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ABC State of Crisis

Discuss about the Counselling for Hybrid Model of Crisis Intervention.

A crisis has been described as a discriminating disturbance of the emotional homeostasis in which the customary coping system of an individual fall short and there has been a proof of pain and useful destruction. The prejudiced response to distressing experiences of life that the cooperation of the constancy of an individual and capacity to deal with or utility (Putzel & John, 2012).  It could also be described as a circumstance in which the person perceives a sudden loss of his or her capability to make use of the efficient problem solving and coping abilities. Crisis interference, on the other hand has been defined as the process which was utilized in order to propose instantaneous, short-term assistance to the people who experience an event (Grace College, 2016). So, in order to observe that a crisis has taken place then a person should establish that the event was:


Creates doubt;

Observed as a danger to achieve the set goals.

The crisis could impact upon the functioning of an individual in different manners as the crisis intervention could be assessed by determining:

Severity of the Crisis: It could be done by assessing the time spent by an individual in crisis as it would determine from the subjective view of  the customer that the functioning was in cognition, affect or psychomotor.

Customers present emotional state emotional mobility or immobility;

Alternative, coping mechanisms, support systems and other resources;

Customers level of lethality.

 Also, there has been an ABC state of crisis which stands for:

Affective State which describes how was the client response and they try to change their feelings at such time of crisis which includes:

The client may be angry at the time of crisis and panic;

The customer may be in a nervous shock or in a state of nervousness so he should be treated well;

He may become sad and be emotional due to the mis-happening which was taking place;

And at last the clients may be frustrated by such crisis so they must be handled in a calm and composed manner and should not be busted out.

Because they have to be calm and composed and should cooperate with other individuals as there may be some problems or scarcities.

Behavioral functioning which facilitate positive actions which have to be taken and the work which they carry out such as:

Hybrid Model

The clients should not think about the crisis which took place and should move toward and lead their life as they were living because it would harm the lives of their people;

They should avoid thinking about such disaster which took place then only they would be in a position to lead a new life;

They must carry out their work with peacefulness in a calm and composed way.

Cognitive State which describes how the clients were thinking and what were was the thinking pattern of the client such as:

They should not think about the corporal harm they got rather should think that they survived such a mis hap;

They must be psychologically strong and should handle other people;

They should be happy and lead their Social Relationships in a new and innovative way. 

For crisis intervention there has been a hybrid model. It was said to be utilized for some of the crisis interventions as a manner which ensure that some of the themes were able to be concentrated on at the time of assisting the individuals on the occasion of crisis. This model was premeditated to improve the linear approach which was followed previously in order to assist in the intrusion of the disaster. The hybrid model looks at crises in a more sensible style and permits the people or Crises Intervention Team (CIT) to move from chaos-decreasing tasks by permitting more beneficial novelty and ensuing in augmented chances toward declaration (Tuen, 2016).

The model includes tasks that could be carried out in arithmetical sequence from Task 1 to Task 7, or they could be finished as the crisis order.

The first task in the hybrid model was the tendency, appealing, or starting a contact. Initiating any relationship with the individual who was in crisis was serious to construct an affiliation of announcement (Roberts, 2016).  

The second task was discovery of the problem. This task opens an argument of how the customer was feeling and could assist to define the crisis from their point of view.

The third task grants emotional, social and informational sustenance. It was tremendously significant for an individual who was going through a crisis and have someone appreciate what they were feeling.

The fourth task was probing options. Prescription and other action resources which may grant some of these alternatives.

The fifth task was scheduling in order to rule some power over disorganized circumstances.

Person-centered therapy (PCT)

The sixth task was attaining an obligation from the customer to persist to move forward and accept support when it was desirable.

The last task would be following up with the clients. This was an ideal manner to keep the lines of communication open and could almost guarantee that any upcoming difficulties could be addressed before they become major crises.

As such crisis happens with it a lot of problems have been observed to their such as:

As a result of such incidents and crisis there has been a possibility and observance that people may develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by following such incidents which intimidate or appear to intimidate the protection of an individual (Psychology, 2016).

PTSD has been connected and affiliated by most of the individuals with rape and the soldiers who fight battles and services of the battle has been regarded as the most common cause which was observed in men but any happening (or sequence of happening) that overpower an individual with approaches of desperation and exposure which could cause PTSD, particularly if the incident which took place was felt erratic and irrepressible (UN Women, 2012).

At the same time there has been a similar therapy as PTSD which would help individuals to get out of such issue which was known as Person-centered therapy (PCT). It was also defined as a psychotherapy which was particularly focused on individuals, the counseling which was also centered on individuals, customer-focused treatment and psychotherapy of the Rogerian.

