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You are writing a work plan for the Corporate HR function for the year ahead, which covers all things HR that work on behalf of the organization --  that will (1) guide what they set as strategies for all the smaller HR offices in the system to work from when they write their own local plans and staffing plans for each site (e.g., succession planning, compliance issues, organizational culture shifts, etc.) and (2) guide their work to support the organization in compliance, growth, e.g., mergers or acquisitions, global impacts, trends, etc.

1.Examine column 3 of the HR Gap and the HR SWOT analysis (after needed revisions) to see where strategies are needed

2.Identify what you think are the top 3 – 5 HR strategies that you will actually put into Section 4 (there are likely more that are needed, but companies and departments usually limit strategies to 3 – 5 because of all the resources that are needed – time, people, money, etc. and too many will dilute all of these, thus the quality of what the strategies achieve.

The concept of setting a mission and vision for an organization falls under the category of strategic planning. It is a widely used concept that millions of organizations use it for a better understanding and accelerating their success rate (Babnik et al., 2014). The mission statement of a company enumerates the organization’s objectives that it wants to achieve along with its approach towards achieving them. Whereas, the vision statement of an organization states the position of the organization in future. Both the mission and vision statement are related to each other in order to provide an organization’s values, goals and purpose in the competitive field as well as in the society (Kopaneva & Sias, 2015).

The Cleveland Clinic situated in Ohio, United States is one of the leading non-profit organization that provide medical assistance and education to millions of people. This highly acclaimed organization has a definite mission statement that the organization wants to achieve and provide to the society. The organization’s mission statement is to deliver quality care for the ill, carefully scrutinize the problems and issues that the organization may face and provide extensive education programs of the serving employees (2018). In addition to this, the organization’s vision statement is to strive towards becoming superior in patient experience, innovative findings in the field of health and medicine along with in the field of medical research and education (2018).

In order to generate a strategic planning for an organization it is significant to create a set of objectives and the strategies that are needed to be implemented to achieve those objectives. The concept of objectives is significant in strategic planning since setting objectives will help attain the mission and vision of an organization into measureable target (Dibrell, Craig & Neubaum, 2014). Planning objectives would offer a practical structure in attaining those mission and vision. Addition to this, planning strategies will give the organization a direction towards achieving those goals with the resources that are available to them or can be gained. It will allow the organization to categorize distinctive goals that require a set number of resources available to them or can be available (Elmes & Barry, 2017).

  • Objective

The Cleveland Clinic’s objective is to develop new technology that would be beneficial in the field of medical and health industry.

  • Objective

The clinic’s objective is to attract high skilled health professionals and supporting staff towards it for the purpose of providing quality medical assistance to every individual.

  • Objective

Cleveland Clinic aims in offering medical care to every individual in affordable price range.

  • Key Organization Strategies

The strategies act as a tool with the help of which an organization would approach towards achieving the set goals and objectives (Cummings & Worley, 2014). The application of these strategies help the organization to move forward towards achieving its goal. Now in general these strategies does not guarantee to accomplish the set objectives and goals. However, these can be recognized as organization’s approach towards attaining that goal.

The Cleveland Clinic in order to accomplish the above enumerated missions and visions could adopt the following strategies –

  • Strategy

Key Organization Objectives

Organizing a weekly training program for all the staff members of the clinic in order to enhance their professional skills.

  • Strategy

Offering free counselling sessions for the staff members as it is observed that majority of healthcare professional suffer from burnout that ultimately rises the feeling of job dissatisfaction.

  • Strategy

An active feedback system that will access feedback from employees as well as the patients who are visiting the clinic.

In order to function properly in the healthcare industry it is extremely significant for the Human Resource management to set appropriate mission that would accelerate the reputation of the organization (Ulrich & Dulebohn, 2015). The Human Resource department with the help of these set missions could adopt suitable strategies that would help the organization flourish in the market. It is even essential for the Human Resource department to predict organization’s position for its functioning in the specific field for a long run. Hence, conducting a vision statement is extremely essential to foresee the organizations position in the competitive market (Loshali & Krishnan, 2013).

Cleveland Clinic’s Human Resource Department have a vision of establishing an efficient working environment that would suffice the employees need. Its vision is to provide a healthy bond between the patients and the staff members of the clinic. The vision of the HR department even includes expanding the number of quality staff members in order to provide quality service to the people extensively.

The department of Human Resource is one of the significant departments in any organization that is responsible for the organizations development. The HR department holds a great responsibility in the growth and management of an organization (Milhem, Abushamsieh & Pérez Aróstegui, 2014). Therefore, it is extremely essential that an external and internal analysis of the Human Resource department must be carried out for the purpose of boosting the functions that are supposed to be disseminated by the HR department to the particular organization.

