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  • (B1) From the perspective of Business Ethics OR Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) critically assess the industry that selected company operates within. Evaluate the extent the organisation’s campaign on considers environmental, social and economic aspects.

  • (B2) Select TWO of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and provide recommendations on how the company could improve further in these areas.  

    Please select goal 4 and 7 (Quality Education + Affordable and clean energy). How KANO links with those two sustainability development goals and how they can improve it as well as helping them develop. On Goal 4 you can talk about how it can help poor or less fortunate places to help learn better and help the quality of their education and how this can make them creative as well. On Goal 7 Please use as many relevant examples as possible and how Kano can work on helping the percentage in the world with no energy

Organizational Sustainability Framework and Business Ethics

Any discussion about sustainability practice is incomplete without understanding business ethics which is set within a framework. At the organizational level sustainability is introduced for one of the reasons. It can be the organizational leaders having a deep commitment to sustainability and this commitment is converted to organizational mission, goals, and objectives. Whereas, it might be that they only recognize a segment of the market that is sustainability pro.( Argenti, 2015) All the management actions can be evaluated in a four quadrant framework so as to find if they good, bad, legal or illegal. Eventually, these actions can be examined to the extent that these actions practice strategic codes and priorities in real life. There is an increasing awareness about the negative environmental impacts in the retail industry and the need to remove these impacts. The concept of sustainability was started by the first report of the world, the Brundtland Report which advocates integration of economic, social and considerations regarding the policy decisions. Special importance is given to cultural and ethical development. There are many companies who are trying to manage their business practices in a more sustainable manner. The below presented report has been executed on KANO that is a new type of commuter company. The entity is engaged in enabling the users and consumers to create, make and code the technology of the entity and that to with simple steps, stories and play (Kano 2018). The business entity offers products and services to the consumers that will aid them in assembling their own computer.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) at Kano is concerned with the techniques by which an organization surpasses the least obligations of the stakeholders specified by regulation and corporate governance. As we analyse the CSR in MNC’s, we closely see that the CSR practices are at global levels and at country-specific levels as well (Cohen, 2017). Further, they also show that the social responsibility which has universal components while also being applicable to many other localities. As the practices of the companies in one country might have an effect on other countries as well and there is a growing need to look at the universal impact of these practices. There are certain ways to encourage the CSR as mentioned by the author.

Environmental aspects

KANO focuses on the areas where they believe they make the biggest difference- Climate, water, and waste. They have various focus areas that'll help to reach their 2020 goals. The business entity works on reducing water wastage in manufacturing but also finding ways to help their customers to reduce water wastage. As part of the on-going commitment the focus is on the efforts which will have the most immediate impact:

  1. Reducing water usage.
  2. Helping customers reduce waste.
  3. Providing the needy with clean water.

CSR Practices in MNCs: Global and Country-specific Levels

They have a vision that one day there will be no waste at all by manufacturing and whatever is created will be going to a landfill (Crane and Matten, 2016). All around the regions, the teams of KANO are dedicated to reducing greenhouse gases fort a better tomorrow. At the organization, efforts are made to make use of renewable energy resources and reduce the greenhouse emissions by 30% by 2020.

  1. Climate savers a program by WWF to enable companies to collaborate their efforts to concentrate on climate change.

Their aim is to deliver best products with less packaging. The business entity has some of the best quality packagings. Their products need packaging. It protects the products and provides safety. Their containers are efficient and sustainable while delivering against performance criteria (Crane and Matten, 2016). They use the “holy grail” project to develop an industry version to aid the sorting for plastics and recycling plants.

  1. Reducing packaging by 20%.
  2. Double the use of recycled chemicals in plastic.
  3. Ensuring 90% packaging is recyclable.

Running on renewables means finding new efficiencies, operating today keeping the coming generations to come. Efforts are being made to replace the fossil driven materials with renewable energy. Acrylates which are a key constituent of the materials is now replaced by renewable superabsorbent products (Dashwood, 2012). They remain dedicated to the advancing in terms of their long-term vision of using renewable packaging. The bio-plastic feedback alliance was founded by WWF focusing on encouraging the development of plant-based plastics.