This therapy was regarded as a form of psychiatric therapy which was initiated by a psychologist in the 19th century whose name was Carl Rogers. The goal of this therapy which could be used at the time of occurring of an event was to grant all of the customers with a chance to apprehend how their feelings and actions were being exaggerated.

Although such a type of method has been disapproved of by a number of behaviorists for the purpose of deficient arrangement and by therapists for in point of fact granting a provisional association, it has confirmed to be an effectual and accepted treatment.

Another therapy which could be used as a cure for individuals at the time of such events which has attained extensive submissions in the behavior of material abuse could be stated as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). The beginning of such type of therapies were dealt in behavioral theory, by putting focus on both traditional training and operant erudition; cognitive community education theory, from where such ideas were taken relating to the observational knowledge. The power of modeling and the function of cognitive expectancies were also included in shaping the actions; and cognitive theory and treatment, which centers on the belief, attitude, approach, and acknowledgments that manipulates the feelings of an individual and arbitrate the affiliation which could be made among the background and actions (Kohli, 2016).

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

So, the Behavioral approaches presuppose that such matters mistreatment disorders which were urbanized and preserved by way of the widespread main beliefs of education and corroboration.

It could also be stated that if consistently anxiety makes an individual feels like vulnerable, disheartened, and completely worn out, then such individual may be said to be suffering from a issue of burnout(Roberts & Ottens, 2010).

Such a suffering may be there where people face any incident or a situation of crisis which makes them to be a state of shock and nervousness. Therefore, it could be stated that if an individual was burned out, then the problems could be seem to be insuperable, all the things looks miserable, and it would be complicated to congregate up the force to be concerned and let alone carry out something about that circumstance (George, 2016).

The sadness and lack of involvement which could be resulted as a result of the burnout causes could intimidate the job of an individual, his relations, and his physical condition. But burnout could be conquered as there have been a number of things which could be done by an individual in order to recover one’s balance and begin to feel optimistic and confident again (Encyclopedia of Mental Disorder, 2016).

 Burnout has been regarded as a state of expressive, psychological, and corporeal tiredness which could be caused by extreme and extended pressure. It takes place when an individual feels inundated, expressively worn out, and incapable to congregate the consistent demands of an individual (Puleo & McGlothlin, 2016).

Also it has been stated and observed that as the nervous tension takes place and occur consistently, an individual begin to lose the curiosity or inspiration that led him to take on a particular part in the first place (Rady et al.,2009).

Efficiency of an individual could be decreased by way of the event of Burnout as it also undermine the energy of an individual, leaving his feeling progressively more powerless, impossible, pessimistic, and bitter. Ultimately, an individual may feel like the other person has nothing more to provide him with (National Center for Biotechnology Information, 2016).

Similarly, as the world in which people live is dynamic and flexible in nature which changes as per the requirements and needs of an individual so speedily all the families were observed into disorder over redundancy, homelessness, sickness, separation, and matter/alcohol which abuses an individual (Stevens & Ellerbrock, 2016).

So, people could be reminded of the fact that before all of these manmade adversities which became possible. But on the other hand, there have been some of natural disasters ecological pressures and inherited services that cause many purposes for crises which took place in life of all the individuals. Several kinds of data and practices have been adopted in order to build flexibility as these kinds of data and information supports for these times should be a compulsory for all (Benveniste, 2016).

The dispute for crisis intervention programs therefore, could be stated as a tool which helps individuals and their work in order to grant effectual crisis sustenance and aid as soon as possible by following persecution, and to make available some of the resources and services which would help in meeting the desires of sufferers by providing direct aid or recommendations to other agencies (Patient, 2016).

Therefore, it could be concluded that the Hybrid Model of Crisis Management was used in order to incarcerate an enhanced picture of the desires of an individual of poignant supports during momentous suffering which would assist in reducing the probable moments in the life of an individual from becoming a more distressing life incident. It could also be anticipated that the conclusions of the circumstances of a crisis which has occurred become more tragic yet people were assisted by the authorities, whom the people agreed to services, and the family of such sufferer’s attained assistance and possessions by way of this crisis intervention model.

So, at the end it could be stated that the Crisis intervention and the Hybrid Model of Crisis Management could be regarded as a significant constituent of the remedial procedure for all the sufferers. Crisis intervention and the hybrid model were as a result should not be allocated to one detailed organization or association, but should be utilized as a significant constituent of each agency or association that deals with wounded individuals of crime. This comprises of the victim encouragement associations, personal organizations or associations (such as hospitals or schools), community service associations, law enforcement, and improvements. Many law enforcement associations have urbanized crisis intervention teams which were headed by a number of workers such as by specialized community employees to act in response to the circumstances of crisis which they face as a result of emergency calls. To be effectual, crisis intervention and the model must be granted in a methodical, prepared, humanistic way and must focus on the independence of the sufferers and his or her desires.


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