A SWOT analysis of the HR department of Cleveland Clinic are enunciated below –

  • HR Strengths

The Human resource department provides a mandatory insurance policy for its employees globally. This ensures employee satisfaction that benefits the organization for a long run. The recruitment procedure adopted by the department is highly efficient that works in favor of the organization. Along with this, the techniques adopted for the process of recruitment is upgraded with the changing technology. Moreover, the Human Resource department have been able to maintain a friendly working environment for all the existent staff members. In addition to this, the HR department does not follow any unethical acts such as discrimination among employees and so on. This has favored in developing a diversified workforce. The human resource management has even proved to be efficient in developing a well-maintained infrastructure of the clinic. The department enforces mandatory guidelines that coincides with the norms established by the World Health Organization.

  • HR Weaknesses

Among weaknesses, the department fails to organize appropriate training programs for the employees and thus, the development of the existent employees is relatively low. Adding to this, the techniques adopted by the HR department lack innovation and effectiveness in retaining employees in the organization. The communication process between the distinctive levels of staff in the clinic is not satisfactory. An efficient downward communication is absent. The salary package for the employees is weak and thus, the HR department fails to attract quality professionals for the organization.

  • HR Opportunities

HR Department Vision

The Human Resource management could put forward the goodwill of the organization in attracting the efficiently skilled workforce for the organization. In addition to this, the HR department could expand its domain of knowledge for the betterment of the organization. The department could seek help from the extensively diversified workforce that are present in the organization. One of the key opportunity that the HR department could utilize in various aspect is the extensive popularity of the clinic. Lastly, in order to develop the quality of the staff members, the department should take initiative in arranging appropriate training and development programs for the existing employees of the clinic.

  • HR Threats

The persistent change of HR managers is one of the key threats that would hamper and threaten the reputation of the organization. The emerging number of competition in the market appears to be an alarming threat to the organization. In addition to this, the fluctuation in the revenue of the organization would result in reduction of the employee expenses. This would give rise to employee satisfaction that ultimately possess as a major threat for the organization.

  1. Annual HR Objectives and Strategies

From the above SWOT analysis, it is observed that the staff members of the organization appears to be in a situation that would result in degrading the reputation of the organization. The situation if not taken care of could result in slowing down the success rate of the organization. It is observed from the above analysis that the organization suffers from key areas of concerns that require immediate attention. Therefore, the vision of the HR department would act as framework that would help implement strategies in improving the current situation of the organization (Brewster, 2017). The role of setting objective is extremely significant for the Human Resource Department, as it would provide the specific areas on which the department has to work upon in enhancing the reputation of the organization (Nankervis, Baird & Shields, 2013). The objectives set at the beginning of the financial year and the strategies adopted to fulfill those objectives would be implemented annually. This procedure would help the department to gradually progress towards achieving the set goal.

  • Annual HR Objectives

The purpose of the HR department is to successfully utilize the staff members of the organization to attain particular organizational goal (Glaister, 2014). In Cleveland Clinic, the threats and weaknesses enumerated during the SWOT analysis exposes the aspects where the HR department have to work on. Depending on these, the annual objectives of the Human Resource department would be set. These objectives would further help in generating the appropriate approach that would be effective to improve the organizations concerns (Monks, 2013).

  • Objective 1

The HR department would focus on the staffs that are existing in the organization and their enhancement. In this, the HR department would try to provide employee satisfaction along with developing the skills of the existing staff members of the clinic.

  • Objective 2

Taking into consideration the communication issue arising in the organization, the HR department will focus on improving the communication procedure between the distinctive levels of staff and departments.

  • Objective 3

HR Environmental Analysis (HR SWOT)

The department will even focus on delivering a well-organized training and development programs for enhancing the skills of the existing employees of the Cleveland Clinic.

  • Annual HR Strategies

The role of Human Resource in developing the organization towards a better direction can happen when there are correct decision-making procedure (Purce, 2014). The decision-making procedure requires a thorough analysis and evaluation of organization. However, an effective decision could work only when there are suitable strategies adopted by the department to handle the concerns and developing the situation into a better scenario (Sikora & Ferris, 2014).

  • Strategy

The first strategy that would be adopted by the HR department of the Cleveland Clinic is staffing strategy. One of the key focus under the objective list is attention on the staff of the clinic.

Action step – The first and foremost action that will be taken for the staffing strategy is to establish the current situation of the existing workforce in the clinic. It is significant to draw out the exact number of staff that are currently tenured in the clinic. In addition to this, an analysis report must be prepared in order to draw out the skill gap among the existing employees and detect efficient candidates among employees showing leadership potential.

Action step – Moving forward from the first step, in this step the HR department will identify the key areas where the employees are lacking skills.