Every facility, office building is built on sustainable innovation within the business entity. The buildings are more than just places of work. They are where the employees spend a good amount of their lives. They are also a part of the community locally as well as globally. They use the LEED certification for all the plants and office buildings. It is an international organization that provides owners and operators with a green building design, construction and maintenance solutions.

KANO uses their transport in the most efficient and socially responsible way for shipping the products till the consumers (Dierksmeier et al., 2016). To ensure, they are efficient, their 2020 goal is to reduce 20% transportation cost. Enterprise has worked on significant supply chain transformations and innovative projects for additional improvement.

Committed to responsible operations

 The policies and plans are designed in a way that they define the behavior of the employees and suppliers. Always seeking a clear perspective on the operating practices while living up to the value and principles.

California Transparency Act: Providing a clear perspective on the operations while living up to the purpose and this behavior is expected from the employees and suppliers (Grayson and Hodges, 2017).

KANO's Focus on Climate, Water, and Waste

Conflict materials: They make sure they don’t use any conflict materials which might aid the armed groups in conflict regions.

Human rights policy: KANO is committed to human rights by a single policy statement.

Supplier Sustainability Guidelines: The entity holds the spirit and maintains ethical standards when they seek business (Homedes and Ugalde, 2014). Their supplier sustainability outlines the supplier’s expectations to hold ethical standards in their work and operations and that of the partners as well.

Working for the greater future: From providing basic essentials to supporting hygiene education KANO aims at improving the health of all the communities. Their aim is to focus on social responsibility or corporate brand programmes.

Health and hygiene of the people: They promote programmes which prevent illness and create faith among people for the brand and the usage of their products. There are numbers of programs organized by the business firm that are supporting some of the other cause or any social issue:

Disaster relief programs to support victims after natural calamities to improve lives (Lawrence and Weber, 2014). Large-scale global disasters developed mobile relief units to give away services to the most impacted areas. By making collaboration with the other firms the business entity makes a supply of soaps to laundry products, nappies helped restore a sense of normalcy to disrupt lives of the affected people.

KANO‘s global business has made significant contributions to satisfy the stakeholders, The contributions are in harmony with the company’s CSR goals. These goals include sustainability in business process and products. Putting the consumers first is a wider approach in CSR. This brings the satisfaction to the consumers which leads to the fulfillment of interests of KANO stakeholders. Investors are also stakeholder that influences the market. These are considered in the company’s CSR interests by constant innovation and strategy (Robinson and Dowson, 2017). There are research and development efforts for the continuous innovation of current products. Although, investors might be least prioritized in KANO CSR strategy as a fundamental factor in the business strategy.

The sustainable developments goals (SDG, s) are also known as global goals are considered as the universal call to action for ending poverty, safeguarding the planet and also ensuring that all the individuals should enjoy peace and prosperity ( 2018). These 17 Goals are developed on the triumphs of the Millennium Development Goals, while including new territories, for example, environmental change, monetary disparity, advancement, economical utilization, peace, and equity, among different needs. The objectives are interconnected regularly the way to progress on one will include handling issues all the more normally connected with another (Schwartz, 2017). The SDGs work in the soul of association and practicality to settle on the correct decisions now to enhance life, reasonably, for who and what is to come. They give clear rules and focuses on all nations to embrace as per their own particular needs and the ecological difficulties of the world on the loose. The SDGs are a comprehensive plan. They handle the main drivers of destitution and join us together to roll out a constructive improvement for the two individuals and planet. "Destitution destruction is at the core of the 2030 Agenda, as is the sense of duty regarding desert nobody," UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner said. "The Agenda offers a remarkable chance to put the entire world on a more prosperous and feasible improvement way. From numerous points of view, it reflects what UNDP was made for." As per in the given scenario the below presented are the two selected goals from SDGs:

