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Discuss about the Business Research and Challenges in Cyber Security for Business.

Project aim and Objectives

In the current business scenario, information technology data protection and information security is a key challenge for an organization. Further, data security is one of a major issue in IT industry. The internet is becoming faster-growing things for business development in both private and Government Company. But, there could be chances of occurring threat in an information system. For protecting the data, information technology develops several techniques in the field of cybersecurity term (Scully, 2014). Cybersecurity is a significant challenge in computer and information technology. In addition, protection of information should be measured by each company to keep and secure their data.  In the technology age, each company wants to solve the cyber issues and increase their work efficiency. Due to wider use of the internet, protection and privacy are highly required by the company. From the year of 2006, protection of personal data and privacy is increasing in Australia (Stuart, 2016). Data could be attacked by different forms like an indirect and direct attack. These data should be protected by business to secure the data of the business.

The main aim of this report is to analyze the challenges of cybersecurity in business. Following objectives will be used to attain the main aim of this report:

  • To explore the meaning and concept of cybersecurity
  • To analyze the challenges of cybersecurity in business
  • To recommend the strategy to improve the cybersecurity in business

This project has a wider scope for business as it gains the understanding of the cybersecurity. It is also beneficial for readers to increase the knowledge of cybersecurity challenges in business. This project has also wider scope for information technology business to develop the understanding regarding different strategy to improve the cybersecurity in business.

According to Levine (2014), cybersecurity is defined as the procedures, technologies, and practices which are intended to maintain computers, programs, networks and information from unauthorized access, and damages. In computing perspectives, security entails both physical and cybersecurity. To ensure the cybersecurity, there is need to coordinate efforts via information system. It is also stated that cybersecurity is a protection of computer system from damage to their software, hardware, and data. It also prevents the data from theft and disruption of the services which they provided.  

In support to this, Cherdantseva, Burnap, Blyth, Eden, Jones, Soulsby, and Stoddart, (2016) evaluated that cybersecurity entails the controlling of physical access from hardware and keeping against a hazard which may come through accessing network, and injection of code and data. IT security is prone to secure the deceptive and deviating data via secure process and methods. The internet has become the significant infrastructure for both individual and business users but its security is becoming crucial matter. Security is a significant factor which connected to people and builds confidence among them towards internet which is required for a business to attain commercial growth.

Project scope

Vogel (2016) evaluated that virtualization technologies are used by Netbox Blue Company to secure the data networking process. It is also effective to enable the cloud computing in the workplace. This technology is also used in the network operator model for virtualization of the network function. In this way, it is opined that virtualization demonstrates different benefits and measures for security threats which are required to build reliance on customers about computing system by countering threats. It also ensures that people can have self-confidence in the security of application as it could increase the productivity of IT Company in Australia.

In support of this, Burdon, Siganto and Coles-Kemp (2016) discussed that business growth relies on the network digital system, and products and services. Further, business should emphasize on variety and quantity of cyber threats because the internet is accessed by a large number of people, which can threaten the consistency of Australian economy. It is stated that criminals are becoming imaginative. In the current scenario, there has been a wide range of breaches of security as it has an adverse impact on the Information and Communications Technologies system. Cybercrime is increasing hence users must be protected by information technology security to prevent from cyber threat.

As per the view of Choo (2014), maintaining the timing of consistency, advanced technologies, and quality of product and services is key challenges for a company. Hence, the company should use secure information and communication technology from start and all over their lifetime. There is certain information technology company which uses cybersecurity, liaison, and coordination to make sure that all data are together and do not copy from anywhere. Netbox Blue Pty Ltd is a profit organization which facilitates standard for information and communication technology and also provides the network security. But, cyber security technology takes a long time to secure the data due to long derivation in security standardization (Gupta, Agrawal, and Yamaguchi, 2016). Furthermore, Australian government makes a standard for ICT which should be followed by Technology Company to keep cybersecurity at the workplace.

Thompson (2016) evaluated that the wide range of mobile devices is used by people in Australia which creates chances of occurring security risk. Every new smartphone, open another window for a cyber attack and mobile devices generate susceptible network access. There is no privacy to maintain thieves with highly targeted malware and attacks occupy in mobile applications. There is also the problem of lost and stolen devices as the company needs to develop new technologies and replace the old one with new technologies by using the cybersecurity planning.

Cybersecurity: An Overview

In support of this, Ruohonen, Hyrynsalmi, and Leppänen (2016) described that social media is highly used by people which may create the personal cyber threats. Adoption of social media may create the threat of cyber attack at the workplace. For avoiding the risk, the company should assess the policies and procedures regarding cybersecurity and develop more technology for enhanced network monitoring, data leakage prevention, and log file assessment.

In contrast to this, Patrick and Fields (2017) evaluated that a large number of the company uses cloud computing to secure the data. It is also beneficial to save the cost and efficiency of the business process. Along with this, a well-intended structural design and operational security planning will provide an opportunity to the organization to manage the risk regarding cloud computing. It is also analyzed that Netbox Blue Pty Ltd faces cloud computing challenges because the security of the data stored and transmitted from the cloud. Hence, there is a need to use effective strategies as it can decline the goodwill of a company.  

