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Write a research proposal for your project as if applying for an exhibition or creating a self-­? directed brief for the project.

For an art project, the proposal should include: the type of event (exhibition, residency, performance, one-­?night only), project title, brief description, the concept/theme, the physical content and form (what materials will you use to make the work and why), processes required to undertake the project. This proposal borrows from both exhibition applications and grant application questions.

For a design project, create a brief. This should include: a client overview, project ambition, schedule, intended audience, competitor analysis, research on similar brands, point of difference, brand ethos, deliverables, financial and/or environmental impact, measures of success and any other considerations. This proposal borrows from a self-­?directed client brief template that reflects industry expectations.

The focus of these proposals is on the methods and methodologies that influence your decision-­?making and process work. It is also important to use supporting theoretical texts throughout to justify your claims in relation to methodologies and concepts.

Art Project Proposal

Apple products are quite elegant and have been attracting customer attentions due to their uniqueness in the market. These products have gained substantial interest in the market making its Apple Inc. a dominant company across the globe. The apple products ranges from smartphones to computers with a back log of the company. One of the major factor that has made apple smartphone and computers a dominant product is its interactive user interface. Users of the products believe the product new release usually comes with some new features. These new or improved features makes consumers of the product eager to know what new release comes up with. A good example can be deduced from Apple smartphones which have very attractive and user friendly interfaces. Besides, Apple products have a high performance speed as they are installed with high speed RAM and micro-processor. With these features, Apple products have been on high demand from the market across all its products. Apple product both computers and smartphones supports Android windows. This makes them compatible with many other applications and hence high speed. To achieve such high market demand on Apple products, research and innovation has been given the highest priority. Finally, the size and shape of the Apple products are quite elegant in terms of shape and design as they come up with many different versions which suites customers look and view. To get more customer insight, Apple Inc. have been carrying out intensive advertisement as well as feedback in order to capture customer needs. To maximize on customers need, Apple Inc. offers discounts to customers when releasing its new product in the market.

The project aims to explore on the main features that makes Apple product feature out in the market competitively. The design features available in Apple products make have taken most of its users insane and whenever a new product is released into the market, everyone wants to have a feel. The first feature that makes Apple product design in both smartphones and laptops is its smart fan with capability to detect voice conversation. Once it detects voice, it slows down its internal peed in order to help user have effective conversation. This is quite elegant feature not available with many other similar products in the market. As a result, Apple product consumers have been able looking for such features which makes them purchase Apple products without any doubts. The next design feature product is hidden Hi-Fi audio for use by both audio and video professionals which has been integrated through a high fidelity top link. This feature offers plug and play capability in such a way that, once an optical adapter has been plugged in, the subject Apple product such as MacBook switches automatically to TOSLINK to facilitate a higher fidelity as well as sound definitions. Additionally, Apple Laptop products have been designed in such a way that, they are very light but with improved capability in all other aspects. It has been interesting as users can only open Apple’s laptop with just one finger. To make its opening efficient, a groove has been added at the front lip to make it more secure during opening. Moreover, iPhones have a brightness and volume adjustment feature which can be given a dial that increases or decreases either volume of brightness even after user has stopped the adjustment. To stop it from moving, another dial would be issued and can even bounce back when flicked harder enough.   

Design Project Brief

On the same note, Apple smartphone products have a high virtual reflection which comes as a new feature music fans. By opening a music App in the iPhone, there is a shiny knob that serves as a volume slider which changes its appearance once a mobile phone is turned. This music related feature works in phones running iOS 6 and higher versions. Adding entertainment features on Apple products makes them quite unique and attractive to both music and video fans. The design and interactive features found in Apple’s products makes them unique and demanding in the market. A touch of the product, its design shape and improved functionality have been advanced from one feature to the other in every new release. Further, Apple MacBook and all other newer versions, a new feature known as smart caps that prevents MacBook pros behave differently when turning caps lock on and off. This feature has an advanced security mechanisms to prevent any accidental keystrokes. To turn caps lock keys on and off, user is required to hold the cap lock key for a little bit longer rather than a single click of a button. To Apple product consumers and non-consumers, important to note is the elegant features which are uniquely assembled into specific device screen, the shape, increased speed in both booting and surfing online makes the subject product what it is in the market. To avoid disguising products, apple designs and new releases are worthy testing. Apples visions statement holds on believe that, it is on the face of the earth to produce great products which does not change over time. The main focus has been accorded to innovation as well as simple designs rather than complex ones. On the other hand, the mission statement focuses on the design of the best computers across the globe. However, the Apple’s design goal has started to shift from hardware to software in order to enhance functionality of its products.         

