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Developing Organisational Vision And Strategic Direction Add in library

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Task 1

In preparation for creating the vision and strategic direction

• Assess the role of the key stakeholders of your chosen organisation in relation to the vision.
• Analyse the factors which impact on your organisation and its vision.

Task 2

• Create a written vision for the organisation or division.
• Establish how you intend to develop the strategic direction for the organisation or division.

Task 3

Having created the vision you now need to develop the communication strategy for the stakeholders of the organisation or division.

• Analyse the methods to communicate the vision, in ways which will engage and inspire others in the organisation or division.
• Assess how to build support for this vision.
• Assess ways which you will use to communicate the vision and strategic direction to external stakeholders.

Task 4

You must now consider the implementation of the vision and strategic direction within the organisation or division.

• Analyse the leadership behaviour needed to promote the vision
• Assess what is necessary to embed the vision in the organisation or division.
• Use the vision to derive the organisational objectives which set the strategic direction.
• Outline the strategic planning process which you will use for the organisation or division.


Task 1

Stakeholder’s management is one of the main motives of any organisation. Stakeholder’s plays the role of advocate, sponsors, partners and also the agents those are required for the change needed in the organisation (Aaker, 1995). The relationship in private sector with the stakeholder plays an important role in the external environment. However the relation with stakeholder in the public sector is way too difficult and haphazard. In the company US Veterans affairs department, Stake holders play a very important role in the complete management of the organisation. Primary stakeholders include the group of health care group board of directors, senior managers, functional managers, patient, employees and shareholders.  The correct amount of stakeholder in the health care organisation is responsible for the growth of the organisation and it helps to determine the correct level of authority, responsibility and helps there influencing ability to get the results that was the influence negative or positive, there strong sides and there weak sides, power to tolerate the amount of risk and strategy to influence the stakeholder. The work of the Board of directors of the organisation helps to set the plans, increase the standards, and allocate the proper resources. The Board and including the Boards chairman helps in guiding and providing support to the central officers. The CEO helps in providing the right way to achieve the goal and support. The CMIO or the Chief Medical Information Officer helps to overcome the gap between the clinical and the administrative department and the Clinical officer helps in playing a significant role to maintain the CDS and the clinical objectives (Lorange, 2002). The Pharmacy Director helps in maintaining the medication safety and the role of the director and the officer in implementation is very important in the reputation of the organisation.

There are many factors thathave a complete impact on the health care organisation. As the organisation US veteran grows the factors also increases day by day.  The major factors that influence the vision of the organisation are.  Firstly, reputation the organisation spends a huge amount of money each and every year on advertisement (Lawrence, n.d.). But during the tenure it was found that the amount of money which the organisation spent on its web printing and advertisement is not necessary, if the same amount is spent on the quality than the reputation of the organisation increase rapidly and this will help the organisation in achieving a huge amount of profit because the people believes in quality.Secondly, the time factor is one of the most important factors. The time which the physician gives to the patient is an important factor as they don’t have a problem in wasting but the time spends with the patient and the interaction between them is a good factor. Thirdly, like each of the different brand health care services also needs to understand the importance of expertise. With the help of proper expertise the communication between the patient and doctors increases.

Task 2

The Vision of the organisation US veteran affairs department the leading health care organisation in the US is a healthy world where people can enjoy their physical and mental health properly to its fullest. The visions of building a healthy USA are. Firstly, strive to increase the number of people who are leading healthy lives. This vision is aimed at the improvement of the health and wellbeing at all stages of an American citizen, hence decrease the widespread presence of various unhealthy habits that lead to chronic disorders. This vision can be achieved by focusing our attention on the risk factors and taking effective interventions at the points where the risk is the greatest (Bethel, 1971). If implemented properly, then this vision can have a great impact on the lives of others in a positive manner. Secondly, reduction of health inequalities vision aims to reduce the gaps between the various socio-economic groups i.e. the rich and the poor. This means bridging the gap between the wealthiest and the economically deprived people in terms of medical healthcare.This vision requires enormously complex solution across the various sections of the American society thereby creating a special environment that helps to improve living conditions of the people supported by various laws aimed at betterment of the society. Thirdly, are the protections against threats to the people’s health and wellbeing (Kotler, 2000). This vision is aimed to ensure that USA has proper and effective strategies capable of coping up to the threats against the people’s health and welfare. This can only be achieved by preparing for the worst case scenarios like plagues, or other deadly epidemics that can completely devastate a country’s population .Both the state and local public healthcare systems should walk hand in hand to achieve this vision. Fourthly, creation of a healthy and responsible society the main aim of this vision is to create an environment where the people are conscious about their responsibilities towards one another. Due to the challenges in building such a society is great, so the relationships between the various sectors must be built properly to achieve this vision. Hence both the government and the citizens must work together to fully achieve the above visions and hence make the population of America healthy and prosperous.The Vision of the organisation US veteran affairs department the leading health care organisation in the US is a healthy world where people can enjoy their physical and mental health properly to its fullest.

