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In this assessment, you are required to write a report which critically analyses the conceptual design phase of a systems engineering project. Projects might include designing a light rail network for a city, more environmentally-conscious buildings or a mine facility. You may not have been involved in the project personally, but some connection with the project would make the analysis more meaningful. 

• Needs definition

• Conceptual system design

To demonstrate your research skills and understanding, the report should:

• Include relevant theories and models

• Draw upon relevant sources like journals, books or reputable trade publications in analysing the project (at least 5 publications, including a minimum of 2 peer reviewed research articles)

The Body of the Report should have an introduction, conclusion and recommendations. It should also include your analysis and discussion. You don't need to include the Assumptions section.

1. Introduction 

2. Needs definition

3. Conceptual design 

4. Conclusion 

5. Research skills 

6. Grammar and spelling 

Needs Definition

Light rail is a type of transportation in the urban area that is used for the public transport through the use of the rolling stock (Nolte and Yacobi 2015). This has a significant similarity with the tramway but it is capable of operating at a higher capacity. There is no particular definition of the light rail. The project management is the practice of carrying out a collaborative processes such as initiation, planning, developing, testing and controlling. The project management approach is used for gaining the most from a specific project. Perth is the capital of the Western Australia. The public transport of Perth is served through suburban rail, bus, interstate rail and trams (Villeneuve 2014). The light rail implementation in Perth will add huge advantage to the public transport.

The study is comprised of details regarding the light rail project in Perth. The selected project has a significant part in the development of the transportation system in the Australia. The traffic management in the city will be greatly improved after the implementation of light rail. The project will be covering all the busy transport areas of the Perth city so that the traffic can be managed properly. As the city is one of the busiest cities in the whole country, the selection of the stoppages must be adequate to support the objective of the project. The study holds the information like needs definition and conceptual design. More focus will be put upon the conceptual design as it will be uncovering the internal aspects of 6he project.

Prior to declaring any information regarding the light rail it is crucial to acquire proper definition regarding the light rail. The vehicle that is electric rail-borne, basically created in several stages in order to overhaul both the boundary and moreover trams are known as the light-rail. The overall network of the rails are generally regarded as the LR or light rail (Carpintero and Petersen 2014).  The electric wires are used for powering the light rail that are low floored articulated trams. These rails acquire power from the electric wires to run. The designers thus gets the opportunity of implementing the rail network in the streets effectively and efficiently. Several rails can be used within the network in order to provide two way public transport facility through the light rail within the city (Montes, Lara and Ligero 2016). The whole proposal is very relevant for making the journey comfortable and time efficient for the citizens of Perth to travel from various places of Perth.

The light rail project implementation goal of is done regarding the convenience of the citizens along with focusing on the concern that the project may not affect the peace of the environment. The light rail is completely environment friendly (make no noise). The engines that are used to run the rail is completely free of making noise and pollution level is significantly low than other public transport mediums. In terms of air pollution, the system runs on the electricity thus reducing the possibility polluting the air (Dorsey 2016). The average speed of a transportation medium define its convince and in this case, the light rail will be moving in the speed of 70 km/hr. Therefore, reaching various posts of the rail network will be easy and fast. This will result into attracting travelers and the congestion in the roads will reduce in a very short period of time thus improving the transportation condition in Perth.

Conceptual Design

Moreover, the light rail have striking quantity of assigning boundary that by and large aides in decreasing the portion of activity that Perth requires to antagonize. This network likewise fills the empty places regarding the requirement of transportation that is generated by the transport and the taxicab advantages in the city. In addition to that, in comparison with the public transportation and the taxi advantages within the town that the light rail provides the citizens much more comfort in their journey (Ho and KNAUS 2014). Therefore, the advancement of the network would not only provide the city several kinds of points of importance yet in addition regarding the public of the city and the citizens gaining out to the city through allowing their journey to be agreeable and simple.

The city council of Perth is looking forward to use the light rail in the city for increasing the transport efficiency in the city along with making the public transport more environment friendly. The council also believes that the heavy traffic issues can be resolved through the implementation of the light rail network. The benefits that the citizens and city will receive from the implementation are countless such as more income for the city council, better transportation for the citizen, reduced travelling time, environment friendly transportation and many more. The population of Perth is estimated to be two million (Lewis et al. 2015). Moreover, the current transportation mediums are not very convenient as per the growing population of the city. The biggest challenge, therefore, in designing the light rail network is identifying the route of the network. The rail network should be covering all the crucial regions of the city along with including stoppages that can connect to various crucial areas. However, it is difficult to connect all the parts of the city into one network and make it efficient (Mendes, Bennassar and Chow 2017). In order to solve this issue, the stoppage section will be done in such a way that adequate communication medium is available from the stoppage to nearby areas.

