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Course Code:COMP6210
Published on: 22-08-2022

Frontend DevelopmentModern UI design and implementation have become part and parcel of web development in the modern world. Good modern UI can mean a turnover for a company with numerous competitors using the latest cutting-edge tools to develop scalable web applications. This report will go through the process used to develop a web application for SCP Foundation. This web application will be used to showcase various aspects of the company. Th...

Course Code:SEIS610
Published on: 16-08-2022

In this paper two types of diagrams are provided such as the sequence diagram and class diagram. The sequence diagram will be developed based on the role play provided and the class diagram will be created based on the sequence diagram. These diagrams will help to identifies the flow of the information and the users interact with activities including the messages will so be provided. The sequence diagram is the type of interactive diagram t...

Course Code:CMP6176
Published on: 10-08-2022

Overview of GitHub DDoS AttackGithub active malware consists of a community that includes the major advantages of members and community. On 28th February 2018, Github was mainly the large victim of the large DDoS attack in the human industry. The attackers took advantage of a caching system which is known as Memcached. In  DDoS attacks, the attackers use the “growth factor” concept in Memcached (Wi, Choi and Cha 2018). Th...

Course Code:ITECH7410
Published on: 22-07-2022

Relevant Issues and Improve Quality of Services with Software MethodologiesThe smart university campus design gets popularity gradually due to its advanced network infrastructure. Moreover, it provides an integrated digital platform to connect people and applications through internet-connected devices and improves security standards across the campus. Here, the smart university campus-related smart residence for student accommodation has been ...

Course Code:SIT365
Published on: 12-07-2022

Research ApproachThe use of mobile handheld devices has been increased at a significant rate. Lestari, Hardianto and Hidayanto (2014) showed that the worldwide customers use mobile devices as a single functional unit for obtaining information and browsing sites over the internet. The aim of the “Human Machine Interface” (User Interface) is to define the procedure the mobile user interacts with the website through the mobile devices...

Course Code:ICT60115
Published on: 09-07-2022

HTTP Including Request/Response MethodsThe process of web building has been widely referred to the tasks related with developing websites to host through internet or intranet (Bates, Phalen and Moran 2016). The charitable organization “Your Earth, Your Home” needs to join online to perform various tasks. A report is required to generate for encouraging people to stay involved and active. The following report explains various aspe...

Course Code:COIT20268
Published on: 07-07-2022

Nominated Website FeaturesThere is need to test whether website is responsive this is in order to ensure that it is easily accessible by electronic devices ,this will ensure that all the features are visible by the user of the respective devices . In testing the responsiveness of the website there is nominated website that will be tested whether it is responsive, its interface design, and its level of user interactions and usability. To test...

Course Code:ITC506
Published on: 04-07-2022

Computing security and hackingThe domain of ethical computing has been brought to the focus of global audience since the applications of computing practices and tools have been deeply embedded in the daily lives of people. The prominent increase in the utilization of computer based systems and the drastic growth of the internet creates opportunities for potential outcomes in sectors such as e-commerce, e-mail, online banking and video conferen...

Course Code:IMAT5205
Published on: 27-06-2022

Use CasesUse case is a system and software engineering term, which describes how users are required to use a system in order to accomplish particular goals. Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is however referred to as one of the most commonly followed programming paradigms that uses classes and objects that behave like real life entities (Smith 2015). This report aims at describing the relationship between the Use Cases model and Object Oriente...

Course Code:COIT20250
Published on: 24-06-2022

E-business Prototype Website Solution: Design, Configuration, and Joomla ExtensionsThe e-business system has a number of items to be included; however below are the designs for the website.   The configuration of the joomla website has various steps ,some of these includes Creating the database. This is done by opening  the xampp server through the browser and creating database called digitalDB  as follows . Click t...

Course Code:ELEC360
Published on: 20-06-2022

Course Code:ICT60220
Published on: 21-09-2021

Description of the current User InterfaceSituated about a couple of centuries kilometers east of Darwin in the tropical north of Australia, the “Kakadu National Park”, is biggest terrestrial nature park of the nation. It has been the place of huge biological and ecological diversity ("Welcome to Kakadu National Park | Department of the Environment and Energy", 2017). The official website of the park is required to be reviewed cons...

Course Code:1803ICT
Published on: 17-09-2021

The Context of the PaperKey Design Characteristics for Developing Usable E-Commerce Websites in the Arab World Research community: In this section of the paper, discussions would be made on the research article entitled “Key Design Characteristics for Developing Usable E-Commerce Websites in the Arab World”.  The paper essentially addresses the Information Technology and Communication (ITC) research community. The &n...

