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Implementation of Business Process Models for ABC Market

Web based information system mainly refers to those systems which uses internet and technologies to provide the services and information to the user and other applications (Yunanto, Nurhidayat and Wicaksono 2019). In this paper it will be discussed that the business process models help one in identification of the opportunities to visualize the business process. ABC Market is an online platform for shopping and reselling. In this paper the author will also provide the information about different models for business process. The government, owners, competitors and the managers are the stakeholders in e-businesses (Jabbour et al.2020). The paper will discuss about the impact of the e-business models on the stakeholders. ABC Market faced different trouble during the start up time like missing product details, poor communication with the customers, slow automation process and poor personalization and return options. The possible reason for these problems is low quality business models, not enough expertise for customer interaction and implementation of wrong information system model.  ABC Market provides good services for the customers in reasonable prices by implementing new business models can assist the company in improvement of the business. The paper discusses different information system like office automation systems, knowledge management systems, decision making systems can solve any issue for any organization (Liu, Wang and Li 2018). This paper also includes the proper documented structure with coherence and clarity of the required model with the analysis of the model. The proper appraisal and quality of the solution and suggestion will also be provided by the author in this paper.

The concept of business process model is not unknown. By implementing the business process model one can identify the risk and challenges of an established system (Mutarraf et al. 2018). Providing visualization to the work gives one a better understanding about the workflow and inspection. Being the new e-commerce company ABC Market faced different challenges which include Cyber security problem, Handling order fulfillment, Customer satisfaction and Return and refund policies.

BPMN model for ABC Market

BPMN model for ABC Market

The provided business process model structure for ABC Market will allow the organization to make the business process faster and more efficient. It will allow the visitors or customers to find the requited product after logging in the site. After selecting the product and adding the product in the ‘cart’ option the users are given check out option. The check out option will be closed and the order will be confirmed once the payment is done. If the customer or user decides to cancel the order the individual can terminate the process and close the check out option normally.

Once the users or visitors search or look for some product the results shows in the database of the admin system. Based on the search result and the user input the ‘cart’ is managed by the employees. Once the payment is successful and confirmed by the finance team the sales executive team registers the order. The product management team checks with thee back office and inventory for availability and processes the order accordingly. The administrators processes and the ships the orders accordingly with the system and send s the acknowledgement to the customers to provide better service to the customers.


Role in company

Connection  with  BPMN model


Manages all the tasks and company website (Kumah 2018).

Handles the new order inputs and assigned thee required actions to others.

Customer care

Provides assistance and help to the customers.

Takes the customer feedbacks and complains from the website and handles accordingly.

Product management team

Manages the product demands and ensures the efficiency in business (Delima et al. 2018.).

Checks the product demand and on the site based on tee search list and wish list and restocks accordingly.

Marketing Team

Optimizes online sales and manages marketing strategies

Promotes the site on different platforms with the ongoing strategies.

Finance management team

Provides funding and loans and manages the expenses

Assists in maintaining the expense of the site and company

It management team

Manages the cyber security and online payment processes

Provides the cyber security to the site and manages the online payment processes on the site.

Back office

Manages all the inventory and offline activities (Zaini and Riyadi 2021).

Checks the inventory and stocks of the company and update that accordingly to the administrator for the product availability of the site.  

Sales executive team

Provides insights to the customers by following the trends and assists in promotional campaign

Follow the trends among the users and updates the site with the products accordingly.


Purchases the company’s products and services

Check the products customized the menu and purchase options as per the individual requirement.

Impact of E-Business Models on Stakeholders

The information system if an e-commerce organization is made with people, resources and procedures. The process of collecting, disseminating, transforming information within an organization is done in the information system (Cardoso-dos-Santos et al. 2021). It takes the input from the resources and produces the output for that as information products. The ecommerce platform is completely based on the technology. The information system assists the organization to maintain the inventory, supply chain and even customer service (Rusyn, Vysotska and Pohreliuk 2018). The common technologies which are required to maintain any ecommerce organization are database technology, email, shipping systems, and refund and return systems, transaction process system and executive support systems. The business process model of ABC Market will use the systems which include data flow diagrams, transaction systems for the company, a management o manage the information system and store the information and data, decision support systems, artificial intelligence for searching and suggesting the customers proper items and analytical online processing (Xie et al. 2020). The information system will directly enable the administrators to reduce the cost and enhance the work flow through the various types of information systems. As ABC Market is a start up and new in the e commerce industry so it is important for the company for create employment opportunities for the business expansion. By providing the proper training to the new employees about the digital and virtual market will assist the organization in growth. Information system also assists an organization in global market engagement. Operational cost, designing cost, import cost, digitalization of product processes are handled easily through the information system and technology (Simamora 2019). As in online business the consumers are directly connected to the sellers without any negotiators in between so it is important to keep the system of the organization always updated.

