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Brief Description of the Organization

Discuss about the Marketing Strategy Development for McDonald Corporation.

Marketing is the vital tool which helps in increasing the selling of the respective products of an organization. In order to understandings the desired formulation of the marketing strategies, McDonald Corporation of Australia, has been taken into consideration. The study provides the learners by describing the organizational structure and policies of MC Donald’s, Australia. The craze of fast food is increasing rapidly throughout the concerned Australian market segments (Hollensen, 2015). Various International researches have been done, by the marketers of various organizations, to plan an effective marketing strategy, and implementing those ideas, in developing of the organization.  5 Cs of this restaurant & 7 Ps of marketing have been discussed in this research paper in order o get the desired relevant information. The paper also includes identifying the needs of customers and providing them their desired service, which acts as a competitive strategy of the firm. Various recommendations of positioning MC Donald’s, Australia in effective target markets is important and it can be done with the help of best marketing strategies.

A Market research of developing an effective marketing practice has been done from Mc Donald’s, which is an outstanding fast food provider throughout Australia. Mc Donald’s in Australia is a well renowned fast food center, which offers customers by a wide variety of tasty fast foods. Every single food item is superior in taste and works healthy too. The company has it’s headquartered at America, the founder of whom are, Richard and Maurice Mc Donald, in the year 1940. The company is known to be the world's largest restaurant, who serves an approximately about 70 million customers worldwide (Kotler et al., 2015). There are varieties of hamburgers, found for vegetarians and non-vegetarians too, cheeseburgers, chicken products, soft drinks, ice creams, and fries etc, which are of great taste and are healthy too. The high customer value and satisfactory is the basic reason for which the firm is exploring rapidly throughout Australia. 

The company pursues a mission statement of it, which acts as a guidance to compete with other fast food restaurants I Australia. Mc Donald’s, Australia, has created a mission, in order to plan effective business strategies, and implementing them for the development of the organization.

The vision statement of MC Donald’s is to provide the customers by excellence food servicing, which will be wonderful in taste, healthy, and affordable to the consumers, so that, unique experiences will be achieved by the customers worldwide.

Mission Statement

Mc Donald’s, in Australia, has created a great value of it in today's marketplace, by providing customers, and excellence quality of fast foods and drinks. The company pursues strong business strategies, having a particular mission and vision of it, which helps to maintain the entire business process in a systematic and profitable manner. 

The company provides customers by varieties of tasty fast foods, such as, Hamburgers, Soft drinks, Ice cream, fries, which are absolutely unique in taste from the other competitors (Sheth & Sisodia, 2015). The menu list has been made according to various customers’ preferences, which includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian too. The arrangement of the menu list includes breakfast, main course meal, desserts, fries, and drinks, with various price ranges. 

There is a great food service demand of MC Donald’s, throughout the Australia. The company’s superior quality of food items and customer servicing made its rank in the 6th position throughout the world. Every single food item is of great taste, and healthier to consume, and a wide variety and preferences are there, according to identical human's choice.  The excellence quality of products and services is making the brand highly demanding throughout the country (Foxall, 2014). The company, having a strong and unique marketing strategy, is making the business to run in high profitable rate. A wide range of customers is increasing the number of employees of this fast food restaurant. There is a good working environment within this firm, which creates a special image of it within the other competitors. Good production and servicing are generated by the skilled employees and the branding gets more public demanding (Weinstein & Pohlman, 2015).

The industrial environment of MC Donald's, Australia, consists of both internal and external conditions. The organization is mainly related to the environmental factors of it. As per business statements, the internal factors of the association are been categorized into a Microenvironment, whereas, the external ones are in the Macro environment.

The microenvironment includes the internal factors, of Suppliers, Customers, various competitors, public, and the intermediaries. The suppliers of Mc Donald’s, in Australia, are closely related to each other. The direct suppliers avail foods and beverages to customers directly, by making in the firm, while, the indirect ones, delivers the ingredients to the direct suppliers for the food making process (Möller & Parvinen, 2015). The company maintains the competitive strategy within its competitors like- Dominos, Pizza Hut, etc.  Millions of customers are been served by this restaurant, in a fair manner, which generates huge customer satisfaction. The social reputation of Mc Donald's is also very high due to its excellence food service. 

