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Course Code:SOCA2065
Published on: 29-04-2021

Dependency on Non-Renewable Energy Sources and their Environmental ImpactSustainable development is generally defined as the development that achieves its obligation without affecting the ability of the future generation to meet their basic needs for survival. There is mutual dependency in the areas of sustainability that are intertwined and they include: environment, economy and the society that we live in thus their effects overlap and when ...

Course Code:ENGY7000
Published on: 05-04-2021

Issue 1: EconomicThe world has become highly depended on fossil fuel, and it has a high demand for energy for various significant reasons. It is also an important cause of the big problem, climate change. The world needs more and more energy every day for the growing need of human that demand more energy (Urry, 2014). These energies are obtained mostly from non-renewable resources which are limited and take a million years to be created again ...

Course Code:CSM80002
Published on: 25-02-2021

Selection of Low Carbon Construction MaterialsSustainability has always been defined as an attempt of trying to meet our current needs without affecting the future generations’ ability in meeting their needs as well. It also entails preserving resources and as well as the environment from harmful human activities. The current generation should therefore embrace sustainability to stop rendering other coming generations incapable of satisf...

Course Code:GEOG2142
Published on: 06-02-2021

Sources and Characteristics of Toxic Air PollutantsAir pollutants are the extremely harmful substances whose presence in the air leads to deterioration of the air quality. These substances includes particulate matter like carbon soot from vehicular emission, burning of the fossil fuels, industrial emissions contain toxic gases like sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide form the toxic pollutants. These pollutants...

Course Code:BSM780
Published on: 31-01-2021

Functions Affecting Sustainability of ConstructionThe sustainability of the construction is imperative for protecting environment through the damage from the construction activity (Mateus & Bragança, 2011). However, in the modern era, construction sector must consider the specific sustainability issue and apply the relevant or suitable practices in the field of construction for the ethical conduct of the business. In this regard, th...

Course Code:GEOP830
Published on: 19-01-2021

Criteria for a Sustainable City Based on UN-Habitat Report on Planning Sustainable CitiesThe city of Chicago is selected for critical assessment of citywide sustainability plans. This plan criterion is to be created to assess the plan, for this purpose UN Habitat’s (2009) concepts, which provide eight common urban sustainability trends to evaluate the climate action plan of Chicago. A sustainable city or urban sustainability is where the...

Course Code:GEOU5022
Published on: 30-12-2020

Importance of global energy outlook in organizationsGlobal energy outlook is the worldwide publication energy flagship well known as influential sources analysis and prognostications of global energy. It elaborates the forces that shape the world energy alteration over years to come in consideration of hesitations environs that alteration. There is a various number of scenarios to be considered in the outlook which are not predictable of what is...

Course Code:AC7103
Published on: 04-12-2020

Integration of Sustainability Strategy into Overall Business Strategy of AGL EnergyAGL Energy Limited is highly committed to contribute to shape the future of Australia towards sustainable energy and it has reporting about its sustainable practices since 2004. The company operates as the largest power generation portfolio across the country of which AGL is the largest ASX Listed investor in the areas of renewal energy. The company has over 3.6...

Course Code:H2K171
Published on: 19-11-2020

Components of an Offshore Wind System In the category of clean energy, the wind power makes one of the most actively sort for energy resources and is developed on many countries around the world. The resource forms one of the oldest source of clean and renewable energy. In the early centuries the wind power was used in boat propulsion along River Nile, water pumping to large farms in China, and for draining lakes and marshy lands in Germany ...

Course Code:300597
Published on: 11-11-2020

Background Electricity has become one of the basic human wants in the current society. The demand for electricity by the consumers is increasing on a daily basis due to the increase in the number of electrical devices and also the rise in the number of people who are potential consumers of electricity. The distribution, transmission, and generation of electricity have been researched on by numerous researchers. The rise in the electrici...

Course Code:201CDE
Published on: 03-11-2020

Introduction to Smart GridA smartgrid can be defined as a small-scale power grid that can operate independently or in conjunction with the main electrical grid of the area. Smartgrid is a concept of transforming the electric power grid by the use of advanced automatic communication and control techniques as well as other forms of information technology. The system integrates innovative technologies and tools from distribution, transmission, and ...

Course Code:H10072
Published on: 03-11-2020

The History and Advancements of Wind Power TechnologyIn the category of clean energy, the wind power makes one of the most actively sort for energy resources and is developed on many countries around the world. The resource forms one of the oldest source of clean and renewable energy. In the early centuries the wind power was used in boat propulsion along River Nile, water pumping to large farms in China, and for draining lakes and marshy land...

Course Code:7001ENG
Published on: 23-10-2020

Renewable EnergyThis research proposal is prepared for the assessment of renewable technologies in small households in developing countries. This project has been chosen with the aim of understanding and reviewing the uptake of renewable technologies in low income households in developing economies, and the challenges that may restrict this. Developing economies are the next frontier for global energy needs due to rapid industrialisation and...