Being the new online ecommerce company ABC Market requires a system which will provide proper cyber security framework. The proper cyber security will protect the organization from the ransomware attack, cyber attacks and even from data loss which is common in the ecommerce industry (Chung and Kang 2020). Not only cyber security start up e commerce businesses faces the challenge in order fulfillment also. By implementing the new structure or model ABC Market can increase the efficiency. One of the most common yet over looked problem of an e commerce business is the customer satisfaction. Maintaining customer satisfaction is tough as it requires precise prince handling, customer segmentation the new model of the business will assist ABC Market in making better customer experience. As the start up e-commerce Company ABC Market did not have the proper set up for the return and refund policies which affected the organizational value. It is important for any organization to create smooth and efficient policies which is easy for the customer to understand (Jalil 2019). The new business process model will help ABC Market to build an easy return and refund set up for the customers. Having an easy and simple system for the refund and return make the customer like the company structures more (Ridwan et al. 2021).

Different Information Systems for E-commerce

There are several models and techniques for business process which includes Business process modeling notation (BPMN), Unified modeling language diagrams, Flowchart techniques, and Role activity diagrams, Data flow diagrams, Gantt charts and object oriented technologies (Corradini et al. 2018). The chosen model is the BPMN technique to the information system management of ABC Market.  The following model will make all the processes easy for the organization to handle.

In this age of digitalization the doing business has also become easier for everyone (Khalin and Chernova 2018). But every beneficial thing has its own drawbacks. The business process system for ABC Market provides the benefits for the administrator to run the business efficiently. The system provides accessibility for the customers 24*7 hours so it becomes easy for the customers to go through the products at any time. Making the system completely online and hiring only the required expertise can assist the organization in cost reduction (Oláh et al. 2019). As the system is online system so there are lesser chances of interruption or cancelation. Having the online system based on the information systems gives the organization flexibility to communicate with customers from different places (Oláh et al. 2019). The system for the ABC Market can be accessed anywhere worldwide as it allows the customization in currency based on the country. The system helps the organization to run the business more effectively. As the provided information systems produces more efficient results of the processes. The customers are handled by the expertise within a given so it shows the customers approximate time every activity like approximate date of delivery, return orb exchange date and even the system allows the customers to raise complain. All these features enhance the company’s customer service and build a better impression. The administrative cost is reduced with the system as it the organization does not need extra staffs for managing different works. The different processes are managed by the different part of the system like the payment part is managed by the transaction information system, the product details are managed by the management information systems (Singh, Kaur and Singh 2018). Apart from these there are other information systems which are used in the business process system like office automation systems, business information systems.

 But there are some key points which the company needs to keep in mind while using the system. One of the biggest issues of the system is that it does not provide direct communication option with the customers which can lead to irregularity or the customers and some customers who prefer old-fashioned shopping might not be satisfied with the service (Gian and Ikate 2021). The system completely depends on the internet and technology s it does not provide the option for offline accessibility. As it depends on the technology and internet so there will a part of users who do not use the internet that much like Generation Z will not be able to shop from the system. Even though the IT security teams checks up with the security of the system but still there are chances of hacking as the cybercriminals are using updated technologies every day. The hacking and lack of security can wipe out the cash or misuse the customer’s identity or the customer details. As the process of the product order and delivery completely depends on the information systems and done via digitalization so there might be delay in the process if any of the process or step crashes because of any reason. The customers may get the delivery late which can affect the customer satisfaction value of the organization. The implementation expense of the information systems is high. As the implementation requires different types of software, hardware and expertise son it requires a high budget for the implementation. If the processes are not handled properly on time it might lead to delay or failure of the product competition (Vu?ina 2019). The system uses different types of information systems to complete the whole process like Transaction processing system (TPS) handles the transaction and payment of the orders. The installation and update of the TPS can be costly as ABC Market is a start up Business Company. The product details are managed through the Management information system (MIS). MIS requires constant monitoring and inspection (Wang and Kogan 2018). In this system the flexibility of MIS for auto update is low. So an expertise must always monitor and handle the system manually. Any online system needs proper expertise to manage the system (Ouedraogo et al. 2019). To keep the good customer service the customer support system needs to be handled by the expertise as the system does not have the auto bots for the customer communication or feedback. ABC Market needs to invest extra for hiring the expertise for managing the parts of the systems. The system will also allow the customers to view limited information and will also access the limited information from the users also which might cause trouble in some cases.

