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The Family Business Run by Rufus and Emma Belcastran


Coffeeville is a small cafe in Melbourne, Victoria, run by siblings Rufus and Emma Belcastran. The business was opened in 2009 with a focus on providing high quality, socially responsible products based on fair trade and locally sourced ingredients. Thanks to their strong ethics, delicious menu and friendly atmosphere, Rufus and Emma have experienced such success that they are now opening a second cafe, with plans to expand even further in the future. As the business grows, they want to ensure that they remain true to their staff and are hoping to achieve Employer of Choice (EOC) status.

With a strong focus on their staff during this expansion phase, you have been hired to help Rufus and Emma by developing a new recruitment, selection and induction program. The aim of this program is to attract and select highly qualified and enthusiastic staff, induct them into this family business in a way that helps them to settle in and feel included while also keeping in mind the goal of becoming an EOC. This needs to be done in a way that supports current and future expansion and takes full advantage of the technology options available.

Prepare a business report suitable for presentation to the business owners that details the policy and procedure framework you propose for the recruitment, selection and induction programs.

Employees actually are the most vital resources for any business, thus it is always very important for any firm to have a proper recruitment as well as selection and even a good induction process. This forever is intended for ensuring that best possible person is recruited to a post where he/she can be most effective and efficient and give proper outcome to the firm. There also are several different aspects to be considered during recruitment as well as selection process, thus this report considers issues which a firm named Coffeeville must consider for recruitment, selection as well as proper induction of new staffs in the firm while the organization id going to undertake an expansion process in coming days and will need many new staffs and also some novel experts to handle several different operations. Coffeeville is facing a situation where it needs to take decision that whether it will be acceptable by the firm if it recruits internally otherwise an external recruitment will be beneficial for the firm. Actually there are the advantages as well as disadvantages of both the looms. There also are legal considerations which are associated with the recruitment plus selection as well as induction plan.

CoffeeVille supplies a very sole as well as compelling experience of café for all the discriminating plus even socially aware drinkers of coffee at Melbourne. The firm has a proper talent management policy which involves a very strong commitment towards designing as well as execution of an integrated, technological plus strategic approach towards management of human resources (Ahmad and Schroeder, 2002). Recruiting right person at right place plus on right time needs correct strategy. This is also because merely a right person constitutes of strategic possessions of any firm.

Recruitment and Selection- Initial steps in the recruitment must be pragmatic as well as straightforward. Here it is vital for HR department to analyze and know the ways, in which several people that are needed by the firm are to be recruited, and skills plus capabilities which these people must possess. A very easy way towards addressing all this issue is to demeanor an analysis of job skills, cautiously considering content plus requirement of the job functions comprising of an evaluation of the technical skills plus even intangible otherwise ‘softer’ skills like communication, innovation and even sales capability. Idyllically job skills evaluation must be incorporated within a very strategic assessment and appraisal of HR needs so that Coffeeville can be very confident that they carry necessary skills enclosed within human capital of business towards achievement of long-run objectives of the firm (Bergman, 1981).

Expansion Plans and Commitment to Staff Management

Source: (Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), 2015)

1) Writing job description as well as person specification- it will include about a week time

2) Grading job- This will be about grading the jobs as per priority and this would be completed in a week

3) Financial approval- The firm must take approval from the finance department, this will give detail about how much can be spent behind the process

4) Redeployment- this would take two weeks of time

5) Meting out the advert will be done here (Chavchanidze, 1969)

6) Advertising- This will need about two weeks and the firm will need to enhance this to about four weeks if the job may attract public who don't carry right to work within the local area

7) Short listing- It will merely be completed in two days. This would diverge depending upon number of candidates who apply.

8) Inviting candidates: The candidates will be sent invitations where they will be informed about the timing, date and venue of the interview

9) Time amid inviting the candidates plus their selection will indulge a week time.

10) Selection- It will be done in a single day. The firm here must allow little time if it is seeing many candidates and using the preliminary selection, evaluation centres etc.

Future expansion- With astute moves plus good luck, the firm business would grow within coming months plus years. Thus it’s the real time to initiate plotting skills mix as well as bandwidth which the firm will need to manage the firm’s next stage.  The firm need sto deal with several challenges as it is going to expand in a new market having a novel ecology where it needs to adjust and handle itself in a manner through which attainment of aims and objectives is easily possible.  

Technology opportunities- Since the firm is expanding into new market and is going to face new ecology and also the firm would face good technological enhancement and need for development and growth. The firm might also try to develop technologically and also must attempt to indulge this technology into the process of recruitment, selection plus induction to make it and easy and on-going process (FACULTY RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION, 2012).

a) The firm might use internet for advertising its vacancies and needs to staffs to reach a greater audience which would ensure that the firm hires best personnel who would later be the most beneficial one for the firm

b) The firm might use new technologies like power point presentations and movie makers to provide proper induction to staffs so that they understand things easily.

c) Video callings and online as well as telephonic interviews can also be held

Use of tools- There exist a vast variety of pre -employment evaluation, tests, as well as tools that then firm can use towards helping itself through hiring process. 

a) Skills Testing – this will be particularly beneficial for positions that need a phase of competency within any detailed software programs and computer operations otherwise ‘testable’ knowledge like customer service answer and many more.

b) Psychometric Assessments –This will be perfect when it will come to assessing the team fit, hard work, motivation, and also work styles all around the customer service and sales as well as a variety of additional industry explicit skills.

c) Drug Testing- the actual screening of candidates for any illegal drugs also will be a tool for selection that the here might use to make sure that they won't carry any problem with matter abuse otherwise workplace safety (Knight, 2011).

