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Conduct and write a governance audit report about an urban management institution, such as a state agency such as the Greater Sydney Commission or Landcom, an airport authority, a municipal council, a lobbying body such as the Committee for Sydney, a state or Federal department, or a health district.

1. Describe the organisation you are auditing.
2. Analyse the organisation using the ideas and theories from the readings. 

  • governance and power’ you should frame the report in the critical readings that constitute the course material. All of the core readings concern urban management agencies or institutions of some kind, and
  • Pull them apart’ analytically. A high distinction report would be similarly critical (not necessarily negative, but conscious that how these bodies work in practice are driven by powerful agents). Reference can be made to media reports, Hansard, Auditor-General reports, Budget Estimates hearings, legislation, public inquiries, etc. if necessary to give you a sense of this.

Overview of the Greater Sydney Commission

Committee for Sydney is an institution deeply interested in the future of cities. Sydney is being reshaped under the leadership of Arcadis, a member of Committee for Sydney. It has changed the expectations of people regarding autonomous vehicles (AVs) and the change they’ll bring in the cities. These autonomous vehicles are going to have a great impact on the everyday life. They’ll be able to reduce the number of on road deaths and it will facilitate movement in an efficient way (Pearson and, 2015). A six Draft District Plan was released by the commission in November 2016, in order to achieve their vision for the future of Greater Sydney 2056. This district plan included theNorth, West, Central, West Central and South West. All these plans came into force between few last months of 2016 to mid 2017. In this report there will be studied about the greater Sydney commission and analyze their ideas as well as theories

The Greater Sydney Commission was built up on 27 January 2016 through the Greater Sydney Commission Act 2015 (GSC Act).The social and physical environment of Greater Sydney is going through many valuable changes in the last decade. The commission in order to shape the future of Greater Sydney has to coordinate a plan that will benefit the institution as well as the city. Collaboration is a way to achieve this goal. A city tha contribute and collaborates tends to give more quality to community resources, social programs and infrastructure for people (Brown, 2017). Greater Sydney commission is intended in such a way that it enables integration of planning decision. The integration has to take place between the councils and the stat Government as well as between the government departments and government agencies that have the control over the matters affecting Greater Sydney’s land use plan. The interaction needs to be widely spread in order to reach as many of Greater Sydney’s more than 4 million citizens as they can.

The Greater Sydney Commission has fostered many drafts and the main one draft is of the region that includes the Greater Sydney plan and also developed five other drafts of district plans which includes:-

  • The Central district that is the Eastern City
  • The plan for the West Central District is the Central city plan

And the district which combines the south west region and west region is named as Western City District plan

  • It provides the Minister with advises and recommendations related to the Greater Sydney Region's development (Jones, 2018).
  • It prepares and provides the Minister with the reports regarding the implementation of the plans and proposing plans related to the Greater Sydney Region's development.
  • It provides advice to the Minister regarding the application of all development funds that is created under the section 129 of Environment Planning and Assessment Act 1979.
  • It assists local councils and government agencies which also includes an agency of the Commonwealth in the Greater Sydney region regarding implementation of plans or proposals related to the Greater Sydney Region's development.
  • It fulfills the Minister's request by providing any information, advice or report that he may have asked for.
  • To provide the local government areas in the Greater Sydney region with the power of environmental planning instruments which is currently in the hands of the department and the council.
  • Issue Gateway to move in a fixed direction under the EP and A Act, this function is now authorized to the department.
  • Conducting land use planning and zoning Reviews under the EP and A Act, this function is now authorized to the department.
  • Power to make district plans and prepare draft of some of the strategic plans for the Greater Sydney Region.
  • Establishment of the institution.
  • To discuss another shared vision for the Greater Sydney Region’s planning by working together with the industry, community, State and local government.
  • To make six drafts of District Plans for public showcase (Milkis and Nelson, 2015).
  • Establishment of six Sydney Planning Panels in order to show important regional developmental areas. .
  • Working with the government in order to integrate infrastructure planning and deliberate land use.

Governance includes all the processes of governing either done by the government of state by a market, over a social system and might be through the force, power laws, norms or language of different society.

