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Discuss about the Culture Propels the Intersection of Ethos.

Dear all,

I am very pleased to inform you that Commonwealth Bank is going to organize a dinner party on 15thDecember 2018. The dinner party will be organized at Westin Hotel at Martin Place, Sydney. The party will start at6pm and continue till11pm at night. I would also like to inform that the organization has already arranged a car for those employees’ who are not bringing their car, so there will be no worry for employees.

I request all employees to take part in this and come in a formal dress in the party. I hope employees’ presence will enrich the party and they will get their motivation before the New Year eve. There are some performances from some eminent vocalist and guitarist and I think everyone will love this initiative. I will be very happy to get your active participation in this dinner party.

Thanks and Regards,

John Smith

The Communication Manager of Commonwealth Bank 


The Communication Manager,

The Commonwealth Bank

Ground Floor, Tower 1

201 Sussex Street

Sydney, NSW 2000

Date: 16.01.2018


Clover Moore,

The Mayor of Sydney

Subject: Dinner Invitation Letter

Dear Ma’am

Commonwealth Bank is going organize a dinner party on Saturday, 15thDecember 2018. The party will be organized at Westin Hotel at Martin Place, Sydney. The party starts from 6 pm. I will be grateful if you come and enlighten our program.

Commonwealth Bank has a history of hosting such programs every year and I would like to request you to be our chief guest for this year. I am aware of your busy schedule but we are looking forward to your presence in the dinner party. The party would be formal in nature and your security will be properly taken care of. I hope you will honor us with your presence and make some spare time from your busy schedule and join our dinner party.

Thanking you,

Yours’ truly

John Smith

The Communication Manager of Commonwealth Bank

All the preparations progress of the event is almost done. The three main sectors of the event have been addressed. Performers have been informed by the management and the financial deal has been set. Clover Moore, the Mayor of Sydney will be our chief guest so all the protection and security issues have been set. A proper planning of catering and dinner timing has been set. Catering sector will manage the responsibilities of people’s dinner and drinks. All kinds of drinks will be available and employees’ and managers will have a quality time at Westin Hotel at Martin Place. Our chief guest will come at 6.30pm so a special task force will be ready on that occasion. Everything will be in a systematic manner as all the possible aspects of progress have been identified and communication management team works over it.

Letter to external guests


  • A full chart of dinner has been given by the catering department.
  • The dinner will be segregated into three courses like Starter, Main Course, and
  • Complimentary drinks also available with the dinner. Though there are lots of other soft and hard drinks also.

Guests and Performers

  • Guests and performers have accepted our letters and they replied in affirmation.
  • Financial deals with performers have been set. So there is no scope for further arguments.
  • Some of the celebrities’ will come on this occasion so special protection task will be available for them.

Transport Management

  • Employees’, who will not take their car on that event day, can take company’s bus for reaching their home.
  • Transport facility will be available from 10 pm to12:30am.
  • The bus will drop employees’ as per the route. So no hindrance will be accepted.

A proposed planning for the entire event has also been set. From the moment event starts and how it goes on has been framed in this chart. At first, our Directors and managers will come and they will say something about our bank culture and showcase this anniversary specific logo in this program. This is a short program that ends within half an hour and after that our special guest will come and state her vision regarding the importance of bank in the national economy. Employees’ will get motivated from her lectures. After those events, from 7 pm the music program will start. People can enjoy their drinks and foods from that time. The proper dinner will startat8:30pm.The entire event will certainly end within 11pm. 

The final structure of an event is an important factor to pre-plan a framework that contains existing thoughtprocess of planning. All these factors need to be involved in these event reports so that all the probable aspects of the report get addressed. To determine the aim and objective of the event is the prime motive of this research process and from all the findings at the end of the report, it will be quite visible to all.


Page Number

1. Introduction


1.1 Aim of the event


1.2 Purpose of the event


1.3 Event aim and Objectives


2. Event details


2.1 Activity in the event


3. Organizing committee of the event


3.1 List of guests


3.2 Performers activity


3.3 Payment related issues


3.4 Surveillance and security management


4. Flow of event


4.1 Participation in event


4.2 Tentative programs


4.3 Detailed analysis of the report


5. Financial report


5.1 Stakeholders’ initiation


6. Transport facility


7. Team bonding and motivation


8. Event limitation


9. Outgoing letters and incoming letters


10. Conclusion


11. Appendix



This elaborative form of academic progress focused on ethos, pathos, and logos. These three perceptions or categories established long ago but in modern business communication, we can find their appeal. A quality of knowledge and deep understanding of each process is important for each communication managers or leaders in an organization (White 2016). I have learned all the possible factors of ethos, pathos, and logos and try to evaluate their rhetoric approach to business.

