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Write Report on "Competency Demonstration".

My career objective is to acquire great skills and proficiency in the field of Civil Engineering and thereby achieve an honorable position in a renowned organization where I can challenge my knowledge, contribute towards the growth of my organization as well as pursue continual personal development. For this purpose, I completed my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Velagapudi Ramakrishna Siddhartha Engineering College in March 2012. After completing my academic career, I started my professional career by working in Oporto in 2012. I presently work in Coles. During my academic and professional experience, I have managed to gather sound knowledge on major latest technologies and learned to handle all Mac and Windows Operating Systems in proficient manner. I have acquired adequate competency with Microsoft Office operations. I can work independently under minimal supervision. In addition, I am able to handle customer complaints in an efficient and polite manner. I have attended a training program from International English Language Testing System where I gathered adequate proficiency in English writing, speaking, reading as well as listening skills.

I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Velagapudi Ramakrishna Siddhartha Engineering College in March 2012 with First Class.

Prior to that, I completed my Secondary Education from Board of Intermediate Education in Andhra Pradesh in March 2008 with Grade A.

I attended Advanced English Training Program from International English Language Testing System and achieved overall band score of 6.0.

Duration: 2013 to Present

Employer: Oporto

Position: Please Mention

Responsibilities/ Duties:

  • To work with the latest technologies for preparing reports, proposals and plans
  • To work individually under minimal supervision
  • To analyze and evaluate requirements and use MS office for project purpose

Duration: 2013 to Present

Employer: Coles

Position: Please Mention

Responsibilities/ Duties:

  • To compute load and grade requirements and material stress factors
  • To analyze survey reports, blueprints, maps, drawings, and other relevant data for project plans
  • To communicate with clients and attend their complaints in a polite manner
Projects Undertaken
  1. Project on Safety at Public Places and Highways
  2. Analysis and Design of Multi Storey Building
  • Increasing Agriculture and Improving Cropping Pattern

I hereby declare that all the information presented in this document is very much true to the best of my concern. The statements are solely intended to accurately represent the skill and knowledge acquired by me so far in my academic and professional career. Besides, I promise that I have adhered to all the ethical and moral obligations and properly maintained required professionalism as a Civil Engineer in every area of my field of study in Civil Engineering. 

Project Name: Project on Safety at Public Places and Highways

Project Duration: Please Mention

Location of the Project: Please Mention

Organization Name: Please Mention

Role in the Project: Civil Engineer

Overview of the Engineering Project

The project is based on studying and evaluating the aspects of the two major types of safety considered in civil engineering; namely, highway safety and safety at public places such as shopping malls, halls and movie theatres. To be more precise, the project involves undertaking detail study on how the width of the door of a hall or a movie theatre affects the time of evacuation. The project analyzes the significance of planning from an early stage. For highway or road safety, it involves measures and methods to reduce the risk of serious injuries and accidents. For this purpose, I carried out detail study on how road accidents are affected by the multiple factors along with their categorizations. The project additionally involves a thorough assessment of the geometric features and the manmade features associated with the major factors of road and highway safety. 

Academic Background

This particular project had the following basic objectives:

  • To study the major factors of safety at public place
  • To study the major factors of safety at highways and roads
  • To understand the factors of road geometry including horizontal curve, vertical curve, super elevation and other geometric and manmade features
  • To collect data on accidents based on using survey instruments such as Total Station and DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System)

In this project, my role was to carry out a detailed study and analysis of the basic geometric and manmade factors of road safety and understand the measures and methods that can be used for reducing the number and severity of accidents and injuries. For this purpose, I applied two significant tools and instruments for measuring road geometry, that are Total Station and DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System). I specifically undertook detailed calculation of horizontal curve, vertical grade and super elevation using AutoCAD software application. Apart from that, I successfully acquired relevant data of NH (National Highway) 200 that demonstrates the rate and number of accidents along the past years. I thereby analyzed the data for comparing and contrasting between the horizontal radius and median with the accident rate. Similarly, I carried out analysis with respect to the vertical grades and super elevation. Finally, I was responsible for constructing the regression equation using Microsoft Excel. 

Statement of my Responsibilities in This Project

As this was an individual project, therefore, I had the following roles and duties in this particular project:

  • To study the road geometric factors and how they affect the safety at roads and highways
  • To study the major aspects of manmade or human factors and drivers that affect safety at public places and highways
  • To perform all calculations on horizontal curve, vertical grades and super elevation (radius, median) using AutoCAD software
  • To develop the regression model in Microsoft Excel Software
  • To analyze the different conditions associated with evacuation from a hall
  • To collect road accident data of National Highway 200 using DGPS and total station for calculation of super elevation, vertical grade and horizontal curve
  • To plot data obtained from total station in AutoCAD based on the three coordinates

