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Laboratory Equipment and Techniques for Measuring Metal Properties


As a project engineer, you have been requested to produce a report documenting your selection of an appropriate metal to use to replace an existing beam member that has corroded in a steel frame structure (e. g., beam member on the Story Bridge in Brisbane, Queensland). The metal selected from the candidate metals available in the accompanying spreadsheet (i. e., candidate metals test data) available on UTSOnline needs to have the following three (3) performance characteristics met:

i. Ability to deform inelastically when subjected to severe earthquake loads.

ii. Ability to resist repeated application of cyclic loads.

iii. Ability to resist the highest amount of deflection. 

1. Describe the laboratory equipment needed and techniques used to measure each of the metal properties given in the spreadsheet.

2. Describe how the metal properties given in the spreadsheet may be used to determine the desired performance characteristics (i. e., ability to deform inelastically, ability to resist cyclic loads and ability to resist deflection).

3. If you wanted to enhance the mechanical properties of a ductile steel to meet the desired performance characteristics (i. e., ability to deform inelastically, ability to resist cyclic loads and ability to resist deflection) describe the metal composition, heat treatment and strengthening process required to achieve this outcome.

4. On the same graph sketch and label the expected stress‐strain relationships up to the point of failure for the four (4) metals given in the spreadsheet (i. e., plot the four (4) curves on a single graph). Do not describe the various points, regions and areas just focus on the trends. 

5. Use the data provided in the spreadsheet to justify your choice of metal (i. e., metal A, B, C or D) to meet the desired performance characteristics (i. e., ability to deform inelastically, ability to resist cyclic loads and ability to resist deflection). 

The excessive fine to-weight share of steel minimizes the auxiliary weight of superstructures and in this method minimizes the substructure expenditures, which is primarily valuable in poor floor stipulations. Least self-weight is likewise a most important variable in the expense of transporting and taking care of segments. Utilization of steel encourages shallow progress profundities, which overcomes problems with headroom and surge clearances, and minimizes the length and cost of methodology banks.

Steel is essentially the most reused progress material and selecting it for extensions speaks to a maintainable administration of normal property. On the point when a metal span achieves the top of its useful life, the braces will also be sliced into cheap sizes to inspire pulverization, and got here back to steelworks for reusing. Someplace in the range of 99% of auxiliary metal either discovers its manner over into the steelmaking method where it's utilized to make new steel objects or is reused. There's no corruption within the execution of reused metal. Then again, section ingredients of steel extensions will also be reused in exceptional constructions; entire scaffolds were moved and scaffolds can also be outlined in view of simplicity of future migration.

Determination of Desired Performance Characteristics Based on Metal Properties

Metal has expansive engineering possible effects. Metal extensions may also be made to seem mild or reassuringly powerful, and may also be designed to any form or frame. The excessive floor nature of metal makes smooth sharp traces and enables soft loving care. Innovative production approaches can absolutely provide bend in association and upward thrust. The creative production of steelwork presents shading and change, and repainting can trade or revive the presence of the extension.

Auxiliary metal is a ultimate material that is swiftly obtainable global in affirmed grades, in outcome of exclusive shapes and sizes. Building of steelwork in controlled manufacturing plant stipulations prompts amazing work as a minimum price. The terrific pleasant control is complete by means of a cautious testing administration on the steel approaches and amid the manufacture systems of chopping and penetrating, social gathering, welding, and shielding medication. The pleasant affirmation that is done must offer simple task to all patrons and designers who indicate steel for his or her scaffold enterprise.

Metal fabric is offered in two object shapes – 'stage objects' (steel plate and strip) and 'lengthy items' (moved areas, either general open segments, for illustration, shafts, channels, edges, etc or empty segments). For auxiliary use in extensions these gadgets are necessarily cut (to size and shape) and welded, one section to one other. Within the constitution, the fabric is in charge to pliable and compressive powers. General metal for probably the most part reacts in a right away versatile means, up to the 'yield point' and from that point has a noteworthy limit for plastic straining before disappointment. Each these types of ingredients of metal material are used by the architect of a metal span.