Action step – In the final action step the HR department will establish future staffing plan by analyzing the current workforce numbers which was conducted in the first action step. This step will be taken with the discussion from the organization authority.Strategy

In order to grow and develop into a better position the organization needs to adopt strategies that enhances the communication system within the clinic. An organization where the flow of information and knowledge takes place efficiently, the organization could flourish on an extensive level.

Action step – The HR department must carry out procedures that will develop an effective downward communication. This will be possible when the HR department organizes a monthly employee session where every employee could participate with the HR management and communicate freely.

Action step – For improving the communication system further the HR department will take initiative in establishing upward communication as well. For this the HR management will set up a feedback system in every department so that each employee would participate without any hesitation. The feedback system will maintain the anonymity of the employees’ feedback in order to avoid any hesitation feeling from them.

Action step – In order to further enhance the communication strategy the HR department will hold annual outing trip with all the employees of the organization. This will create a healthy relationship with the HR team and other staff members that will ultimately enhance the communication between the two.


The HR department will focus on learning and development strategy an effective tool that will help organization to achieve its goals efficiently.

Action step – A weekly training program will be organized for distinctive departments of the clinic systematically.

Action step – A professional support will be made available within the facility of the clinic in order to keep a check on the mental health of the employees working in the clinic.

Action step – A practical session from professionals will be organized for employees that will demonstrate their specific job related tasks. This will give the employees the clear understanding of their related jobs.


Lastly, the HR department will adopt diversification strategy that will ensure to increase the revenue for the organization which will ultimately help in gaining resources for the clinic.

  • Action step – The HR department will organize a quarterly event on behalf of the clinic. The raised funds from the event will be implemented in development of the clinic.
  • Action step – The HR department will simultaneously track a progress in the fundraising action.
  • Action step – Keeping a track of the progresses made will help identify the success of the events organized and in case of failure the HR department will amend the action plan by analyzing the tracking record.

The implementation of the annual human resource operating plan will eventually bring in some amendments in the management that may generate some conflict and challenges among the employees as well as other associated members of the organization. This happens as a result of the major changes that will be brought in the current management system. It is evident that these changes will not be accepted by certain associated members as each individual have their own perception (Hales et al., 2016). Similarly, the operational plan implemented by the HR department of Cleveland Clinic will bring in some challenges that may hinder the launch of the operational plan.

It is manifested that the HR operational plan may face certain internal issues or challenges that may hinder the operational plan launch. Since the objectives and strategies enumerated from the above planning are predominantly focused on the staff members of the clinic, the chances of internal constraints are high in the operational plan launch.

In announcing the diversification strategy, some employee or staff member may not agree with the action step initiated for the particular strategy as organizing a fundraising event will ultimately mean contributing their time and productivity on those events for which they would not be paid. Therefore, it is essential to announce the strategies and action step systematically for avoiding any such conflict. Instead of announcing the diversification strategy at first, the learning and development strategy will be announced that focuses on ensuring that all the staff members are provided with programs that will enhance their career and professional status.

The HR department will have to collaborate with certain departments in order to implement the operational plan efficiently. The HR department will have to collaborate with the IT department of the clinic in order to carry out a feedback system that will ensure the anonymity of the employees. The counselling programs enunciated in one of the strategies of the operational plan will require collaboration of some efficient psychological professionals of other hospital or medical addition to this, the owners of the clinic and the HR department will have to collaborate actively in order to fill the gap between the strategies of organization and HR department. The HR department will even have to arrange meeting with the authorities regarding the issue of weak remuneration package of the employees of the clinic.

The first step in the communication plan is to clarify the WIIFM for all the stakeholders of the employee. This will prevent any confusion regarding the implementation of the operational plan. The second step would be selecting credible leaders from each departments of the clinic for delivering the message of the operational plan. Lastly, a face to face announcement of the implementation of the operational plan from the HR department itself will be initiated.

It is significant to use metric system for quantifying the amount of investment required for implementing the operational and even to track down the impact of the plan on the employees of the organization (Stone et al., 2015). The purpose of using the metric system is to identify the estimated cost required for implementing intended operational plans and strategies. It will even help to establish the effectiveness of the planning and strategies on employees. It will even provide the amount of time needed in implementing this operational plan. The HR management has three key categories of metric that includes productivity of the organization. The proportion between the amount of input and the amount of output. The second category is the amount of time needed to fill a vacant position and thirdly, employee engagement.

The HR routine metric chosen for BSC is the turnover rate of the employees along with cost per hire. In addition to this, the return gained after the investment will be used for measuring the implemented operational plan.

  • HR Strategic Metrics
  • rHH

The chosen metric system will be reward policy along with employee training. Adding to this, the employment of the exhaustive training percentage will also be taken into account.

The efficiency of the organization along with transparency of the organizations set strategies and missions will help measure the implementation of the operational plan


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