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Dimension Logistics Supply Chain Management

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Discuss About The Dimension Logistics Supply Chain Management?




SINGAPORE FOOD DELIGHT MANUFACTURING PTE LIMITED organization is a production / manufacturing organization in the marketing of Singapore. This organization produces the hawker food items for the people of Singapore and the tourist of Singapore. This organization gives the combination conventional nourishments to its clients. Mostly, this organization sets balance into the different components of the nourishment to make the sustenance more heavenly. HACCP has examined the organization as per different norms and offered the HACCP authentication to the organization (Chopra & Meindl, 2013). This organization makes the solidified plate of mixed greens, solidified vacuum nourishment, prepared to eat sustenance and so forth this item could be steam or microwave by the clients as indicated by their decision (Christopher, 2016). The bundling of the item is done in such a way, to the point that the items could be crisp and legitimate constantly.

The key components of the organization are the best taste of the item and assortment of the items. This organization has embraced different new systems to cook the sustenance to make the nourishment crisp for quite a while and arranged prepared to eat solid sustenance. This organization has upgraded its income on a gigantic level as the sustenance is enjoyed by each client of the organization and they are the faithful and consistent client of the organization. Essentially, this organization sets harmony into the different components of the nourishment to make the sustenance tastier (Cetinkaya, 2011). HACCP has examined the organization as indicated by different gauges and offered the HACCP testament to the organization. Different guarantees have been finished by the organization to its clients in regards to the item quality and the new activity into the sustenance offered by the organization.

Further, this organization has gotten some information about their decision with the goal that operations could deliver that merchandise and subsequently their preferred best quality result could be offered to them. Through the examinations, it has been discovered that the organization is performing great regarding benefit and execution in the organization.


The interfaces:

Interfaces relayed to the logistic department are documented as a progression in which the products, policies, techniques etc are communicated in the company by a department to another for managing the logistics activities of the company. It is supportive for the firm to administer the level of inventory, diminish the cost, improve the sales etc. The SINGAPORE FOOD DELIGHT MANUFACTURING PTE LIMITED’s logistic interface has been investigated in this report. Interface of this company plasters all the aspects of the different departments of a firm.


Production division is identified with changing over the simple material into the completed products. The strategic helps the Production division at different stages which begins from discoveries the better raw materials to exchanging the completed merchandise into the business office (Beske and Seuring, 2014). Different advances happen in this procedure, for example, conveying the crude material, warehousing the material, protection of the item, exchanging the completed merchandise and so on are the exercises of the generation division which are straightforwardly identified with the strategic bureau of the organization.

Through directing an investigation over the Production arrangement of the organization, it has been broke down that the generation of the organization is of long run. Long run Production delineate that the organization has enough time to roll out the improvements into all the related angles. In this examination, it has been discovered that the cost of the organization could be overseen by the organization as different circumstances is hold by the generation division in which changes should be possible to decrease the sum though if the length of the creation was short than there were no odds for the organization to deal with the elements and lessen the additional cost of the organization. Organization has embraced the systems and hypotheses of EOQ, FOT and Dude to deal with every one of the exercises bitterly.

Logistic and production department of SINGAPORE FOOD DELIGHT MANUFACTURING PTE LIMITED relationship:

(Assey, 2012)



Normally, in marketing logistics, 3 activities are there which exists that is planning about the product, delivering the product and making a control on products which has been produced by a firm and transferred into the ending inventory. The main focus of this company is to offer the best quality product to its customers with a guaranteed price. The main concept tof marketing depict that marketing process starts from identifying the demands of the customers to the point when customers offers a good feedback about the services or the product. In SINGAPORE FOOD DELIGHT MANUFACTURING PTE LIMITED’s, basic needs of the customers are identified and according to that, the production of the company is done. The mission and vision of the company also depict about the better marketing management of the company.

Marketing interfaces are related to various marketing concept like re-labeling, traditionalist, intersections and unionist. The perspective of relabeling in the concern of marketing depict that the marketing activities have a wider part in the logistics to manage the performance of the company (Toomey, 2012). Eventually, the unionist perspective describes that the marketing and logistic department are interlinked and work accordingly and lastly, the perspective of intersection depict that the marketing activities cut down the logistic activities in an organization.

(MIHM, 2010)

Accounts and finance:

Accounts and finance department of a company is also linked with the logistic department of a company. Both of these accounts communicated about the total expenses and the revenue due to a better logistic activity. Accounts and finance department basically describe about the total profit earned by a company. Being a logistic manager in SINGAPORE FOOD DELIGHT MANUFACTURING PTE LIMITED, the interface of accounts and finance department has been analyzed and it has been found that the logistic department helped the company to reduce the cost a huge level through adopting new technology and the strategy. Further, the company is also focusing to make some changes into it to make the performance of the company better (Lysons and Farrington, 2012).

