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What key issues are communicated by Jai?

How does this meeting assist communication between Jai, the other builder (Grant) and the apprentice?

What work procedures and processes does Jai communicate the through the meeting?

How does Jai used clear and direct communication in the meeting?

What meeting structures does Jai use to help him communicate?

How does Jai discuss and propose alternative solutions and negotiation these with the client?

What communication techniques does he use to make sure his message about contract variation is clear and direct?

Briefly outline what the communication between the builder and the local authority is about.

Assessment Overview

This assessment has been designed to allow you to provide partial evidence of your competence in the unit CPCCBC5009A Identify services layout and connection methods to medium rise construction projects.

In completing your final assessments, you will show evidence of your ability to:

  • Evaluate commonly used methods of water storage supply and layouts.
  • Evaluate methods of sewerage and drainage disposal and their layouts.
  • Assess commonly used methods for mechanical ventilation and air distribution and their layout
  • Evaluate the range of hot water systems
  • Evaluate effective natural lighting for a range of situations.
  • Ensure fire protection standards are met.
  • Outline the requirements for general electrical and electronic service installation.

You are required to complete two projects for the overall assessment of this unit. Below is Project 1.  

For this assessment, you will need to complete a Site Services Assessment Report and access and show your understanding of the National Construction Code (NCC), as well as any relative Australian Standards.

Evaluate the methods, requirements and layout of:

  • water storage supply
  • mechanical ventilation and air distribution
  • general electrical and electronic service installation

As well as evaluate the effectiveness of the:

  • hot water systems
  • natural lighting for the building
  • fire protection standards used in the building.

For this project you are required to visit a medium rise existing building of your choice and complete an On-site Services Assessment Report. Your site assessment report will include all the items laid out in the template in the following pages and identify any faults. For this you take on the role of a Sullivon constructions representative, who will be evaluating the project as a future renovation job (see scenario).

  • You will be required to evaluate the basic condition of the building site services and make two recommendations for improvements or alternative solutions.
  • You may submit photographs where applicable as evidence for your site assessment. These should be included in the Appendix for this assessment.

Note: Please be aware there may be buildings you are not permitted to photograph such as government buildings, hospitals and correctional facilities.

For this assessment you take on the role of Billy, a Services Manager for Sullivon Constructions. Sullivon is looking to take on new projects with minimal structural alterations, yet more significant services upgrades to the building. The services team is currently falling short of work, and a few refurbishment jobs would keep their staff busy for the rest of the year.

Your task will be to find an existing medium rise building, which could be in need of renovation, and compile a site services assessment report including photographs. This will be used to evaluate the condition of the existing services as described above in the instructions, and report back to Sullivon’s upper management, with the view of it being a potential new project to take on.

Best of luck, and remember your company is relying on the accuracy of this report, for the company’s future stability.

- An apartment / shops, updated and converted to partial open office space

- A small factory unit, converted to factory with mezzanine office space

- An existing small office or shopping complex, simply updated and renovated

- Shops, converted to office space * Warehouse space converted to apartments

1: Overview

Give a brief description of the site being assessed, including a location photo, and why the site may be suitable for renovation or upgrade work.

The building is an apartment located in Adelaide in which it was designed and constructed as a traditional apartment which provides only a sofa bed, a kitchen. Due to that there is need to update it to a modern apartment to house more facilities which are required by the modern man.

Familiarize yourself with the following condition rating scale to assess the services within the building. The rating scale is a gauge of the condition in simple number format, with 5 being the highest.

You will need to incorporate these ratings in a table of conditions listed later in this assessment. You may also use it elsewhere in your descriptions if you wish.



Definition of rating/condition of building asset



no defects as new condition and appearance



minor defects

superficial wear and tear

some deterioration to finishes major maintenance not required



average condition

significant defects are evident worn finishes require maintenance services are functional but need attention

deferred maintenance work exists



badly deteriorated

potential structural problems

inferior appearance

major defects components fail frequently


Very poor

building or service has failed not operational not viable

unfit for occupancy or normal use environmental/contamination/pollution issues exist

Table source: Department of Housing and Public Works, Building Condition Assessment.

Define the class of the building you are assessing with its classification as per NCC.

The house according to the NCC is a class 2 building since it is an apartment.

