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Using any organisation in the hospitality industry you are required to produce a report, demonstrating the understanding of how you can develop yourself as a manager by applying the theories and practices of management behaviour with the following:

Compare and contrast 2 different management styles that are used in a hospitality organisation (ref1.1).

Discuss the leadership characteristics of a manager in hospitality organisation that he should possess to conduct his role successfully (ref 1.2).

Evaluate the communication process within the organisation (ref 1.3).

Analyse organisational culture and change in a selected business organisation (ref 1.4).

How could a manager in an organisation lead and motivate the team to achieve an agreed goal or objective (ref 3.1).

Justify managerial decisions made to support achievement of agreed goals and objectives and recommendations for improvements (ref 3.2). 

Explain how your own managerial and personal skills will support career development (ref 4.1).

Produce a portfolio filling in the work sheets attached to this assignment. The portfolio must document your own potential as a prospective manager and create a career development for employment within the business and service context.

Assessing your own management skills performance (ref 2.1).

Analysis of your personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (ref 2.2).

Set and prioritise objectives and targets to develop your own potential (ref 2.3).

Review your career and personal development needs, current performance and future needs to produce a development plan (ref 4.2)

Task A

Developing manager is the practice of developing the enhancement in own skills and knowledge to manage functions and operations to attain professional and personal goals. This report includes many aspects, like; leadership and management styles, training and development process for employees and social and cultural development, which have a huge impact on environmental and behavioral skills. This analysis will compare and contrast two different management styles, which were pursued by the companies for managing quality standards and service delivery to meet the satisfaction of staff and customers. Furthermore, this report will describe leadership characteristics and analyze communication process for evaluating efficiency of the operations. In task 2, this report will describe the way to motivate the team for attaining the objectives for organization and justify the decisions of management, which are made to assist achievement and provide recommendations for development. At the end, it will create a career development plan for managerial and personal skills and review it for future requirements by looking at the existing performance.

In United Kingdom, the travel and tourism sector is growing with a fast speed, which has a positive impact on the economy of the country. There are some hotel organizations, such as; TUI and Virgin Holidays, which are providing best products and services to customers by adopting effective and better management styles and processes for managing their services and resources. Following are two management styles, which both of the organizations are using to achieve the objectives and get assistance from the staff members.

Management style is a specific manner of describing the activities, developing the decisions and creating better relationships with the followers and subordinates (Daft & Marcic, 2013). It is a style of getting people collectively on a common platform where the objectives of an organization can be achieved. In an organization, management plays an important role in creating strong relationships between employees and making the employees work on a mutual objective.

TUI is the best tour operator in the world sand it is a leading international travel group. On the other side, Virgin Holidays is also the best tour operator agency in the United Kingdom and the organization has won many awards for providing quality services to its customers (Cottrell, 2010). Both of the organizations are pursuing different management styles, which affect their operations. The comparison of both management styles are stated below;

  • At TUI organization, the management believes in achieving the employees to its total potential, so it adopts democratic management style. Democratic management style is very famous among the customer oriented organizations, because this style allows the workers to take part in the opinions and decisions of management. In this, the opinions of employees are taken in the process of decision making. TUI thinks that employees are important people, who deal with the customers. They have very important and useful data, which can be significant for attaining the goals. In this management style, TUI managers are meeting with the employees personally, it can get the advantages from this information (Fordeet al, 2006).
  • On the other side, Virgin Holidays is using autocratic management style in their operations. In this type of management style, the managers make the decisions individually, which they think to be better without taking the opinions of subordinates. As an outcome of this, the decisions show the views, personality and opinions of manager. This decision, which is made by the managers, creates an image of the well-established and confident business (Jurek and Scime, 2013).

Leadership is the action of leading a team or people in an organization. Leadership is the ability to lead the people effectively. It means to dream and to cope with the duties and responsibilities, which are assigned by the organization. Generally, a leader must have a talent for motivating the employees to achieve the objectives (Trudel and Reio, 2011). Each and every leader should possess at least one effective leadership style to lead the people. They must have effective communication skills and prepared to hear the things from members of team.  