Order Cycle of company:

A company is required to manage the time of production and entire activities related to it, in such a manner that the extra cost of the company could be cut down and the time consumption of the company could also be reduced. accounting to this study, the order cycle is the time which is taken from placing an order to the transforming that order into the WIP and finished goods. A company is always required to look over various activities and according to that place an order so that the consumption of cost and time, both could be reduced by the company (Hussey, 2007). Following the the procedure of order cycle is followed by the company to reduce the level of cost as well as the time.

Steps of order cycle:

  1. Order placement:

This is the first step in which company places an order.

  1. Getting the order:

This is the second step in which company receives the order which has been placed in first step.

  1. Identify various level of inventory:

This is the third step in which company evaluates the balanced inventory into the warehouse and evaluate the minimum required inventory.

  1. Next order placement:

This is the last step in which places a new order according to the minimum level of inventory evaluated in the third step.

KPI is Key performance indicators. The study of KPI has been done over SINGAPORE FOOD DELIGHT MANUFACTURING PTE LIMITED. Through the evaluation and identification, it has been found that the better order cycle is adopted by the company and the techniques and tools used by the company for managing the extra cost and time is also competitive and offering the better result to the company. The main KPIs are the products, strategies, services etc of the company which make the business of the company different from its competitors and in this company, the food quality, food taste, better management of activities, customer satisfaction etc are the KPIs (Hussey, 2007). In concern of logistic management, the main KPIs of the company are better interfaces among various department, better management of the inventory and various tools and techniques.


Recommendation for the order cycle:

The above study depict that the company is performing better in the market. But still for becoming the best company, following improvement has been explained to the company which is as follows:

Inventory Management:

The management of the inventory could be improved by the company through applying the various new evaluation techniques such FOT, FOP etc.

Just in Time Approach:

Company could use the technique of Just in time to manage the total time required for the production process of the company. This process assist the company to manage the cost as well as the time and through it the customer service of the company could also be enhanced. The JIT theory could help the company to cover all the activities (Ou et al, 2010).

Order Processing:

Order processing process of a company helps the company to track over the order, control on order and management of the activities. This company is also suggested to adopt a strategy to manage a better order processing system (Mihm, 210).

Customer Service:

Customers are the king of the market. So it is required for the company to manage the loyalty and satisfaction of the customers so that the revenue of the company could be improved and the market base could also be enhanced.  


Lastly, the company is required to manage the process of transportation in such a manner that the procedure of transportation could be improved (Sweeney, 2013).

Inventory Management:

Inventory management is a method to identify the level of the stock of the organization so that the level of the company of inventory could be administered in an efficient way to manage and enhance the profit level of the organization and reduce the cost level. The tools and techniques of inventory management depict the organization about the inventory level in the warehouse to meet complete demands of end buyer on time and eventually, the production necessity of the organization must also been identified. Effective management scheme of an organization is a KPI for an organization as it allows the organization to handle and cut the time and cost and improve the goodwill of the company in market (Tomey, 2010).

The company, SINGAPORE FOOD DELIGHT MANUFACTURING PTE LIMITED is measuring the stock level with the help of various manners to identify and direct the inventory level. Inventory management is quite proficient and effective of this company as it considers the full care of the interfaces and the logistics management. It becomes quite difficult for a manufacturing company to evaluate the best level of inventory. Still, various strategies, tools, techniques, methods are available for the logistic manager to identify the level of the inventory and through which the inventory could be managed in a better way (Arndt, 2008). According to the study, it has been found that the level of inventory management of the company became so far so good.  

Recommendations for improvements:

The above study depict that the company is performing better in the market. But still for becoming the best company, following improvement has been explained to the company which is as follows:

Though the performance of the company is better but EOQ, FOT, FOP etc technique could help the company to manage the level of inventory in an effective and efficient manner. Through the study it has been found that the main point of managing the ibventory is the evaluate the right level of the stock which must be in the warehouse at all the time, according to the operations and activities of the company, the company is required to manage the LIFO system so that the loss of inventory of the company could be reduced and further, the company is required to look over the other players strategies and make a policy according to that so that the assistance could be got.



To conclude, SINGAPORE FOOD DELIGHT MANUFACTURING LIMITEDis a food manufacturing company in the Singapore and this company is managing the entire activities in a better way due to the better techniques and tools of logistic management. Through it, it has been found that some changes are required in the company which could assist the company to enhance the performance more.



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