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Literature Review

Discuss about the Challenges and Opportunities for Nepalese Migrants in Australia.

The concept of migrants is an important element of the population of Australia. Nepalese Australians are the citizens who are staying in Australia whose ethnic origns lie fully or partially in Nepal. The people who are living in different refugee camps of Nepal are then resettled in Australia wherein they share the common language and the culture with mainstream Nepali. (Adhikary et al., 2018).

The report will discuss about the challenges and the opportunities for the people of Nepal in Australia. It will highlight about the research methods and their experiences through the research methods which will include the details related to how Nepalese are able to tackle the different situations. 

Nepalese are able to get the recognition with positive level contribution where migrants play an important role in the economy as well as the social welfare of people of Australia. But the overall tolerance and accepting of people is still a challenge among certain sectors of the population of Australia (Adhikari et al., 2015). There are challenges as well as opportunities along with policymakers who make sure that the new migrants can settle down successfully.
Literature Review 

There are so many people from Nepal that have initiated coming in Australia from the year 1980 and this number was low until recently when the major amount of people from Nepal or as they called as Nepalese migrants have started arriving in the country mainly in last decade. In fact, the Nepalese community is now considered as one of the fastest developing population of immigrants in Australia, developing from only three thousand eight hundred people in the year 2005 to more than forty-three thousand and five hundred in last decade (Douglas et al., 2016).

It is crucial to identify that the migration of Nepalese people to a country like Australia is normally coming from well educated as well as the privileged society of the nation. This chance to migrate to not just present to the poor or people in need or isolated from rural locations. It is also important to be careful in order to completely avoid forming of any kind of stereotype of those Nepalis who have actually immigrated as labelled poor or needy. The census of 2011 also based their research on seventy-four percent of Nepalese that is living in Australia held some type of high-level qualification.

Challenges and Opportunities for Nepalese Australians

There are above eighty percent of migrants from Nepal that have been coming under-skilled labour visas for past few years, normally bringing the immediate family along with them. There are some spouses of these families arrive on skill labour visa face many issues while adjusting to the culture of Australia since all educational professional get in Nepal can be identified. This further means that many have to set the jobs that are way below the professional set of skills (Chapagai et al., 2017). For instance, there are people who may have a level in Nepal can understand themselves as being clean in Australia. This can impact the sense of people with pride and self-worth as these works can be seen as low caste work in Nepal.

The concept of migration is complicated along with multiple faceted as well as multi-dimension challenges. The complex challenges need connection among people and among the state level institutions along with global partners and most crucial and the migrants. There are so many stakeholders collecting was a significant option to bring it at one place important for the stakeholders with so many angles. Migrants have also asked for a word as well as a weight. Recently, they depend on just recipients of help from people like us. Now a day, they are getting some access to gain comfortable as well as possible options for earning (Renzaho et al., 2012). It needs to be more innovative as well as inclusive based on the approach to migrate labour. In the current time, Nepal is majorly falling behind as per the basic set of skills for what one can say as a critical migration mass and this is why young people leave behind a poor country.

Primary Question

  1. What are the different challenges as well as opportunities for people from Nepal migrating to Australia?

Secondary Questions

  1. What is the percentage of Nepalese people travelling in Australia?
  2. What kind of jobs available in Australia for migrant people?

Qualitative research 

Specifically, including qualitative features of collecting data, will make it further possible to gain clarity on the complicated nature of the features that can be studied and thus a clarity. The qualitative-based research will thus utilise a detailed questionnaire which can have open ended and close ended questions.

Quantitative research

The quantitative methodology includes well-structured interview which can be conducted to the similar number of people on phone and face to face. This will make sure, each interview will have the similar set of questions.

Sample size

The report depends mainly on using data collection as per census of Australia. There are other sources of data are based on where it can be applied and can be noted clearly. When it was specified otherwise, all forms of references where migrants in the report relies on places of birth as reported in the census, all the data of whether they were born to parents of Australia globally, grew up in the country or even whether they are citizens now (Poudel et al., 2018).

Research Methodology


The study will cover with the simple and random form of sampling methods which can be used to interview the respondents, answering the question of research and evaluating the hypothesis.


The variables, as well as elements in the research, will be categorised as reliable as well as independent. This depends on variables will consist of age as well as the gender of the respondents. There are many independent elements that consist of nature of the business, whether they utilise the standards related to financial accounting, level of impactful of the financial statements, nature of the company and they also file the taxes.

Data collection

While selecting the sample for the reports, forms of informed permission will be sent out to the study candidates electronically and delivery. The motive of the study will be explained to the candidates and answers will be promising since it is confidential and only consist collectively with the opinions of other participants to make normal conclusion along with recommendations (Schloenhardt & Craig, 2015).

Data analysis

The answers achieve from the questionnaires will be part of Microsoft Excel, editing as well as coding which is right. The information will then be later exported as a part of SPSS version-based data analysis software, analysing and data are shown using descriptive statistics using modes with a percentage. This further discusses the outcomes that can be visually shown in kind charts as well as graphs.

Expected Conclusion

Australia has a diverse culture and it is flourishing via a successive wave of a new set of migrants and everyone adding something to the dynamic level of the face of the country. For many people the history of Australia since the settlement of Europe, there are migrants from many other parts of the world like Nepal are becoming the dominating arrival set of groups (Simkhada et al., 2018). Such kind of trend constantly well into the mid-1990s. In the recent time, Asia has become the important source of the region for many migrants, specifically Southern Asia like India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan and Chinese part of Asia. 

Reliability and validity

The usage of mixed methodology in research based on threats to validate and reliable of the obtained outcomes. For the primary information, a test for the sake of validity and reliable will be performed to finally find whether the same outcome can be reproduced. But in case of secondary data, there is no requirement that carries out the test since the data will have already been mentioned as well assigned as and when passed in the financial statement of many SMEs (Valentin, 2015).

Research Limitations 

Some of the restrictions of the process in the research will be based on terms of the long-time efforts needed. In addition, the research will get more amount of resources to collect a lot of data to reply the established questions. while there are many sources of data will be utilised to be gaining more confidence with many findings of research.


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