Course Code:ICT120
Published on: 10-09-2021

Proposing 4 types of network services for Cookie CoThe Cookie Co is a cookies chain store. It has a slow network it received some collision in the voice calls. It made a problem for customers and staffs. The Cookie Co is decided to design a new IT infrastructure for solving these network problem. The Network structure will be designed to improve the company growth. The Wide Area network will be used to connect a network of all th...

Course Code:HS2031
Published on: 02-09-2021

Website Design and Its Impact on UsabilityWebsite design is a key factor that influences usability and its visual appeal to the target audience. Studies conducted indicate that web design influences user perception and may impact traffic to a website (Lee, 2010). Poor website design turns off potential customers and may adversely affect web traffic. On the other hand, websites with an effective design visually appeal to the users and enhance u...

Course Code:ECM39IS
Published on: 20-08-2021

Task 1Iterative or agile methodologies of system development involve developing the system in increments and repeating the process for all increments until the whole system is complete and the customer is satisfied with the end product. Iterative or incremental development approach solves many problems experiences in the waterfall model. The basic concept of incremental development of a system is to divide the project into parts and those part...

Course Code:ICT321
Published on: 19-08-2021

Conceptual ArchitectureSet of traditions, tenets, and benchmarks utilized in a PC framework's specialized structure, in addition to client prerequisites and particulars, that the framework's maker or a framework integrator follows in planning or coordinating the framework's different segments, such as example, equipment, programming and systems. Various industries are making use of Information Technology for enhancing the business scope. The ...

Course Code:MPO601
Published on: 09-08-2021

Similarities and Differences in Business Strategies of YTL Corporation Berhad and Berjaya Corporation Berhad1. The following paper has been prepared to answer four different questions related to different management perspectives including business level strategies, Leadership abilities and many other such different perspectives related to marketing. YTL Corporation Berhad is an integrated infrastructure developer with its operations bas...

Course Code:ITECH7410
Published on: 30-07-2021

User analysis  The quadratic equation  is not only a part education  in the high schools or colleges rather it is used  in solving different complex problems in the scientific fields such as measuring the gravity, determining the speed of an object or a  rocket along a projectile.  The proposed application in this assignment we are working on developing a system or a software program that will calculate the r...

Course Code:COIT20268
Published on: 07-07-2021

Employee attraction and retentionModern markets are characterised by high competitive pressures and increased customer demands, these attributes are as a result of technological evolution which has drastically changed the way of doing business. The telecommunication industry is no different having increased demands for delivering efficient services to customers and the competitive demands of having adequate technological innovations to take ov...

Course Code:SBM3101
Published on: 23-06-2021

Introduction to programmingA career can be defined as the actions and the progress made by a person during the time of his lifetime. The career is often seen to be comprised of the jobs held as well as the titles earned and the work accomplished over the long period of employment. A career needs to include education, training and even work experience. In career, an individual needs to think about how that person can grow in the job or move int...

Course Code:CSC72003
Published on: 15-06-2021

Medicalization and De-medicalizationScholars of the medicalization of the prevailing social problems often fail to analyse the multiple directions of medicalization and level of analysis. In the majority of the cases, they conceptualize medicalization as a category rather than a continuous process. They also fail to identify the threshold at which the given process becomes “medicalized” or “de-medicalized” (Halfmann, 20...

Course Code:IT521
Published on: 08-06-2021

History of Google MapsIn the year 1765, James Rennell, a 23-year-old British naval officer embarked on a journey to explore the entire Indian subcontinent. Accompanied by some other soldiers, they carried some advanced tools of the time which could enable them to explore the region fully, a distance-measuring tool known as perambulator and a compass. Their mission took six years and which saw the rest of his colleagues killed by wild animals. ...

Course Code:ITECH7410
Published on: 08-06-2021

User storiesGlamfashionjewels is a business online system that is used by the customers to buy items online where they register, login , find items ,add items to shoppingcart, and also make payments online through the paypal system and its vision is to offer safe and secure shopping and payment platform to its customers and to become best shopping company. User stories The user stories are obtained from the decomposed epics where initia...

Course Code:NIT5120
Published on: 07-06-2021

Project PlanningThe modern days most o the organizations had adopted the information technology due to the numerous advantages associated with it including efficiency in the organizational information and records (Goyal, 2011). This report is about the UNI Library information system that is uses by the university library department to manage the borrowing and returning of the various library materials. However the system is meant to be mainl...

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