BPMN Model for ABC Market

Information technology provides the activities like storing, fetching and, manipulating the information and data with the servers which has operating system (Kuruwitaarachchi 2020). Information system has solved the previous issues and possible risks of ABC Market. But there are some ethical issues of using the information systems which the organization needs to be aware of. Personal privacy is an important ethical issue of Information system as the hardware and software are connected to the different servers. The different connection with different servers leads to hidden chance of disclosing and violation of the user’s identity. Having the right access is should be the highest priority for any organization while using the information systems. Especially for any ecommerce organization the networks cannot be accessed by the unauthorized individuals. The instruction decision system can be used to determine if the user is an authorized one or unauthorized one (Wang 2021). The more difficult issues to handle with is the patent issue. Obtaining patent is more troublesome than obtaining copyright as it rehires full disclosure of the building program. The liability issues, piracy issues and trade sectors are some of the ethical issues of Information system which the organization need to considerate about. Apart from the ethical issues one must be aware with the political and legal issues of the information systems. Information system right and obligations, Accountability and control, system equality and quality life are the other major issues of information system. The computing power of the information systems is increasing every day as all the businesses and organization are using information systems in the core business processes. The use of advanced data storage techniques are adapted by public and private organizations. The Nonobvious relationship awareness (NORA) is a data analysis technology which assists the organization in identifies potential criminals and terrorist activities (MOHAMMED 2019). All these activities and features have heightened the ethical issues of the existing social and political issues. Relationship management like partnership development, group cohesiveness, virtual teams, collaboration and networking can happen in the e commerce origination or any other organization which adapts information systems. The organizations must follow the four steps of to build a good ethical environment which is responsibility, accountability, liability, and process handle . The provided system is useful to organizations that can access the full benefit of the system with the products. The organizations or companies who have the business of the groceries, handicrafts, food and medicines cannot have the full benefit of the system as it does not provide the facility of quick delivery. The small business organization which does not have the proper structure and idea for the business cannot also access the full benefits of the system as it needs the budget for all the hardware and software. The small businesses that do not have the proper product base will also not be able to beneficial with the suggested system. Having the online business process system assists the organizations to grow fast. Under the competitive niches and environment the online businesses tend to grow faster than normal businesses. If the organizations have the budget and system for required tools and techniques which includes social media tools, online invoice tools, team communication tools it will b more beneficial for the organization. Information systems provide the benefits to access the information beforehand which helps the organizations to plan the big future picture. The organization must have the understanding of the product which is required. The organizations can connect with the customers with the system and inspect the ongoing trend and requirements among the customers and make changes accordingly. One the organization has the good audience pool it becomes the most beneficial for the organizations.

Roles of Stakeholders in ABC Market


The provided for the ABC Market provides the different benefits for the organization. The suggested system uses different type of information system together to provide the best services of the business to the customers. The different information systems which are transaction processing systems, office automation systems, decision support systems, management information systems, executive support systems are used in the system for ABC Market. This paper concludes that the different roles of the stakeholders in the system. The finance management team provides funding and loans and manages the expenses and assists in maintaining the expense of the site and company. This paper also concludes that the concept of business process model is not unknown; by implementing the business process model one can identify the risk and challenges of an established system. Database technology, shipping systems, email, and refund and return systems, transaction process system and executive support systems are the common technologies which are required to maintain any ecommerce organization. In this the proper visualization structure of the system for the ABC Market has been provided. As the start up business company ABC Market has faced a lot of issue. The new system will assist the organization to provide better customer service, better data protection and privacy protection of the customer, easy return and refund policies, easy customization of data. Apart from all these features the system also provides the company to have 24*7 availability and worldwide accessibility so that all the customers can access the products at any time anywhere in the world. Even though the system provides ABC Market different benefits and helps in mitigating the previous issues the organization needs to keep in mind the drawbacks of the system which includes cyber security issues, delay in delivery and customer satisfaction. Hiring proper expertise and investing on the software, hardware and technologies for the business will enhance the assurance and security of the business.


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