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Discuss about the Benefits and Needs of Website in an Organization.

The websites are the collection of related web pages, these web pages are the building blocks of the websites, it includes multimedia contents, and it uses a common domain name and is published on at least one web server. There are many benefits of having an effective website; it can be personal, commercial, government and a non-profit organization (Computer hope, 2017).

The purpose of having a website in a company is that, it helps to builds a brand recognition, provide information related to the services which drives to local customers, advertise and sells the product & services directly over the internet, saves money and earn commissions, it is accessible by a public internet protocol (IP) network such as internet or LAN (local area network) by using the URL (uniform resource locator) (Tutorialspoint, 2017).

It is very important for a company to have a website, the internet as well as the intranet is very useful in the communication of any organization, the internet is a worldwide system that has interconnected computer networks, it uses the standard internet protocol and every computer is identified by its IP address in the internet, It is accessed by the users all across the world. Whereas, the intranet is a system that connects multiple PCs with each other, the PCs that are connected in intranet are not available to the outside world. Usually the organizations or companies using the intranet have their own networks, the members and employees of that particular company or organization can only access the computers in their intranet (Difference between, 2015).

The ‘habitat for humanity’ is a non-profitable organization that supports and helps poor people to live safely, provides building of houses, repairing of the old ones, providing clean water, education and training programs. There organization’s aim to build a safe, peaceful and a decent living for the poor.

It is very important to make people aware about the organization and its need; there is an essential requirement for making a website that would help to promote the importance of the NGO habitat for humanity. The president of the organization Ms. Courtney Blair does not see the need of the website for habitat for humanity whereas, the other members, the board of directors, administrators and managers in the organization think that having a website would be beneficial and helpful in flourishing the organization extremely well.

Benefits and needs of having a website

Not having a website is almost like the organization does not exist, in the present era the public and the organizations are using the internet at a high level for the source of information, people visit the website for gathering essential information regarding that particular website of the company or product (Baronet, 2011).

The benefits of websites are:

Less expensive: advertising is very necessary for any organization’s services, but it takes a lot of money in advertising, a website promotes the organization in less amount of money.

Advertising: the advertising helps in a lot of ways, if the advertising is done through internet, the major advantage for the advertising through websites results increment in growth of the organization.

Satisfaction: the website has become more convenient for the customers now days, instead of driving a car to visit an organization, it is more likely to visit the website and find what the customer wants.

Increases customers: many businesses have popularity locally, but having a website can make potential customers outside the cities and help generate more customers.

Accessibility: the website do not have to close doors for the customers and can be accessed whenever the customer want, only it is to make sure that the information posted is enough about the product.

Access to information: if a website is owned, everything can be tracked that is happening on it. Even the number of people who visited the site, messaged or emailed can be looked for. The information can be updated time to time.

Provides links: the links are very important for marketing, the websites with good contents and information, people are more likely to link the website with theirs, which makes the website valuable.

Better relationship: websites helps maintaining a good relationship giving them more information about the services.

Organizational growth: more visitor leads to more productivity for the organization, by consistently updating and promoting the contents of the website more people can be driven to the sites.

Provides opportunities: the websites provides opportunities in proving the credibility, also it gives potential customers an opportunity to explore about the organization and what it can do in future.

Long term clients: long term clients are the regular customer who buys the product daily. A website helps in gaining more clients that helps the organizations growth (Kazdesign works, 2016).

The managerial chain of command  in the Habitat for humanity is applicable, as in an organization, a chain of command refers to the reporting from bottom to top, who must answer to whom and lays out the line of authority and decision making. The organization habitat to humanity forms a structure that shows a reporting relationship step by step of the organizational design, as the organization is designed to provide safe living and ensure training and educating to the poor children and has so many other small groups that works in different areas for the people and the chain of command links them to each other. The work done is step by step looked after and reported to the higher authority. The managerial chain of command in the organization helps in making decisions that would be helpful to all the members, the decisions so made is carried out smoothly and in an appropriate manner (Johnson, 2017).

The managerial chain command

The cost analysis is a process by which the cost of a project can be calculated and compared. It is very important for analyzing the cost of a website. It involves a step by step process. The cost analysis of the website has several components that are used to determine the cost

  • The team that works on the websites: the number of individual or group that is working on the website.
  • The customization of the website design: the number of the web pages and the web design, explains the amount of the cost that has to used.
  • The copyright of the website: the amount of cost that is used in the registration the website on the web browser.
  • The level of marketing of the website: the advertisement of the products and the website.

The cost of the website also depends on the option that is best used. These options include: creating a hosting service and domain name, buying a drag and drop website builder and hiring a company that is professional into the web designing (MacKechnie, 2017).


The benefits and importance of the websites for an organization ‘the habitat for humanity’ , helps analyzing the important ideas to make the organization in consideration among the people locally and outside the cities, the websites helps to promote the ideas and also build more customer as it is very easily accessible. The need for website is very much essential in the present era as the public all around the globe is becoming more technically advanced and day by day improving in making the use of internet more accessible and appropriate.

The report concludes that the employees and the members in the organization require the use of website for the organization as they can easily make people aware about their work and provide detailed information that the organization deals with. Also analysis the feedback can be done, the ideas and views that the visitors have about the organization can also be accessed.

For an organization that is non-profitable, it is very important that the organization should be promoted all around the globe and people should be aware about it. The organization deals with making of homes for poor, repairing the old ones and proving education, training and development to the poor children making them learn better. So it is essential for making a website of the organization that would help build a strong recognition amongst the people.


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