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Fundraising event is one of the most helpful activities of collecting funds for any specific purposes. The fundraising planning depends on the structured and systematic planning by signifying the target audience and appropriate skills. Macmillan Research Cancer Research in Greater London is one of those institutes that provide the adequate support and necessary resources to the cancer survivals[1]. The ambition of this institute is to reach and improve the lives of the cancer patients by inspiring them in various ways. The study will focus on organizing a fundraising event for supporting these cancer patients. The study will discuss the systematic activities for collecting fund within a stipulated time. Identifying the target audience for this fundraising event, the detailed analysis will be presented in this study.

The event is designed to collect money for supporting the cancer survivals. Macmillan Cancer Research is organizing this event by preparing a systematic plan and identifying the target audiences. Organizing a musical night for the local residents would be effective enough to draw the attention of the people and collecting money. This music show will be organized in two weekend days in a week. This event will continue for two weeks. It is notable that the event success depends on the systematic planning process[2]. Preparing a complete checklist for the set of activities organized for this event will help in keeping the update of the entire event[3]. However, some of the considerations are needed to be taken into account for organizing this music event[4]. The set of activities and systematic process of the event is discussed further:

Measurement of event success depends on the clear determination of the goal[5]. This specific music event is mainly scheduled for the regular office goers who try to find their free time for some refreshing music events. The purpose of organizing this event is to collect money for supporting the cancer sufferers by improving their lifestyles. A portion of money collected from the entry fee will be contributed to the charity that supports this cause. This music event will also promote the cause to the audience. One of the sessions will be arranged for collecting money from the visitors as donations. Clarifying the determined goals will help in ensuring success of the event. The associated people require understanding the purpose of the event. Once they are aware of the purpose, they would become much dedicated towards their responsibilities to make this event a success. Moreover, the organizers even need to make the audiences aware of the purposes that will make them donate more money for this greater cause. Hence, it can be inferred that determining the goal of the event is necessary for ensuring the success.

Event Planning Process

The event requires the adequate capital resources for organizing the activities. The budget for this entire event is structured below:



Soliciting Sponsorship


Promotions and Marketing


Registration, ticket sales, and checkout


Volunteer set up


Volunteer management


Venue setup


Music instruments





$38,700 (Assumed)


Selecting the dates for the events is essential before booking any event venue[6]. This fundraising music event is scheduled for two weeks on weekends, Saturday and Sunday. It can be expected that during these weekends, people will receive their leisure time to visit the event. The event will be one kind of refreshment that will work as the stress-buster for the regular office goers. Peckham Rye Park is selected as the venue for this specific event. The location is quite accessible to the residents near to the Greater London. The dates for the event will be on 28th July, 29th July, 4th August, and 11th August. The timing for the event will be 4pm to 8 pm. Within this time, audiences can visit for attending a musical night. They can even book the tickets from the official website of Macmillan Cancer Research Institute.

Event promotion is quite essential to spread awareness of the event purpose[7]. It is important to select the appropriate media for drawing the attention of the audience[8]. This specific music event will be promoted through both the online and offline media. The promotions through social media sites are quite effective to connect more people and inform them about the weekend refreshment. On the other hand, the offline media is also used for spreading awareness among the people regarding the event. For example, distributing leaflets and promoting the events through televisions, hoarding, radio broadcasting, and posters would also gather the attention of the audiences. The overview of the event details will be provided to the audience to catch their attention. The exclusive contents would be used for promoting the event.

Prior to sell the tickets, it is essential to consider the appropriate packaging strategy[9]. Presenting the flat price and packages of the tickets can draw the attention of the audiences. The VIP tickets will commend a discounts and higher prices for the people that will drive the sales. It is even needed to be ensured that the donors will be aware of the method of purchasing the tickets. The clear description of the event will be provided in the promotional media. The registration made on this event will gather the adequate information about the donor and the attendees.

It is always necessary to review the overall schedule for the final time prior to start the event[10]. The instruments will be checked and the entire set up will be monitored. The entrance of the artists and their facilities will also be properly checked. The volunteers will be appointed for managing the crowd and maintaining synchronization for the safety purpose.  The anchor will attain the audiences with the show agenda. Therefore, the activity checks will be done appropriately.

Determining the Goal

Preparing the event checklist and an assessment paper is essential to understand the systematic process[11]. Identifying the appropriate formation of the activities and the evaluation of the arrangements will determine the feasibility of this fundraising program. The volunteers and the event organizers would participate on measuring the capital amount gathered from the event. It will determine the suitability for the event success for serving the purpose.

The above event planning is based on the evaluation process, which would determine the activities suitable enough for raising the adequate fund. It is noticeable that while undertaking such events for a cause, the organizers often face some specific ethical challenges. It is thus important for them to clarify the purpose prior to organize the set of activities. A detailed and systematic plan for the event will lead to success[12]. The association of the skilled management and the arrangements of the skilled staffs would be required to continue this event for two weeks. Even it is essential to concentrate on the crowd management and the safety and security aspects of the audiences who will be visiting the event. A musical event is quite attractive to the music lovers, especially for those who try to find some refreshments after a hectic week at their workplace. The event ambience thus needs to be arranged by considering such needs of the target audiences. It would be beneficial in gathering the positive responses and collecting the adequate money for the determined purpose. The organizers would be able to serve the cancer patients with the improved lifestyles. Accordingly, the purpose will be served in an effective way.


The fundraising event is one of the most effective techniques of collecting money for a specific cause. The study follows the initiative undertaken by Macmillan Cancer Research institute that provides the adequate supports to the people who have been suffering from cancer. The purpose of this support is to improve their lifestyle while they are fighting on their own. This fundraising program is arranging a musical event in which people will attend a musical night. The event will be organized in weekends for two weeks. The appropriate ambience will be organized for the audience. In order to capture their attention, the institute will undertake both the online and offline promotional media. The social media sites of the company will be used for presenting the details of the events and inviting the target audiences. On the other hand, the leaflets will be distributed to spread awareness among the audiences. In addition to this, the poster, TV, radio media, and broadcasting through hoardings will be arranged. The crowd management team and the volunteers would be present there to manage the audience entrance. The event will be organized at the ground of Peckham Rye Park. The continuous monitoring and the activity checks will be done properly to ensure the systematic organization of the entire event. Measuring the outcome will ensure the success of the event.


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