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Procedural Programming: Learning C# Programming

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Testing the procedural programming solution

In this testing, the analyzer analyzes the programming with various testing methodologies and also identify the errors in the programming. Here the analyzer uses three sorts of testing alpha test, beta testing, and acceptance testing (Khan, Sadi, and Sirshar, 2015). In this way, it begins with; the analyzer depicts what the fundamental perspective of these three testing.

Alpha testing, this testing performs by the software engineer to recognize the inconsistencies in the project or if any issue (Batool et al. 2015). In this application, the software engineer tests this and experiences numerous issues, however, the reality of the matter is that the developer sorted out these disparities and finished all prerequisites.

The initial phases of testing

Testing steps

Figure 1: Testing steps

(Source: Created By author)

The software engineers are checking the requirements of this application and identify the actual result of the application. In the alpha testing the programmer test each unit of the program that are run correctly. In this programming, the programmer user many global or local variables to take the input from the users, therefore, the user does not know about the variable they may be put an integer value to a string variable (Thuneman et al. 2015). The solution handles the exception while the program is taking the input prom the user. Therefore, the programmer uses checking this program rapidly and passes it to the next level of testing beta testing.

Alpha testing

Figure 2: Alpha testing

(Source: Created By author)

Beta testing, in this testing methodologies the testing state begins with a group of software testing engineers to analysis the discrepancies in this programming. Here the project runs effectively and discovers some information sort mistakes and few error in getting data from the user prompt.

Acknowledgment testing performs by the end clients to recognize that their require goals are met effectively (Jordan et al. 2015). Here the analyzer dissected all necessities and discovered nothing that was not implemented in the application as per the appropriate investigation.

Identify the discrepancies between the actual result and the current result

The analyzer depicts and demonstrate the examination between own perspective with the engineer software application. In the below figure 3, the software engineer exhibits that it was the typical yield, so there are no more irregularities found in the menu section. For this situation study as depict, the menu has to keep up a succession these groupings are impeccably executed in this application (Smith, 2015). At initially, the menu demonstrates that alternative one for the registration, choice two is a numerical aptitude test, the third choice is problem solving test, choice four for the help and the last choice way out for exit the project. The below figure 3, show the login menu option.

Menu option

Figure 3: Menu option

(Source: Created by author)

Here the programmer does not mention the galaxy school name in the top of the option that is the first problem. Here the programmer needs to add in every module or code block, that is a part of the galaxy school. The mean should look like an interactive to the user, here the user when to try to enter into the numerical test without any registration, the programmer should give the appropriate message to the user that they must register them self at first (Malik, 2015). Here the programmer set a message that the programmer asks the users to put down the unique id, if some students visit first time then they are do not know the rule of this application. Therefore, the programmer must set up logic for coming back to the menu again and check the result, but it contrast with this current result, the analyzer find exception errors.

In the login section, the user password must be in hidden character, but here the programmer visualizes this in plain text. The programmer must take the inputs to as character one by one and print immediately in the console where the user put down the password. Here the programmer takes this as a string and compares with it the database where the user name and password are saved (Ali, 2015).

In the registration process the programmer requires the users first name, last name, age, gender and class then a random number generator generates a number as a unique Id, which is available just for once.

Registration problem

Figure 4: Registration problem

(Source: created by author)

Here the programmer takes this input from the console port but in the gender section, the programmer uses a string variable that can take all type of test. For example, if the user gives “0XX” then no one can verify this user (Malik, 2015). Now the analyzer thinks there must be a checking section where the program checks that must be male or female.  This problem is show in figure 4 and figures 4.1.

Unhandled exception

Figure 4.1: Unhandled exception

(Source: created by author)

The recommendation of the procedure programming solution

At the first phase of the successive procedure, the main objectives incorporated into the straight programming model are the first need objectives, and the simplex system is connected in the normal way (Nainggolan et al. 2014). On the off chance that the subsequent ideal arrangement is interesting, the clients receive it quickly without considering any extra objectives.

This mathematical aptitude test is sufficient for checking the numerical skill ability of the youngsters. The originator chooses C# as a creating tool for this application. Along these lines, there are few changes to make this application more appropriate. For this circumstance, if this application is created in the online or jFrame than a console base application.

3-Tire application

Figure 5: 3-Tire application

(Source: Created by author)

The online application is more suitable than console application because in the web this application looks more sensible and more sensible for children’s. In case, there is any expansion for make, if this application is utilizing as three tire applications, for example, java swing, MVC or PHP than it will be a more attractive interface and more dynamic (Unger, 2014).  

The analyzer identify that theses application also helps the youngster to enhance their mathematical skill by this application. Therefore, this application should look more attractive because the youngster must have an interest in this application. Here the analyzer proposed that this system may be better if it is implemented in the PHP, JFrame, java swing, etc. Therefore, if this application builds in a 3-tier architecture, than the layer is Client Layer, Application Layer, and Database Layer. In this application, client does not see any kind of parts that is producing results they see only the Graphical user interface and the data (Kumar, 2013). Here the basic structure of the 3-tier application is shown in figure 5. Now come on the point what are the benefits of 3-Tire application such as better re-use, improve data integrity, deduction of the distribution, stronger security, its enhance the availability and the structure makes more secure for database structures. In this case, this   three-tier application is idle for this application because this structure can handle all exceptions and provides a strong database security.


