory with the help of the Maslow’s theory is explained along with the ways to boost the motivation level of the employees within the organization.

The Assurity Consultancy Limited is one of the leading business organizations in New Zealand that provides job opportunities to more than 5,000 employees. The company uses an effective recruitment policy to improve the performance and working capability of the organization. The company uses an effective selection procedure to recruit the best candidates for the job within the organization. As the level of skill within young candidates has increased significantly, all companies face huge challenges to select the correct deserving candidates. According to Bratton & Gold (2012), there are two different processes that an organization can use for the recruitment.

  • In case of internal recruitment process, the organization uses the employees from the existing workforce to fill up the vacancy of the company.
  • The internal recruitment policy is aimed to promote the working responsibility and the designation of the working employees. The organization can use this policy in order to temporarily transfer the duty to particular candidate that will ultimately help them to get promotion in the workplace.
  • Using this strategy the company can reward promotion to the well-performing employee. On the other hand, in case of internal recruitment strategy, the company does not get the chance to employ candidates from outside the organization and hence do not get the opportunity to bring new talent to the company (Buller & McEvoy, 2012).
  • The cheaper cost that is needed for recruiting in case of internal recruitment is one the biggest advantages.
  • Korschun, Bhattacharya & Swain (2014) have argued that this process limits the opportunity for the organization to recruit the talented candidates.
    • Moreover, as no new employees are being recruited the total number of workers will remain the same, thereby preventing the expansion of the workforce.

The Assurity Consultancy Limited mainly uses the policy of external recruitment process to fulfill the vacancy.

  • The company uses the medium of advertisement through websites, social media platforms and print media in order to attract the talented candidates within the organization. It is important for the company to provide the details regarding the job profile and also the pay package within the advertisement.
  • The human resource managers of Assurity can also seek assistance from employment agency service that can help the company to search for the perfect candidate. The process of campus recruitment from business schools can be another effective strategy that will help Assurity to recruit fresher and young workers.
  • The company can also encourage the existing employee to bring new stuffs by offering them extra commission for brining every new employee.

Russell & Brannan (2016), believes that the aptitude and general reasoning tests are few of the most effective ways to examine the performance capability of every individual candidate. The group discussion sessions are another effective way that will help to judge the communication skills and speaking power. 

The personal interview process is the most important step before the final selection of a candidate. The interviewer must ask the candidate to make self-evaluation and provide proper justification for getting selected over other candidates. It is also important to ask the candidate about the experience that has been gained.

The human resource manager of Assurity needs to introduce the process of group discussion round, which will help to evaluate the team working capability of a candidate. As the company provides consultancy service, it is crucial for the employees to have effective communication skills. In the interview round, the manager needs to examine the self-confidence level of the candidate by asking them to provide reason for getting selected.

Advantages of Internal Recruitment

The delegation is one of the crucial skills that are important for an employee in order to delegate official matters in workplace.

  • In this case, an individual employee performs the duty and responsibility on behalf of some other employee, especially of the manager. Hence, it is essential to have high confidence level to execute the duty of a delegator.
  • Graham, Harvey & Puri (2015), believes that the delegation skills can be improved with the help of leadership quality by increasing the sense of responsibility.
  • The managers of Assurity need to evaluate the communication skill and stress management capacity before allocating the role of delegation, which an important capability of the workers.

In order to ensure that a task is done properly, the manager of Assurity needs to provide the following steps.

  • The manager needs to select the best employee, who has greater experience and greater willingness to achieve critical tasks.
  • The manager needs to boost the confidence level of the subordinate employee so that they get the motivation of performing critical duties.
  • The subordinate employee should be given proper time, which will help them to perform the role perfectly.
  • They also should be given proper training and guidance that will assist the workers to inherit the skills that are required for high level tasks.
  • The manager can hold regular meeting and training sessions with the employees that can help them to perform the role of future leader.
  • It is also essential to maintain a healthy interpersonal relationship with the subordinate workers that will help to boost up their confidence and communication skills.
  • The manger needs to provide motivation that will help to minimize the fear and nervousness within an employee.

According to Shin et al.,(2015), few of major benefits of delegation includes:

  • Develop the skills and working capability of young employees.
  • Enhance the level of loyalty and also provides opportunity for career growth to the young working staffs.
  • Improve the level of job satisfaction along with providing motivation to the workers.
  • Reduce the stress and work pressure of the managers and also provide swift service to the clients.

The human resource department of Assurity needs to provide regular training that will help to enhance the working capability of the workers. The teamwork skill is also an essential requirement that will help to boost the overall performance level of the company.

The motivation is an essential element in a workplace that helps the employees to perform better and provide full-capability to achieve their target. The Maslow’s theory of need is one of the effective motivation theories that can be used by Assurity to boost the confidence level of the employees. There are five hierarchical levels within the theory that includes Physiological needs, safety needs, love and belongings, esteem needs and self-actualization needs (Maslow, 2013).

It is crucial to provide enough salary to the workers, which is the basic psychological need. The job security can help to provide the safety need that is required to provide the next level of motivation. Every employee also needs to have high level of social interaction within the workplace that will help to motivate their team working ability. This can be achieved by holding fun sessions and parties within the working staffs. The self-esteem needs can be accomplished by providing the respect to every employee and also giving regular rewards for individual achievement at workplace. With the help of proper reward and recognition, the company meets the self-actualization needs of an employee (Noltemeyer et al., 2012).


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