The leaders at TUI organization are adopting transactional leadership style, which emphasizes on exchange of advantages with their subordinates. These types of leaders think that employees get motivated by the punishment and rewards. For the leaders at TUI, the major objective is to enhance the skills and motivate the employees to reach their extreme potential. On other side, the leaders at Virgin Holidays are possessing transformational leadership style, which show them as social constructors and develop decision making process by themselves.

1.1 Compare and contrast two different management skills

The organizations should also adopt the participative leadership style, because this style values the efforts of entire team, but the final duty if decision making is on a participative leader. This type of leadership style can motivate the employees and play an important role in completion of task. In an organization, the leaders should adopt the leadership style according to the goals, tasks and organizational culture.

1.3 Communication process of organization


For hospitality organizations, communication is one of the major components to manage the flow and quality of services. It is essential for planning the activities according to the needs and modern trends at different level of organization. Communication is a general process of interaction between staff and management for transferring the information and getting reverts from the staff to recognize the problems and transform the business strategies (De Hoog, Cameron and Visser, 2010). The organization is using the following communication process in the organization;

Sender or transmitter 

The communication process starts with the person, who generates the idea or message to send. Sender is the person, who sends the message to the receiver. At this stage, transmitter needs to use a media to send the message. It can be oral or written. At TUI group, generally top management works as sender, who provides any information to other levels of management. At this stage, management decides to send the information to the employees and other staff members. This information can be related to managing the operations and resources in the organization (Pedler et al, 2013).

Mode of Transmission


This is the medium, over which the message is transmitted to the receiver. The organization can deliver the message using the telephone, computer, mobile, report, letter, memorandum etc. It may be verbal or non-verbal. TUI organization is using different modes for transmitting the information, i.e. E-mail, meetings and written mode. E-mail is one of the most used methods for communication at TUI. It is used to give the information to staff at different levels of management. In this mode, there is upward communication process (Smith, 2011).

Moreover, meetings are also another method for managing interaction with the staff members and employees. This is the formal mode of communication, which is very useful and effective in having real time response from the employees.


Receiver is the person, who receives the message from the sender. In this stage, the responsibility of receiver is to get and decode the message. At TUI, the message is received by the middle level and lower level of management, i.e. employees and staff members.

1.4 Organizational culture and changes

The organizational culture of TUI organization is at the center of the success of tourist business. This organization is aiming in spreading the smiles and satisfaction among customers and employees. TUI is the organization with the knowledgeable, talented, genuine and spirited people, who targets in offering great customer experiences and satisfaction. The organizational culture of this organization is assisted by three aspects, which describe their behavior and attitude to people. Those three aspects are such as; freedom to sparkle, winning together and overcome the challenges and limitations (Carter, 2012). TUI is passionate about the work and people motivate each other when sharing the sense of happiness. It has developed a supportive and friendly culture for all the levels of management, which can help them to get the assistance from staff members and perform the tasks in better manner.

At TUI, there are some factors, which are forcing the organization to make changes in the organizational culture and operations. It includes economic and demographic factors, which have impact on managing the culture. Within the organization, the employees are asked to have the duties and responsibilities for improving their risk taking capabilities. It is also noticed that CEO of organization has been setting down best suitable culture for the staff. The values and belief of people have been utilized for assisting the culture and developing a better working place (Scott and Jaffe, 2010).

1.2 Leadership characteristics in the organizations

Professional Skills

Current Level


1 = weak

Best Current Example

Ways to Improve

Communication Skills


As a manager, I used my communication skills effectively to interact with the subordinates.

