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Background and Purpose of Fundraising Proposal


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The purpose of fundraising proposal report is to identify, plan and propose for spreading awareness among the target population under threat of particular challenge. Fundraising activity not only spreads awareness, but is also dedicated in raising fund form the members of the society for fighting the particular issue promoted in the campaign. The message is put forward to the population by various means of activities related to the particular issue in the society (Dvorakova and Mackova 2014). This fundraising proposal is dedicated in providing campaign plan to UNICEF regarding to the child health concern in Australia. Children of Australia are undergoing various health issues, one of which is the disability seen among a large section.

The primary goals that can be identified for this particular fundraising campaign are listed below:

  • Spread awareness among the population about the inclination in the number of disabled children
  • Raise fund for supporting the disabled children for enjoying benefits similar to the normal ones
  • Promote future actions for fighting disability in Australia
  • Enable them to involve in economic activities for leading self dependent lives
  • To raise $500,000 from the Australian population
  • To raise 70% of the fund from the corporate sponsorship and government grants
  • To raise $10,000,00 from selling products to the target population
  • To raise $200,000 by registering the members in the planned event

The selected organisation for the fundraising proposal is UNICEF or United Nations Children’s Fund, which dedicated its action in the development of the children around the world. This primary focus of the charitable organisation is to fight for the protection of children right. UNICEF address nearly all kind of issue faced by the children and protect their right in survival, education, healthcare, shelter, good nutrition, safe water and protection form war and disasters ( 2018). This is one of the many reasons for selecting this charity. The second reason can be attributed to the wide reach of the organisation as it is currently operating in over 190 countries around the world ( 2018).

The communicated mission of UNICEF is to ensure safety and standard for the children and the members have devoted themselves in the process. The organisation is operating in the international market for over 70 years; however, their venture in Australia has only started in 1966 for supporting the cause and to improve the situation of the children in Australia ( 2018). The organisation is out of political influence, but has their influence over the government. UNICEF not only helps the communities for developing the standard of living for the children and fighting against the child right, but also extends their help to the emergency situations like natural disaster or war.

The aim of this proposal is to combat against the major issue of increasing disability in the nation. The number of disabled children in the nation has reached 320,000 with a wide variety of reported disabilities ( 2018). The significant disabilities worth mentioning are intellectual, behavioural, mental or physical. Moreover, the greater number of these disabled childrens belongs from the lower income household that increases the concern as it increases the strain on the family. Though these problems are not limited to the children, however, this needs to be addressed from the very beginning for enabling them to become self-sufficient in their future lives.

Selected Organization for Fundraising

As mentioned above, the focus of the fundraising campaign is to spread awareness of the increasing disability among the Australian children. There will be no focused group that will be particularly addressed in particular. However, special focus will be laid on the population from the lower economic group, among which the issue is vigorously present (Gbadamosi 2013). This is to help them identifying the benefits offered by UNICEF through the campaign and the process of dealing with the disability.

Tasmania ranks number one and has the greatest number of disabled children compared to the other states in Australia ( 2018). However, being an island limits the number of possible participants in the campaign. Hence, the campaign and the proposed event will be located in the Australian Capital Territory. Moreover, the campaign will be carried around Australia addressing the complete population for seeking support to address the issue.

Selecting particular campaign for the issue is of primary concern as the popularity of the campaign depends on the very campaign. This in turn helps rising greater funding from different sponsors. The campaign proposed can be named as ‘When Disability Fails to Hold You’. The name itself promotes the campaign. The name will successfully communicate the event and mission and help raising awareness among the target population. The event proposed will be a marathon race. This will be conducted for both the general and the disabled personals. Further, the event will have special guest who have overcome disability in their life and attained success. This will promote the message of the campaign (Tempel, Seiler and Burlingame 2016).

The campaign is expected to have four major outcomes. The first one is to spread awareness of disability among the target population. This target population extend well beyond the affected individuals and family members of the disabled and addresses the fit population for extending their support to the affected population for fighting disability. The second outcome expected from the campaign is the raise of fund for combating disability among the Australians. This is to utilise the fund for providing training to the disabled and enable them to lead a self-sufficient lives by engaging them in economic activities. The third significant outcome is the promotion of disability learning that will help them in accomplishing second vision.

One of the supplementary modes that can be used for fund raising in this event is T-shirt. This will be made for the participants of the event except the disabled individuals and their families. This T-shirt will hold the logo of the campaign as well as the logos of the sponsor companies. It will be collected from the participants along with the registration and entry fee.

