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Discuss about the Teachers Learning for Professional Development and Education?

The learning context in this chapter finds variable position of personal and professional development that develops various skills, knowledge, objectives and behavior in this research. To make this idea evident, I will find a definite area that will make my development good on varied sections of learning content. It would also reflect to my future development programs that would assess various skills and learning content through suitable programs. The research study analyzes how development would lead to various opportunities in future. This would master my learning capabilities through experiences made on various performance build for a suitable outcome. Thus, the learning emphasis would make an analytical approach through various activities made to deliver in this research. I would also perform various objectives of Personal and professional development linking the variables through a background and a process. In order, a learning outcome would also pounder to make the research eventful.

In this research, I would find an area that would make my experiences good on Personal and professional development. Here, the activities to be performed are:

Experience of group presentation performed that may be either group work or presentation

Activity undertaken as an exercise in class or skills development workshops

Activity undertaken in part-time or voluntary work or extra-curricular activities performed(Alexandrou, 2013).

The activities performed in this research will vary ideas that make the personal development appraised through educational programs. In this research, certain objectives will link on the background and process that would help an analytical section in learning procedure. In order, my purpose will be to observe the future development programs that would sustain research development through the barriers of learning outcome (Clerkin, 2012).

The scenario in this chapter has a definite link that covers activities performed in improving awareness among people. Personal development sustains a core idea that reflects on people in developing talent and potentials, building human capital and facilitating employability, enhancing life and contributing a better prospect in realizations of dreams (Hunzicker, 2011). The concept involves formal and informal activities to develop the concept in evaluating the role of others. These may include the role of teacher, counselor, manager and mentor. It also supports human behavior through assessment and criteria in building a state that could provide ideas assess on major training programs. Now to evaluate professional development, I would assess criteria that initialize learning opportunities that form coursework and conferences on informal practices. It is also described that learning outcome performed will make a change on professional development that includes consultation, community practices, mentoring, technical assistance, etc. To understand various objectives performed on the planning attributes of personal and professional development are as follows:


Personal development involves a primary objective that advances on various attributes of an individual’s performance. It ensures components involved on the changing perspective of Holistic events in the achievements of social, emotional and mental stability(Zhang and Wan, 2012).

The activities form a strategic growth on the promotions taken place in the development of individuals. These will form a strategic ability in ensuring progressive growth that expertise control on the particular individuals.

The objective to look forward on a larger territory would involve practices on acceptable practices that would result from autonomous control and life decisions(Wilson, 2012).

Organizations would perform a strategy that would develop training programs for enhancing individual’s performance. These programs would also reflect on individual’s mental development.

Ethically, the idea conveyed in this research would demonstrate components that enhance holistic change in undergoing major developmental change. To link a fundamental idea in this research on the principal places of work, training programs are designed to advance working positions for better development. However, my working position would make a significant impact in promoting professional events for organization’s good sake (Wells, 2013). The overall strategy would reflect an aim that how to develop my skills in managing a conflict towards development, knowledge, sustenance and skills. This would make an identification on the general methods that achieves on short-term goals. In order, this will attain a image that how training programs would expertise control in increasing quality of life and make the competition ideal in positioning the market even (Swennen, 2011). The content would bring me that production processes would also reflect a considerable position in achieving the objectives and goals for the organization’s betterment. The ideas developed in managing a conflict of major interests are as follows:

Creating and maintaining a bond has a critical area that develops in forming a party. The common goal measured will establish a strategic position that enhances relationship build on mutual relationships. This ensures the party to be genuine in avoiding negative responses(Sugimura and Mizokami, 2012).

The cause of conflict would aim to resolve a better idea that makes the specific cause of differences in common goals of an individual. This could be a good idea measured on political differences that have stability on goals, interest and values on communication.

Building a positive relationship would reflect to change opinion on greater benefits. I need to ensure how communication differences have made an agreement in improving a better chance in development procedure.


The background of the organization has a contemporary change that makes development initiated on the personal development program. I will see a moderate change that how the background of personal and professional development will hold a good experience on the previous experiences attained. A changing perspective in this research would make a thinking prospect in determining the idea conveyed in this empirical research. Due to recognition, personal and professional development initializes how effectiveness of organization would make a command for organization’s control.