Vision Statement

The macro environmental of this fast food firm includes political, social, legal, environmental, economic and technological factors respectively. The company is under control of certain Governmental rules and regulations, so, various issues are been controlled by the manager, such as Health issues, employee taxes, license, tax issues, etc. Next, the economic factors, which include maintaining different, scale o f taxes at different countries (Chernev, 2014). The social factors such as, fulfilling the customer needs, and offering the new variety of foods to customers, are also maintained by this innovative food makers. Certain environmental factors such as, food packaging system, and practicing of offering drinking glasses made if biodegradable substances, maintains a neat and clean environment in this firm. Technological factors such as availing entertaining equipment to customers, easy and speedy payment software are been practiced by this association.

Mc Donald’s, in Australia, has ranked itself, as one of the leading fast food providers throughout the nation. The company provides a wide variety of fast food items to customers, of marvelous in taste, and are not adjustable to human health too. The company aims to provide the best quality of products and services, to the consumers, to enhance more profits of the organization (Crane, 2016). Working environment and employees satisfaction make the company more unique within other equivalents.

The technique of providing customers with huge satisfaction is also maintained by this firm, which is a vital part of making the business grow more.  The employees of this association are aware of the fact, that, the dissatisfaction of customers can reduce the profits of the organization, so it is beneficial for the management team and the other workers of an organization to maintain customer satisfaction and a loyal relationship (Coffee et al., 2015). The primary target markets of MC Donald’s are among seniors, teenagers, and mostly, the children, who are fond of fast foods.

The suppliers of Mc Donald’s, are been replaced several times, to reduce costs, and to make sure to the public, that, the food products of it are of high quality (Epstein & Buhovac, 2014). The suppliers include meat and milk products, fresh vegetables, flour, sugar, yeast, etc. which are used for making the burgers, sandwiches, ice-cream, fries, salads, etc, whereas, the soft drinks are been supplied by the Coca-Cola company.  The company is aware of the supply of products from the suppliers, to ensure, whether the products are proper or not. 

Values of the Organization

Mc Donald’s undergoes a good competitive advantage of it within various market sectors, such as Dominos, Pizza HUT, etc. The company has a unique and innovative business strategy, which enables them to compete with the equivalents (Epstein & Buhovac, 2014). From various International market researchers, the food makers of this association, plan of making the new variety of foods, according t the present generation's choice. The uniqueness in food and price attracts more customers, from little children to the senior citizens (Vomberg et al., 2015).

Certain legal factors such as maintaining the Governmental rules, economic factors such as maintaining the different tax criteria within other countries, are all been performed by this association, to avoid certain business issues (Dobele et al., 2014). Usage of innovative technologies, to provide customers with entertainment, helps to welcome more customers. Smart billing process software is operated by the cashiers, to make a strong security of it, by which all the data of customers are been saved safely.

Effective marketing research and market intelligence have been used in order to get the required information of 5Cs for McDonald Corporation of Australia. The selected market segments are Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra and the consumers are found to be more prone towards the consumption of tasty and healthy fast foods. Maximum numbers of the people residing in these places are busy in their work and they do not get sufficient time for their food, therefore providing the healthier and tasty food will help in evaluating the growth of the firm (Moriarty et al., 2014).   Dominos and Pizza hut including KFC poses the potential threat to McDonald Corporation throughout the targeted area.  The business of fast food is changing very fast and there it becomes more important to cope up with the latest trends throughout the market segments concerned.  The collaborators execute the most vital role in evaluating the growth and the development of the business processes (Pini et al., 2016). There exists a crucial need to fulfill the needs and the demands of the consumers which can easily be done with the help of the collaborators. Moreover, the collection of the desired resources along with the raw materials are of great need as these will help in getting the suitable elevation in the success of the firm.

