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System Engineering: Capital Metro Case Study

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Discuss about the System Engineering for Capital Metro Case Study.




The chosen project is the “Capital Metro” case study and the project details and design have been discussed in the previous report. Now, there are many aspects to the system design of any project (Martin 2014). These aspects are to be critically analyzed in order to enhance the overall system design of the project. Moreover, these aspects are responsible for the success or failure of the project and hence, they must be according to proper plans and design of the project is to be made accordingly.

In this assignment, the Capital Metro case study project has been critically analyzed and discussed.

System Test, Evaluation, Validation

System Test

The system tests of the project require a number of activities in order to ensure success of the designed system. The system testing procedures for the project are as follows.

Survey ­– After the capital metro construction is complete, a survey process is necessary in order to confirm that the tracks and other equipments like overhead wires, support pillars and others are safely laid and will not result in some mishaps.

Running Test ­– Before the service is opened to public, the light trains should be experimentally run on the route to ensure proper working of the whole system.

Process Testing ­– This phase of testing is to ensure the maintenance of quality of the whole light rail system (Chandler 2015). In this process, the management process of the whole route as well as detailed designs like railcar interiors, ticketing systems are to be checked for proper functioning and a good user experience.

Electronic Equipments Checking – The electronic equipments and softwares, especially the electronic ticketing system, must be tried and tested. Moreover, security measures must be taken to ensure the online ticket server is protected from cyber threats and attacks.



The assessment (evaluation) of the overall system ought to be made in light of various components of the system that play integral roles in the management of the entire system. This evaluation process incorporates the administration techniques, passenger satisfaction, commercial income and business feasibility (in terms of passengers and income from tickets) (Peter, Jeffrey and Garry 2013). This is chiefly in light of the fact that the project depends on public transportation system and henceforth, the commercial practicality of the project relies upon the average number of passengers using the services every day. The passenger count depends upon the busy sectors and popular areas that are within the reach of the light rail route. Moreover, a very reliable service must be provided to the daily commuters with a specific end goal to acquire and more passengers every day (Olesen and Lassen 2016). According to the arrangement of the organization, the light rail course is set to go through a number of very important business sectors of the city and some other popular tourist outlets. During the construction procedure, digging and blocking of the roads may result in massive traffic congestion. Hence, this process must be executed in such a way that cause least inconvenience to daily office rush passengers (Birdsall 2015). The assessment procedure can give an exact strategy to ascertain a few limitations that may be confronted in the later parts of the project.


The success of the testing process will affect the validation of the system. Moreover, validation of the system will also depend on whether the project was conducted by complying with some safety rules and guidelines (Ney and Gray 2014). If all the standards and guidelines are met, the testing process will be used to confirm the success of the system. Only after this, system validation will be conducted.


Design Optimization

According to the developed project plan for the Capital Metro Project, some basic critical analysis study can be conducted for the development of optimization plan as prepared by the project undertaking company. According to the undertaken project plan, the organization main developed the route through the busiest and most important sectors of the city that are visited by a huge number of office-goers and workers every day (Hensher 2016). Subsequently, the outline of the light rail must be with the end goal that it goes through the bustling business segments and additionally through the street intersections where there is an excessive amount of traffic congestions. Notwithstanding, the problem in this arrangement is that the organization will confront enormous issue amid the project execution stage. Usage of the light rail system will require burrowing and obstructing of the picked course (Ho et al. 2015). This stage will bring about great movement ruin and blockage and in addition sheer burden of the regular passengers. Subsequently, without reasonable arranging or giving option transitory courses to the day by day activity, the project will have genuine hindrance for execution.

In another case, the configuration of the light rail undertaking ought to be with the end goal that the organization can give reliable services and proper management of the passengers amid surge hours in order to acquire more passengers every day. The fundamental issue is that the organization ought to outline the course in a manner that the trains prepares are kept running at regular intervals of five minutes amid surge hours. The course must be to such an extent that the trains can be effectively turned around at the end of the rail route.

Another viewpoint for the optimization aspect of the project outline is support of the feasibility of economy of the project. Before executing the project, the potential business and economy of the organization ought to be analyzed and estimated (Miller 2014). For this, the aggregate number of every day passengers must be assessed and a reasonable ticket cost must be set. On the off chance that the assessed values are feasible economically for the organization, the project can be executed according to plans.