Draft District Plans of Greater Sydney Commission

It is in connection to "the procedures of association and basic leadership among the on-screen characters engaged with an aggregate issue that prompt the creation, fortification, or propagation of social standards and organizations (Cornelissen, 2017)."

Some principles of Greater Sydney Commission’s governance are:

  • , Way ofRepresentation, Participation and, Fair Conduct of Elections
  • Reacting quickly and positively
  • Efficiency of work and its effectiveness
  • Openness and Transparency
  • Rul's Law
  • Ethical issues Conductance
  • Competence and Capacity
  • Innovative changes and Openness to those Changes
  • Sustainable and Long term Orientation
  • Good Financial Management
  • Human rights, Social Cohesion and Cultural Diversity
  • Matter accountability
  • Clear, good and concise remuneration report
  • Good relationship with share holders

The Draft District Plans arethe shared association between the territorial arrangement (an arrangement for developing Sydney and neighborhood natural designs) . They demonstrate the realities and work for each region and layout to indicate how an arrangement for developing Sydney can be executed at various neighborhood level (Bradley and, 2017).

  • They provide the housing type at very low price such as 10percent for affordable house for rent in greater Sydney.
  • This project delivers the regional network of parks, waterways, bushland, treelined streets by creating the Greater Sydney Green Grid
  • Designating the government and private sectors according to their collaboration areas to improve productivity, livability and sustainability

 The growing population Greater Sydney is transforming into a Metropolis of threw cities- the Western Parkland city, the Central River City and the Eastern Harbour City

This integrate with transport, land, and Infrastructure planning between government and state agencies

People existing in Sydney from the earliest time  have knowledge, understanding, custodianship of landscape connected to country

Country is multidimensional and moving   forward andcovering all the aspects and extending more. . Country connections are familiar and deeply personal to everything with unity between them (Sherry and Easthope, 2016 ). They welcome country’s protocols as they understand and respect the planning and land use of the Greater Sydney region.

The three urban areas – the Eastern Harbor City, the Central River City and the Western Parkland city demonstrates the antiquated l association with these terrains as 'saltwater County '.

More prominent Sydney holds an uncommon place In Australia s history since it is the primary spot of association between Aboriginal individuals and European individuals the future plan a d improvement of more prominent Sydney Include naming of streets, parks, boulevards

A Metropolis of the three urban communities ignite the antiquated native learning and association with the Greater Sydney scene, with contemporary land arranging plans to demonstrate a dazzling situation.

Greater Sydney has the largest assemlage of aboriginal people in Australia with families from NSW and Australia

A Metropolis of three cities rebalances the Greater Sydney – jobs, placing housing, infrastructure with more residents

This plan will show the benefits the growth in all parts of greater Sydney and ensure that it is the world’s best place in the whole world to work and live. It increases the productivity by joining skilled workers and good jobs and makes the city more sustainable by protecting natural environment and landscape.

Collaboration between different cities is the heart of Greater Sydney Commission which assess growth scenarios in infrastructure and landscape delivery.

Principles of Greater Sydney Commission's Governance

Nominations open for Greater Sydney Planning Awards

12 February 2018

Collaboration, innovation, and outstanding planning practices that result in better outcomes for communities will be in the spotlight at the 2018 Greater Sydney Planning Awards, which opened today.

Chief Commissioner, Lucy Turnbull AO, said: “The Greater Sydney Planning Awards celebrate Greater Sydney’s exciting future and recognise the importance of placing people at the heart of good planning.”

“We want to acknowledge excellence in planning and recognise bold initiatives that will deliver benefits to communities, productivity and our environment.

“Thoughtful, quality planning and design is essential to creating great places and is absolutely critical to building community trust – the social and economic benefits are a flow-on effect of this,” Ms Turnbull said.

Building on the success of last year’s inaugural Greater Sydney Planning Awards, presented by NSW Minister for Planning and Housing, Anthony Roberts, this year’s categories align with the Commission’s key themes of infrastructure and collaboration, liveability, productivity and sustainability.

The six award categories are:

Great community collaboration         

Development supported by infrastructure a very goid place to live and work

Planning for jobs and skills

Great sustainability initiative

The Chief Commissioner’s Award

“Last year, we saw a broad range of nominations, from local initiatives to large-scale developments and we’re excited to see that kind of diversity again,” Ms Turnbull said.