By enhancing non-verbal skills of communication

Listening Skills


Leadership Skills


I have never been in the situation, where I have to use leadership skills

By looking at the people around and understanding the people in team

Planning and Organizing


I always plan my tasks in advance and develop the schedules

Improving planning skills

Problem Solving


Once, I have solved the issues of my colleagues in a project

By understanding the issues of every situation s

Team work


 By understanding the thoughts of team members

Time Management



Attending different courses and reviewing past performances and activities



· Communication skills

· As a manager, the manager of TUI is of compulsive

· Capable to resolve the conflicts

· Very ambitious

· Lack of time management skills

· Compulsive nature creates stress factor

· Impatient nature



· Learn the time management skills

· Performing the tasks according to priority

· Development of managerial skills and abilities

· Time pressure

· Changes in the needs and demands of employees

· Competition s


Time frame

To complete the course within specified time with excellent scores

3 years  

To attend training course to enhance leadership skills

1 year

To attend additional vocational program for enhancing knowledge about hospitality industry

1 year



To learn about the software and tools, used in hotel business

6 months

Learn to meet with the demand of guests and travellers

6 months

To develop negotiation skills

6 months

For assisting the employees to achieve the predetermined goals and objectives, a manager should follow some responsibilities, like; decision making, effective leadership style, solving the conflicts etc.

In an organization, it is essential for the managers to keep the group motivated and engaged them in the organizational structure and culture to provide the best quality services. It will assist them to attain the customer satisfaction and goals of company. For leading and motivating the team members at the hotel, the managers will use different activities, like; motivation, team building etc. To enhance the morale and motivate the staff is very important for any organization. For motivating the individuals, it is very necessary to evaluate and understand the needs of employees (Lomberg et al, 2016). For this, the managers should consider the Maslow hierarchy needs that will assist them in considering the social, safety, esteem and physiological needs. It will help them in making decisions regarding salary, position, safety and work place development. Apart from this, the managers can offer the team different rewards, which will support in developing healthy and competitive workplace environment. Training and development programs can also help in motivating the team. Moreover, managers will try to boost the confidence of employees, which will assist in managing the performance level and ways to handle every situation in organization (Rachel et al, 2016).

In the process of decision making, a manager should make appropriate and best decisions, because these have significant impact on the success or failure of the company. The managers should adopt an effective leadership style. With this, the managers get support in leading the teams, providing support and guidance, training to new employees. It can lead the organization to get its objectives successfully.

Along with this, the managers should always be prepared to resolve the conflicts and issues among employees. The managers should consider the needs of employees first. Strategic planning is very important to achieve the goals and objectives of organization (Putta, 2014).

In the case of hospitality, it is recommended that the management should focus on the training and development program for the employees accordingly. The managers should offer support and respect to the subordinates, which will help in achieving the desired results. Managers should take the feedback from staff and customers to find out the issues and try to resolve them.

As a manager at TUI group, it is very important to possess managerial skills and abilities to support and gain the identification of senior management. For developing a manager, career development is the process that includes extensive exercise of maintaining the performance level of workers and their own. There are some managerial skills, which are important for required for career development, such as; leadership skills, communication skills and time management.

To work in the hospitality industry, the managers should have the communication skills to make effective interaction with all the domestic and international guests. By self-evaluation, it can be stated that non-verbal and verbal communication will assist for communicating with diverse people. Communication skills are very important part of professional and personal development and create better relations to maintain the position of organization (Nutley, 2008).

To get the higher position in the career, leadership skills play an important role. It will support the career in gaining authority, making decisions and leading the teams. Time management also plays a significant role in career development. Travel and tourism companies like; TUI group is concerned about delivering services timely. For career development, the managers need to develop their own time management skills (Wood, 2015).

Learning Objectives

Time scale

Development Opportunities

Communication skills

2 months

By attending the communication classes and actively participating in presentations.

Free of stress

2 months

Attending meditation and Yoga classes and having support from teammates.

Leadership skills

4 months

Observing and noticing the leading people

Team building

1 month

Enhance interaction with the colleagues and subordinates

Time management skills

Learning continuously

Attending different courses and reviewing past performances and activities

Conflict management skills

Learning continuously

Understanding the issues and learning from the people


It is hereby concluded that there are some skills and abilities, which are required for development of a manager. It can be concluded that developing manager is an important work for individuals, who want to organize and apply business operations of an organization. This report is prepared by using different organization of hospitality industry. Report has developed a plan for career development with objectives and time frame.


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