After finalizing the network route, the hardest part, selecting the method implanting the network comes. The city council has selected to use the free spaces by the side of the road for implementing the light rail. It is not possible to install the rail path by the side of all roads because of the existing buildings and other things. For those areas, the network will be implemented through constructing over the roads like over bridges. This will be result into utilizing most of the free spaces of the roadways. This will assist the city council to make better decisions regarding the implantation of the light rail (Hurst and West 2014). This assists in providing another substitute to transport that is provided on possessed roadways for enhancing public transport. This is done for the travelers who basically stays within the rural areas. It can be considered as one of the associating equally with several approaches regarding transportation instead of opposing them.



                                               Figure 1: The LRN or Light Rail Network of Perth

                                                            (Source: Created by Author)

Therefore, the information linked with the advancement of network is the potentially of the developing the rail network system into the primary roadways within Perth. Moreover, it is to be considered that the breadth of the roads are not compatible with rail network implementation. The rail route that will be installed by side of the roads must have roper passage at both side so that the possibility of accident can be prevented completely. The safety issues is the biggest concern in this case. Another concern is that the light rail system stoppages must be constructed at those places where adequate amount of area such as fifteen hundred square feet. The blueprint of the whole network and stoppages are provided to the city council so that they can analyze all the aspects of the project construction (Higgins, Ferguson and Kanaroglou 2014).

Power Distribution: This the mist vital measures of the network rail technical performance as without power the light rail will not run.

Communication between the Rails: In order to implement the safety concerns properly, proper communication among the rails that are running in the route is essential (Miller et al. 2015).

Working Functionality of Rail: Each rail will be incorporated with an application that monitors the activities within the rail.

The product lifecycle of rail road project will be consisting of the following entities.

  1. Entire System
  2. Infrastructure construction work
  3. Infrastructure operation
  4. Infrastructure material transport

The amount of population in Perth is very high (two million). Most of the citizens of Perth depends upon the public transport for travelling intercity. Because of this, the congestion level will be significantly reduced within Perth. The network would be done considering most of the locations of the town and as a protocol go via the important parts within the city. The selected project would similarly provide several kinds of community benefits regarding the city. The project for the public transport would similarly go via the most populated parts of the city. In addition to that, it will resolute the congestion related issues within the city and will legitimize the activity management for the project.

Estimation is done in terms of the entire cost of the network and entire charge regarding the installation of the network is entirely to 794 million dollars.


                                            Figure 2: The Cost Estimation of Light Rail Project

                                                               (Source: Created by Author)

Research Skills

The approximated price basically, relies on the perception of design that will be given by the financial and the technical specialists allocated to the job of implementation of the network. Among the most important recognitions regarding the project the eventuality was recognized with the approximation of the worth form the investigation of the vital risk mitigation processes. The estimated charge is the ordinary appraisal of the complete project expected from the estimated values. In addition to that, only acquiring the continuous up regarding concern. The cost of the project is the approximated project cost and not the real cost paid by the Perth government regarding the project completion.


From the above study it can be concluded that the light rail implementation project can be a very advantageous project for Perth. The city council must employ adequate and skilled personnel for analyzing the projects related information. Moreover, this project is crucial for the enhancement of the public transport in Perth. This project can be a model for the other big cities of Australia to increase transport efficiency while reducing the pollution in the city. The potentiality of improving the structure of the city can be done through this project. As the rail network will not be experiencing any traffic jam, the average speed of reach from one destination to another will be reduced. The city is one of the busiest urban areas of the nation and has the most complex movement. Subsequently, keeping in mind the end goal to improve the activity of the city this sort of task is being thought about. The report has been utilized for giving the data about the light rail organize usage inside the city of Canberra to the peruses. The meaning of the light rail arrange venture, the calculated outline and the cost for the usage of the framework have been given in the report productively. The system of these electric borne rails is known as the light rail organize. This framework makes utilization of the low stunned enunciated cable cars that more often than not acquire the power from the electric wires. Thus the designers will be allowed to provide the options of implementing the rail route through the side of the roadways. More than three rails will be running at the same time in one direction so that the congestion of the travelers can be handled properly. The cost of the rail tickets will be slightly high for the first year but will be reduced after that so that the financial efficiency can be maintained.

The light rail project is technically and financially feasible. As most of the network will be constructed in free spaces, the cost of the land possession will be significantly low. The project will not hamper the current transportation process in Perth. It is recognized for the investigation that the BRC esteem for the task is more noteworthy than one and henceforth, this outcomes in the undertaking to be financially plausible. The conveyance for the task can likewise be expected effectively. Moreover, it is likewise said in the report that the task is socially practical. Notwithstanding the monetary advantages, the undertaking additionally gives different kind of different advantages and consequently, this legitimizes the need to actualize the venture effectively.

Proper Security Measurement: The city council and the responsible project team members will make sure that the project maintains all the international and national safety practices.

Cost Management: The project should be done through following the best practices so that the cost of the project may not exceed the allocated amount.


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