Understanding and Approach

The project is based on calculating the major road geometric factors such as horizontal curve, super elevation and vertical grades for analyzing road safety and understanding the measures and methods of reducing the risks of accidents and injuries. Apart from that, it also includes the manmade features to be analyzed for measuring accident rates and safety at roads and public places (e.g. halls, shopping malls etc.). For this purpose, I have collected the road accident data on National Highway 200 using DGPS and Total Station and plotted the collected data on AutoCAD for further evaluation. Furthermore, based on the contrasts on individual geometric values versus the rate of accidents measured, I developed the regression equation using excel, which is as follows:

Y= -0.00121X1 - 0.12507X2 + 2.99x10-5X3 + 3.552

For the study of manmade features on road safety, I specifically analyzed the roadway problems and obstacles (such as telephone and electric poles, posters, dividers and so on). To be more precise, I particularly modeled a detailed scenario using the functions and variables to form the equation, which is as follows:

AYM = C1*X1 + C2*X2 + C3*X3

A thorough multi variable regression analysis is utilized for collecting data and estimating the C1, C2, and C3. The regression equation is:

Training Programs

Y= -0.000461X1 - 0.000838X2 + 0.1032 X3 + 2.646

I applied my engineering knowledge in order to determine the major geometric factors associated with road safety and calculate the specifications with respect to them, such as horizontal curve, super elevation and vertical grade. I plotted the graph based on the collected data using DGPS and Total Station. I utilized my competency in numerical ability to carry out the detail calculations and comparisons with the values of radius, median and so on. Furthermore, I worked with the gathered data by plotting them on AutoCAD software according to the three coordinates X, Y and Z. Moreover, I discovered the three major impacts of vertical road alignments that are significantly related with the occurrences of traffic accidents. I analyzed the role of parabolic curve in assuring a smooth transition between two grades on a highway or a roadway. Apart from that, I conducted an extensive literature review on the basic factors and impacts of road and public place safety requirements.

As this was an individual project, therefore, I carried out the overall study on the major aspects of road safety as well as safety at public places. I executed the necessary calculations regarding horizontal curve, vertical grade and super elevation. I have individually gathered accident data on national highway on past ten years and analyzed the data using total station and DGPS for developing the regression model equation. I calculated the total evacuation time versus the width of door opening plot for a specific number of persons. At the initial stage of undertaking the project, I carried out a detailed plan dividing the overall project objective into a number of decomposed tasks and thereby allocating different time slots for each activity. I developed the project schedule and estimated the overall cost of project. For this purpose, I took multiple sittings with my project mentor for identifying the major activities associated with the undertaken project. 

Technical Difficulties

During the execution of this particular project, I faced significant difficulty in working with the collected using Total Station and DGPS and plotting them on the X, Y, and Z coordinates in AutoCAD software. I specifically faced difficulty in using the features of AutoCAD because I was using it for the first time was therefore, was not adequately familiar with all of its characteristics and functionalities. 


I successfully resolved the specific issue mentioned above by allotting a fixed amount of time and undertaking a rigorous course on learning the basic operations of AutoCAD software. After the course was complete, I was appropriately familiar with the required features and functions of AutoCAD and thereby successfully applied my newly acquired skills in the calculations of my project.

I utilized my acquired skills and competencies for developing the basic idea behind the project. Furthermore, I applied my skills in using the DGPS technology for positioning the objects in proper scale. Apart from that, I specifically learned AutoCAD for calculating the values associated with horizontal curve, super elevation and vertical grades with respect to the geometric specifications in road or highway safety.

As it was an individual project, therefore, I communicated with my project mentor and supervisor for effectively planning my project and systematically undertake the activities. Furthermore, I effectively approached my mentor for suggestions whenever I encountered any difficulties in the execution of my project. I maintained a consistent contact with my mentor and kept him updated about the progress, status of project and outcomes/ results of each phase. Finally, I gave a successful presentation of the overall project starting from its objective to outcomes to my mentor and project supervisor.

In this project, I applied my civil engineering knowledge and skills for carrying out the major calculations of radius, median and other factors associated with road geometry (horizontal curve, vertical grade and super elevation). Apart from that, I have successfully worked with the AutoCAD software for plotting the road accident data of NH 200 obtained from DGPS and total station on X, Y and Z coordinates in an appropriate manner. In addition to that, I have developed the regression model and equation using Microsoft Excel. As a whole, I have performed the calculations based on the surveyed data and programmed using CAD software for detail visualization. 

As this project was an individual type project, I was responsible for the major activities to be carried out to meet the desired outcome of the project. For this purpose, I undertook a detailed project management approach and developed a project schedule with proper estimations and decomposition of the significant tasks. I conducted a thorough exploration and analysis of the major factors (both geometric and human factors) that significantly influence safety at highways and public places. I utilized my civil engineering skills to measure the values and specifications required in order to minimize chances of risks associated with accidents. I worked with DGPS and Total Station software to analyze accident data and plotted them on AutoCAD for developing regression equation so as to compare and contrast between the accident rates/ number of accidents with geometric features of highways.

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