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Situation analysis

CEH Investments is a mortgage broker company which is committed to providing the best mortgage and lending services. The aim is to keep building client database and have the regular loyal customers.

Star’s 18 employees face scheduling challenges, as Star’s business is highly seasonal, with its greatest demand during October, November, and December. In other months, the equipment and staff are sometimes idle. A major challenge facing Star Software is how to increase profits and make better use of its resources during the off-season. An evaluation of the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats served as the foundation for this strategic analysis and marketing plan. The plan focuses on the company’s growth strategy, suggesting ways in which it can build on existing customer relationships, and on the development of new products and/or services targeted to specific customer niches. Since Star Software markets a product used primarily as a promotional tool by its clients, it currently is considered a business-to-business marketer

S.W.O.T analysis


We are confident in the success of our business as we have a lot of services and product options to offer. Our staff are very professional at what they do.


There are lots of costs that come with starting a new business and we are also faced by harsh legal liabilities.


We have the chance of creating and marketing new approaches and the opportunity of growing our business throughout the industry.


Our business is newly established and there has been an increase number of competitors in our area.

Marketing goals

What do you want to achieve from your marketing?  Your marketing goals are your key anticipated outcomes of the marketing activities you plan to conduct during the ‘life’ of your marketing plan.  Ensure your goals are easily quantifiable, as this will allow you to measure their success.  A summary of the marketing goals is included in the table below:

(a) What percentage increase in conversion from enquiry to settlement do you want to achieve?

(b) Where would you like your business to be in 12 months’ time?

(c) What growth in client numbers do you want to achieve?

(d) What percentage increase do you want in sales?

(e) What growth do you want in profitability?

(f) What growth do you want in staff numbers?

(g) What new services do you want to offer?

(h) How many new distribution channels do you want to establish?

SWOT analysis

(i) What percentage increase in new enquiries do you want to achieve?

(j) What percentage increase in repeat business do you want to achieve?

Your overall marketing strategy should be explained in this section.  Don’t be specific in any particular areas – instead provide an overview of the marketing strategy your business will employ.

(a) Market penetration: encompasses focusing on increasing lending volumes to existing markets.

(b) Market development: is where you offer your existing services to new markets.  This might be via geographic expansion or by directing marketing efforts at new market segments.

(c) Product development: is when you develop new products to better serve existing markets.

(d) Diversification: is the process of taking your business into new products and also new markets.

(e) Retrenchment: involves removing or selling off parts of the business or product lines.

(a) Niche marketing strategies

(b) New product opportunities

(c) Matching services offered to chosen market segments

(d) Customer acquisition via customer retention.

This section should be written like a conclusion – bringing all the various sections together to create a clear picture of the total marketing strategy your business will employ.

a) Do you charge brokerage fees, receive commissions or a combination?

(b) What is your average lender commission rate (upfront and trail) and average brokerage fee?

(c) Do you receive any volume bonuses from your aggregator or franchisor?

(d) Do possible biases exist in relation to differing commissions?

(e) Do you pay referral fees for introductions from strategic alliance partners?

(f) What is the average size of mortgages in your geographic location?

(a) You should describe how your service is delivered to your target markets.  

(b) Explain the distribution methods you are employing and justify your choices.

(c) Do you have an internet presence?

(d) Do you have mobile lenders with the ability to function efficiently in client’s homes?

(e) Do you have public offices with private interview rooms?

(f) Are there any other specific distribution channels that would be appropriate for your particular business?  For example, if you target high level managers from a few key companies perhaps you could hire an interview room within their building for a day each week.

(g) How do your distribution channels fit into your overall marketing strategy?

We promote our business several ways:

Brochures / flyers


Web-based marketing


(a) What training needs to be undertaken to ensure your staff back-up your marketing messages?

(b) How will you communicate new marketing initiatives with your staff?

(c) How will you generate marketing ideas from your staff?

Remember the most important people in your marketing equation are your staff and clients – you need to consider both.

(a) How will you monitor the changing needs and preferences of your clients?

(b) What methods will you employ to gain the insights you require?

(c) Who will be responsible for implementing the research findings?

(d) How will staff be encouraged to gain ongoing client insights? And how will they be rewarded?

(e) Will you use an external research company or consultant to assist in the design and delivery of research?

This section should detail systems that are in place for client feedback and reporting, that may result from service failure, product comment or bad service.

(a) How will you monitor trends in the economy?  For example property sales, interest rates, lending volumes, consumer trends, etc.

(b) Are there any specific areas you need to monitor, because of your marketing strategy?  For example, if you target non-conforming borrowers you would be interested in levels of financial hardship.

(c) How will you access industry trends?  For example memberships of industry associations, aggregator’s newsletters, industry journals, networks and government departments.

Market trends are critical in the financial services industry, as companies need to evolve and adapt as major economic changes occur.