Complete the following site services assessment table including:

  • a brief description of each service item
  • a photo reference (photos to be added in the appendix)
  • a rating scale according to the condition rating scale above
  • any relevant NCC or Australian Standards.

Service item


Appendix photo reference

Condition rating

Relevant NCC and  Australian Standards

Example: Hot water supply

Below existing kitchenettes there are individual gas hot water heaters

Refer photo # 1 in appendix


AS/NZS 4552.2:2010 - Gas fired water heaters for hot water supply and/or central heating

AS/NZS3500.4:2003 Heated Water Services

AS NZS 3500.1:2003 Plumbing and Drainage, Part 4 Heated Water Services

Plumbing Code of Australia 2015 Part B2

Water supply

There are water taps in kitchen, living room and the roundly area.

There are also sinks and water basins which are in kitchen and the living room .

Refer photo # 2 in appendix


AS NZS 3500.1 2015 Water Services

Gas supply: supplier and the services it is connected to.

The gat is obtained from the national gas grid and it is connected to the cookers

Refer photo # 6 in appendix


AS/NZS 5601.1:2013 Gas installations General installations

Mechanical ventilation and air distribution

(Note: A sketch of the methods of mechanical ventilation and air distribution system must also be provided - see section 4 below).

There  are ventilations fixed on the walls of the house  and also there are artificial means of ventilation such as the fans installed in the house

Refer photo # 1 in appendix


AS/NZS 1668.1:2015 The use of ventilation and air conditioning

Lighting: natural, artificial, emergency

The building is well designed to utilise the natural lighting through the large windows. The artificial lighting of the house include the use of lamps

Refer photo # 4 in appendix


AS NZS 3500.1 2015 Lighting

Fire services

There are smoke detectors in which are installed in almost all rooms, also.  there are fire extinguishers strategically located in the house

Refer photo # 5 in appendix


S 1851-2012 Routine service of fire protection


The telecommunications in this building include the use of internet which provides Wi-Fi to the house

Refer photo # 1 in appendix


AS NZS 3500.1 2015Telecommunications

Electronic cabling: power, lift, computers, phones, safe guards, service type

The power   cables and other cables such as telephone, fibre optics are connected all through the house.

Refer photo # 1 in appendix


AS NZS 3500.1 2015Electronic cabling

  1. Obtain a copy of the site plan for the building you are assessing and use this to create a freehand overlay sketch of the mechanical ventilation and air distribution used in the building. This should include items such as air conditioning, air distribution and air filtration systems.

Submit a copy of your overlay sketch as Appendix 2.

In your drawing you should use drawing conventions for mechanical ventilation and air distribution.*  

In your sketch identify the following:

  • the scale used in the drawing, e.g. 1:50 or 1:100
  • the type and quantity of air conditioning units used
  • the location of air distribution and filtration systems

* To refresh your memory of drawing conventions for mechanical ventilation and air distribution refer to the High School Level 2 Mechanical Services Layout and the High School General Legend.

  1. Briefly describe how the ventilation and air distribution layout in your sketch is appropriate for the building design. (Maximum 100 words)

The ventilation and air distribution will be working on the principle that the air will be delivered at very high speed outside the occupied zones. The high air velocity rate in the air jet will generate excess pressure, resulting in an inflow and entrainment of room air towards the air jet supplied. During the first air flow cycle the air velocity will be high, but as the quantity of room air that becomes mixed increases, the air velocity will decrease.

Identify two possible faults or problems with the site services you have rated above. Suggest a recommendation for each fault/problem that you could make to Sullivon to management. Your recommendation should include the action that could be taken to rectify the fault/problem.

Site fault/problem

Recommendation for Sullivon management


The fire services in the building are not working properly. Such as:

ü Unreliable Water Supply

ü Substandard Protection for Steam Turbine-Generator


To have reliable water supply which can be supplied adequately in case of fire outbreak while in pressure.

To install modern firefighting technologies such as installing the smoke detectors which can be able to detect the fire at initial stages before it spreads to other parts of the building. Also fire alarms can be put in place to alert the occupants in case of fire.


The water supply system was poorly done which can easily lead to water contamination. Some of the joints are not well done in that the waste waters can easily mix with the fresh water hence resulting to contamination.


To hire a specialized expert to rectify the problem and avoid the risk of water contamination. This can be achieved by doing the joints perfectly to avoid water leakages for both fresh and waste waters.



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