Course Code:MGT4023
Published on: 20-09-2020

Core competencies of Egdon Resources that illustrate its capability for capturing the marketIn the present business environment of Oil and Gas Industry, it has become essential for the small organisation to have a strategic plan for expanding their business (Chima, 2011). Evaluating business environment has become highly important for expanding its business in other parts of world.  A company has to analyse market entry opportunities as w...

Course Code:ENN591
Published on: 03-07-2020

Research AimsBiomass is termed as a resource which is gathered by the burning of woods and various other organic matters. Although the burning of fuels releases carbon dioxide emissions, the utilization of biomass is termed as renewable resource. The utilization of renewable resources has been adopted in various places in the United Kingdom as well. The utilization of biomass can be adopted for converting into bio-energy which in turn will gen...

Course Code:MN502
Published on: 13-04-2020

Benefits of smart grid systemsThe smart grid is a typical type of electrical grid which includes several types of operational and energy measures [9]. The smart grid includes smart appliances, smart meters, renewable energy sources and other type of energy efficient resources. In this case Smart Grid is in use by the CPS technologies. This is used for developing and implementing several measurement sciences for modernization of existing power...

Course Code:AEEGY202A
Published on: 28-02-2020

Basic Functionality of CSP SystemThe basic functionality of the CSP system is composed of various kinds of mirrors that collect the solar radiation which is said to be the collector system and it consist of the receiver that receives the concentrated solar radiation. This solar panel converts the thermal energy into thermal energy and it is further transferred into a heat transfer medium. Finally this heat energy is transferred into a mechanic...

Course Code:ENN552
Published on: 12-02-2020

Renewable Sources of Energy and Environmental HealthAbout 87% of the World energy demand is supplied by Fossil fuels only less than 13% of renewable sources of energy is used to supply the energy demand in world wide. Energy generation by fossil fuels creates a very negative impact on environmental health as the emission of harmful gases occurs due to burning these fuels. The production of electricity from the renewable sources are the most en...

Published on: 07-08-2019

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear EnergyDiscuss About The International Series Of Monographs In Nuclear Energy. In today's world, human beings are chiefly dependent upon 3 sources of energy namely, renewable, non-renewable and nuclear energy. The chief sources of non-renewable sources of energy are coal, natural gas, oil, uranium and fossil fuels. The chief advantages of non-renewable source of energy are that they are abundant ...

Published on: 30-07-2019

Research AimDiscuss about the Water as a Source of Renewable Energy. Renewable energy refers to the power, which is mostly generated from renewable resources. This is often considered to be refilled with respect to a human timescale. This includes the sources as water, wind, solar, and thermal energy among others (The Pennsylvania State University, n.d.). Over the years, it has been observed that human activities have signific...

Published on: 07-06-2019

Challenges in Integration of Renewable Energy with Conventional EnergyDiscuss about the Integrate Renewable Energy Technologies With Conventional Energy Systems To Improve Sustainability Of Energy Supply Systems. Background The global abundance of the renewable energy resources has been increasing all over the world. The use of conventional energy resources has been creating problems in the sustainable development of the society. ...

Published on: 11-04-2019

Structure of the ReportDiscuss about the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference. The report helps in analysis of the sustainability issues that is related to controlling of the emission in the airline industries. The airways that has been taken in the respective report is Qatar Airways and analysis is required to be done that will help in analysing and identifying the issues effectively (Loorbach and Wijsman 2013). Proper research ...

Published on: 27-03-2019

Importance of Sustainable Work PracticesQuestion:Discuss About The Environmental Management A Implementation? Environmental sustainability can be defined as “the rates of renewable resource harvest, pollution creation, and non-renewable resource depletion that can be continued indefinitely” (Schaltegger, Burritt and Petersen 2017). It is to be noted that if they cannot continue or last indefinitely then they are not sustainable. In ...

Published on: 24-01-2019

Importance of Smart Energy Solutions for Reducing Ecological Footprint in UAEQuestion:Discuss about the Smart innovative energy system and how it contributes to reducing the ecological footprint of the United Arab Emirates.Background With the technological development occurring at a rapid rate, it is essential to have advanced, smart and renewable sources of energy. The energy crisis is believed to be the immediate impact of the same, which is ...

Published on: 14-01-2019

Introduction to Renewable and Non-Renewable SourcesQuestion:Discuss about the Sources of Renewable Energy Generation in South Australia.There are both renewable and non-renewable sources of electricity generation in Southern Australia. A renewable source of energy depletion is the one that replenishes fast upon consumption; the supply does not deplete from consumption. On the other hand, a non-renewable source depletes with consumption since the...

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