In this section, you need to analyse the behaviours of mortgage consumers.  Understanding the reasons why consumers patronise different lenders and brokers will give you a very powerful marketing weapon.

You will base your analysis on the results gained from the research activities detailed earlier.  This section will address:

(a) Why borrowers use your mortgage broking service?

(b) What the perceived benefits of your service are?

(c) What are your client’s expectations and does your service meet their standards?

(d) How do you gain their loyalty?

(e) Why do your clients use your services over other mortgage brokers?

(f) What type of loan features most appeal to your prospects?

(g) How are choices made when deciding upon a mortgage broking service?

(h) Are borrowers typically presold on a brand or are they more impulsive?

(i) What activities do your prospects enjoy in their leisure time?

Situation analysis

Executive summary

CEH Investments is a mortgage broker company which is committed to providing the best mortgage and lending services. The aim is to keep building client database and have the regular loyal customers. CEH Investments and is a sole proprietorship business owned by Maria Halabi.  The business is situated Ontario, Canada with its head office being in Toronto City. The city is a prime location for the business headquarters because it offers conducive environment for the business to achieve its aim of a consistent building of the client database and have the regular loyal customers. Furthermore, Toronto City is a business harbor with several businesses, and it is expected that the workforce will be in need of loans for various reasons and decent housing. This implies that Toronto City is a business hotspot for a mortgage and lending company with clients already in waiting. The idea of a sole proprietor was favored by the owner to achieve her dream and create opportunities for employment. Initially, the business will commence with three staff permanently employed.

S.W.O.T analysis


Minimal start-up budgets

Professional staff

One package with many financial products


High compliance costs

unfriendly market scenario can impact revenue


Establish and develop new plans and financial products

Multiple yields from each customer

Diversify the mortgage portfolio business


Lack of protection of patents on new financial strategies

New legislations in the mortgage business

High costs of errors and omissions


The industry is regulated by the government by managing taxation rates, stamp duty obligations and the alteration of laws.

The safeguard of consumers is monitored by the state and it may be unfavourable for the enterprise.


The savings are impacted by The rate or degree of economic growth which also affects the business

The state economy affects  the financial demands of the workforce  which in turn affects the mortgage business


The consumption behaviour of clients is affected by their social status.


Technology development demands efficient business operation

Innovative technology influences the introduction of new products and services that are web oriented

CEH Investments aims to target small and medium-sized enterprises. Furthermore, our comprehensive package of additional advisory services to the client will attract most of the new clients and retain them.

The mortgage industry is the most growing industry in Canada. This is because Canada is a developed state and therefore the need for housing will continue to grow. The desire to own more than a single home is proof of the existing market opportunity.

  •    Establish a network of client database
  •    Establish relationships with bankers and other relevant mortgage dealers
  •    Create extensive awareness within and without the city

CEH Investments will implement the following marketing strategies:

a) Diversification: CEH Investments will expand its business to other cities and states to increase its customer base

b) Development of products: regarding the assessment of the current market products  and client needs, CEH Investments intends to customize its products and services to meet the needs of the market

CEH Investments will provide services to mortgage customers of two classes

  •    First time ownership of homes (FHOG)
  •    Residential

The slogan “East or West Home is Best” will be our positioning statement. The market positioning statement will be “Homes before and after retire” and a nicely designed photo of an extended family will be put above the phrase.

One of the employees is a financial expert and is therefore expected to offer help or financial advisory services to clients at all times. Corporates, investors and individual staff will be the first target.

The organization expects to offer its target customers services during lunch breaks and leave them with notebooks branded with our corporate color and logo. Other customer inquiries will be handled through emails and company website.

  •    Mature loans shall attract 2% of the total loan
  •    Closed loan with enterprise name shall attract 2-3% of the face value of the loan

The company will optimize the current networks of the financial institutions to access customers for mortgages easily.

Social media advertising and door to door promotion will be used to create awareness

The existing employees will undergo training and development; attend workshops and seminars to improve job performance

  1. Research

The Toronto residents need proper housing as well as the medium and small sized businesses for they usually shy away from the high rates offered by established companies.

The change in the Canadian legislation on interest rates has led to the increase of property value, thus causing congestion in the industry. However, the high rates of the existing businesses make medium and small sized business to shy away. Therefore, we expect to take advantage of this opportunity.

The changing consumer needs will be examined to provide products that are relevant to the market.

a) Client feedback: to determine the views of the customers, online research, and advertising will be used

b) Competitors’ response: the reaction of the potential competitors after the initial market entry and initiation of the marketing plan will be assessed to ascertain its effectiveness.








Company aim:

providing the best mortgage and lending services

SWOT analysis:

Consider both internal and external factors of the company

Execution of the 4P marketing mix

Appraisal of all strategies at all stages in all departments

Senior management

-Marketing department

Senior, junior and other employees.

Senior, junior and other employees

Nov. 2017 to April 2018

Jan. –June 2018

(examined after every 3 months)

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