KANO's Vision for Zero Waste and Greenhouse Emission Reduction

Since 2000, there has been the tremendous advance in accomplishing the objective of all-inclusive essential training. The aggregate enrolment rate in creating areas came to 91 percent in 2015, and the overall number of kids out of school has dropped considerably. There has additionally been an emotional increment in proficiency rates, and numerous more young ladies are in school than any time in recent memory (Shen and Benson, 2016). These are on the whole astounding triumphs. Advance has likewise been intense in some creating areas because of abnormal amounts of neediness, furnished clashes, and different crises. In Western Asia and North Africa, progressing furnished clash has seen an expansion in the number of kids out of school. This is a stressing pattern. While Sub-Saharan Africa gained the best ground in grade school enrolment among every single creating district – from 52 percent in 1990, up to 78 percent in 2012 vast disparities still remain. Kids from the poorest family units are up to four times more prone to be out of school than those of the wealthiest families. Inconsistencies amongst country and urban territories additionally stay high ( 2018). Accomplishing comprehensive and quality training for all reaffirms the conviction that instruction is a standout amongst the most intense and demonstrated vehicles for supportable improvement. This objective guarantees that all young ladies and young men finish free essential and auxiliary tutoring by 2030. It additionally intends to give rise to access to moderate professional preparing, to dispose of gender and wealth disparities, and accomplish widespread access to a quality advanced education. There is the number of targets that have been developed and designed and the same are required to be accomplished:

  • It has been ensured and estimated that by 2030, all girls and boys complete free, equitable and best and high quality primary and secondary education that will lead to relevant and effective learning results for the goal 4 ( 2018).  
  • By 2030, ensuring that all boys and girls have access to quality early childhood advancement, care and initial education and this will lead or guide or prepare them for primary education.
  • Also making sure that all the women and men to affordable and a high quality of technical, vocational and tertiary education that also includes universities.
  • Sustainability will also provide a boost to the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills that include technical and vocational proficiency and for providing employment availability of jobs and entrepreneurship (Visser and Tolhurst, 2017).

The greater part of the total populace now lives in urban zones. 2050 is the duration of which, that figure will have ascended to 6.5 billion individuals 66% of all humankind. Maintainable improvement can't be accomplished without essentially changing the way we assemble and deal with our urban spaces. The quick development of urban communities in the creating scene, combined with expanding rustic to urban movement, has prompted a blast in mega and urban communities. In 1990, there were ten mega and urban communities with 10 million tenants or more. In 2014, there are 28 mega and urban cities, home to an aggregate 453 million individuals ( 2018).  Extraordinary neediness is frequently packed in urban spaces, and national and city governments battle to oblige the rising populace in these regions. Making urban areas sheltered and practical means guaranteeing access to protected and moderate lodging and overhauling ghetto settlements. It likewise includes interest in broad daylight transport, making green open spaces, and enhancing urban arranging and administration in a way that is both participatory and comprehensive. Also for these goals, there are some determined targets that are required to be accomplished:

  • It has been assumed that the by 2030, ensuring access for all to the appropriate, secure, and affordable housing and other basic amenities and facilities and also advancing the slum areas ( 2018).
  • Advancing and enhancing comprehensive and sustainable urbanization and capacity for participatory integrated and sustainable human settlement planning and managing in all regions.

Efforts to Deliver Best Products with Sustainable Packaging


In the limelight of the above executed analysis it has been inferred that business ethics and sustainably the core variants that are required to be adopted and implemented within the business firm for attaining success and high level of growth.  KANO is a different and new kind of Computer Company, the business entity enable the users in making and coding the technology by making use of simple steps, stories and play. The creations of the users and the customers are used The above presented report has been developed on the CSR of the mentioned organization and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

It can be recommended to KANO, that they can go for an even global scale by involving on a worldwide level. They should focus more on the middle-class families who are unable to afford the basic amenities of the life providing them better schemes and plans and products. The business entity can organize promotional campaigns for raising charity events and can also create awareness for the products developed. The funds raised can be used for minimizing or ending the issue of poverty and thus enable them with a chance to get education. More and more use of computers will increase the trend of mechanization and thus will lead the cities to get transformed into sustainable cities.


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