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Using 3D Printing in Additive Manufacturing

Discuss About The Enhancing Interpersonal Competency Through.

This article mainly talks about using 3D printing in Additive manufacturing in an organization. Key attributes of the products that are manufactured using this technology are also discussed.  The article mostly tries to make sense of how 3D printing can influence the manufacturing sector.

The authors have vast experience in the manufacturing sector with some some of the contributors to this article having worked for many years in the manufacturing sector. Although 3D printing is a new psychology in manufacturing , these authors have got the know how of how 3D manufacturing works.

Manufacturers are yet to fully embrace 3D printing technology, this is due to the cost implication for the organization and the lack of technical skill required for this type of manufacturing.  However, this method allows for personalization of products and also production volume can me varied based on the market demands ( Manogharan,,2014).

Secondary information on how 3D technology is evolving and being used in the manufacturing industry has been used in this research. Useful  information from authors who have had experience in manufacturing has been used in this research.

This reference provides relevant insights on how 3D printing is used in additive manufacturing.  The article provides information on the pros and cons of this technology and also compares it with the conventional manufacturing methods. It therefore provides information to the reader on how a digital model is converted into a three dimentional end product and the business process in between .

This reference provides a lot of information on this type of manufacturing without any doubt. However, the authors could have added some information on the viability of 3D printing to an organization.

This reference provides insights on how 3D printing technology has been utilized in the field of medicine. The references provides information on the various uses of this technology in the field of medicine. For example; in the manufacture of drugs, customization of prosthetics, organ and tissue fabrications among other uses(Certo, 2018). Other information that is provided by this reference include how cost effective this method in the manufacture of drugs.

3D printing is a new technology in the field of medicine. The technology has been successful in the following areas; manufacture of customized body parts which has got the exact measurements that a patient needs(Brink & Costigan,2015). The material used in the manufacturing process must however be compatible with the organic tissue.  The manufactured organs can also replace any organ when a patient needs a transplant. It therefore shows that this technology will be of much use in the future especially in this field.

3D Printing Technology in Medicine

The reference is useful because it gives information on the various uses of 3D printing technology in medicine field(Ventola,2014).However, the limitation of this reference is that it does not provide a lot of information on the cost of manufacture when using 3D printing technology.

From August 3-8, 2015, I was learning at the advanced training courses for "Sociology of Conflict: Technologies for Conflict Management". I was traveling with the already defined topic "Effective technologies for managing risks and conflicts as opportunities for organizational development". I wanted to replenish my arsenal of technologies with new practices for managing risks and conflicts, and organize the organizational and management training.

 The most valuable for me were knowledge about manipulators / actualizers, four intellectual positions, the right to development and the approach proposed by the instructor, the types of reflection, the boundaries of the conflict, the issues by which conflict can be resolved, the distinction "Communal" and content conflicts, the consequences of conflicts, the multi-leveled conflicts, the importance of self-determination, the cartography of the conflict, the distinction between conflict and non-conflict, role conflicts, an inter-conflict conflict. The conflict in the language, the sociodrama, the reflection of the training elements, the importance of the commitments undertaken, the importance of self-determination, self-organization, self-restraint and self-representation(Al-Saggaf&Burmeister, 2017).

Here there is knowledge about both methods and technologies, and algorithms. The methods that I am ready to take in the work are a sociodramma, a contract, a balance wheel, intellectual maps. Algorithms of constructive communications in the conflict. Technology of reflection and methodological reflection, conflict mapping, activity approach. Criticism: I did not have enough exercises to train skills and time in order to conduct training on risks in full.

Till now I had very superficial knowledge about conflictology as a science. No, I certainly dealt with various conflicts. But when considering these conflicts, I was more guided by my life experience and intuitive reactions rather than by any methods and techniques. I was completely unfamiliar with the theoretical basis of conflictology. But we did not limit ourselves to theoretical knowledge alone, we also dealt with a lot of cases, which our listeners told us about. I was interested to listen to the lecturer(Göpferich & Neumann,2016). I basically was constantly involved in classes. It was also very interesting for me to get acquainted with the methods my colleges talked about. I want to use the smart card method in my professional work (Jirotka,et al,2017).

Conflict Management through Interpersonal Skills

Especially I was interested in information about the experience of conflict resolution in urban planning, as it is these kinds of conflicts that I am going to deal with in the future.And I'm interested in social conflicts, that is, conflicts, where representatives and institutions of civil society (public organizations, public initiative bodies, initiative groups, leaders of public opinion, etc.) are one of the parties( DuBrin,2014).

In general, I rate the rate quite high, by 8 points on a ten-point scale. Nevertheless, I want to make a number of proposals. One day it is desirable to conduct a full-fledged business game to resolve a conflict. This would give an opportunity to consolidate theoretical knowledge in practice.I really want to continue this course in a more in-depth format, and I hope that I will have this opportunity(Górniak,2007).