The alternative of a compatible evaluation of steel for an extension requires an attention to the steel fabricating process, energy about the applicable object instructions and a comprehension of a few properties together with:

  • Product specifications.
  • Material properties.
  • Availability and cost of material.
  • Design requirements. 

Metal will get its fabric homes from a combo of synthetic structure, mechanical working and warmth healing. The yield great is likely probably the most noteworthy property that the creator must utilize or indicate. The accomplishment of an appropriate yield excellent at the same time keeping up exclusive homes has been the major impetus behind the advancement of leading edge metal making and relocating tactics.

S355 metal is transcendently utilized as a part of interstate scaffold purposes, as it's promptly accessible, and for essentially the most section gives the ultimate concord amongst solidness and pleasant. S275 steel is most often utilized on railroad spans, the place firmness as a substitute of quality administers the outline, or where exhaustion is the fundamental configuration case. S420 and S460 steels can offer focal elements the place self-weight is normal or the originator wishes to minimize plate thicknesses. Be that as it may, the utilization of such steels offers no advantages in purposes where weak point, firmness or the insecurity of totally skinny participants is the superseding outline idea. These steels are likewise less rapidly accessible within the UK for plate thicknesses surpassing 50mm. Other mechanical homes of specified importance to the extension planner include flexibility, durability, weldability, and erosion resistance.

Enhancing Mechanical Properties of Ductile Steel

All normal steels, except for 'weathering steel', have a comparative imperviousness to consumption. In uncovered stipulations they should be secured by a masking framework. There are no distinctive requisites of the metal material for normal overlaying frameworks, including each aluminum and zinc metal shower. Finally, if the metal is to be excited, then there is a must manipulate the combo content material.

Weathering metal is a high first-class low composite steel that in suitable instances shapes a follower protective rust 'patina', to restrain extra erosion. The consumption rate is low to the point that scaffolds product of unpainted weathering steel can accomplish a  hundred and twenty yr outline existence with simply ostensible aid.  

Answer 1

The list of the equipments used is-

  • Universal testing machine
  • Strain gauge
  • Vernier caliper

The technique used for the measurement is “Uni-axial testing machine” i.e. the materials are loaded in the universal testing machine and the diameter, length, and force are measured with precision.

One fabric property that is most commonly utilized and perceived is the high-quality of a fabric. Yet, what does "first-rate" imply? "high-quality" can have countless implications, so allow us to investigate what's implied by way of the first-rate of a fabric. We will take a gander at a easy examination that offers lots of data concerning the first-class or the mechanical habits of a material, called the pliable test.

The primary notion of a pliable scan is to put a specimen of a material between two apparatuses known as "holds" which brace the material. The fabric has identified measurements, just like length and move-sectional range. We then to apply weight to the material held towards one facet at the same time the flip part is settled. We continue increasing the load while in the meantime measuring the adjustment long of the specimen. On the off chance that you've a process to hold one finish of some material from a powerful factor that does not transfer, then you could cling weights on the flip facet. Measure the adjustment long while together with weight unless the section starts to extend lastly breaks. The aftereffect of this scan is a chart of burden versus uprooting. When you consider that the measure of weight expected to lengthen the material relies on upon the extent of the fabric, correlation between materials can be tremendously checking out. The potential to make an suitable examination will also be critical to somebody outlining for normal applications where the material ought to stand up to special strengths. 

Answer 2

The material properties analyzed gives the values for the fracture force, elongation, compression, the maximum load etc. these vales defines the nature and behavior of the material when subjected to the loading. Also the curves for the materials shows the behavior of the material i.e. either the material is ductile or tensile based on the curve shape and these curves defines the ability to deform in elastically, ability to resist cyclic loading, and ability to resist deflection. One material property that is most as a rule used and saw is the excessive caliber of a fabric. Nevertheless, what does "superb" infer? "High caliber" can have innumerable ramifications, so permit us to study what's inferred via approach for the remarkable of a fabric. We will seem at a simple examination that presents numerous expertise related to the highest of the line or the mechanical propensities for a material, referred to as the malleable test.