According to Carr (2016), the company should protect the system as compared to information. Businesses and consumers more likely to store information through online channels hence they access security to keep the data secure in the system. Furthermore, business should develop the process to secure the system as it would be beneficial to create identical image among customers.

On the other hand, Ng (2016) stated that new platform and system will create a challenge for business to manage the cybercriminal activities. Security threat could be raised in running of personal computer window. It is also analyzed that development of new devices and a system like iPad, Android, and iPhone may create new threats. Therefore, the company should use effective cybersecurity policies to avoid the cyber challenges in the workplace. In addition, the internet of thing is becoming more connected as there could be chances of occurring risk to keep security. The mistreatment of the internet of technology infrastructure is becoming a conventional business for cyber threats. In the current business scenario, the internet of things is highly misused as it creates complexities to increase productivity.

Fowler, Sweetman, Ravindran, Joiner, and Sitnikova (2017) described that invasion of privacy in the ecosystem could lead to threat in business. In this way, cybersecurity should be implemented and ready to use by the consumers without having technical knowledge. The company should make co-operation between operator and producers of the technical system, service providers, and society. Smart card platform committee would be accountable to develop and maintain the specification of the security. Furthermore, a particular kind of secure element could be targeted and exercised in a different environment to secure service related credentials like payment and ticketing facilities.  

Virtualization and Netbox Blue Company

According to Grocke (2017), privacy by design is a significant approach to keep privacy by maintaining the security into the design specification and designing of new procedure and system instead of trying to avoid it. It could be stated that designing process, projects, and products and system with privacy helps to avoid the security risk and build trust among people towards an organization. Moreover, potential issues should be addressed at the initial stage as it would be simpler to avoid cyber threat with minimum cost. Netbox Blue Pty Ltd uses European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization in which company has mandated to implement the privacy by design.

In support of this, Clark and Hakim (2017) stated that company should use set of standard to organize confidential and personal data protection issues from the initial phase in the design and development of security services and technologies. Furthermore, TC Cyber technology should be used by the company to keep privacy. This technology is used to make a technical report and outline a high-level controlled ecosystem. It is also effective for business to meet the security design requirement and communicating through secure IT networks and attached devices. TC Cyber technology provides privacy assurance and confirmation of that assurance as it could be beneficial to keep confidentiality of information. This technology facilitates the identity management and schema protection device with the intention of preventing theft and crime.

Ab Rahman, Glisson, Yang, Choo (2016) discussed that the sharing of cyber threat intelligence is a key technology to avoid the cyber issues from the organization. TC Cyber technology could be used to prepare a technical report and to describe and exchange cyber threat data in a structured and standardized way. It will facilitate and keep an international overview of cybersecurity activities in a technical way.  

In contrast to this, Komninos, Philippou, and Pitsillides (2014) explained that statistics and metrics should be used by a company to assess the cybersecurity. The absence of static technique of evaluating the data may create the quality issues and constructs questionable result. This could create an obstacle in the formation of usable and contextual cyber threat intelligence. Along with this, reference model and information security indicator could be used by business for measuring the information security risk. This model defines a security information and event management approach. It entails information security ecosystem and security operations centers (SOC). By using this technology, the company can develop ISI-compliant measurement design for cybersecurity. It enables the business to make communication amid diversified exposure techniques and can construct a strategy for operating a secure SOC (Fowler, et. al., 2017). The company should also update key performance security indicator as it could be beneficial to assess the maturity of security.

Business Growth and Cyber Threats

In favored to this, Clark and Hakim (2017) evaluated that TC Cyber technology should be used to identify the different aspect of security such as data retention and lawful interception. This could be effective to assure the integrity and originator of security authorization. In this way, the company identifies the security challenges around the role of global business, and the virtual element of law enforcement equipment.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that cybersecurity is defined as the technology, process, and practices which are intended to maintain computer program, network, and data from unauthorized access and damages. It can be summarized that cybersecurity incorporates the controlling of physical access from hardware and protecting from hazardous. It may come through accessing network and injection of data and code. It is evaluated that virtualization technologies could be used by Netbox Blue Company to protect the data networking procedure. It can be concluded that maintaining the timing of consistency, advanced technologies, and quality of product and services are certain challenges for a company. Therefore, the company should use secure data and communication technology from starting of business and all over their lifetime.

It could be summarized that there is no privacy to avoid thieves from targeted malware and mobile applications. Furthermore, social media is highly practiced by people, which may generate personal cyber threats issue. Cloud computing may create a challenge for a business to secure the data. Along with this, using new platform and system within an organization may create an issue for the company to organize the cybercriminal activities. Privacy by design could be a significant approach to maintain privacy and security into the design specification and designing of the new process. It can also be concluded that company should implement set of standard to manage the confidential and personal data protection challenge from the early stage of designing and development of security technologies and services. It can be summarized that sharing of cyber threat intelligence is a key technology for minimizing the cyber issues from the organization. In the last, it can be concluded that statistics and metrics should be implemented by a corporation to improve the cybersecurity.


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