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Purpose of the organization and its mission

Discuss about the Factors Influencing Customers Acceptance Board.

Nike is one of the leading companies   that markets, designs and distributes manufacturing athletic apparel, shoes for athletes involved in different kind of sports.  Having revenue over $18.6 billion worldwide, it employs almost 30,000 people worldwide. At its headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon there are 6000 people are employed.

Nike uses some excellent business and marketing strategies to maintain the competitive edge in the worldwide market against the contenders like Adidas, Puma etc.  Even though the company is doing well in the world wide market but there are some factors that are affecting its business strategies to reach their full potential. In addition to this the CSR strategies of Nike also have its role in the growth of its business in the market.

The following report contributes to the purpose and mission of the organization, the impact of factor from a general environment and from specific environment on the different business processes. Furthermore, the evaluation of the CSR policy of the organization, and its organizational culture is also provided in this report.  At the end, the way I will fit in the organization and its organizational culture is also discussed in this report.            

The mission of Nike is to convey motivation and innovation to each competitor on the planet. They consider anybody with a body as a competitor. This has been accomplished and guided by the 11 Maxims that guide its employees in day by day obligations and representation of Nike universally. They trust that through supporting the privilege authoritative culture and spurring worker's engagement in business exercises they will accomplish their vision. They consider Nike as an organization, a brand, and it is their inclination to enhance, disentangle and go, let the customer choose as they develop instantly (Korschun, Bhattacharya and Swain 2014).

They make the best decision and ace the essentials, are dependably on offense, and that they are a wipe. Its centre standards for the administration group incorporate to lead, mentor, drive, and motivate. In this way their vision is to help the business and their customers flourish in a manageable economy where both the organization and the customers are fulfilling their needs.

The political system is the factor from the general environment of Nike that affects the business of it mostly. As the company has favourable legal conditions and tax benefits in the country it manages its business successfully in the United States.

Impact of a factor from the general environment of the organization

The business policies made by the US government profoundly support the organizations particularly which are doing business globally (Korschun, Bhattacharya and Swain 2014). The US government has dependably started development oriented plans and policies which have helped Nike to develop and extend globally. The exchange directions, stable government and global focused expense plans by the Federal Reserve cultivates its development.

On the other hand the unstable political situations in the developing countries have an adverse impact on the business of Nike. Large number of the manufacturing plants of Nike, Inc. is situated in the developing countries of Asia. Nations like Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. The political tension in Thailand in the recent years was a sensitive situation toward the administrations and top level managers of Nike, Inc. In Thailand more than 35 manufacturing units of NIKE are found. The similar circumstances in Indonesia, Vietnam and parts of China in stages as any type of challenge, political uncertainty or social distress can affect the performance of NIKE in the worldwide market of it.

As Nike is in the manufacturing and retailing business of the shoes and appeals they are vigorously affected by any adjustments in the economic environment of the courtiers in which they operate. On one hand, if the economy takes a descending swing it drives up costs of the considerable number of providers that are such a basic piece of Nikes operations As the economy uncovers its way again from underneath its figurative sinkhole Nike has identified and exploiting the available business opportunities   to profit by creating more beneficial business environment. They have taken ventures in order to move into new games associations beginning with a sponsorship contract with the National Football Leagues in the different countries from the year 2011. Nike has likewise started to grow into the other sports with its Nike SB mark (skateboarding shoes) and Nike Snowboarding accessories.  With the improvement in the economic situation across the world, the value of the stocks of NIKE and its business is also improving day by day.

Nike will be able to gain and maintain competitive advantage in the worldwide sports apparel market through its major innovation projects. The stress that Nike has dependably put on specialized development of the apparels and shoes can be considered as an important factor in Nikes achievement in the sports apparel industry. Nike considers and manages its development and research department very intensely. Notwithstanding hiring and utilizing full time staff in chemistry, biomechanics, physiology, technology and different other fields to improve its products and their manufacturing process. By growing new administration and advances, for example, Nike + and Nike Free the organization can keep clients happy with dependable and creative items.

Impact of a factor from the specific factor of the organization

The competitor factor from the specific environment of the organization is affecting the business performance in the market.  The contenders like Adidas, Lululemon, and Under Armour are penetrating the market of Nike.  The company is also facing decrease in the amount of business due to the changes in manufacturing laws and tax laws of different countries as well as in the corresponding market.  In addition to that, use of the latest technology by its contenders in the manufacturing process is also helping them to reduce the production cost for their products consequently providing lesser price of the products.  Also the legal issues related to providing false discounts to its customers affect the reputation of Nike which also affects the business of it in the market (Korschun, Bhattacharya and Swain 2014). As a result the contenders in the market are able to acquire larger market share due to this.

Customers today are demanding, smart and sophisticated. They have more options and brands to check out also, more access to product related information compared to the recent times.

Furthermore the company should develop a functional level strategy that will be helpful in the improvement of the different business operations at the different manufacturing units of Nike.   

NIKE has to utilize the functional level strategy inside its marketing; manufacturing, item improvement and client benefit departments. In this way, with a specific end goal to enhance its client administrations, NIKE would be able to endeavour to speak to the most astounding administration standard inside its industry (Vogel and Trapp 2014). Furthermore, the company also will be able to develop a loyal customer base throughout the world.

