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Positive sides of gluten-free diet

What are the types of Diet and their Effects on the Body?

Gluten is one of the proteins that are, found in wheat that is helps in the process of elasticity to make the dough. It is the property of gluten, which helps in the elasticity of bread. The content of protein constitutes of 47%in bread. The combination of gluten is gliadin and glutenin.

The major plus point of using gluten in diet includes

Gluten in an item in the diet, which can be eliminated in order to reduce the problems with digestive issues. In case of patients or people who are striving with diseases, relating to inflammation and disorders relating to autoimmune gluten free diet has been beneficial. Apart from this here have been certain improvements in case of autistic children have shown improvement in their perception. Gluten free diet along with the reduction of some of the parts of the diet can be beneficial for people who want to lose weight. As per the report proposed by the national foundation for celiac awareness, people who are allergic to the same may have headaches along with problem in the thinking process.

Apart from this, the major issue relating to the positivity of gluten free diet includes celiac diseases. The problem relating to the immune system is reduced. Gluten is an element in the food that may create problem in the immune system and the damage of the small intestine. Villi are important part in the digestion process that gets damaged due to the presence of gluten in the diet. Thus, the positive aspects of not having gluten n the diet may prove to be beneficial.

The major problem relating to gluten free diet could be issue with the weight. There are few people who are not over weight are not obese. In such case, the major issue would be they could have huge weight loss that may make a person lean and frail. In case of not using gluten in the diet there may be one of the major issue with gluten cross contamination. This includes the fact that the person might face the problem of sudden reaction and outburst with a single bite of gluten-filled diet. This becomes odd most of the time, as people do not know the reason for such hasty abnormal behavior.

Fiber remains to be one of the basic parts of the diet that may go missing with gluten free diet. This may be an issue with people who require fibers in their diet for metabolism and other issues (Lock, Karen, et al.). In case of gluten, it contains protein and so substituting it may be a problem with the intake of protein. The major issue may lie with people who are required to take protein rich diet. Apart from this, there may be problem with the vitamin intake of a person. The major issue remains that most of the people may also face problem with the rise of cholesterol level. Apart from this people may face problem relate to constipation or diarrhea. Therefore, there are negative aspects that may also be found in the gluten free diet. The best option to not face any problem relating to gluten is visiting a doctor.

Negative aspects of gluten-free diet

Diet of the elderly person should include the following in the food.

 Fruit- This might be one of the aspect in the diet that play a crucial role in keeping elderly people healthy. Juices serve the required amount of fiber and vitamins with banana and apple to be part of the diet. Apart from this, berries and melons are important for being color rich.

Vegetates- Green vegetables help in keeping the mind sharp due to which the diet must contain leafy green vegetables. Spinach, broccoli and such other vegetables are important for the diet. Apart from these vegetables like carrots, yams and squash can be beneficial at the same time.

Calcium- calcium is one of the most important aspect s this helps in keeping the bones strong which should be part of the diet for elderly people. This reduces chances of bone fractures and osteoporosis.

Grains- older people need a minimum of 6-7 ounce each day of grains. However, the grains and the fibers in the grains should be limited without much eating of brad, pasta and other grain rich diets.

Exercise – This should include working walk as this helps in retaining the energy and feeling good. This makes the elder people feel rejuvenated as they breathe fresh air. Apart from this regular limit of exercise makes keeping the mind sharp, body along with the benefit of a deep sound sleep. The self-confidence gets boosted with the exercise and the brain works better. The major use of exercise is light yoga that could help in gaining all the above-mentioned aspects successfully.

 The food pyramid is one of the basic needs of the teenager.

The meal must include drink, juice along with ample water content in the body. Fruit is another major aspect that helps in getting the strength. There should be minimum 3-time intake of fruits for the teenager. Apart from this, vegetables are important along with protein rich diet like fish, milk, and cheese. Fat increasing elements in the body are also essential like peanut butter and nuts. Carbohydrates are important for the teenagers but this should not be excessive which may relate to the bloating. Complex carbohydrates like sweet potato, rice, yams are also important and crucial for the teenagers.  Drinking lots of water may help in the metabolism that may also reduce the problem of obesity and being fat (Jiménez-Colmenero, Ventanas, and  Toldrá).

Another major aspect is that junk foods are to be decreased from the diet so that the factors responsible for obesity are decreased.  However, drinking cold water can help in reducing extra weight for the obese people. More energy is required for the people to warm up the water in the body and so there is lots of exercise.