Recruitment, Selection, and Induction Program Aimed at Employer of Choice Status

Position descriptions plus person specifications- It will be expected from the candidates that they would perform all of their duties referred to within the position description otherwise any similar document along with many other duties as well as responsibilities that might be assigned timely plus communicated to the firm. Also they might also be in accordance with the firm’s policies advised to the firm. Also undertaking actions and responsibilities will be mentioned in the description provided to the new staffs (Pierce, 2007).

Letters, Pay and offer- The employment initially be kept on a three months of probation period at the time of which employees will be expected to properly perform all their duties within the position explanation to satisfaction of managers and the owners. Timing of work will be managed towards meeting work demands in the firm and with the change in this demand the timings also might differ. The proper cash of the wages for staffs will also be paid actually fortnightly in the nominated bank account of the staffs. No cash payment will be done.

Hiring manager- The hiring manager will have to focus upon recruiting more and more talent and also will have to select the most efficient one. He will be responsible for providing equal opportunity of employment to the entire candidate without being biased and partial (Koboldt, 1996). Staffs will then be selected and even later promoted as per the merit irrespective of caste, race, gender or anything else (Pearse, 1978).

Utilization of outsourcing- Since the firm is expanding to an all new location where it needs to analyze the market trend and condition and is now unaware about such details it can about the recruitment process outsourcing for its recruitment and selection process. Here the firm can outsources otherwise transfers all and even a portion of its recruitment actions to any exterior service provider.

Legal requirements- When starting the recruiting process, it is important to be aware of certain legal issues in order to minimize risk. Job postings, interview questions, checking references and making job offers all need to be done in a way that meets legal requirements. In some cases, you could be asking unlawful or even discriminatory questions without even knowing it (Lehtonen, 2011). 

Feedback processes- The feedback about the process and the recruitment, selections as well as induction plan will be collected via distributing questionnaires to the top level managers who will fill in the same and return back and later their answers can be observed and analyzed to bring out the real effectiveness of the firm in the process. Even after selection and same days later the firm can collect the views of staffs about the new employees.

How every process will get monitored?

a) Coffeeville will be required to abide by the Equality Act 2010 towards monitoring all of the recruitment plus selection activities for assessing the process

b) Applications must normally be submitted online plus candidates should complete the equality monitoring explanations as portion of their application.

c) If any applicant has got any justifiable cause for not applying then equality monitoring data yet must be attained (Omisore and Okofu, 2014).

Importance of Finding the Right Candidates with the Necessary Skills and Capabilities

Ms. Joan & Ms. Emma Belcastran
Executive Director
13 Hill Street Boston, MA 02116

Dear Ms. Joan & Emma

This is to bring into your concern that I am pleased to present this proposal intended for the making of policy and plans as well as strategies for the recruitment, selection and even induction of novel staffs that will be needed in the Coffeeville’s new branch which has been planned to be opened in the new location for ensuring proper expansion of the firm.

A lack of efficient staffs can lead firm towards many losses and thus it is utmost needed at current state of expansion. The plan suggests attaining employees through wider source using internet and even using many tools like drug testing and psychometric testing for selection of the novel staff which could later help the firm attain better results. Also the plan is about inducting the staffs through use of new technologies related to the training and teaching of employees. The plan comprises of use of many power point presentations and movies and videos to show the staffs what is the culture of the firm, and also to make them aware about the things needed and even expected from them.

Even all the pay scales and process for leave granted as well as collection of feedback after the implementation of process is also explained within the proposal which includes that the collection of feedback will be done through distribution of questionnaire. To perform the policy and plan a proper approval from the finance department will also be needed.

All your contributions and also the approval will be greatly appreciated.


Christopher Fisher

1. A good employee focused interaction will be led from top to bottom

2. Managers will be informed about the proposal through meetings and also via a written document

3. Consistency will be maintained in the message

4. Charismatic but natural as well as planned communications will be extra effective.

5. Communication through line manager will be preferred plus more effective

6. Staff communications will never be optional extras as they are portion of commerce as usual plus will be needed to get planned as well as budgeted.

7. There also must be proper integration amid the internal plus external communications

8. The tone for communication will be a vital part (Muir, 1996)

9. Feedback will be collected whether staffs have understood the details or not.




Will the proposal be successful one as per your view?

Will the firm be able to attain good employees through this policy?

Do you support the pay scheme of the proposal?

Do you like the intention of outsourcing that will be done?

Will the type of tools planned to be used, support the policy and will it be efficient?

Write suggestion, if any______________________________________________



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