Nike's approach to deal with enhancing social and ecological conditions in its worldwide production network has advanced to concentrate on coordinated administration of maintainability and development, expanded provider motivating forces, and frameworks advancements expected to forestall issues before they emerge. While there is constrained observational research on dependable works on prompting to enhanced social and natural execution, Nike has attempted essential changes that it accepts will enhance social and ecological execution in its inventory network

Another key to for the improvement of the business of NIKE Inc. is exploitation of the network structure with its partners, which permits it to supplant the non-performing cooperation accomplices that neglect to meet NIKE's guidelines with new standards.

The corporate social responsibility can be defined as the elation ship between the private/public organizations with the government organizations and the citizens of the society. The company maintains a strict ethical policy for the benefit of its employees. As an example it can be stated that, in the year 1996, the company was accused to use the child labour in its factories in Pakistan for the manufacturing of the footballs in the sub standard conditions with a daily pay of 60c.  After this, the company sacked its supplier from Pakistan as these incidents are affecting the reputation of the   company worldwide and were against its ethical policies.

One of the basic drivers of CSR practice for “Nike” originates from its corporate leaders. Business organizations like Nike are not monolithic entities, but rather associations represented and lead by people and tied down in the social orders in which they lead their organizations. A corporate social responsibility strategy reflects the human side of Nike, and their pioneers' close to home duties to add to the group and society of which they are a part. The corporate leaders of Nike feel an impulse to serve their society or community over the span of their business region, while others support CSR projects to express and bolster their employees. Moreover, the lop level managers of Nike are very much aware of the need to pick up and maintain goodwill and society's authorization to work inside the communities where they do their business.

 Nike mainly concentrates on two areas; one is labour compliance and sustainability of the natural environment. Nike's CSR policies and their objectives have evolved at different times to incorporate newer strategies and provide better return to the society as well as to the community in which they are doing their business (Korschun, Bhattacharya and Swain 2014). One of these strategies includes dispensing with waste and possibly unsafe substances from manufacturing, materials and designing of the items that can either be re manufactured or collected, or can be securely sent back to the nature without harming the environment. As an example we can mention the use of the “Colordry” technology used by Nike that reduces the dependency on the water to color its different products.           

 The company also invested $7.8 million for providing better work environment to its employees in the different countries. In order to maintain the global standards, Nike joined the Global Alliance for Workers and Communities. This organization reports to Nike about the needs and concerns of the employees working in the different factories in different countries.

For the selected business organization NIKE, the following personal insights questionnaire determines the way I fit in the organization.




I like the thrill and excitement from taking risks



I prefer a manager who provides detailed and rational explanation about the decisions.



If an individual’s performance is inadequate then it’s irrelevant about the amount of effort of the employee.



No mans need should be compromised for a department t achieve its goal.


Strongly disagree

I like to be in a team that asses my performance in terms of my contribution



I like to work there where there is no great deal of pressure and people are essentially easy going.



I like things to be stable and predictable.


Total score


As given in the above assessment table of the personal insights, my total score is 19.  For the first question, I would like to take risks in the designing and marketing of the shoes and sports appeals in order to gain the competitive advantage against the contenders like Adidas and Lululemon.   In order to have a better insight about the customers it is important for NIKE to take risky and innovative product campaigns.

In the next part, whenever I will be in a team that is responsible for achievement of a certain business or innovation goal, I would like to be assessed according to my contribution in the whole process. This will motivate me to work harder in future and complete the responsibilities more efficiently   that are assigned to me.    Furthermore, being in a retail and consumer oriented industry, NIKE frequently faces the unpredictability in the market and customer needs. As I like things and situations to be unpredictable therefore, will be able to manage with the different unstable and unpredictable business scenarios faced by the company. 

In addition to that, I like to deal with the activities that have deadlines in which they need to be completed. Thus there will be pressure on the employees to complete their tasks to be in the competition and hold its position in the market.   

In the world wide market of sport apparel, NIKE is facing decrease in its revenue as a result of increasing competition by other international and regional contenders. Therefore, if the company does not achieve something fruitful from an individual in the organization then the effort provided by him/her is worthless as it cannot contribute to the growth of NIKE.


The outsourcing of the manufacturing of the products from the developed nations to the developing nations and economies experiencing significant change is one of the prevailing elements of the present period of monetary globalization. From one perspective, the outsourcing of generation and administrations has made a large amount of  employment in the developing  nations and economies experiencing significant change, considerably raising the wages of many impoverished employees and their families. Then again, outsourcing has likewise been connected with poor working conditions, mechanical mishaps, and ecological contamination in fare arranged enterprises in creating nations where the authorization of national work and natural laws has either been absent or is not maintained.

Nike has built up a set of accepted rules, Code of ethics, code of conduct, and among others, that it follows in endeavours to be a business that is a cognizant individual from the worldwide group. Accordingly of this Nike has begun the "Swoosh Goes Green" battle to make its offices more manageable. Nike is attempting to make more naturally inviting offices, decrease its carbon emissions from its manufacturing units.


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