In an aspect of ethos almost every organization has their ethics and employees of the company work for maintaining the ethics. I have learned that this ethical acceleration is noticed by the customers also before buying any kind of products or before using any services. On the other hand, pathos is an emotional approach to deal with. There are many organizations that influence their customers through emotion. Audiencesget attracted by these kinds of activities and companies are basically tries to invoke sympathy from audiences. There are some prompt actions between any kind of living being or creating some feeling in between living and non-living things are quite important in this aspect of perception. I have determined that these actions are inspiring people, relating their life and motivating them to use those products. Logos has a logical appeal to audiences. There is acertain organization that has used this logic in their commercial and promotions to showcase the logical output of the product. Companies are proving their support with their thought and express the logic behind that. In this section, companies are developed enough so they can identify their business opportunities in the market (Share 2015).

Progress report of event

I have found that ethos has been used in different companies and all these companies are using their effective resources to make a good market position of the companies. In most of the cases, there are some technical aspects that come in ethos section and I have identified those sections that provide better business communication with audiences. Companies like NBC believe in the better news that provides latest and top stories which influence nation’s economy, problems, and advantages. On the other hand, FedEx has best supply chain management and logistics management and they have this ethics to maintain their production as well. Amul is another company that serves for years and their quality and product is their symbolism. So these are the ethos related structure that somehow influences the product growth in the market and earn people trust to make this brand successful. I also found that ethos is quite effective in modern business. In most of the cases, business communication can be judged by the ethics of the company and in that case, communication management team will take the initiative enrich the position of the business market.

In case of Pathos, companies are trying to influence people by the emotional touch. Their commercials have such emotional touch that connected by the viewers and customers. Individual attentionis grabbed by commercials and provides the greatest influence in customers to buy their product and generate more revenue for the company. Though this perception had come thousands of years ago there are different companies who have taken this perception to get a competitive advantage from other companies. There are some non-profit organizations those are working for paralysis people or cancer people, have this kind of pathos perception in their work. These organizations are helped by the government. Pathos can act in case of fear. I learned that pathos only plays on customers’ worry. If people think about their lifestyle then only they involved with those products. I also found that pathos is creating a desire in mind and that desire has directed towards the product. Whatever the quantity of the product, however, the taste is, people have their immense desire to have this food. Some of the commercials of pathos creating affection and I found those affections are creating better chances of market expansion.

In case of logos, the reason behind the promotion is also stated. Some of the popular statistics, evidence, and logic break the persuasion of that logic. Factual understanding is the main issue of this aspect and companies are implementing this logic for breaking the actual myth. Like some of the companies proclaim their chewing gum can whiten your teeth. Companies like Happydent promotes their products can whiten teeth but logically it is nonsense.   Some of the fresh lime soda presents natural and healthy drink and the proposed that these drinks are sugar-coated, which is quite impossible. Natural elements can blend with a drink but that does not mean that these are considered as safe. Logical use of healthy product consideration is diverted on that occasion. I have found that Burger King has the logo “It just tastes better”. A big logical disorientation is presented on there. Better is a relative term that cannot be considered as good as this or better than this like that. So a perception has been made by the company and the logos have enough doubt over this. 

In this case of academic practice, I have improved my logical understanding of a product and also improve my thinking process so that I can judge the business market. In most of the cases, I found that every company tries to generate their revenue and in this process of involving ethos and pathos they are doing their business in an effective manner. Logos create problem situation and companies have to state logical declaration for that reason. In modern business communication companies are firm with their ethos and pathos and also penetrate logos in it so that customers can relate the authentic value of the company and on the other hand, the company also justifies their product. There are some excellent value additions that company enhances within their products and I think this is the best way to enrich the productivity of the company. I think business communication is also important for the better business extension so leaders have to take this initiative to make this change and combine all those aspects for the better use of communicative business analysis. 


Share, R., 2015. Ethos, Pathos, and Logos of Chaucer and His Prioress. Young Scholars In Writing, 5, pp.98-108.

White, M.S., 2016. Culture Propels the Intersection of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos with Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Journal of Systemics, 14(3), pp.1-6.

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