A ghost writer is a professional writer who does not receive credit when he is hired to write works for another person and remains anonymous. Although this practice has been common for a very long time and to this day senior government officials read public speeches that have been written by another person (McLean, 2011). Influential people also hire ghost writers to write their auto biographies which is considered ethical. There is nothing wrong for someone to hire a ghost writer in any of the mentioned fields.  However in research and general academic studies, when one hires ghostwriters it is considered as a form of plagiarism (McDermid,2015). . In the last decade, companies that offer ghostwriting services have sprung up in dozens because of the demand good grades by students and especially in Australia. Professional writers who do this tasks provide not only undergraduate papers but also masters theses and graduate thesis. The so called professional writers are willing to do any work as long as they get paid (, 2015) .Ghostwriting can be serious ethical misconduct and could also be a form of plagiarism.

It may be surprising that ghostwriting is a form of plagiarism, but this is how it is defined in dictionaries and also in the opinions of people and institutions referencing the subject.

This leads to the question, what if a ghost writer is doing a research paper that could end up being used for the general public(Slachmuylder,2015).. A good example is when a ghost writer works for a student who is doing his graduate thesis in health science. Any wrong information provided in that research may end up being used by the general public and could end up generating health problems for them. Luckily the students are in the ICT sector so no negative health implications will arise (O'Neil & O'Neil,2014). However according the ACS code of ethics, students or professionals in the field of ICT are supposed to be honest in their representation of knowledge, skills , services and products. By hiring ghostwriters, the student contravenes these codes because they are not representing their own ideas and skills and therefore it is advisable to report them to the teacher. Also the primacy of the public interest code states that one will place the interest of the public above personal interest.  Therefore, the student should place the public interest above their personal interest which is securing good grades.

  1. Describe an example where you used listening and verbal communication skills effectively (1 mark).

Developing Listening and Verbal Communication Skills

In this course unit, one of the learning outcomes is to develop listening and verbal communication. Listening is a fundamental component of interpersonal skills. In the class, I used listening skills to hear what the ideas of the other students and also the teacher. Listening and communication skills came in handy when there was class discussions related to this topic and also where we asked questions and discussed ideas related to the topic. 

  1. How did you use reading skills to effectively develop an academic document? Provide an example (1 mark).

 When writing this paper, I used various sources from different authors. This requires one to use reading skills to source information that is relevant when developing the academic document. In the previous three sections, I have used information from other sources which is a perfect example of how I have used the reading skills(Umashankar&Charitra,2016).

  1. Provide an example of using your teamwork skills and interpersonal skills in this unit. Provide specific examples for each skill set. (1 mark).

In this unit , I had to work with other students in class and also as part of the group discussion, which I did very well. This is a representation of how I used my teamwork skills. Examples of my interpersonal skills are the listening and verbal skills. 

4.Provide an example of an assessment task or an activity in this unit that helped you to understand ethical behaviors, and/or social, privacy and legal aspects within the ICT domain.

The work on 3D printing technology was a task that enabled me understand the ethical and legal aspects of introduction of such technology to the public (Van den Hoven & van de Poel,2015).  Especially in terms of patenting the products and production of harmful objects.

5.How did you use the diversity and intercultural competency skills to work with staff and/or students from different cultures? Use example/s from COIT20249 (1 mark).

Diversity and intercultural competency skills were useful as they helped me become aware of the different attitudes and beliefs in a diverse workplace so I was able to know how to approach every person and to effectively work with them.

6.Describe an example of a communication and collaboration technology you learnt in COIT20249. Briefly explain how your selection could be used in an organisation (1 mark).

 The best communication and collaboration technology that I learnt was the teleconferencing which can be used in organizations in holding meetings for people in different areas.

Describe how you learnt to evaluate ICT technologies to improve organisational communication processes. Give an example of an assignment/topic and the technology from COIT20249 .

When evaluating the best ICT technology, you choose the best. The features of the technology are what are used to determine whether the technology is good for example easy to use and fastness. An example of the technology that we have learnt is the 3D printer.

Using Reading and Teamwork Skills

Social - possession of social skills is important because they enable cooperation, as well as the methods of developing  professional communication adopted in this profession(Xinaris,2016).

Personal - possession of methods of personal self-development and self expression, means of confronting professional deformities of a person;mastering the methods development of individuality and self-realization within the profession, readiness for professional self-preservation, non-adherence to professional aging, the ability to organize your work rationally without overloading time and effort, to carry out work unrestrainedly, without fatigue and even with a refreshing effect. These skills are important because they enable a person to relate well with fellow workers.


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Xinaris, C. (2016). The individual in an ICT world. European Journal of Communication, 31(1), 58-68.

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