Elderly person diet and exercise plan

The exercise that is required for the teenager includes yoga; skipping and outdoor activities that would help the teenager reduce the amount of weight required. Rigorous exercise in the gymnasium might not be fruitful and can be more harmful. Thus in the initial process the person needs to buy a cycling equipment that is easy for the teenager to use. The cycling equipment can be used at regular hours and every day in order to get the required amount of exercising process.

The major change that is looked forward by me includes the right weight of the client’s body. Apart from this, the fitness of the client’s body is another aspect that would be helpful in analyzing the plan. There can be a talk with the client that would help me in understanding the problems that they are still facing and the methods that could be implemented to check the issues. However, in following the plan consistently the problem might be the limited intake of different essential elements. Apart from this, the limited intake of vitamins, Protein, minerals may cause other diseases due to the deficit of the same. Thus the plan is temporarily cannot be followed for longer periods.

The benefits of the plan are that in the present case the patients can get the benefit to resolve the problems or the time being. Apart from this, the patients can gain the energy that is important in their daily life. This would help in getting the required energy for the work of the elderly people at the same time the teenager. Thus it the benefits are that they can get the amount of rest, the zeal to work and the supplements that the body needs in the present scenario.

The effects may not be positive as the plan is for temporary purpose. The plan has been, made based on the current problem that the patients are facing in their daily life. Apart from this the limited use of the nutrients can be make the patients weak. There can be diseases that may be relating to the deficiency of a particular nutrient. In such case, the major need of the patient is to follow the plan and do the exercise to the time that has been prescribed. In any case, the plan and the diet chart must be changed and updated with the required amount of nutrients from time to time. The deficiency of nutrient like calcium may increase bone related troubles that may be the major issue of the patients. Thus, it is essential to include the right amount of nutrient in the diet with the current examination process.

The diet that has been for the teenager is better as this would help in the hydration process along with the retention of the essential elements. Vegetables and water would help in the metabolism. The exercise of the teenager is the cycling equipment. This light way of exercising would also help in reducing the weight of the teenager. Reduction of junk food in the diet is the most important aspect in order to stay healthy and fit. 

Teenager’s diet and exercise plan

In case of the old person fruits play a vital role along with the elements in the diet that help in keeping the mind strong. Apart from this, the major use of the vegetables in the diet would help in increasing the sleeping hours. The exercise and the morning walk would help in the keeping the mind fresh along with the increase of fitness. Yoga helps in increasing the fitness of the body and leading a longer life (Scarborough, Peter, et al.).

In order to monitor the health of the clients first there can be a talk with the client in order to understand the problem relating to health. Weight check is another method. Apart from this, the monitoring process may include understanding of the energy through the talk with the patients. After the programs, there can be the weight check that would ensure the perfection. Along with this talking to the paint might be useful as they can speak of the improvements that they are feeling in their day-to-day life (Drewnowski, Adam, and Petra Eichelsdoerfer).

The plan had been successful only when the teenager looses weight. Apart from this, the cholesterol test could be also beneficial for the doctor to assess and monitor the patient. The objectives can be met by me only when the teenager has

Reduced weight

Having more energy to work in day-to-day life

Feeling the energy to work more

Control levels of cholesterol

In case of the old person I have met the objectives by analyzing the following aspects

Having longer hours of sleep

Having the zeal to work

Having the energy to read or walk

Weight check up

Interest in life for doing and achieving something

I think I could have improved the diet with the specification of using minimum spices in the fold and oil. Oil is an aspect that may rise the cholesterol content both for the teenager and the elderly person. Thus, I could have included the aspect of oil in the food. Another aspect could be avoiding “carbs” in the food. I must mention this in the diet plan. In order to make the patients feel better and to retain water in the body I must mention content of sodium. Patients should not intake too much salt in their diet.

The client could try to incorporate the use of taking food time to time. This would ensure the uniformity in the diet. Along with this, there must be different colors in the diet that is useful for the body and the mind. Cooking smart is the best initiative in such case. The client could try these benefits in order to live a healthy life. This would also ensure the best system for the client. These steps by the client is not in the chart but would help the entire life.


Lock, Karen, et al. "Health, agricultural, and economic effects of adoption of healthy diet recommendations." The Lancet 376.9753 (2010): 1699-1709.

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Drewnowski, Adam, and Petra Eichelsdoerfer. "Can low-income Americans afford a healthy diet?." Nutrition today 44.6 (2010): 246.

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