“We’re looking forward to entries that showcase visionary thinking and a commitment to excellence in planning for Greater Sydney’s future,” she said

Nominations are invited from local authorities, consultants, developers, , community groups, public institutions, partnerships and other teams and agencies. .

The nominated project can be from the proponent or be nominated by another individual, group or body.

Nominations close on 13 April 2018

Total expenses excluding losses

personnel expenses, operating expenses and other expenses


Total revenue

Grants, contributions  and other revenue


The budget of Greater sydney Commission 2017/18 is $21.84 million

This budget will be used to make new drafts. These plans will develop the city's strategic planning to deliver good jobs, infrastructure and homes to many people over the next 40 to 50 years.

This funding will be used to support communities and stakeholders to initiate GPOP and New Western Sydney Airport and other important growth areas

Independent Auditor's report

General audit report by - Lucy Hughes Turnbull

(chief executive)

"This is an amusement changing minute for Greater Sydney – our vision for a city of three urban communities will be acknowledged through our resolute pledge to coordinated effort and solid conviction that urban areas are in a general sense human spots.

Greater Sydney Planning Awards

Being the Chief Executive, Lucy has been given the task to carry out and help in creating productive and calculated projects for Greater Sydney.

She is concentrating on finer synchronizing of the projects of accommodations and employment for the Greater Sydney.

She is a Capitalist, a Benefactor and has a long lived passion for cities and technical and public transformations. She managed the commission for about three years(2012-2015).

She also manages an ASX - listed biomedical firm handling clinical evolution for an immuno - therapeutic cancer treatment. In addition to this, Lucy was also the first woman to become a city manager of the city of Sydney from 2003-2004.

She became an Executive of the Order of Australia for eminent aid to the community, local government and commerce.

She was presented with an honorary Doctorate of Business in the year 2012 through the NSW University, and an honorary Doctorate of Letters by the University of Western Sydney in the year 2017 and was also chosen as the Adjunct Professor in the faculty of Built Environment in 2016 by the NSW University.


From the above report it has been concluded that the challenge is that of leadership for all infrastructure owners, property owners and government at both individuals and collaborative levels. As mentioned in this report tbe Australian and NSW state government are moving forward in many ways. The NSW governmen activated legislation and collaboration with different industries in real world trials of level 4and they also established research bodies for future technologies and for the funding issue. The strongest message we received from the property owners and infrastructure owners we interviewed is that there is an immediate need to formalise  approaches to our autonomous  future, including identifying what  will be impacted and what value  is at risk, and determining the  timeline for embracing this future.

Strong collaboration, strong leadership and coordinated planning are essential for the growth of the Greater Sydney Commission. To show this thing federal, state and local governments and industries must come forward to take immediate steps to create, show and drive a shared agenda, while also developing and implementing appropriate legislation. If they don’t do so, a crucial opportunity will be missed – for it’s that  is like letting the market set the agenda and showcase in relation to new technology and legislating reactively rarely leads to the best possible outcomes fo industries and citizens.


Books and journals

Pearson, S.A., Pesa, N., Langton, J.M., Drew, A., Faedo, M. and Robertson, J., 2015. Studies using Australia's Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme data for pharmacoepidemiological research: a systematic review of the published literature (1987–2013). Pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety, 24(5), pp.447-455.

Brown, A.C., 2017. An overview of herb and dietary supplement efficacy, safety and government regulations in the United States with suggested improvements. Part 1 of 5 series. Food and Chemical Toxicology, 107, pp.449-471.

Jones, P.W., 2018. International policies for Third World education: UNESCO, literacy and development. Routledge.

Milkis, S.M. and Nelson, M., 2015. The American Presidency: Origins and Development, 1776–2014. Cq Press.

Cornelissen, S., 2017. The global tourism system: Governance, development and lessons from South Africa. Routledge.

Bradley, Q., Burnett, A. and Sparling, W., 2017. Neighbourhood planning and the spatial practices of localism. Localism and Neighbourhood Planning. Power to the People, pp.57-74.

Sherry, C. and Easthope, H., 2016. Under-supply of schooling in the gentrified and regenerated inner city. Cities, 56, pp.16-23.

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