The potential market segments selected by the firm are Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra as these poses a large number of the consumers which can help in increasing the profitability of the firm. Various target markets such as online branding via social networking sites is developing a strong marketing strategy of Mc Donald's, throughout Australia.

Brief Descriptions of the Products

The firm needs to increase more branches of it, through every corner of Australia, so, that, it will get easier for people around rest of the places could avail the service. Availing customers by food and drinks of the new taste, as per present generations and children's preferences, will attract the young generation.  The Internet and social media advertising will make the food business more public aware (McDonald, 2015). So, online branding is to be recommended as an effectual target market to brand this company more.  The firm needs to avail customers by special offers on festive and special eves, so as to compete with the other equivalent foodstuff companies.  Mc Donald's requires a value proposition of its own, which includes, convenient locations for the customers throughout Australia, comfortable seating arrangements, smart servicing, high quality of menu items, affordable price offers,  healthy food and environment, and to avail a variety of food choices, for children, teenagers and old aged too.  Mc Donald's are said to be a family friendly restaurant, because of its environment, and low-cost fast food service provider (Polonsky et al., 2016).  The firm focuses on cutting the food delivery time, along with the price status of it. The advanced technology of billing process has made the work easier, to deliver foods at the convenient time. The company needs to deliver its services to a wide location, by the internet and social media advertising, which will generate a strong target market for it.

Development of marketing tactics

The company provides customers with a high quality of food and beverages. Every single food product is healthy and awesome in taste. The customers avail huge varieties of food products such as Hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, cheeseburgers, Chicken Mc Nuggets, French fries, ice-cones, soft drinks, etc.

There are different types of strategies used by the firm in order to sell its products at lower price rates to the customers. Moreover, the firm needs to use differentiation in the pricing strategies as to increase the customer’s base (Armstrong et al., 2014). There needs to be some discount available for the consumers as this will help in reaching their satisfaction level.

The company provides its products and services throughout Australia, like, Sydney, Melbourne, etc, for which the production process and profitability is rapidly increasing.  People from different regions are able to avail the service and therefore the use of the online platforms such as company’s website and different social platforms needs to be used. Customers are able to order the food services, through an online process too, by company apps, which make the business in a smarter process.

Role of Brand in Organization’s Marketing Strategy

The promotion of this fast food unit is increasing rapidly, due to its excellence food services.  The brand has built various marketing neighbors of it, by providing services in the shopping malls, airports, colleges of Australia (Bartlett et al., 2015). Online promotion by a huge number of customer reviews and good feedbacks made the restaurant to brand more.

The outlook and the interior of Mc Donald’s, Australia, are designed in a modern and hygienic way. The customers have experienced a fun environment of having meals there. The cartoon statue in the entry gate of MC Donald’s attracts children to enter and have foods.

The company is engaged in providing the best quality of the goods as to attract a large number of the customers. On the other hand, it has been seen that the competition throughout the fast food industry is increasing in large numbers and therefore, it is recommended to implement latest technologies to make the food products healthier for the consumers (Nadolny, & Ryan, 2015). Providing finest quilt of the foods will create great impacts on the consumers and will help in increasing the productivity as well as the profitability of the firm concerned.

The employees of this foodstuff unit are well skilled and trained to perform everyday tasks, in an exact manner, to provide excellence customer satisfaction. All workers are hard working and dedicated to their work. Delivering the foods in proper time as per customer needs makes the customers visit again and this is recommended for the employees of the firm.  


The research paper concludes of various processes of marketing strategies, in order to develop the business process of a well-renowned food restaurant, i.e. Mc Donald Corporation, of Australia. Differentiation in the pricing strategy draws the attention of the customers towards the business. Moreover, the effective use of the 7Ps of marketing mix has been reflected throughout the paper. The company, having a tough and unique marketing strategy, is making the business to run in high profitable rate. The excellence superiority of products and services is making the brand highly demanding throughout the country.  Various social media platforms can be used in order t promote the products effectively throughout the targeted market segments.


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