Objectives of the Campaign

Design team will be formed for properly planning the compete campaign. Te team will be supported with the idea, issue, expected outcome and other details of the campaign for properly designing the campaign.

Organising the event will require as many sponsors as possible. Email and phone calls will be the primary mode for communicating with the sponsors (Meenaghan 2013). The details of the campaign along with the background of UNICEF will be communicated to the sponsors. The primary sponsors will be personally communicated with prior appointment.

Online registration is considered as the best way of registering the participants of the event. Participants seeking to register themselves will have to visit the UNICEF Australia webpage for registering themselves. Further in-depth details of the campaign will be communicated to the participants thought the profile they will be provided at the time of registration. Interested volunteers will have different process for registration. The individuals without access to the internet will be provided opportunity to register themselves through the post shops.

The technological advancement and integration of social media eases the promotional process. The high traffic in the free social media is present in the Australian population, which will be the primary medium of promotion of the event. Other digital media and online promotion will be integrated in the process (Korda and Itani 2013). Moreover, use of posters and pamphlets will be distributed all over the Australian Capital Territory for getting the maximum attraction from the host territory.

Application will be submitted to the state government for allowing the campaign in using the public road for organising the campaign. This permission will be acquired well in advanced before the initiation of the planning process.

Tracking team will be responsible for monitoring and reviewing the compete process of planning. They will be tracking every aspect of the campaign and identify any possible issues in the process ensuring the success.

The above mentioned design and methods will guide the implementation of the fundraising campaign and address the target population and purpose of the campaign.

As prior planning, 70% of the funding will be acquired from the sponsors and government funding. The rest of the amount will be acquired through registration, crowd funding and sell of the promotional T-shirt among the participants of the event.

The initial funds of acquired from the sponsor will be utilised in the production of the T-shirts and promotional process. Other incurred costing for the event is the human resource for conducting the campaign (Holt and Holt 2016).



Cost per Unit

Total Cost

Main Campaign







Sponsor Stalls





Social media Promotion


Posters and Pamphlets




Human Resource

Project Manager

48 hours per will 6 months

$12,000 per month



100 individual for 3 months

$10 per day

$90,000 estimated



Campaign Strategy and Implementation

Monitoring and evaluation of the campaign requires a overall survey. The organisation needs to gather both pre-campaign and post campaign survey on the target market for identifying the development in the public awareness. Moreover, the improvement of the individuals with disability and the family members will also be identified. Furthermore, enrolment in the implementation of the raised fund is of critical importance for monitoring and evaluation as it is the sole purpose of the campaign being organised. Various methods will be utilised for collecting the data.

Survey method will be implemented both pre and post campaign for identifying the level of awareness among the target population. This will help identifying the impact of the campaign on the target population. However, the survey has to be designed in such a fashion that it will provide honest information regarding the level of awareness (Weigold, Weigold and Russell 2013). The initial survey will serve various purposes, which includes the level of awareness related to disability among the target population, the interest of the individuals in the topic and their willingness to contribute in the same. The post campaign survey on the other hand will collect the information about the influence of the campaign on the individuals.

The structured interview will be used for collecting the data from the primary stakeholders of the event, which are the disabled individuals and their family members. This is to identify the benefits they received from the campaign (Anyan 2013). The process of overcoming the situation as communicated in the campaign has to be implemented by the individual family. They are required to access the benefits provided from the fund collected. Information related will also be collected with the structured interview process.

The data analysis will involve the mean, median and mode analytic tool for identification of the central tendency of the situation (Ghilani 2017). Both the pre and post campaign data will be analysed separately for identifying the tendency and then compared for identifying the impact of the campaign over the target population.

Difficulties that can be foreseen in the event are listed below:

  • Less interest in the target population regarding the issue
  • Minimum participation of the population in the campaign
  • Lack of attention of sponsors in the issue resulting into low sponsorship
  • Sanctioning permit from the government for conducting the campaign
  • Minimal response from the volunteers
  • Designing low budget planning for the campaign
  • Channelizing acquired fund for the developmental purpose.


It can be concluded from the above that the fundraising proposal has the potential to organise campaign for acquiring fund for developing the situation related to the child disability. Furthermore, the proposed campaign design in the proposal can successfully spread awareness among the target population regarding the issue identified on proper implementation of the plan.

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