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BHS105A Biochemistry 1

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Part A

1 Hexanamine and triethylamine have the same molecular weight of 101.190 amu. Despite  this similarity, the boiling points of 1 Hexanamine and triethylamine are 131.5° C and 89.5° C  respectively. Explain  the  reason  for  this variation in  the boiling points of  these  two similar  molecular weight compounds.
The boiling points of propanol and propanal are 97°C and 48°C respectively. Explain the  reason for this variation in the boiling points of these two compounds with similar molecular  weights. Discuss the role of intermolecular attractions between molecules  to support your  answer.
Stearic acid and linoleic acid are both long chain carboxylic acids with 18 carbon atoms.  However, there is a vast difference in the melting points of these fatty acids. Stearic acid (18:0)  melts at 70°C and linoleic acid (18:2) melts at ?5°C. Explain why there is such a large difference  in the melting points of these fatty acids.
Some  amides  are  reported  to  have  antibacterial  activity.  Discuss  the  feature  that  is  common to all amides with antibacterial activity, mechanism of action and applications.  

Part B

Carbohydrates, proteins and lipids play a vital role in the efficient functioning of the human  body.  Knowledge  of  the  structures of these  biomolecules  assists  in  understanding  their  functions  in  the  human  body.  Provide  an  overview  of  the  structural classification  of  carbohydrates and levels of organization of protein structure and explain the role of lipids in  maintaining the structure of the cell membrane.

Part C

Cyanide inhibits a key enzyme in cellular respiration. Discuss the mechanism and effect of  enzyme inhibition.
Sequence 1 and sequence 2 are short sequences of DNA with a message. To decipher the  message, you will need to first transcribe and then translate the sequences. Using the single  letter code of each amino acid obtained upon translating the sequence, crack the message  contained. Please note that there are only 20 amino acids. Therefore, you may need to insert  any/all of the letters B, J, O, U, X, Z to complete the message.   
A Part of the DNA sequence of normal hemoglobin and sickle cell hemoglobin are shown  below.  Using  your  knowledge  of transcription  and  translation,  determine  the  mRNA  and  amino acid sequence for both normal and sickle cell haemoglobin DNA.
State whether the following compounds are present in DNA or RNA or both.
a) Adenine  
b) Guanine
c) 2?deoxy?D?ribose
d) Cytosine
e) Thymine
f) D?ribose
g) Uracil
A Part of the aminoacid sequence in Cytochrome?C protein from 6 different species is given  in the table. Rank the organisms from 1 to 5 according to the similarity of the organism to  human: based on the similarity between the cytochrome C aminoacid sequences, 1 being the  closest  to  human.  It  is  largely  agreed  that  the  greater  the  number  of  amino  acid  (or  nucleotide)  differences  between  a  given  pair  of  organisms,  the  further  aPart  they  are  in  evolution. On the other hand, if two organisms show very few differences, they are likely to  be closely related.  With the given information in the table and your ranking of organisms, do  you think this ranking gives definite information on how further aPart the organisms are in  evolution? Why/why not?  
Complete the following questions using the given double stranded DNA.
a) Identify the coding strand and the template strand in the given double stranded DNA.  
b) Determine the sequence of mRNA obtained from the transcription of the DNA strand.
c) Determine the anticodons of tRNA required to translate the mRNA codons.
d) Using the genetic code, identify the sequence of amino acids obtained upon translation  of the mRNA.
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