Stress-Strain Relationships of Candidate Metals

The most important suggestion of a flexible output is to put an instance of a material between two mechanical assemblies often called "holds" which help the material. The fabric has famous estimations, much the equal as size and move-sectional extent. We then to use weight to the fabric held closer to one feature in the meantime the flip section is settled. We keep expanding the heap (more most of the time than no longer alluded to as the shop or urge) whilst meanwhile measuring the conformity lengthy of the instance.

The delayed end result of this output is a diagram of weight versus evacuating. For the reason that the measure of weight predicted that would protract the fabric depends upon the degree of the fabric (and absolutely the homes of the material), relationship between's substances may also be tremendously watching at. The likelihood to make an correct examination will likewise be normal to a few man or woman laying out for common functions where the fabric should confront uncommon features. One material property that's most often used and noticed is the excessive caliber of a material. However, what does "brilliant" recommend? "high caliber" can have incalculable ramifications, so permit us to research what's prompt by means of process for the great of a material. We can appear at a simple examination that offers heaps of know-how related to the amazing or the mechanical propensities for a fabric, known as the bendy test.

The major notion of a malleable sweep is to position an illustration of a fabric between two mechanical assemblies known as "holds" which aid the material. The material has famous estimations, much the equal as length and transfer-sectional reach. We then to use weight to the fabric held closer to one characteristic meanwhile the flip phase is settled. We keep increasing the heap (more commonly alluded to as the shop or propel) whilst meanwhile measuring the alteration long of the example.

Should you've a procedure to keep one completion of some fabric from a equipped variable that does not trade, then you definitely would stick weights on the flip feature. Measure the trade lengthy at the same time at the side of weight except the field starts off evolved to reinforce finally breaks. 

Answer 3

The properties of the material like ductility can be increased by the heat treatment of the material i.e. by the Annealing process. Strengthening a metallic reestablishes it to its pre-frosty worked state, whereupon, the metal can also be subjected to extra icy working. Amid the tempering approach, metallurgical alterations occur within the metal that results in a lower of the metallic's yield excellent and a diffusion in its malleability. All collectively for these progressions to occur the steel have to be warmed over its recrystallization temperature, which depends on upon the synthesis of the steel. The strengthening procedure is one of the vital time referred to as a recrystallization toughen, however distinct names like method mood are moreover utilized. Amid a recrystallization toughen new grains structure within the metal. The final grain measurement relies on upon the strengthening temperature and toughening time. For a specified toughening time, as the temperature builds the grain measurement increments. A distinctive combo with better grains has cut back nice and more flexibility than the identical amalgam with littler grains. 

Justification for Choice of Metal

Answer 4

The stress strain relationship for the materials can be explained as- 

            Figure A: The material stress strain relationship 

            Figure B: Stress strain relationship 

                        Figure C: Stress strain relationship 

            Figure D: Stress strain relationship 

In the above four figures the stress strain relationship diagram is shown and in all the stress is directly proportional to the stress up-to the elastic point, and after that the plastics region does not possess this property. For material of the curve A and C are ductile whereas the materials of the curve B and D are brittle. The maximum stress is for the material of the curve C whereas the maximum strain is for the material of the curve B which possesses the elastic behavior for a higher range. 

Answer 5

To meet the desired properties the material of the curve C is the best material as this material has the highest fracture force and thus the highest stress among the given materials. The elongation is also good for this material as compared to the other materials except the material of the curve B.  


After comparison all the curves for the all for materials A, B, C and D the material C is the best suitable material as compared to the other materials. The fracture stress is best for the material C as compared to the other materials. As the material of the curve C is ductile thus also has makes an additional advantage and therefore can be selected as the preferred material.  


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