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Topic for Business Research Study

Describe about the Business Research Report Proposal of Conditions at Tesco.

The topic for this research proposal is to find out the techniques to enhance the working conditions at Tesco. Systematic changes in the management process will help to improve the working environment.  It is also assumed, that specified changes in the work culture will motivate the workforces in the organisation (Chang & Chieng, 2006). There are certain factors and predicaments, which can increase the productivity of the firm by improving the work environment.

This research study will provide the various cultural and strategic alterations to be introduced in Tesco organisation in order to improve the working conditions. This research also includes the study of the perception of employee in terms of the working environment, various strategic and policies change involved in Tesco. This research work study also covers the various changes in the firm, in order to enhance the value of the firm, workforce motivation and satisfaction level of the customers.

  • How to enhance the performance of the employees?
  • What are the measures to reduce the production cost by enhancing workforce productivity?
  • What are the respective processes to improve the working environment of the organisation?
  • What are the measures adopted by the organisation in order to ensure the safe work environment?
  • What are the actions taken by the management for the maintenance of a stable environment?
  • What are the imperative suggestions for the improvement of the working atmosphere?

The main objectives and aims for this research are to find the various ways and factors that can improve the cultural and structural working condition at Tesco. These respective aims and objectives are described below

  • Work culture and structure of the Tesco company
  • Level of productivity by improving the working scenario of the company
  • Documentation of the change in strategic and cultural programs of the company
  • Enhancement in the motivation level of the employees with regards, to upgrade the work environment

The major objective of any organisation is to enhance the profitability. This can only be achieved by reducing the production cost and enhancing the productivity of the human resource.  There is a discernment of the firm, that the productivity level of the existing human resources can only be improved with the help of increasing the wages or payment. However, it has been found based on the statistics, that there are some other imperative factors that directly affect the productivity of the employees rather than just to increase the payment (Schneider & White, 2014).  This imperative factor is the work environment of the firm. Because, the overall productivity depends on the workforce commitments towards their respective work, individual and team performance, innovation of the existing process etc. According to the Duncan & Elliot (2012), the work environment of any organisation is considered a pivotal element for the professional growth of the employee, which directly affects the overall growth of the organisation. It has been observed that suitable job structure, as per the qualification and experiences and healthy, friendly work environments are the key factors for high performance of the employees. The other important factor is the uniform distribution of the work to the employees as per their designation and job specification. For this, it is necessary to provide the job specification to the individuals, before selecting them for the firm.

Research Study Problem Statement

The safe work environment is another crucial parameter to improve the performance of the firm. For this, it is prerequisite that the management takes all the necessarily steps to avoid any unsafe or unhealthy activity in the organisation. The management team must certify the safe working environment for the employees. For this purpose, the management should arrange periodic meeting or sessions with the employees. There should be examination of the activity and conditions of the firm on regular basis in order to check the presence of any unethical conduct or harmful situations. These steps will support the management to find any unanticipated incident (Creswell, 2013).  

Emotional wellness of the employment is another factor, which can affect the performance of the organisation. Researchers have found, that the procedure of the work, practices and encouragement of the work cause mental stability of the employees. The well-defined work structure design results in appreciation towards the work by the employees, which enhances the performance of an individual. The management of the firm must organise some activities or events in order to provide the opportunity to the employees to exhibit their talent and skills (Robert & Peterson, 2012).  These events will increase the intellectual performance of the employees and improve interaction between the employees.

In research study, the imperative step is to select an appropriate research methodology to collect more information and data for the respective research topic. The nature of the research can be any of these i.e. descriptive, exploratory or explanatory.  

When the available information is very less and extensive research is required for gathering the information, then only exploratory research technique is used (Hair,, 2007). This technique of research will provide a sizable set of information to address the problem statement. Various suggestive views will be examined in this method of research methodology (Bloomberg,, 2011).

When the problem statement cannot be addressed with the view of data and the problem statement is complex for analysis. Then, a detailed research method is used. For this procedure, various survey and interviews are organised to collect the detailed information from several sources.  Testing theories is applied in explanatory research.

This research technique is considered the most vibrant and reliable in terms of the accuracy of the result. Various tools and techniques are used in this type of research. It collects data and information with the help of observations, reading, reporting, direct interviews, surveys etc. This technique is most beneficial method for the research study. This research technique is used, when the problem statement is well specified.

Basic Research Questions

In this particular research study, the researcher has selected descriptive research method for accurate analysis (Creswell, 2013).  This includes the gathering of the data and information from primary and secondary resources. Several surveys, interviews and sessions are conducted in order to collect the information from various departments of selected organisation.  

Researchers have taken quantitative and qualitative research techniques in order to conduct the descriptive research.

It involves the use of statistical tools and mathematical methods to collect the necessary information and data for the research. The collected data or information will be expressed in terms of the mathematical model, with this help of quantitative research technique.

This research method uses the available data from various sources like observations and already conducted interviews or sessions. However, for accurate result, the researchers create some questionnaire to compile all the respective questions and then conduct a session with the concerned individual of the department (Hiller, 2006).

Researchers have considered the quantitative technique for the research proposal.

Systematic, cluster, random and stratified are some of the sampling methods that can be adopted for collecting the data for research study. Random sampling has been adopted for this research study work. Additionally, primary data and information is considered for the research, which can be obtained by conducting a session of interview with the employees of Tesco (Hastie, Tibshirani and Friedman, 2001).

  • The researchers have adopted simple random sampling technique for collection of the essential data and information (Chisnall, 2009).
  • They have conducted various interviews session with the employees of the Tesco/
  • Formation of set of questionnaire for the employees of the firm
  • Analysis of their perception, expectation and satisfaction level about the work cultural of the organisation
  • After analysing the collected data the next analysis step is to expressed the data in mathematical model
  • Linear regression method would be used for the mathematical model derivation
  • This linear regression would be completed with the help of excel software

The research study would indicate about the current satisfaction level of employees at Tesco. Additionally, it would also enable in identifying the various means that the company currently deploys in order to enhance productivity especially in regards to working conditions. Further, based on the current measures being undertaken and the extent to which they are actually working, loopholes would be identified and suggestions would be offered to enhance the overall employee productivity by improvement in the working conditions.


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