The screen that helps in computer program

This program designed for the purpose of measure the mathematical ability of the youngsters. Then it calculates the total result for this mathematical test. The youngsters are can log in to this system using their username and password (Rathore and Gupta, 2011). The program should display the on-screen prompts that take the username and password and store in the memory. The program also displays the data on the screen that conform the user enter correctly or not. Here in the below figure, 6 shows that how this interface works.

Login Option

Figure 6: Login Option

(Source: Created by author)

The menu option

Figure 7: The menu option

(Source: Created by author)

In the above figure 7, the programmer set an interactive menu where the users can choose their options. At the initial level the user, have three options in active state registration, help, and exit. If the users choose the first option registration and the program show require options for register them (Nourjou and Hatayama, 2014). After registration, they have a unique ID, which automatically generated by the system itself.  This is shown in figure 8.

Generation of Unique ID

Figure 8: Generation of Unique ID

(Source: Created by author)

After that, the program asks the user that for Taking Numerical skill test or exit from the application. If the user chooses the option two than the program, goes to the numerical skill test section and ask the question one by one (Okita, 2014). This process is shown in the below figure 9 and 10.  In the numerical section the program, ask the user to press enter for a start the numerical skill test.

Externs for numerical skill test

Figure 9: Externs for numerical skill test

(Source: Created by author)

Numerical skill test

Figure 10: Numerical skill test

(Source: Created by author)

According to the scenario the program, follow the rule that the user has to obtain 80 percent mark to pass the numerical kill test and in the problem solving test the user have to obtain 6o percent (Gaddis, 2014). If any user does not pass in the first round, then this user rejected. Here this program generates a result for each student and store it in the database.

The support and maintenance of a computer program

The Programming support defined as any adjustment made on a product framework after its conveyance. Any product framework mirrors the world inside which it works, when the world changes, the product need to change accordingly.

Programming building has been taking a stab at years to enhance the act of programming advancement and support (Morgan, 2015). Documentation has long been evident on the list of prescribed practices to enhance advancement and help support. However, agile techniques began to shake this perspective, contending that the objective of the diversion is to deliver programming and that documentation is just valuable the length of it achieves this objective. Then again, in the rebuilding field, individuals wish they could re-report valuable legacy programming with the goal that they might precede keep up them or move them to a new stage.

In this extension, the analyzer records the support procedure of a computer framework:

The software engineer has to check that the PC program keeps running as an administration, if not then close it and revive as an administrator. Here to examine a database from the local storage device needs all accessing permission, therefore, it must be run as an administrator (Okita, 2014).

Presently about the system, the project must be running on a well-configured system.

The developer or client keeps up their junk files from the C drive for better execution as because of this application require more resources (Bhasin, 2014).

According to the Answer 4.1 present the appropriate finding

The primary goals of the testing dependably give a superior execution and great nature of the application. Here the application is checked in three stages because this three-stage is check in three distinctive reasons or view (Byrne, 2013). Consequently, the primary targets are meeting the prerequisite of the end client and develop to an oversight-free application.

According to the answer 4.2 the testing activities

Test cases are utilizing different test procedures to accomplish more compelling testing. By this, product fulfillment is provided and states of testing that get the best likelihood of discovering errors are determine. In this way, analyzers do not figure which experiments to choose, what is more, test procedures authorize them to plan testing conditions systematically. Additionally, if one consolidates a wide range of existing test strategies, one will acquire better results rather if one uses only one test strategy (Bhasin, 2014). The program can test in two courses, in another word, one can recognize two different methods such as black box testing and white box testing.

White box testing

Figure 11: White box testing

(Source: created by the author)

White box testing is very successful in recognizing and determining issues in light of the fact, that fault can be found. This technique is like a testing programming with the information of the inward structure and coding inside the system. White box testing additionally called white-box examination, clear box testing or clear box analysis. It is a methodology for program troubleshooting in which, the analyzer has superb learning of how the project parts act in the real life application (Khan, Sadi, and Sirshar, 2015). It is a methodology for programming debugging in which, the analyzer has great information of how the project segment communicates. Here the programmer checks the entire program line by line, the figure 11 shows how this process works.

Black box testing

Figure 12: Black box testing

(Source: created by the author)

Backtesting is testing methodologies that based on the software output without knowing the programming structure. In another word, a black box is any gadget whose workings are not comprehended by or available to its client. In data mining, a black box is a calculation that does not give a clarification of how it functions (Rathore and Gupta, 2011).  Here the black box testing is used to test the program behavior in the above figure 12 shown that how it works. The analyzer analyzes that if the answer is in capital later than the program is act normally but if the user put the answer in small letter then the program works abnormally.

According to the answer 4.3 the suitable suggestion for additional functionalities

The analyzer identifies that here the programmer has to control the exception, which occurs when the program takes the input from the user. Here the programmer needs to address all exception and print a message to the user interface. In this application, the programmer adds an option to view their unique code more than once when the user already registered the program will show the unique code in the registration option otherwise it works normally. Except these discrepancies, the application is work according to the scenario. The above mention features are the additional requirement for this mathematical skill test for galaxy school.




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