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Compare and contrast some cables, media (Cable, FiOS, ADSL, DSL), routers, switches, servers, desktop computers, WAPs and an IPS/IDS...Make your tables and that will mostly cover your three parts of the NDP.

Subnet Chart

This paper is mainly focused on the specification of the network configurations for the school network. This paper introduces a subnet chart which will list all the required network specifications for addressing. This report lists a security section that will be utilized in the network infrastructure. This report has also discussed about the hardware specifications that will be used for the system.


Network Address

Host Address Range

Broadcast Address

Whole network

Classroom 1 (First Floor) -

Classroom 2 (First Floor)

192.168.2. 32 -

Classroom 4 (First Floor) -

Classroom 1 (Second Floor) -

Classroom 5 (Second Floor) -

Office 5 Admissions (Second Floor)

192.168.2. 161 -

Student Computer Lab

192.168.2. 193 -


192.168.2. 224 -

Wi-Fi Network -

The process of subdividing a network to smaller subnetworks (subnets) is referred to as subnetting. It is basically used for dividing the whole IP address range into similar ports which can be used for going into each device in the network. It is also used for addressing the computers belonging to a particular subnet with an identical and similar IP address. This process is carried out when there is an extension of subnet mast default boundary. The mask that subdivides IP address to create a network and host addresses is called subnet mask. A subnet mask is used to mask the IP address and divide it into two various types of addresses, the host address and the network address.

Firewall Selection

A firewall protects local networks from the outside global networks. That is, all data packets entering or leaving the network have to pass through the firewall and it screens them to pass through, modify or block them. A properly implemented firewall can be extremely effective in reducing or eliminating many network threats [1]. 

The segmented network architecture proposed for the building is very efficient in controlling threats to the network. This is due to the subdividing the network into sub-networks which allows prevention of hosts belonging to a subnetwork invisible from outside world. The most efficient types of firewalls to implement in this network are packet filtering firewall, stateful inspection firewall, and circuit level gateway firewall. The packet filtering firewall is used to work at routers and switching junctions and compares received packets to a set of established criteria. The stateful inspection firewall will help in examining the packets and tracking whether they are being generated in established TCP sessions. Lastly, the circuit level gateway firewall is used to determine malicious contents in the internet.

The packet filtering gateway type of firewall will help in regulating sub-network boundaries access through examining the IP addresses of data packets. Data packets are termed as small units of data which are used in IP address transmission. This is done from any of the source subnets or its destination or by carrying out port filtering (filtering of the ports) for each data packet from any of the subnets to another. Packets that are deemed to be unacceptable in light of this firewall security policy will be filtered out. The choice of this type of firewall is based on its simplicity in implementing and its common effectiveness. 

Firewall Implementation

In order to have a consideration on the context of the data packets sending and received by various hosts within the sub-networks, a stateful inspection type of firewall can be implemented [4]. This is because this type of firewall keeps track of host’s activities within the network. This is very important as it will be able to identify any host within the sub-networks that may represent a threat to the entire network and if the threat exceeds the firewall security policy, then the traffic directed to or from the host is blocked. This type of firewall application is very effective and its implementation in the proposed network will ensure total security from port scanner attacks. A port scanner attack is used by an attacker to send packets with varying destinations which helps in determining the resources used for the connection like the OS.

Another choice of a firewall to implement in this network setting is the circuit-level gateway. This works in the session layer of the OSI model or the application and transport layer of TCP/IP model. This type of firewall examines incoming or outgoing data packets IP addresses from sub-networks and determines whether they are being sent or received from the target network. However, the main disadvantages of this are that it can only handle the TCP connections. In addition, active contents are not scanned by this type of firewall. 

IDS and IPS selection

In order to maintain the network security, ways of detecting and preventing attacks from happening on the network are required. This is done by introducing Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) into to the network for monitoring traffic and identifying whether something malicious is happening. In order to respond to any suspicious event happening on the network, it needs to be detected [2]. The most appropriate IDS are the Network-based IDS as it monitors network traffic and then produces an alert when an abnormal activity is detected. This alert is made by the system on getting intrusions which are then sent to the administrators who can then undertake several mechanisms for mitigations.

Also, Host-based IDS can be selected as it monitors activities like logs and files in specific host machines on the network and also produces alerts. The use of the host based IDS can be used in the internal monitoring of the systems and monitoring of the network packets. However, IDS just monitors traffic on a network but cannot take action against malicious activities. That is where IPS comes in to proactively react to the identified activities and prevent attacks. It may carry out a firewall reconfiguration or reset a transport connection protocol when it looks like an attack is going on. Selection of IDS and IPS is very important in securing the network from both internal and external intrusions.

Hardware Specifications

DMZ Implementation

A demilitarized zone (DMZ) is a local subnet within a network where administrator places their internet services like email and web servers intended for public access [3]. It is placed between the public (mainly internet) and a protected network. Setting up a public FTP server on DMZ ensures users are served with files on the network. A FTP server is used to setup the transfer of files among clients. While a mail server enables users to access services remotely, implementation of a DMZ on the network provides extra security layer on the local network from an external attack which helps in preventing direct access to the network resources.   

Physical Security Measures

In a network, the reliance should not only be on technology to control access but also on information about physical measures for security as well. Some of the security control measures that ought to be put in place are mantraps [5]. These are designed as breezeways where the entering of one user causes the door for exit to get closed. All doors are normally unlocked and opening one of the doors causes all others to close. It can be used to control people walking within an area.

Also, the use of door access controls is a super way to regulate access to network resources like the server room. A door access control is comprised of a network specification which helps in providing authentication controls to the users. The use of authentication measures helps in securing the access to the network such that all the associated administrators can be able to access them. Another security control is by installing video surveillance like CCTV camera (surveillance camera) in critical locations and monitor activities all the time [6]. Posting security guards in the building also offer security as they provide physical protection and also use of access cards to validate the identification of existing users.

Additional Network Security

There are also other malicious schemes by users or a network or external intruders which can cause harm to the entire network if allowed to be performed. These may include social engineering attacks where characters use trickery to gain access to a network [7]. Mostly they are carried out online through sending or receiving malicious emails, downloading suspicious software, sharing of personal details like passwords. The basic approach to prevent this is to educate the network users and support staff on how to identify these occurrences and how to avoid them. In order to prevent the introduction of malware onto the network by either students or faculty, it is advisable to create administrator accounts on network devices like routers and servers to authenticate any introduction of unwanted or unknown software into the network. The administrator accounts will have access to the network resources and will be able to monitor the traffic on the system. Creating user accounts for students and faculty is also good to ensure only authenticated users can access internal or external network resources.

According to the policies used to control the usage of devices like smartphones and laptops in the school building, any personal device that gets damaged will be at the user’s own risk. For this reason, UMUC will not be responsible for any such problem 


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