The learning idea would be even, but will hold real alliance in critical learning abilities of organization’s betterment. Moreover, there is a provision that holds well on progressive thinking because transformation would be practical to sense effective learning on major development positions (Langston, 2012). The idea reflected in learning outcomes would make a critical thinking ability that would make better decisions. Hence, the decisions made on critical thinking ability would recognize better paths for resistance. The background also makes a critical impact in holding a good territory in achieving goals and enhancing life forward. Thus, a question may arise that how Personal and professional development contributes to assess major goals. The answer of the question says that in building an effective strategy would measure positions in operating a better life. This would also make justifications on cultivating major interests of an individual (Lange and Meaney, 2013). However, the treaty would assess ideas that make development towards better sustenance.

There are ideas that make the plan successful on critical concepts of implementing a major technique. In this research, I would develop an appropriate plan to study various ethical objectives in the developmental procedure. The developmental activities have also led to good environment practices that subordinate a good planning complexion. I would also make a strategic concept that attains periodic ability in undertaking a major plan on planning and development. The concept would be accomplished to entertain ideas on performance appraisal in ensuring a better plan. Communicating these plans will help to achieve good sustenance on training programs that have a good interest among individuals. The process has a comparative idea to reflect the better change in the development program. This would help to make performances better on a strategic mechanism that is adopted previously. To ensure this plan well, I would also make an application criterion that aims at improving skills of the customer base. These will have a strategic response in measuring the level of customer’s satisfaction to the good territory. Hence, the desired results will help me to conduct plans based on survey analysis and keep a record of success.


The summary of this chapter has reflected a change that makes an analysis of PPD performed ethically (Alirezaei, 2013). The concept brings a gap that would be critical to making a major change. The reflection of this chapter will involve Gap analysis that would be critical in making the implementation developed through a productive plan. Ideas will be developed temporarily. Thus, gap analysis would make an effective area in acquired skills that regards on the developmental plan. In order, training programs and other methods will conduct to make the program appropriate. However, through the event of the poor decision-making process, the concept brings a focus that would restrain policies on personal development. To give a useful idea on activities performed in evaluation would adopt change among individuals in the decision-making process. My focus would be to take an ethical idea that would expertise control on successful implementations of personal development. However, this would make the communication barriers even through the strategic alliance in meeting necessary goals on development and planning. Ideas would be fundamental, but not successive. The reason behind this change would develop communication in ensuring the effectiveness of training programs and continuous appraisals (Bager-Charleson, 2012).

However, communication procedure will reflect a trend on accomplishment among major individuals. These would imply that decision-making process, solving problems and ability to ensure proper management routine would monitor planning requirements on professional development (Bleicher, 2013). Thus, a proper idea sustained through ethical practices will develop good practices and training on PPD.

The reflection of learning has a base that reviews learning and developmental activities designed for organization’s good support. This will carry a strategic base in making the development process efficient. My opinion on this topic will view that how development needs will make a change prospect on the managerial role of a learning framework (Branch et al. 2012). Thus, the research convention would frame ideas that are as follows:

Improving better staff performances

Encouraging individual’s support

Managing support of individual’s performance

Measuring strategic alliance has a better prospect on tracking and progress

Managers would find an ongoing process that makes development to good positions

My ability to reflect on various activities of learning and development would find a better position on personal development procedures. This would track a position on the developed ideas of an outcome. I would keep track that how learning analysis will indicate positions on development processes. I will also recognize developmental procedures that evaluate employee’s ability to major skills, knowledge and behaviors of the organization. This would make a strategy idea on the anticipated gaps of learning comforts. Hence, the aim of the organization would highlight gaps that make the method analytical on change strategy and developmental procedure. To make the process developed through a strategic ability, I would be very honest in making decisions that have an outlook on personal, personal and critical interests. The expected idea to develop skills and knowledge would plan the teaching area through the analytical base in the research context. These are as follows:

Individuals must reflect to learner’s instinct through various achievements made on planning and behavior.

Student should have an extra support in helping teachers to support planning ideas. These may be involved on major groups and the individual’s support on major interventions(Clerkin, 2012).

The functional groups would make course works that have a reflection in seeking improvements on course work, curriculum activities, theories, etc.

Thus, the idea in this research would vary through various group discussions that make the learning outcomes successful. A major change will show a good reflection in this research through performance measurement. However, the building process on my adventure of learning will describe higher reflection in describing a major failure. To overcome this failure, I would apply various development policies that would sustain a good change in the learning environment (Hudson, 2013). These changes may be associated with ideas that have a good framework for skills, knowledge, programs, and others.