Intended audience

Every product design should be targeted to a specific group of consumers. In this regard, the target audience of the message would be directed towards apple’s current product consumers as well as non-consumers. Current consumers would be persuaded to look forward in considering new features which are only found in the new releases. Every apple new release comes up with either completely new feature or a couple of improvements from previous features. A good example ca be deduced from a magnetic feature which was available as a hidden chip in previous release but has been advanced in the current release in such a way that users can be able to have a good view. Apple feature improvements are done in a technical manner leaving areas for future improvements. This technicality in product design and development has been adopted as a mechanism of making sure new features can be quite attractive and relevant to users. To non-consumers of the Apple products, the message is made to attract them to purchase the product. Advertisements made are quite categorical in that, it factors both current and potential product consumers. Apple product consumers are as old as Apple products came into existence. However, some other customers have been adopting Apple products progressively as they get convinced with product features and functionalities. Apple product consumers’ are both male and female and of all ages. Provided a user can afford to purchase the product, users are free to use all products ranging from computers to smartphones. Apple product consumers are spread from across the globe and play from anywhere worldwide. On consumer’s values and lifestyle, apple consumers have been categorized to be above middle class consumers’. It is obvious that, Apple products are somehow expensive compared to other brands. The current users of Apple products are not consumers of the products from other firms. However, prospective customers’ do consume products from other competing firms.

Unique Design Features of Apple Products

There some other firms which produce products of the same nature as Apple. These include; Samsung which takes part in production of both mobile phones and computers. This is competitor in the industry as similar products are available only in different quality and design. These products are almost to Apple products resulting into direct competition in the industry. With direct competition in the market, every organization should strive hard to remain relevant in the industry. The next competitor is HP and Toshiba which specializes in production of computers but not phones like Apple and Samsung. The two are direct competitor in the computer market share. In this regard, computer market segment has been facing severe competition and this makes it a delicate market share which Apple should have a focus if it has to remain relevant. Collaboration of firms has been one of the aspect that many competing firms focus on when market turns quite competitive. However, Apple Inc. has been offering cutting edge products as well as services and collaboration would serve drill its capability to strive in the industry. The other firms can try to collaborate but for Apple Inc., it would not be a wise decision. In this case, collaboration for other companies such as HP, Samsung and Toshiba would be very good idea in order to join innovation and advertising power. This offers subject producers’ higher market share which results to higher profit margin.

These brands are only observable from some products like computers but not on mobile phones. On computer production, Samsung, HP and Toshiba are coming up somewhat competitive products which require careful monitoring from Apple Inc. Apple competitors are only lagging behind on design and shape of the products and if improved, can compete effectively with Apple Inc. Apple competitors product are still successful as they have a substantial market share which is almost equal to Apple. These products have remained relevant because their products are cheaper compared to Apple ones. Similar message has been passed by Apple competitors successfully and that have substantial market share in the industry. The message tries to convince use their products but each customer has been persuaded by several aspects to be loyal to particular brand.

There are notable differences between Apple Inc. products and other competing firms such as Samsung, Toshiba, Dell and HP. The point of difference are observable in area such as price of their products. Since not all customers can afford Apple products, other firms have been taking that advantage to penetrate in the industry. The obvious aspect that makes Apple products more expensive is the cost of research and innovation required to come up with new features as well as improve the existing one. The other aspect that makes them possible to penetrate in the market is the promise of updating their products with minimal costs which does not shoot beyond customers’ expectations. Apple competing firms have been taking advantage of producing low cost products while targeting low income earners. It is definite that, focusing on user need and budget has been of great importance to organizations such as Samsung, Dell and HP. 













Power consumption

Hard disk

Ease of use




User interface

Customer support




Meeting demand








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