At long last, one primary aspect to be considered for the streamlining of the design and plan of the project must be passenger convenience and an easy to use environment inside the rail cars. For this reason, aerating and cooling frameworks can be introduced inside the trains alongside a computerized display gadget that will demonstrate the present and next stops of the train. Every one of these elements will whole up to an incredible advancement in the project outline and will at last help the organization in picking up a colossal passenger base.

Reliability and Maintainability Operations

Reliability - The organization is ready to give to a great degree dependable service to the regular commuters keeping in mind the end goal to acquire and more passenger base. According to the project plan published by the organization, the course is set to go through a few occupied business divisions of the city and also other public transits like airport, ferry ghats, and so forth. Amid peak hours, there ought to be increased frequency of the light rail services keeping in mind the end goal to oblige more passengers and help them reach their work places in time (Down et al. 2014). In addition, the system ought to incorporate an extremely agreeable ordeal for the everyday passengers. Consistently, the quantity of light rail passengers will increase exponentially if the services are very reliable and the passengers are able to reach their destinations in time.

Maintainability – After ensuring reliable administration of the overall system, the organization ought to likewise manage every parts of the light rail system (administration as well as functional) to give maintainability to the entire light rail project. In addition, keeping administrations and management systems in place, the support of the administration group and the entire framework system i.e. upkeep of the trains, monetary records, electronic ticketing framework, transactions of money are vital (Miller 2014). If any of these elements is not looked after appropriately, it will result complete catastrophe and failure of the project. For the purpose of up to date maintenance of the system, the organization ought to utilize more experts and in addition maintenance workers for keeping up the aggregate light rail arrangement of the city. Maintainability additionally infers consenting to traffic and street rules and other functioning guidelines.


Human Factors in Design Concepts

The human factors that are related to the design concepts of this project are follows.

Popularity – The most essential human component for this light rail system is the ubiquity of the services. Any business venture is called as fruitful if its prevalence increments exponentially over time. One essential goal of this light rail undertaking is to pull in more passengers daily and to give a convenient experience to the commuters so that the ubiquity of the administrations gradually increments. This is additionally identified with the business aspect of the organization i.e. with expanding ubiquity, the quantity of every day travelers increments and subsequently, the income likewise increments by a huge amount (Hensher 2016). Once more, expanding in the prevalence inside the national scale will pull in vacationers from different nations who will then profit the light rail administrations when they visit the nation and use the light rail services. This advantages the light rail organization as well as the government of the nation as it acquires more global exposure.

Passenger Revenue - The principle focus of any business configuration is to create most elevated measure of incomes (revenue) that will help in maintaining the business productively and additionally facilitate updating administrations later on. In this particular contextual investigation of light rail improvement venture, generation of sufficient income is the most imperative focus since the system cannot be proceeded every day without adequate amount of profits (Ney and Gray 2014). This revenue originates from the everyday passengers who need to purchase tickets of specific costs to benefit the administrations of the light rail and acquire the services. Once more, this income ought to be spent on overhauling the light rail administrations for expanding convenient experience of the passengers.

System Management – The most imperative human component that influences the system design is the accessibility of a successful management framework. In all parts of the project – from the arranging and outline stage to operational stage, a compelling administration framework guarantees legitimate running of each phases of the project (Miller 2014). For moment, amid planning stage, an administration framework is expected to direct a study and break down undertaking attainability. Once more, after fulfillment of the venture, an appropriate administration group is expected to control the operations proficiently. This incorporates administration of the organization operations, giving administrations at rush hours and also keeping up user-friendly environment and ticket costs.



From the report, a basic idea has been generated in type of the critical analysis of some of the important project aspects that must be in proper place for proper management and administration of the overall system. The factors discussed in the report can give a general outline about the development of the light rail project that is in progress by taking after a particular framework outline. The developed plan has many issues even though there are more number of advantages. Henceforth, a basic examination has been led keeping in mind the end goal to break down every one of the important system management factors and the outcomes have been discussed in this report.


The recommendations that can be provided as a result of the critical analysis study are as follows.

  • Proper system testing must be done in order to ensure that the overall project can be successfully executed after the construction is complete.
  • The route of the light rail must be with the end goal that it goes through the bustling business segments and additionally through the street intersections where there is an excessive amount of traffic congestions.
  • The configuration of the light rail undertaking ought to be with the end goal that the organization can give reliable services and proper management of the passengers amid surge hours in order to acquire more passengers every day.
  • Before executing the project, the potential business and economy of the organization ought to be analyzed and estimated.
  • The reliability and maintainability of the overall system must be ensured before the services are opened to the general public. 


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