The ideas conveyed in this research would make an eventful strategy in developing learning ideas on the future prospect. I would summarize the ideas that make the research appropriate in making clear justifications of the research. To give a clear prospect in ensuring better needs of an individual would vary through objectives and processes of this research that are described above. Personal development holds a major objective in this research and has a strategic alliance on individual’s performance. I would make a change strategy that overcomes barriers on organization’s control and development. Future developments have a significant influence on the promotional requirements that achieves emotional stability on growth and development. This will look forward to progressive results in future development programs. However, it is seen that organizations have a strategic ability in enhancing future development programs. This would make the organization successful. I would revise a change on future programs on learning and development that would balance the territories through major adaptations. Prioritizing individuals would make the organization fulfilled through the development and engaging a strategic alliance to meet better priorities. Hence, this would provide a mechanism for adapting change on workforce and organization’s control.

The ideas on future development programs would make a comparative idea of learning strategies of the professional development plan. This would integrate into making corporate objectives and leveraging the solution through innovation and technology. The ideas that have made an effect to consider the capabilities indicate to make development even. Moreover, the learning professionals have made an effective idea that would provide an effective approach to individual’s success. However, this has a considerable position that holds well on learning strategies for the betterment of success in PPD (Hunzicker, 2011). My suggestion would be to adopt changes that put strategically forward on various communication strategies of future development among individuals. The learning process would be more realistic if approaches are justified on an even note. This would form a strategic base where technology has optimized most resources to understand different trends of learning.

To see a major change would make distinctive learning styles that cater experiences among individual’s performance. I would also implement educational programs that cater credentials required for future development in learning phenomenon. A meaningful idea would make the orientation developed in emphasizing imperatives such as school presentation, technical skills, and creative thinking. Hence, this shows that learning idea on personal and professional development would sustain a good environment in future development positions (Jones and O’Brien, 2011).

This has a critical atmosphere linked to learning and ideas. My work would be reveal ides that make the learning experiences significant from the past. I would suggest in this area that how I have assessed better position in making interactions with others. Theoretically, the reflection shows an ethical value that adds up how learning outlook has changed a moderate way on personal and professional development programs. A major change in learning experiences will reflect values that will increase professional ideas in development procedure. Now, my area of concern is to overlook on justified ideas that make the research appropriate. Hence, to master key areas of learning will effectively experience ideas from the past. However, the topic shows a relative position of making variable impacts that have good learning environment undertaken.  I would identify certain areas that look on the common themes of various strengths and weaknesses in professional development. My suggestion on reflective ideas of learning would convey through the learning styles developed on my working part. To take into account, the effort sustained on learning ideas would indicate areas in making the research eventful. On the contrary, I would make application criteria that base in moderating the research successfully.

Major implementations have been taken in this research to evaluate areas of learning styles that observe a hypothetical research in this chapter. Moreover, the individual has a definite image to vary their learning programs on applying innovative ideas. A common way of making the research evident is to justify positions that make the learning outcomes of persona development ethical. I would make various approaches that will satisfy the individuals on learning. This includes visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social and solitary methods of learning. I would indicate a productive idea that would make the strategy better on visual impair that includes using materials like pictures, images and through spatial understanding. The aural would prefer in communicating through music or sound. Verbal prefers using words that are expressed in speech and writing. I would also make a strategy where logical learning style involves using logic or reasoning problems. The strategy has a better implication, which conveys messages in learning groups preferred on groups and self-study.

On an account that satisfies most individuals who prefer good opportunities and development would take maximum advantages in development. This would primarily reflect the conventions that achieve major goals for the organization. The goals have modified to a greater territory in making individuals moderate on professional development. They have moved to newer ideas that make their treaty successful through various skills, knowledge, ethics and concepts. The varying area would also be particular that highlights areas of PPD to make it the research successful. My advent would see a changing area that how drastically these experiences have complemented with one another. This is because individuals give a good response in entering to the educational field by pursuing knowledge on them. Learning has made a moderate way by applying new technologies, innovations, good infrastructural facilities, and a good learning atmosphere would make better changes in future. Thus, these innovative plans will lead to new developments in the journey of personal and professional development of learning.


In this research, the ideas demonstrated would form an ethical concept varied on performances of an individual. These would differ kinds of learning styles that reflect a good environment in future. I have applied various changes on opportunities and strengths to make personal and professional development even. This would experience a change treaty on the major objectives that make successful changes on learning outcomes. I have made a provision for this research through development policies in maintaining a bond to build relationship among individuals. Moreover, I have made an analysis that accounts for processes on communication and learning. Thus, the research highlights through the analytical position of learning through future development procedures and a reflective account justified on learning styles performed ethically.

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