Setting up the objectives of an organization is the most important and challenging job. Thomas Carlyle said that “A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder” (Cuneo, 1997). Hence the objectives should be envisioned properly before setting out on the task. Their main function is to integrate the organization along with the various groups of people working inside it.Objectives are the ends toward which an organization should strive to achieve. In other words, they should know their destination before setting out on their tasks. The goal should set the direction in which the organization should walk in order to achieve it. It should be taken into consideration that the objective is clearly set (Waniganayake, 2012). The objective in mind must correspond to the organizational type, i.e. the organization itself governs the final outcomes. Also various factors that may end up affecting the outcome of this objective should also be analysed. Proper strategies to overcome these hurdles must be taken; so that the organization does not sway from its path. The objectives set should be realistic rather than idealistic. Objectives of an organization must have a positive effect on the society (Koskinen, 2005). They should trigger a development of the society. Also they should have some form of hierarchy. They can be broad or aimed specifically at special groups of people within the organization itself. They govern the process of decision making, because the decisions are made according to the situation that the company is in while following the path set.


Task 3

The proper use of heath communication strategy and health information technology is very useful in improving the qualities of health and the aim by motivating the workers and to achieve health equity. Ideas and information about the health are made through the way of effective communication in which the people interact with each other in there day to day life. Health care in the organisation helps the organisation to find the central health care and the way the common people has views about the health care organisation (Jain, 2013). Each and every member in the health care organisation should know the reasons to perform better.  They should have the idea about their contribution which will help the organisation to perform better, so that their contribution helps in the advancement of the company.  They should know that there hard work is not only to earn profit in an organisation nut there contribution are helping a human in saving their life (Jenssen, 2009). The employees should be given the chance to be a part of the innovation project of the organisation. They should be given with the right tools and resources so that the output is better. The main purpose for a healthy communication is that everyone in the organisation should be given respect by one another.

The organisation should have the strategy of triple aim to achieve its vision. The triple Aim that effective health care should pursue the three dimensions to achieve its vision. Firstly, The patients in the health care of the organisation, the outcome of the health he received, The systems productivity and the costs of the health care (Robbins and Coulter, 2005).  The triple aim technique helps to show the status of the organisation or the quality of the organisation in front of the whole world. By keeping check on these three elements of the heath care the organisation can build support for its vision.

There are many ways in which the organisation can link itself with the external stake holders. Through the help of passive activity we can communicate with the stakeholder like team meeting and briefing can be held which will be helpful in communication with the stakeholder, new starter stuff induction session, the stake holders should get all the operational update through the help of weekly staff newsletter (Guertner, 1993). There should be new media channels and the videos should be uploaded in the internet, annual report and the financial summary should be updated to the stakeholder, an one to one staff and manager session should be held, Regular emails to the management team and the stakeholders should be given by the CEO of the organisation and the feedback should also be included in that following report, staff focus group and management time out sessions should be held.

Task 4

Leadership behaviour from has always played a vital role in the success of an organisation as it is one of the most important feature in an organisation in achieving the goal of the organisation. The leadership behaviour is always related to the performance of the team. The leadership behaviour should focus on the study like transformational study, transactional study, initiating the structural behaviour and the spanning of the boundary. The leader of the team should inspire and empower the team for better performance that will help the health care organisation in several ways. The leader should be task focused person and should built its way to fit in the organisational framework (Daft, 1997). The leader should have a transactional behaviour where he can reward and praise his team member for the accomplishment of the job given and also to punish them if the expectation is not covered.

A vision is very important in any heath care organisation. It set some objectives which are to be accomplished by the organisation. The major problem in the health care system is the lacking of objective and the capacity to mix its strategies across different upcoming situation and different time (Stoner, 1982). There is the need to improve the quality of health care service and also to reduce the cases of defects in a health care service in the case of patients. There should be a proper equity in the health care services and there should be a proper leadership function in all the department of health care.

The ultimate aim of any health care organisation is to deliver Quality service and this can only happen if good strategically decision is made (Tozer, 1997). The aim of a health care organisation are very high but if the strategic decision are implemented in a correct way. The following strategy should be followed to achieve the goals:

  • The staff services should be caring
  • A clear communication should be set for the treatment.
  • A clean and safe environment
  • The health care should be clinically excellent

Meaning of the word strategic planning is to look for ways for establishing a specific set of directions for an institutional organization. It ensures the resources are utilized effectively and properly. It is a structured approach towards the future of the organization, i.e. where does it want to stand in its future (Fallshaw, 2000). This ensures the dollars allotted for its budget is following a specific plan rather than haphazard spending. It is a common misconception that strategic planning is same as long-range planning, but there are significant differences between the two. Long range planning is a kind of prediction into the future based on the present position of the company, while strategic planning assumes that the institution has quick reflexes for responding to a changing environment.



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